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Cedar Closets 101 – Bob Vila

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Looking to stow your special-occasion and out-of-season clothing? Keep it safe from moth damage with cedar.

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Prized for repelling sweater-munching moths, the woodsy aroma of cedar is finding new fans in eco-savvy homeowners looking for natural alternatives to toxic pesticides and smelly mothballs. If you’re looking to set up cedar closets at home, or the scent of cedar brings back fond childhood memories of your own grandma’s closet, keep reading. We’ll let you know what cedar can (and can’t) do for you and provide the need-to-know installation tips for do-it-yourselfers.

Aromatic Assets
You may know that cedar is often found in high-end exterior deck and fence construction, where it’s valued for its ability to resist damage from moisture and termites. Installed indoors, it’s insect repellent, to boot! The strongly scented oils in aromatic Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana) slowly evaporate from the wood, emitting a scent that sends insects scurrying in the opposite direction. When aromatic cedar is used to line an enclosed space, such as a closet or a cedar chest, the scent can fill and protect the entire space from unwanted pests.

A Couple of Considerations

Clothing stored in cedar closets can take on a mild cedar odor, which usually fades in a few hours of being removed from the closet. Over time, aromatic cedar loses its aroma, but it can be restored by sanding away the top layer of the wood. Depending on the original strength of the scent in the wood (which varies), this may have to be done every three to seven years to refresh the wood’s insect-repelling aroma.

While most find the scent of cedar pleasing, some don’t—make sure you enjoy the aroma before installing cedar lining in a closet. Although relatively rare, some people are actually sensitive to the oils emitted by red cedar and may suffer skin irritation from direct contact. A Japanese study even found a correlation between aromatic red cedar and an increased risk of asthma in workers who were in frequent contact with the wood. If you’re concerned, speak with your doctor before proceeding with plans to install cedar closets in your home.

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Material Matters

Cedar closet planks, such as these available from Home Depot, cover 15 sq. ft. of wall space for about $30. The planks come with tongue-and-groove assembly, which means the sides of the board interlock to hide the nails used to attach the planks. To line the interior of a standard 4-ft. by 8-ft. closet with an 8-ft. ceiling, you’d need approximately 12 boxes of cedar closet planks (remember to subtract the door from your figures)—that’s about $360. Add to that the cost of additional baseboard, corner, and interior closet door trim—which could run another $25 to $30—and the total cost of the project runs to just under $400. Closet planks are milled from highly aromatic red cedar and are the most reliable way to ensure good bug-repelling aroma.

A less expensive alternative is to line the closet with ¼-inch-thick aromatic cedar plywood, which runs about $33 for a 4X8 sheet. You can line the same 4-ft. by 8-ft. closet with cedar plywood for less than $200. With the additional cost of trim, the total project runs approximately $230. When buying cedar plywood, make sure it’s labeled as “aromatic.” Some types of cedar, such as white cedar, have little to no noticeable scent. Cedar plywood will have a milder scent than solid cedar closet planks and the look is more rustic, as the sheets must be face-nailed during installation.

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DIY Tips for the Best Results

Installing a cedar closet lining is an especially DIY-friendly project since the cedar planks or plywood panels attach to the inside of the existing closet and no advanced framing or carpentry skills are necessary. You will, however, need to be able to measure and cut the panels or planks with accuracy and be comfortable using a hammer and nails or a pneumatic pin nailer (for installing tongue and groove planks). The following tips may help during the installation process:

  • The best way to install cedar planks is horizontally, so you can attach them to the vertical wall studs that lie beneath the drywall. No need to remove the drywall, the planks install right over it.
  • Pop chalk lines on the drywall, over each stud, to serve as a guide for inserting the nails. A stud finder can help you locate the studs.
  • A pneumatic pin nailer, fitted with 5D nails, is quicker and more efficient than using a hammer and nails when installing tongue and groove planks, but feel free to use a hammer if you like. You can rent a pin nailer from a construction rental store for about $25 per day.
  • If you’re installing 4X8 cedar panels, push the panels tightly against the ceiling before nailing them (with standard paneling nails) to the wall studs. This way you’ll have a nice tight seam at the ceiling and any gap at the bottom can be covered with base trim.
  • Sand the cedar after installation to refresh its surface and bring out its insect-repelling aroma.
  • Do not seal the cedar! Applying any type of sealant or top coat will block the aroma, which defeats the purpose of installing cedar closets in the first place.

Cedar Closet Kit – Northern Kentucky Cedar, LLC.

Closet Kit or Lining?

Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar or Juniperus Virginiana has been used for many years to naturally protect clothing from moisture and pests. Most people install closet lining that is made from eastern or western cedar to achieve the benefits that are known from having a cedar closet. The install process for any closet lining, depending on the size of the room, can be tedious. In many cases a weekend warrior project turns into a month long deal with clothes scattered all on the bed and floor. We decided to help fix that problem and designed closet organizers made from solid eastern red cedar that are much easier to design and install. 

Time is always a major factor in any home project, especially if you are paying someone else to demo or install. If you are starting from a bare wall or a new room build, closet lining is a great option. But, if you are removing an old closet, we recommend our closet kits and other accessories to get your clothes organized fast. We have also had several customers use both the lining and the organizers together to make the ultimate cedar closet.

We have installed many closets over the years and we have found that on average for a novice, a 6′ Wall Kit will go together in about 3 hours while to do the same room in lining would take about 5-6 hours. 

Price is always a concern, and we have made our closet kits affordable and in many cases much cheaper than using cedar lining. This kit sales for $220.36 with free shipping. For the same room for the 6′ kit an average order would be for 140 to 160 square feet for a 6′ by 3′ room with one door. In lining that would cost on around $700.00 to $800.00 from us in material alone, much more if you look at some other manufacturers. Most contractors go for around $1000. 00 for a job like this. Grand total for most lining installs is around $1000.00 if you DIY the job and $2000.00 plus if you hire someone to install.

We offer the best cedar closet solution out there. Instead of doing the traditional route of offering just closet lining, we decided to make a modular system that can be customized very easily to fit any space you may need storage.

Natural is another advantage to using our products. Many closet systems that are on the market today are either metal or made with harsh chemicals that preserve the wood. We have always been formaldehyde free due to cedar’s natural ability to be rot resistant. 

Closet Solutions

Before you buy or start designing, consider the size and shape of your room/space you would like to place your organizer. Below you will find a helpful list based on how big our units are once they are assembled.

Keep in mind that since our products are made from solid wood, they can be cut down to fit any space necessary. Also, any unit that has a panel set will have a notch cut out for the base board or trim for up to 6 inches.

Our customer service staff is available Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM EST at 606.742.2745 or after hours/weekends at [email protected].

All Wall Kits:

  • Height = 84 inches, Depth = 12 ½ inches, Width = (purchased size + 1 ½ inches)
  • All Wall Kits will be 7 feet tall once assembled
  • All of the units will be 12 ½ inches in depth
  • Due to the panel sets, add 1 ½ inches to the total width of the unit. 

6′ (72″) = 73 ½”

8′ (96″) = 97 ½”

10′  (120″) = 121 ½”


Check out our Wall Kits here.

All Cubby and Shoe Cubby Units:

  • Height = 84 inches, Depth = 12 ½ inches, Width = (purchased size + 1 ½ inches)
  • All Cubby and Shoe Cubby Units will be 7 feet tall once assembled
  • All of the units will be 12 ½ inches in depth
  • Due to the panel sets, add 1 ½ inches to the total width of the unit.  

12″ = 13 ½”

18″ = 19 ½”

24″ = 25 ½”

30″ = 31 ½”


Check out our Cubby Kits here.

Check out our Shoe Cubby Kits here.

Corner Cubby Units:

  • Height = 84 inches, Depth = 24 ¾ inches, Width = 24 ¾ inches. 
  • Corner Cubby Units will be 7 feet tall once assembled.
  • This unit is special and does not follow the 12 ½ inch depth rule.
  • The Corner Cubby takes up the space of a 24 ¾ inch x 24 ¾ inch square.

Check out our Corner Cubby Kits here.

Cubby Add-On Units:

  • Height = 84 inches, Depth = 12 ½ inches, Width = (purchased size + ¾ inches)
  • Add-On Units are not a standalone unit, must attach to another Cubby Unit.
  • All Cubby Add-On Units will be 7 feet tall once assembled
  • All of the units will be 12 ½ inches in depth
  • Due to the panel set, add ¾ of an inch to the total width of the unit.

12″ = 12 ¾”

18″ = 18 ¾”

24″ = 24 ¾”

30″ = 30 ¾”


Check out our Cubby Add-On Kits here.

    Hanging Kit Units:

    • Hanging Kits included what is required for two sections of Hanging.
    • The Width is that of the purchase, for example and 30 inch hanging kit will be 30 inches in width once installed.
    • The depth will be 12 ½ inches
    • The height can be anywhere on a Cubby or wall you would like.

    Check out our Hanging Kits here.

    Additional Items:

    • Each item below is not a standalone unit and must be used in conjunction with our other products: such as, Cubby Units and Hanging Kit Units.
    • A single Panel set will be: H = 7′, D = 12 ½”, W = ¾”
    • Single Shelves will be the purchased size.
    • Single Rods and Rod Kits will be the purchased size.  

    Check out our Additional Parts here.

    Our customer service staff is available Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM EST at 606.742.2745 or after hours/weekends at [email protected].

    Cedar furniture. Advantages and disadvantages

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    Cedar furniture

    Cedar furniture: advantages and disadvantages

    Country style is one of the closest to nature, cozy. It will not do without wooden paraphernalia. Massive tables, beds, bedside tables look especially beautiful. The main thing is to observe the combination of natural shades of walls, floor, ceiling with furniture elements.

    Cedar interior attributes are the choice for those who are ready to create an environment with non-standard solutions. To make an apartment or house look concise and modern, it is enough to add just a few original wood details in the same style. At the same time, the expensive look of the situation will not spoil the rustic-style striped rug. The combination of originality, natural color palette, classic furniture made from natural materials will create a feeling of comfort and fairy tale…

    Benefits of cedar furniture

    Cedar has healing properties due to the phytoncides included in the wood. Breathing the air where furniture made of this type of wood is located is especially useful for those who suffer from diseases associated with the cardiopulmonary system. Therefore, our customers are especially trying to purchase tables, chairs, beds for the children’s room, so that children, playing in their room, at the same time heal themselves. At the same time, a delicate aroma of wood will always be present in the room, which will create an image of cleanliness and environmental friendliness.

    The strength of this breed distinguishes wood in comparison with others. In addition, cedar is easy to process, easy to restore.

    A pleasant shade, unusual texture, aroma of cedar wood will delight connoisseurs of eco-friendly style. Such a “healthy” environment will appeal to anyone.

    Cedar wood has an extremely low thermal conductivity. Living in a house with cedar furnishings is very warm and cozy.

    Cedar attributes are not threatened by sharp fluctuations in temperature, and it is not afraid of resinousness.

    What are the disadvantages of cedar furniture?

    Cedar wood has no operational shortcomings. But there is one very important aspect – the possibility of an allergy to cedar tar. Before creating an environment from this breed, you need to make sure that all family members do not have allergies. To do this, it is enough to pass an allergy test. After there are no fears, you can safely proceed to interior design with wooden paraphernalia.

    Production of cedar products

    On an individual order, we can produce classic, antique, children’s furniture, as well as sets for summer cottages, gardens, country houses, as we are manufacturers, which means that working with us, you save money and do not overpay to intermediaries. And also the interior of your home can be supplemented with bio-fireplaces, which can also be purchased on our website right now in 1 click, just click on the link above or go to the recommendations below.

    Children’s wooden furniture

    The company “Gifts of Kedra” is engaged in the production of not only classic furniture positions, garden wooden supplies and accessories, grill tables, but also children’s sets. The craftsmen of our company, at the request of the client, can make children’s tables and chairs, play garden houses, beds and other interior items. The child will appreciate the new environment, and you will be calm for his health. After all, cedar wood disinfects the air and prevents the reproduction of pathogenic microbes.

    • Cedar wooden bath
      • Material: Altai cedar
      • Width: 780 mm
      • Height: 600 mm
      • Wall thickness: 45 mm
      • Bottom thickness: 45 mm
      • Warranty: 1 year
      • Hardware: stainless steel
    • 60 900 e

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    • Table with benches
      • Material: Altai cedar
      • Table and bench length: 1200 mm
      • Table height: 780 mm
      • Bench seat height: 400 mm
      • Worktop width: 900 mm
      • Seat width: 400 mm
      • Worktop thickness: 40 mm
    • 25 000 e

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    • Children’s furniture set “Square”
      • Material: Altai cedar
      • Table size (mm): 60X60X50
      • Chair size (mm): 30X30X60
      • Board thickness: 25 mm
    • 15000 e

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    • Biofireplace floor CUBE gray С250
      • Colour: gray
      • Weight: 20 kg
      • Length: 500 mm
      • Width: 230 mm
      • Height: 500 mm
      • Fuel: biofuel
      • Fuel volume: 1. 2 liters
      • Burning time: 2 hours
      • Warranty: 2 years
    • 0 e

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    Reviews about us on Flamp

    Cedar wardrobe

    If you are here, it means that

    1. you are not interested in options for “dead” furniture made of chipboard, chipboard, MDF, plastic and other innovative “super-turbo-hyper-…” materials,
    2. you do not want to be poisoned by the “fertile” fumes of phenol-formaldehyde resins from chipboard. And still do not understand what, more vigorously, made of plastic.
    3. you understand that the veneer is like the cloak of Porthos – embroidered with gold on the outside, but poor on the inside,
    4. oak, beech, yew, pine: all this for you is trite and “everyone has it”.

    If so, then you are now one click away from buying a cabinet wardrobe, which none of your friends and acquaintances probably have.

    First of all – it is from cedar

    and only from cedar. No veneers, chipboard, fiberboard, MDF and other things. Living positive energy of cedar creates the effect of warmth in your home.

    There is another cedar secret in this closet. Outside, it is lacquered, but the inside is not covered with anything. Therefore, inside to the touch – 100% natural cedar. The open pores of the wood exude a pleasant, slightly heady aroma of cedar.

    When you open this closet, you involuntarily take one or even two breaths with full breastfeeding, from the heart.

    And that’s not all – phytoncides, released by cedar, disinfect the air in the house, help with colds and ailments.

    Second – appearance

    A cedar cabinet looks noble and light in the interior of , creating an atmosphere of calm and silence of the forest.

    The natural texture of wood does not hide under a layer of stains and colored varnishes, showing a beautiful texture.

    The cabinet is designed in a classic style.

    Look at the photo – with its large size it does not look bulky. A wardrobe made of solid wood is a classic, and a classic is an indicator of taste and style.

    This is the case when an “ordinary” wardrobe becomes a “highlight” of the interior. If there is such a cedar cabinet in your house, then you don’t need to explain anything to anyone.

    Third – durability and safety

    This cupboard will serve your grandchildren in the future. After all, it is made of solid wood, like the old antique sideboards of the 19th century.

    The outside of the cabinet is covered with environmentally friendly water-based varnish.

    And, of course, cedar wood does not contain any harmful substances. On the contrary, only useful ones.

    Fourth – design

    On the left side there are open elegant semicircular shelves, which are great for placing various small items, souvenirs, photo frames, phones on them. By the way, if you need the shelves to be not on the left, but on the right, or even on the right and on the left, indicate this when ordering. We can do everything the way you need.

    Wardrobe designed to store all kinds of clothes: coats, suits, dresses, trousers, shirts, blouses, underwear, hats and shoes

    Cabinet depth sufficient for all hanger sizes. You can hang any clothes on hangers and it will fit without problems!

    Modern fittings are used. Doors close with closers. That is, if you quickly close the cabinet, the door does not slam with a shot, but smoothly and silently returns to its place.

    Inside cabinet has two shelves and one hanging rail.


    You can order the sizes you need.

    For example, the cabinet in the photo has the following dimensions

    It is possible to manufacture according to your dimensions.

    How to order

    If in the upper right corner of this page, under the price, you see this

    then click on the big “Buy Now” button on this page.

    And proceed to checkout.