Cool fairy light ideas: 30 Amazing Fairy Light Ideas

30 Amazing Fairy Light Ideas

Lights are an amazing invention, and it’s not just because they help us see and actually get things done in the dark. Light has evolved up to a point where they are used to catch our attention when passing by in front of a bar or are used to create a romantic atmosphere when we want to spend some quality time with our loved ones.

Fairy lights are often associated with Christmas lights because of their size. They are, however, designed to be used throughout the entire year and pose a magnificent decoration element regardless of whether you use them on their own or combine them as an element in a larger crafting project. And today, we are going to show you some amazing project and décor ideas that involve the use of fairy lights.

1.      Mason Jar Wall Lights

Image credits: TennesseeWicks via Etsy

Simple to make, without using too many materials, and the end result is highly effective and breathtaking. This is how we would describe this amazing mason jar fairy light project that’s here to make sure no wall will ever look lifeless again.

2.      Curtain Light Shower

Image credits: Outop via Amazon

Extremely versatile and able to create marvelous effects, this curtain light shower can be used in so many different settings to create a fairy-like setup that you’ll fall in love in an instant. Whether you’re looking for a romantic setup for an intimate party or just want to adorn the curtains in your living room, this option is surely one with multiple uses.

3.      Fairy Glass Block

Image credits: Createdwithlove24 via Etsy

Not only would this make a wonderful gift, but it’s surely something that will create a wonderful ambiance light in the room where you mostly like to relax and spend your quiet evenings. This glass block is adorned with butterfly and fairy stickers and features a cold light with a winter-ish vibe.

4.      Fairy String Photo Lights

Image credits: 12APM via Amazon

This set of strings lights on a copper wire is the perfect choice to adorn walls and hand up your Polaroids. It is the perfect way to personalize a room, whether you’re looking to create a wall of memories or are willing to bend the copper wires to maybe spell out a word of significance.

5.      Heart Fairy String Lights

Image credits: RusticCreationsAB via Etsy

Heart lights are something that will never go out of style, and here you have a beautiful decoration for your home. Shaped like a heart, this string of fairy lights is easy to combine with many different rooms set up, creating a cozy ambiance and a romantic setting every time.

6.      Star Fairy Lights

Image credits: XINKAITE via Amazon

They might be advertised as Christmas decorations, but these fairy lights bedroom ideas are something that I’d use as permanent décor. It is literally something ripped out of a romantic movie, with warm lights that are shaped like stars. They would make a perfect decoration item for a child’s bedroom or a nursery, but they’re also something adults would enjoy in their own bedrooms or living rooms.

7.      Leaf Garland String Lights

Image credits: MaxplanationPhotos via Etsy

When string lights meet nature, the result is this beautiful leaf garland that basically sparkles to create a perfect indoor or outdoor decoration item. Scattered amongst the leaves, you can find tiny LEDs with warm light that make it seem like the leaves are glowing. The twisted copper wire is highly flexible as allows for multiple applications.

8.      Round String Fairy Lights

Image credits: cathymcgovern_carrowlane via Instagram

Simple, dreamy, and perfect for romantic setups, nothing is easier to combine with your room décor than globe-shaped fairy lights. They can be hung literally anywhere and will offer a warm source of light that’s perfect for getting all cozy on the couch or enjoying a romantic dinner with your significant other.

9.      Fairy Light Fire Pit

Image credits: Fp Brigette via BLDG 25

It is ridiculously easy to make your own fairy light decorations, such as this fire pit we’re looking at. You’ll basically need a few tree branches, some aluminum foil, rocks, string lights, a paintbrush, some glue, and some lace strips. The result will be a unique décor item (since none of you will use branches that are identical to those found by others).

10.  Indoor Curtain Fairy Lights

Image credits: forging_our_forever_home via Instagram

Here is another great idea that can be put into practice if you have large windows or glass doors that lead to the patio. With a set of fairy string lights, you can soften the appearance of every window/door in the room and bring the gifts of Christmas coziness and aesthetic inside your home all year round.

11.  Rangoli Fairy Lights

Image credits: artwithdEva via Instructables

We will always be fascinated with Indian culture, and Rangoli is just one of the many things to admire about their art. This project will teach you how to create your own fairy lights canvas for using Rangoli art and a few supplies such as craft glue, 3D liner, glass color, rhinestones, a ruler, a compass, and a pencil.

12.  Christmas Tree-Themed Fairy Lights Setup

Image credits: via BLDG 25

This project is the perfect proof that you don’t need too many supplied to create something awesome; all you really need is imagination. With literally a few branches of different lengths, some pinecones, and a few other elements that are easy to obtain, you can mimic your very own Christmas tree without actually contributing to the cutting down of forests.

13.  Copper Lighted Wreaths Decor

Image credits: Laurel via A Bubbly Life

Making wreaths has never been easier or more pleasant, now that you turn them into amazing lighting pieces by adding fairy lights to your décor. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, for hanging on the wall, or lighting up a certain area in the room, this is one project that shows you even the most dull-looking objects can be turned into something fancy.

14.  Twine Spheres Fairy Lights

Image credits: Mucho Crafts

What do you get when you mix up twine, balloons, plastic wrap, elastic bands, fairy lights, and fabric stiffener? You get these amazing twine spheres adorned with fairy lights that are perfectly usable for decorating both indoors and outdoors and fit into a variety of different rooms because they are easily assorted with distinct types of furniture.

15.  Fairy Lights Chandelier

Image credits: Sarah with an H

Have you ever imagined that you would be able to build your own chandelier using fairy lights, a hula hoop, and a few other supplies? It won’t be able to replace your actual dining room one since we’re not talking about powerful lighting, but it can be a wonderful idea for a porch or a gazebo.

16.  Fairy Lights Outdoor Fire Pit

Image credits: Homes to Love

If you’re too warm to make an actual fire, you can also decorate a fire pit with fairy lights and have a wonderful evening get-together with your dear ones. Literally, all you have to do is make sure the fire pit is clean (as in ash-free), put some large logs in it, and then put fairy lights around, above, and in-between them.

17.  Beauty and the Beast Lighting Decor

Image credits: Balsam Hill

It’s all about the rose trapped in the glass container, but what if we put some fairy lights inside it as well? Regardless of the flower of your choice (or even if you choose not to add any flowers at all), this is a perfect table decoration that can be used as evens as fancy as weddings, but it would also make a wonderful nightstand decoration as well.

18.  Christmas Globes with Fairy Lights

Image credits: xioan via Instructables

Since fairy lights are typically associated with Christmas, it makes sense for people to use them to create magnificent holiday decorations, such as these gorgeous globes that go perfectly with just about any Christmas tree color scheme. They are super easy to make and will be the highlight of your holiday tree.

19.  Fireplace Lights

Image credits: Life Unstuffed

Got a fireplace that you’re not currently using? Then it could be the perfect spot to hang up some fairy lights! Not only is the fireplace associated with a place of warmth and coziness, but you can totally enjoy reading a book in front of it if you decorate with fairy lights, just as you would if there was an actual fire burning inside.

20.  Christmas Plaque with Lights

Image credits: Heather Freeman via The Decor Fix

Inspired by metallic decoration items and a specific type of chromatic setup, this mantle serves as a great inspiration for people who dare to be different when it comes to making their own magical corners for the holidays. The mantle has always been a great spot to exhibit some of the finest decorations, so this time you can integrate fairy lights into the setup.

21.  Watering Can Fairy Lights

Image credits: Kelly Dixon via Smart School House

This has to be one of our most favorite projects of all, considering that it literally takes something as dull and trivial as a watering can and turns it into an amazing décor element that creates a stunning visual effect. Whether you’re pairing this with a corner of your yard or hanging it above an indoor plant, the result is just as amazing.

22.  Fairy Light Cozy Corner

We all have that one place inside the house where we just love to crawl into and enjoy some relaxation time. It could be a couch, a sofa bed, or even a futon. The idea is that you can now use fairy lights to add a drop of magic and turn that spot into one full of mystic and enchanting sensations that can only be topped with a fleece blanket.

23.  Fairy Light Tree Centerpiece

One of the best things about this project is that it can literally be used anywhere in the house. It can be a table centerpiece for enjoying dinner, it can sit on the coffee table together with your favorite magazines, or it can be placed on your make-up table so that you can enjoy your self-pampering time to the fullest.

Find the instructions for this fairly light tree here.

24.  Children’s Canopy Bed Lights

Image credits: Sherry Petersik via Young House Love

The fact that children love to have a nightlight on is no longer a mystery to anyone. But what if you could turn their nightlight into a fascinating décor piece that highlights the bed and gives the entire room a soft glow? Well, all you really need are some fairy lights!

25.  Teepee Fairy Lights

Image credits: Better Homes and Gardens

It doesn’t really matter if you decide to make a teepee from scratch or you buy one that’s already made (although I have to admit, those things are expensive). The important thing is for you to remember to add fairy lights to the teepee so that the kids will totally feel safe in their cozy new space.

26.  Hanging Fairy Lights for Beds

Image credits: lights4fun

This is another example of how a canopy bed can be turned into a magical indoor retreat if you simply make use of some safe LED fairy lights. This will provide you with the perfect setup for unwinding at the end of the day and taking advantage of those hours of rest is scenery that’s something out of a fairy tale.

27.  Hanging Fairy Lights

Image credits: Tamara Kelly via Ideal Home

There is something about this picture that makes us daydream about summer night weddings, as the sun sets and the cool air settles in at just the right time for everyone to enjoy a dance and a glass of champagne. Yeah, fairy lights will have us dreaming like that, especially when they’re paired with beautiful white flowers.

28.  Canopy Fairy Lights

Image credits: lights4fun

Got a bed with a canopy that you would like to decorate with some fairy lights? Does your girl’s bedroom feel like it’s missing that ray of enchantment and would use a touch of magic to turn it into a princess lair? Canopies, curtains, and fairy lights are the answer to all of those problems! And you can purchase them online or simply set up your own with holiday lights!


  Outdoor Light Globes

Image credits: Martha’s Reversible Purse

If you get your hands on some wire hanging basket frames and some cable/pull ties, you too can make these amazing outdoor globes that can be painted in literally the color of your choice. Decorate them with some fairy lights and you will have a patio centerpiece that serves for a chill-out spot by offering diffuse light to please the senses. Save on the energy bill by using lights with a timer so you can set it and forget it.

30.  Fairy Light Mirror

One of the best objects to decorate with your fairy lights is the mirror, and especially if you have a tall one. Framed or not, Victorian-style or contemporary, the mirror will reflect the lights coming from the string and further enhance the stylish and cozy effect of the lights. And it literally takes minutes to set up.

Light Up Your Life

There is literally nothing you can’t do with fairy lights as long as you put your imagination to the test. If you feel like string lights are something you could benefit from but aren’t sure where to start, the examples we’ve shown you earlier can serve as a great source of inspiration.

With the resources and supplies you now have at home, how many of these projects do you think you can set up all by yourself or create on your own? Let us know in the comments!

30 Amazing Ways To Use String Lights At Home

How many fairy light ideas can you think of besides wrapping them around the Christmas tree? If you think fairy lights are the same as Christmas lights and are only used during the traditional holiday, then you are in for a treat.

Check out this blog for some inspirations on how to use fairy lights at home.

30 Creative Ways To Use Fairy Lights At Home

Where else can you use fairy lights? Contrary to what others think, these string lights are versatile. It can be used anytime and anywhere. Allow me to show you how. 

These lighting ideas are easy to recreate. Some of the materials are recycled, or probably most of the items are already in your house.

Fairy Light Ideas for Bedroom

The fairy lights bedroom ideas featured in this blog can transform your space into a fascinating sanctuary. 

1. Chandelier Style

Fairy lights chandeliers are not just bedroom decor that adds pizzazz. It can also be the source of the main light in your room.

The chandelier-style is one of the fairy light ideas that you can easily DIY. All you need are:

  • White fairy lights
  • A hula hoop
  • Cable ties
  • A ceiling hook
  • A white ribbon for hanging
  • A starter cable

Everything is so easy to assemble. You may add a faux vine or flowers for an all-year-round spring vibe.

2. Headboard Focal Point

Ditch the usual statement headboard and go for a unique focal point like hanging textured tree branches with fairy string lights.

And I would say, this headboard fairy lights idea never fails to capture anyone’s attention


String Fairy Lights and Polaroid

Whether you opt for ready-to-use photo clip string lights or make it a DIY project for your bedroom makeover, this is one of the several lighting ideas that will never get outdated.

If you have led fairy lights, all you need is to pin them across your walls and peg your polaroids to your string lights.

4. Fairy String Lights Canopy

Here’s another no-brainer hanging fairy lights idea. Whether your bed frame comes with a canopy and posters or not, this string fairy lights idea is simple to recreate.

If you do not have a canopy and posters, install ceiling-mounted bars to hang your fairy lights and sheer curtains. And Voila! You have whimsical canopy fairy lights in your room.

5. Boho-Inspired

Like canopy lighting, airy string curtain lights are easy to install when you have posters in your bed frame.

If you don’t have these posters, your other option is to install industrial curtain rods as shown in the photo above. Then hang your sheer curtains and string lights.

6. Vanity Table

Aside from the bed, where to put fairy lights in the bedroom? Another spot to decorate is the vanity mirror. Do away with table lamps and use fairy lights instead.

For this string light design, you can lay the fairy lights on the table and pin them on the mirror frame. Another option is to place the fairy lights in a clear glass vase.

7. Illuminated Word

The wall in your room can be a huge whiteboard to let your thoughts glow. All you need to do is use a gauge utility wire to shape the word you want to hang on your wall. Then,  wrap it with fairy lights.

8. Constellation Ceiling

If you have a kid or two, making their ceiling like a canvas and decorating it with fairy lights would hit their soft spot. This is part of creating a magical childhood they would cherish.

I should know because I have a bunch of nieces and nephews who love their parents for it. This fairy lights design is my personal favourite.

Fairy Light Decor Ideas for Living Room

Aside from the bedroom, another area to illuminate your home using fairy string lights is the living room. The inspo we provided are some fancy ways to spruce up your family room with these decorative lights.

9. Faux Fireplace

Lighting a fire in your fireplace every night may not be necessary. But it doesn’t mean you can’t maximize its purpose of illuminating the room.

Simply add some string lights, solar lanterns, and candles with the piled wood in place. This lighting design gives you that cozy feel.

10. Decorative Tree Light

Do you want to have a Christmas tree all year round? This is the way to have it.
This decorative tree light is perfect for a corner light, especially if you want a dimmer surrounding.

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Classic Curtains Glow for Walls, Glass Windows, and Sliding Doors

Nothing is ordinary with curtain lights. It never fails to transform the space with exquisite ambience.

12. Repurposed Ladder Shelf

Another fantastic way to brighten the atmosphere of your living room is to repurpose an old ladder. This rustic decor can serve many purposes. You can add frames, candles, books or succulents.

13. Hanging Chair

Level up your space into a magical haven by adding fairy lights to your hanging chair. Next to a love seat or couch for your home, a hanging chair is a place to cuddle, especially during cold weather.

14. Staircase Railings

Adding fairy lights on the railings of the staircase becomes a traditional home decor during Christmas. If you like to keep them all year round, try adding some faux vine to make it not-so-traditional.

15. Twinkling Room Divider

Shoji blinds are common room dividers. This traditional Japanese interior is ideal for separating some parts of the house.

But, you can break the mould! Instead of the conventional shoji blinds, go for glass panel folding. Add stunning fairy lights for a festive atmosphere.

String Light Ideas for Other Rooms in the House

In addition to fairy light ideas for living room, below are some inspo for other part of the house like bathroom and kitchen.

16. Exotic Bathroom Feels

This bathroom interior is not for the timid. It takes boldness to pull off this tropical theme. All the more when you spruce it up with string lights. Can we hear a yay or nay from any bloke out here?

17. Indoor Dining Canopy

Another classic lighting idea that most people find appealing is the canopy of lights. While others typically have these outdoors, this idea can also be done in the kitchen.

18. Kitchen Shelf

Finding the perfect task lighting for your kitchen should not be a problem. However, adding illumination under a shelf is brilliant.

You thought you didn’t need it but try adding one; you’ll thank me for the extra light it provides.

Decor Ideas Using String Lights for Outdoor Space

And while festoon lights are the most popular outdoor lighting ideas, the commercial fairy lights are also one of the lighting trends today for your outdoor space at home.

19. Rustic Mason Jar Wall Decor Lighting Ideas

We’ve seen several ways to decorate a mason jar. One of which is to place fairy lights in it. But don’t merely place the mason jar with fairy lights on a sofa table or desk.

You can use it as wall lights outdoors. Embellish the mason jar fairy lights by adding faux flowers on the lid. Hang it on a decorative wall hook screwed on a wood pallet for an added rustic flair.

20. Wooden Pallet Flower Pot Holder Light

Potted plants are great in your patio area, pergola, or verandah area. If you have a wooden pallet flower pot holder hanging on your wall, you can amp it up with fairy lights.

Caveat:Make sure to place the electrical outlet for your string lights away from the planter’s drainage to avoid getting wet from water leakage.

21. Sparkling Watering Can

Another spectacular way of decorating your patio is upcycling your watering can with fairy lights. If you do not have a watering can, you might have a galvanized teapot in your garden storage shed.

22. Glowing Bicycle Fairy Light

Don’t throw away your broken and rusty bicycle in your garage. If we have a sparkling watering can, a glowing old bike is not such a terrible lighting idea.

You can opt to cover the rust with silver spray paint. Then, wrap the fairy lights around the wheels, frame, seat, and handlebars.

Note: If you want to know how to use the spray paint correctly, check out this quick tutorial from Ace.

23. Pergola Swing with String Lights

Swings are not only tied to the branches of a tree. If you have the macrame hammock, you would want to place it in your pergola.

Nothing is more fantastic than having fairy lights and solar festoon lights installed in this classical outdoor structure. Imagine those relaxing evenings sitting on the macrame hammock.

More Ideas for Home Decor

There are still more ways to use stunning fairy lights. These ideas below can be placed anywhere you please.

24. Twine Balls

Twine balls are easy to DIY. You simply need coloured twines, a balloon, and a Mod Podge. Once done putting the twine together, add a string of lights.

25. Glimmer Lantern

This decorative lantern is versatile. You can put it indoors or outdoor. Take your pick. And whichever you choose, you can be confident that this fairy lights lantern adds a gorgeous glow to any space of your house.

26. Hanging Indoor Planter

Transform a dull corner of your home into a fancy one by adding string lights to a hanging plant. Create mini colourful twine balls, and add them to each fairy light bulb.

27. Tall Mirror

We all know adding a tall mirror in the room gives the illusion of having a spacious space. This is one of the tricks in interior design, especially if you have a small living room or bedroom.

Don’t just add a plain mirror. Make it charming by adding string lights.

28. Floating Wooden Shelf

Floating wooden shelves are trending these days. Make this home decor more elaborate by adding fairy lights to it.

29. Improvised Boho Driftwood Art

Boho driftwood art is perfect for wall decor for people who love rustic interior design. And this inspiration is easy to recreate.

30. Wooden Crates

Those wooden crates sitting on the bottom shelf need some love. For an added touch, chuck some string lights, and you’ll see how ordinary things suddenly become functional.

There you go, mate! Thirty fabulous fairy light ideas to illuminate your bedroom, living room, and outdoor space. See, these string light ideas are so easy to DIY.

And, the next time someone asks you, “what you can do with fairy lights?” You can share these inspirations with the person. I’m pretty sure they will love the lighting ideas for their ideal home.

Lastly, if you’re in the middle of your own DIY lighting project and loved any of the inspiration ideas above, get in touch using our contact page! We’d love to collaborate with you.

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A theme party is a way to create a different reality for yourself and your friends, move to any country and any era, be in the image of your favorite characters!

We give 45 bright ideas for loft parties and tell you how to easily host cool parties for adults and children.

Loft Parties for Adults

In this section we have collected the most interesting ideas for themed parties for adults. If you want to see free venues for a party on a specific date, fill out the search form. And if you need some cool music, be sure to check out Spotify for a selection of playlists created by DJs for Bash Today. Choose your favorite styles and directions and delight your guests with unbridled dance beats.

Stylish Gonzo Party

Hawaiian Style Party

American TV Show Pajama Party

Back to Childhood Bachelorette Party

Gatsby Party 900 03

Desperate Housewives Party

Party in the style of the 90s

Pin-up style bachelorette party

Brazilian carnival-style party

How to organize a theme party so that guests and the birthday boy will definitely remember it? A cool idea is to arrange a real Brazilian carnival right in the loft! It is better to warn guests about the theme in advance so that they have time to prepare bright costumes. Girls can come to the party in multi-colored swimsuits decorated with feathers, rhinestones and sequins – they are all their own in the loft, and there will definitely not be sidelong glances. A suitable outfit for guys is swimming shorts, a Hawaiian shirt and sandals.

Pay special attention to music – it should be dynamic and incendiary, use exclusive tracks for the most atmospheric parties, created by the best DJs especially for Bash Today.

During the party, it would be great to have a master class in lambada or samba.

The Brazilian party menu includes tacos, tartlets, fruits and vegetables. For dessert, you can order a bright cake with an edible carnival mask in the pastry shop. According to tradition, a figurine of a child god is usually hidden inside the cake. The one who finds it in his piece will have good luck all year!

Goth Party

Goth Party is an easy way to throw a classy party. The dress code for guests is extremely simple – black, leather, chains, massive shoes. Girls can make up their lips with purple or scarlet lipstick, line their eyes with black pencil or make vamp-style makeup.

It is better to darken the room – you can choose a loft with blackout curtains for your party. Arrange candles throughout the room, decorate the location with skulls, cobwebs, black and red helium balloons. You can add dry ice to the interior, which will create a mysterious “fog”. It’s great if there is a smoke machine on the site of your choice.

To decorate the table, you will need black satin textiles, crystal wine glasses, elegant cutlery, dark ribbons and red roses. Treat your friends to marmalade in the form of eyes, snakes and frogs, “bloody” muffins with raspberry jam. Pour red wine or a Bloody Mary cocktail into glasses.

Organize a tarot card reading or a mystical quest to entertain your guests.

India Style Party

If you’re thinking about throwing a mehendi party, it’s a great idea to throw a party that’s all about Indian culture.

To decorate the venue, you will need garlands of natural or artificial flowers, incense, aromatic oils, multi-colored fabrics with traditional patterns, pillows with tassels and fringes, figures of elephants and monkeys. You can print images of Ganesha – a cheerful god in the form of a half-elephant-half-human.

An invited master can decorate the hands of guests with mehendi, another option is to buy special henna in a needlework store and try to paint the palms with patterns yourself.

India is also famous for its serials and dances. To have a fun party, prepare some episodes with traditional shootouts, escapes and dances – let the participants act out these skits in teams and have a good laugh!

Invite your guests to taste the national dishes of Indian cuisine – chicken curry, fluffy flatbread, tea with milk and spices and halva. You can treat your friends to a hookah, because it was in India that the culture of smoking was born.

We’ve curated a variety of party venue styles to make it easier for you to find the perfect one.

007 Party

Are you wondering how to organize a party full of secrets and mysteries? Throw a James Bond-style spy party! Organize an interesting detective quest — you can order it from professionals or prepare it yourself. Show your imagination – “steal” one of your friends so that others can find him. Leave clues in the corners of the loft in advance, quietly pass the secret codes to each of the guests. Let the dress code be official: business suits for men and elegant black dresses for girls. All guests can be given hats and dark glasses, as well as toy guns.

Treats at a spy party can be anything, the main thing is to decorate the table in style. Champagne pyramids, a chocolate fountain, bar catering – all this will make the holiday elegant and memorable.

Greek Style Party

If you’re choosing which style to throw your party in, a “journey” to Greece is a bright idea. It is very easy to find clothes for such a holiday – light beach tunics or loose cotton shirts are suitable for girls, and guys can build themselves a tunic from several meters of white fabric, fastening its ends on the back with pins.

To decorate the room, you can find plaster busts – they are sold in needlework stores. Also great are posters depicting ancient gods, old vases and lamps, candles and flowers.

The menu for a Greek party is easy to compose – prepare a Greek salad, canapés with cheese, olives and tomatoes, serve seafood in a lemon dressing as a hot dish. The main drink of the evening will be red and white wine.

Awaken the spirit of competition among guests, organize sports competitions – your own Olympic Games with laurel wreaths for the winners. The evening can end with a friendly sirtaki dance, this national Greek dance can be performed by everyone after watching any video on YouTube.

Around the World Party

This is the perfect idea for a surprise birthday party for an avid traveler. Guests will be able to visit different parts of the world and learn the traditions of different countries without leaving the walls of the loft. Choose 3-5 states that the birthday boy likes and organize several thematic zones. Let each reflect the culture and traditions of the chosen people, their music, history, clothes and hobbies. You can arrange a quiz, during which guests will learn interesting facts about the life of other countries, and also come up with tasks in the forfeit format, for example, dance the Argentinean tango or play the African drum.

Buffet catering will be an excellent solution for treating guests – order dishes from various cuisines of the world and decorate each table in the appropriate style.

The Vampire Diaries Party

What kind of birthday party would you throw for a Vampire Diaries fan? Most likely, he will be pleased with the holiday in the style of “vamp”!

Loft can be decorated with posters with the characters of the series, artificial web and bat figures.

The main colors of the party will be black and red. However, it is not necessary to wear special costumes – all the characters of the series looked like ordinary schoolchildren. But you will definitely need makeup – apply a lot of light powder to make your face porcelain-pale. You can draw red streaks near the eyes, which appeared on the characters when they were angry. The main attribute is fake fangs, you can buy them in the prank shop.

Treat your friends with “blood” – it will be especially cool to pour red wine and tomato juice into donor bags. If the budget does not allow, you can pour red cocktails into glass alcohol bottles and stick labels on them with different blood types and Rh factors.

During the party, each guest can be given a vampire ring like those that protected the heroes of the series from the sun’s rays.

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Minecraft Party

Harry Potter Party

K-pop Birthday Party

Pajama Kids Party

90 002 Space Party

Maleficent Party

Unicorn Party

Slime party

Blog Party

Face Art Party

Solid Color Party

LOL Doll Party

Bubble Party

Cooking Party

Paper Party

Wonderful Neon Party

Avengers Party »

Hipster Kids Party

Moana Party

Frozen Kids Party

Mexican Kids Party

Trolls Party

Lego Party

Delicate and touching, moving and sporty, for girls and boys, here are the best party ideas for kids ages 2 to 16. And you can always book a suitable loft for a children’s party on Bash Today.

Flower Party Style Birthday Party

If you’re wondering how to throw a party for a girl, a delicate flower party is a great idea.

Pay special attention to the design of the room – it is better to invite a professional florist to such an event. He will decorate the site with flowers and create the atmosphere of a spring garden right within the walls of the loft.

The birthday girl can dress up in a puffy dress or skirt in a bright color, a headband with flowers will become a beautiful accessory. Guests can be presented with bracelets with silk roses.

Decorate a table or candy bar with vases with rose petals. It is better to make treats light and colorful, offer guests desserts with icing flowers, fruits, berries, fresh juices and smoothies.

A master class on floristry will perfectly fit into the style of the holiday — an experienced presenter will teach participants how to create flower arrangements in just 1-2 hours.

Monsters on Vacation Party

A cartoon about funny and clumsy monsters that kids and adults love – use this idea to throw a fun party. It is important that before the holiday, parents also watch at least one part of the cartoon, then it will be much easier to bring it to life. Invite the birthday boy and guests to choose images of different heroes – Dracula and his daughter, Frankenstein, the Egyptian Mummy, the Skeleton and Quasimodo will gather for your holiday.

Turn the loft into the Transylvania Hotel for one evening: black and purple colors and silvery details – stars, candlesticks – are suitable for decoration. You will also need figures of skeletons and spiders, black balloons and artificial web.

The festive table can be covered with a black tablecloth, and elegant cutlery can be placed on it. Decorate the candy bar with candles and scary cupcakes with vampire fangs and bats.

There will be no problems with the music for the party – the cartoon has a lot of moving soundtracks, to which children will happily arrange their own disco. You can order a neon show – the guys will be delighted with the luminous figures that appear in complete darkness.

Nautical themed kids party

Any time of the year there is a way to get your child in the summer mood – for this you can arrange a nautical party! To design a loft, use not only all shades of blue, but also red, white colors. The room can be decorated with ropes and fishing nets, figurines of ships and lighthouses, steering wheels and anchors. Hang a lifebuoy on the wall, and put glass jars with sand and shells on the festive table. Inflatable flamingos and a donut-shaped swim ring will be cool elements of the photo zone.

Dress the birthday boy in a captain’s cap, give him and the guests vests. To entertain the kids, arrange a sand painting workshop for them. From mobile competitions, treasure hunting and tug-of-war will fit perfectly into the theme.

The holiday menu includes fish, salads with seafood, caviar tartlets and cupcakes with figures of underwater inhabitants. You can invite a bartender who will prepare colorful non-alcoholic cocktails for guests.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party

The boys are sure to be excited to participate in such a party!

Before organizing the holiday, it is important for parents to watch a couple of episodes so as not to confuse the Turtles and their features.

Ask the birthday boy’s friends to come in brown or beige pants and green T-shirts. Prepare red, purple, orange, and blue headbands for guests, as well as toy swords, nunchucks, tridents, and bo poles (sets are sold in toy stores).

Turn your loft into a turtle hideout with paper garlands, themed posters, and life-size puppets.

The main treat of the evening is pizza! Turtles love anchovy pizza, but it’s better not to risk it and order different toppings so that everyone can find something to their liking.

Candy bar can be divided into 4 color zones: red, purple, orange and blue. In each place cupcakes, lollipops, marmalades of a certain shade. Sweet drinks can also be 4 colors, for example, cranberry and blackcurrant juice, orange juice and green tarragon.

Entertainment for fidgets should be as active as possible – organize a quest to “save the city”, fight with artificial swords, contests for accuracy, dexterity and speed.

Disney themed party

If your child loves Disney cartoons, they will love the idea of ​​having a Disney themed loft party. The theme of the holiday is suitable not only for girls, but also for boys – invite guests to come up with a cool image in advance. Girls can become Belle or Aurora for the evening, and guys can become Mickey Mouse, Olaf from Frozen or Fox from Zootopia.

You can print posters from Disney cartoons, garlands with flags depicting heroes, tablecloths and tableware with princesses to decorate the room. A fabulous atmosphere will be created by floral decorations and helium balloons of various colors. The photo zone can be decorated with soft toys of the characters, the children will definitely be delighted to be photographed with them. Place caramel apples from Snow White, edible roses from Belle and oriental baklava from Jasmine on the table.

Pink Party Style

Pink Party is a cool idea to throw a nice party without spending a lot of money. The dress code is extremely simple – invite friends dressed in all shades of pink and white. Yes, yes, and boys too!

The choice of decorations is huge: you can easily find pink garlands, lush tablecloths and disposable dishes. So that the design is not monotonous, we advise you to dilute it with silver details (candlesticks, trays, balls) – you get a really cool combination!

Book a themed candy bar with fabulous cupcakes, cake pops and lollipops. Pink macaroons, delicate jelly and smoothies will also appeal to kids. Milkshakes with marshmallows and marshmallows will become a magical decoration – you can order a master class during which the guys, under the guidance of the presenter, will prepare amazing sweet drinks for themselves.

Arabian Night Party

Arabian Night Party is an opportunity to give your child a real oriental fairy tale for their birthday. For inspiration, you can watch movies and cartoons about Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, reread fairy tales from the collection “1000 and 1 Nights”.

To decorate the area, you will need an oriental carpet – lay it out in the very center of the room. Decorate furniture with velvet capes, satin cushions with fringe and tassels.

Girls can dress up in silk costumes of oriental beauties, tunics and headbands embroidered with coins, turbans and bloomers will be useful for boys. Some of the guests can choose the image of Genie or Ali Baba.

To create a mysterious atmosphere of the East, turn on the aroma lamp or set fire to incense, put on a playlist of Arabic music.

The holiday menu includes oriental pilaf, kebabs, a lot of vegetable salads, halva, baklava and nuts for dessert.

Fidgets will be happy with mobile activities: invite them to participate in the search for a magic lamp, a battle with toy swords or a belly dance master class. After the holiday, each guest can be presented with oriental bracelets as a keepsake.

Choose the theme you like and have the coolest and most fun parties!

🏡 Don’t leave the room: 15 photo ideas at home

Content of article

While you are at home, you can indulge in the pleasure of taking beautiful photos. You can take amazing photos without any equipment on a regular phone. In my photography school – Alexander Slyadnev’s school of photography – I always repeat that the idea is the main thing in photography. I am happy to share with you simple but spectacular ideas for a photo. Specially selected ideas so that you do not need to leave your home anywhere. The maximum you need to order a few kilograms of flour in the online store (later you will understand why).

Try, experiment!

15 photo ideas at home

The play of light and shadow

See your room at a magical time: within the first hour after dawn or one hour before sunset. You will see what a beautiful, soft light this time is. What intense shadows! Use the play of light and shadow for your photos. Any props will do: curtains, flowers, a hat, paper snowflakes (suddenly you haven’t removed the New Year’s decor yet), even your cat.

Food photography with unusual props

Try to combine the incongruous to get a really unusual photo. Beautifully set the table, light candles, rub plates and cutlery to a shine. Remove food first. Even regular fried potatoes, whatever! Then let yourself be fooled. For example, pour a poisonous blue mouthwash into a beautiful glass, and put something inedible on a plate too. At least soap. Go ahead. The crazier the better. Enjoy!

Photo with flour flakes

Here I remember one of my photos – a distraught housewife. By the way, the history of the creation of the photo can be read here . So, each of us has a pack of flour at home. Perhaps for a spectacular and crazy photo you need a little more than a couple of kilograms. But the result will be worth it. Come up with your own image, shout plenty, throw flour up. You can ask your family to throw flour at you. Both entertainment and photography. You can set the camera on your phone to a timer if you shoot alone.

Photo in a bathroom full of water

Here, too, you can let your imagination run wild. Dissolve a fragrant bomb in the bath, you can add chamomile flowers or any flowers you like. Milk is also suitable: some a couple of liters of milk and you can take an unusual photo in a milk bath. And spa treatments, and an idea for a photo. Thanks can be written in the comments.

Photo against a plain wall

The simplest idea for a photo at home, but one of the most effective. Put on contrasting clothes and experiment.

Dance in the frame

Seriously, turn on your favorite music, set the camera on your phone to a timer, put on a loose white shirt and dance around. Yes, you have to dance properly in order to get a masterpiece out of dozens of frames. But we’re not in a hurry, are we?

Use for a photo of a cat (a dog, guinea pig, rabbit is suitable)

No need to torture the animal, but you can still create a beautiful frame with a sleeping fluffy lump. Beautiful textiles, pillows, a kitten curled up in a ball – a classic Instagram photo that never gets old.

Photos with unusual objects

Raid the closet, mezzanine, balcony (if there is something to profit from). You will be surprised, but a cool shot can be made with a regular rotary phone, for example. Dig into your deposits of the past, there is definitely something interesting there.

Photos with old pictures from your childhood

Being at home is a great excuse to get an album of old photos. You can make a flatlay composition with some important photo for you. And write a story related to her under your photos on Instagram. Here’s a topic for an interesting post on Instagram.

Water shots

For beautiful water photos you will need our magic light (one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset). Find a beautiful glass vase, at worst, a three-liter bottle of grandmother’s pickles. It is important to wash the dishes, rub dry, and then fill with clean water. You can use boiling water or ice. Try it, beautiful macro shots are provided to you.

For example, in this picture of me there is glass, water drops and a lot of M&M’s. And what is the result)

Photos of today’s home look

Show off your Mickey Mouse pajamas and your favorite slippers. Being at home is not a reason to refuse photos of your favorite clothes. Or maybe you like to wear an office suit at home during working hours? Then you can take a funny picture of yourself in a cozy home environment sitting in a strict office look. And under the arm a cat, where without it.

Photo with a garland

So what if the New Year has passed. On Instagram, for example, photos with New Year’s garlands are an eternal trend in all seasons. They are put in vases, laid out on beautiful bed linen, hung from the ceiling or even on their heads (whoever is in what much). And you try to use a garland in some unusual way. Don’t be afraid of your imagination.

Photographs with books

Every house has a large or small library. Books can be laid out in a beautiful composition. You can just take a selfie with your favorite book in the part of the room where you usually read it. Don’t forget beautiful light.

Photograph unusual makeup

Yes, Halloween is also behind us. But films about the end of the world and zombies have become more popular. Do a cheeky zombie makeover, for example. And an aggressive photo. Post it on Instagram on Friday night (moo-ha-ha)

Photographs with the effect of “flight”

Taking such a photo is quite simple: you need to cover the floor in the room with a sheet or any other dense, plain white fabric, then spread out various objects and lie down on the floor yourself. If you scatter your hair “in the wind” and play “flight” with your face, you get a funny picture. Important: you will have to take pictures strictly from above. You need an assistant with long arms on a stable stool or with a selfie stick in your hands.



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