Cliffside mansions: Inside 7 Cliffside Homes That Let You Enjoy Life on the Edge – Robb Report

Inside 7 Cliffside Homes That Let You Enjoy Life on the Edge – Robb Report

Terra firma not quite cutting it? Cliffside, or clifftop, homes might be the perfect antidote to traditional cookie-cutter living. For those seeking off-the-beaten path residences, homes in proximity to nature or dwellings that push the boundaries of architecture, clifftop abodes promise panoramic views and creative design elements that challenge the way we live. These homes often interact with nature in more intimate ways, as the homes must be built within the cliffs or hillside landscapes. Ideal for people who aren’t afraid of heights or rocky promontories, we’ve rounded up incredible—and unexpected—homes across the globe, from a moody point in Oregon to a masterpiece in Sydney, Australia, to a multigenerational estate teetering on the edge of a private point in the British Virgin Islands. Whether it’s a home hanging hundreds of feet above crashing waves or the highest point with 360-degree views, look no further than these spectacular residences for sale now.

Sydney, Australia

The home overlooks the Sydney Harbour.

Sydney Sotheby’s International Realty

The coastal eastern suburb of Dover Heights in Sydney, Australia, is lauded for its impressive real estate but also its views over Sydney Harbour and the city’s skyline. The futuristic-looking home, called the Lighthouse, has site-specific architecture that mimics the curves of the natural cliffside below. There are floor-to-ceiling windows that engulf every side of the structure and let in the stunning views. Just steps from the verdant cliffside, with waves crashing several feet underneath, it feels as though you could touch the ocean.

Cloverdale, Oregon

The home is built around a 46-foot-tall lighthouse for prime views.

Justin Jones/Cascade Hasson Sotheby’s International Realty

Nestucca Sea Ranch sits along the picturesque Oregon Coast, which, in some seasons, resembles the coastlines of Scotland and Ireland. The cliffside home sits within a nearly 26-acre parcel and has 360-degree panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding forest. The 7,442-square-foot abode has a unique Cape Cod meets Pacific Northwest design. The (literal) pinnacle of the residence? The 46-foot-tall lighthouse the home is built around.

Maui, Hawaii

The property is above the Maliko Bay.

Travis Rowan Photography

Not for the faint of heart, this home atop Maliko Point in Maui is just steps from a steep cliff that drops straight into the ocean. This also means that from every room in the house, the light sound of crashing waves is omnipresent. Listed for $12 million, the three-bedroom property was recently renovated for the modern buyer and has every amenity you could want, including a freeform pool with a waterfall, a spa, a cabana and a covered lanai.

Dominical, Costa Rica

The property is located within the Sea Ridge Reserve, home to protected nature.

2Costa Rica Real Estate

Sustainability is at the core of this epic sustainable legacy estate in Costa Ballena, Costa Rica. The $12 million home is located within the Sea Ridge Reserve, which has more than 1,000 acres of protected and biologically diverse land. The abode within the Reserve is situated on a 2,400-foot-tall knoll within a coastal mountain range—the highest point in closest proximity to the ocean in all of the country—and has views that stretch more than 60 miles. In fact, you can see three major waterfalls from the edge of the property.

Tortola, British Virgin Islands

This is a trophy multi-generational estate with room to grow.

Engel & Völkers

Occupying Tortola’s entire western peninsula, the $25 million Steele Point Estate is a legacy property with more than eight acres and four villas. The estates are built into the rocky promontories and cliffs overlooking the water below. There’s access to the water via a lush pathway, and the property also has two private pools and a helipad. All four villas allow for total privacy, yet are connected via garden pathways.

Côte d’Azur, France

The clifftop villa built in 1925.

Côte d’Azur Sotheby’s International Realty

The waterfront property Villa le Trident was built in 1925 by architect Barry Dierks, who frequently hosted high-profile guests including Pablo Picasso, Somerset Maugham and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, to name a few. It’s not difficult to see what’s so attractive about the home, as it’s situated atop a peninsula and surrounded by beautiful red rocks of Massif de l’Estérel, a Mediterranean coastal mountain range along parts of the Côte d’Azur. Views include the Bay of Cannes, Cape Roux and the seemingly endless Mediterranean Sea.

Valparaiso, Chile

The home overlooks Maitencillo, Chile.

Chile Sotheby’s International Realty

This two-story home in Valparaiso, Chile, was built intentionally so the common spaces and bedrooms were exposed to the northwest views of the ocean, beaches and the city of Maitencillo. There are two separate wings of the house, designed to be separate for multi-generational living or privacy among families. Outside, there’s a large infinity pool, a hot tub, a central garden and a covered barbecue area for incredible sunset views.

Zozaya Arquitectos tops cliffside home in Mexico with open thatched roof

James Brillon |

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An enormous thatched roof structure with open sides covers the communal areas of this home perched on a rocky cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Mexico by Zozaya Arquitectos.

The 775-square-metre Casa Acantilado is located in the bay of Zihuatanejo, an area in which local studio Zozaya Arquitectos has completed several projects.

Zozaya Arquitectos completed a cliffside home in Zihuatanejo

The dramatic surroundings feature steep, rocky topography, lending the project the name Casa Acantilado — or Cliff House.

“Birds of different species nest on the slopes of the ridges and a small [nearby] lighthouse warns fishermen and provides light in that immense darkness,” said Zozaya Arquitectos.

The structure features an enormous open thatched roof

Two levels make up the home, which is accessed from the top due to the site conditions.

On the upper level, Zozaya Arquitectos built an oversized palapa — a traditional Mexican structure built with wooden supports and thatch.

The top floor has areas open to cross ventilation

These structures are well suited to provide shade and facilitate cross-ventilation.

This one was built using local materials and labour, according to the architecture studio.

A deck extends out from the common area on the top floor

“A large palapa welcomes you and houses the social area completely exposed to the Pacific and the cliffs that surround it,” the studio explained.

“The palapa is made with regional material such as stone, wood and palm leaves, done by local labor, its shape allows the use of natural light and natural cross ventilation to reduce energy consumption,” it added.

Portions of the top floor can be enclosed

The home’s living and dining rooms sit beneath this tall structure, looking out onto a deck that wraps around the property and an infinity pool beyond.

Part of the upper level is enclosed by concrete walls. These areas contain the kitchen, a smaller dining area and a media room.

Unfinished concrete lines the stairwell to the lower level

Most of the walls were left with an exposed concrete finish, highlighting the material that was used for the construction.

An angled staircase funnels the residents to their quarters, all of which are located on the lower level.

Beach homes by Zozaya Arquitectos “mimic the fluidity of waves”

There are four bedrooms in the home that share a communal landing, technically open to the elements.

It is covered by the floor above, but a large opening provides uninterrupted vistas of the ocean.

The bedrooms have decks covered by the terrace above

“The staircase to the private area takes you along uncovered concrete walls which allows you to see the movement of the treetops, feel the exterior while being protected,” said Zozaya Arquitectos.

Another smaller pool on this level provides residents a continuous relationship with water in nearly every room of the house.

The slope of the site informed the design

Each of the bedrooms includes its own terrace. Because of the home’s angled design, all of the bedrooms enjoy views of the Pacific below.

Other seaside projects by the Zihuatenejo-based firm led by Daniel Zozaya Valdés include a low-slung home fronted by bamboo staves for privacy and a home made of curved concrete walls that are meant to evoke the movement of the ocean’s waves.

The photography is by Rafael Gamo.

Project credits:
Leader of design & project: Architect Daniel Zozaya Valdés
Design team: Enrique Zozaya, José Antonio Vázquez, Ana Karen Cadena, Cesar Octavio, Jesus Lopez.

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10 amazing historical monuments carved into the rocks

When we think of places masterfully carved into the rocks, our thoughts go to the legendary Petra, which is located in Jordan. She is beautiful and famous, so she really deserves attention.
This is one of the many creations of human hands, made in rock. However, there are many others that can be even more beautiful.

At Forum-Grad, we present ten such unique places that you probably don’t know about.

10. Gila Rocks

Gila dwellings, which are located in southwestern New Mexico, are similar to Mesa Verde Park (Colorado Plateau) in that the people who created them took advantage of the convenience of the location of the caves. They were able to expand them and create conditions for comfort. The ancient Mogollon tribes inhabited these rocks from 1275 to 1300. The reasons for the refusal to live in such dwellings after such a short period of time are still not known. Here you can find rooms cut down by people from 46 rooms, which served as a home for 15 large families.

9. Bandelier, National Monument

This is a range of well-preserved cave and cliff dwellings from the ancient Pueblo peoples who are Native American populations. They created not only a monument of the Bandelier culture, but also many other incredible buildings around South and North America. This monument consists of iconic rock paintings and ceremonial buildings.

8. Mesa Verd.

This historic site with old houses and villages located here is located in Montezuma County, Colorado. Since the end of 1190s, the ancient people of Puebelo began building their famous dwellings in the mountains. The most remarkable and largest of them was called the Rocky Palace. For their buildings, Puebelo took advantage of the convenient natural location of the caves, which were deepened as needed to expand the living spaces.

7. Lycian tombs Lycian Tombs

Located near the Turkish city of Dalyan, they are many crypts carved on the face of the mountain. They were built by the Lycians during the Trojan War, and dominance over the tombs throughout history was handed over only to the winners. Also nearby are the historical ruins of Kaunos, so these places are definitely worth a visit



The settlement, located in the northeastern part of Ethiopia, has long been famous for its beautiful, carved temples in the rocks. The place is considered holy in Ethiopia. The buildings are very similar to the ancient Jerusalem churches, so they can be dated to the 12th century AD. The complex has thirteen buildings. An interesting fact is that the inhabitants used the artesian geological system to fill the wells near each object.

5. Abu Simbel

In the 13th century BC, Egyptian1 pharaoh Ramses II gave the order to carve temples in the mountains as a monument to himself and his wife. The failure of the Aswan Dam in 1968 put them at risk of flooding, so this complex was raised and moved to an artificial hill in order to preserve it for future generations. Today, Abu Simbel remains Egypt’s most popular tourist attraction.

4. Petra

Created around 312 B.C. Nabataeans, this city, carved into the mountain, looks incredibly rich. It is decorated with intricate carvings and intricate ornaments. The inhabitants created a system of wells, also cut into the rock, which allowed them to settle in the most arid area. The most complex building is the temple of Al Khazneh, which was built in accordance with all the traditions of ancient Greek architecture.

3. Longmen caves

They are home to tens of thousands (according to some sources, up to a hundred thousand) statues of Buddha with his disciples, carved in underground mines and rocks of Xiangshan and Longmenshan mountains in China. The very first statues were carved between about 400 and 1100 AD. Such work was generously paid for by donations from wealthy families, members of the royal nobility and groups of the faithful. UNESCO called these truly unique structures “outstanding manifestations of human artistic creativity.”

2. Ajanta Caves

A Buddhist cave complex located in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is decorated with Buddha statues carved from stone. There are more than 30 of them. Many very beautiful paintings, which serve as excellent examples of traditional art in all its glory, make this place even brighter and more remarkable. They date back to the 2nd century BC. e.

It is noteworthy that at present, for the convenience of tourists, paved platforms and passages have been built along the underground palaces. Comfortable modern stone stairs lead to them, located at different levels. Unfortunately, most of the components of the complex are buried under the collapsed rock.

Tourists can also admire the monument of the centuries-old culture of Ellora, which is on the first place in this list.

1. Ellora

This is an Indian world heritage site, the epitome of national architecture. 34 vertically arranged caves are filled with sculptures and bas-reliefs carved from stone. The figures in Buddhist, Hindu and Jain shrines are carved in accordance with their religious traditions. There are several residences. Jain dungeons add beauty to the patterned ceiling and floor. They are dated between the 5th and 10th centuries. Each religion has its own outstanding beauty and is different from each other.