Can i live in a caravan on my own land: Can You Live In A Caravan In Your Own Land?

Can You Live In A Caravan In Your Own Land?

With most caravan parks charging fees to host campers, a landowner may wonder whether they can just park their caravan on their land and avoid these charges altogether. This makes perfect sense at face value, but any experienced camper will agree that things are never that simple when local authorities are involved. So, can you live in a caravan on your land?

You can live in a caravan on your land in Australia for 30 days. However, you must consider your council’s rules and ensure that you have applied for a permit to live in a caravan. In the permit application, you should detail your waste disposal plans, means of power, and caravan location. 

This article explores everything you need to know about camping on your land. It focuses on what you should include in your council permit application to ensure you get permission to live in your caravan. 

All You Need To Know About Living In A Caravan On Your Land

You can live in a caravan on your land. However, you will have to follow your local council’s rules. All local councils in Australia will require you to apply for a permit if you plan to live in a caravan. 

The permit application will ask you for a wide range of information, including:

  • Your toilet facilities.
  • Your means of power.
  • Location of the caravan.
  • Length of the proposed occupancy.
  • The number of people in the caravan.
  • Your garbage disposal plans.
  • The setup of the caravan.

Here are some more details about the information the council will be looking for:

Your Toilet Facilities

One of the biggest council concerns with caravan living is how toilet waste will be disposed of. If you have set up your caravan on residential land, some councils will require you to have access to a toilet connected to plumbing, while others will ask for a plan on waste disposal. 

Typically, organic waste from a caravan should be disposed of at a dump point at a caravan point. So if you plan to live in a caravan on your land, you should search for the nearest dump point. 

Your Means Of Power 

You’ll also be required to outline how you plan to power up appliances in your caravan. The council will want to see that your caravan’s power will not put undue pressure on nearby residences. To ease their concerns, you’ll need to provide evidence that your caravan will be powered independently. 

Here are some ways a caravan can be powered independently:

  • Deep cycle battery. Most caravans have space for a 12-volt battery. These batteries can power a wide range of appliances and can be recharged when you drive your caravan. 
  • Solar power. Even in the winter, Australia enjoys a large amount of sun. You can use this to your advantage by installing a solar panel system to power your caravan. 
  • Generator. Most maintenance and hardware stores will have portable and small-scale 12-volt generators that can easily power your caravan.  

It is best to make provisions for two types of power to have adequate backup. 

Location Of The Caravan

You will need to provide the council with the dimensions of the land, your caravan, and where you plan to position it. In some states, you will need to place your caravan at least 6 meters (20 feet) from the caravan entrance. 

It can be helpful to provide a drawing or rendering of where the caravan will be placed. Your drawing should mark the caravan’s dimensions and the land area around it. 

Length Of The Proposed Occupancy

You must clearly state how long you plan to live in your caravan. Most councils only permit individuals to live in a caravan for up to 30 days. Some councils may allow you to live in your caravan for 60 days.

Whatever the permitted length of residence in your area, be sure to comply because local authorities have the means to enforce this rule, and you might not like their methods.

Number Of People In The Caravan

You should specify how many people are planning on living in the caravan. When reviewing your application, the council will consider whether there is enough space or facilities. If you have children living with you, it is essential to mention this because there may be additional safety considerations per Australia’s child safety standards and guidelines. 

Garbage Disposal Plans

As well as having a plan for toilet waste, you must also provide a plan for regular waste disposal. Ideally, you should be able to dispose of the garbage from your caravan by placing it in a council-issued bin and then leaving it on your sidewalk for pick up. Be sure to find out whether there are fees charged for garbage disposal.

The Setup Of The Caravan

Some councils may need you to share plans about how you plan to set up the inside of your caravan. This way, the council can see you have enough space for living, sleeping and cooking facilities.  

Call your local council to find out more about the caravan rules in the state and location.

Where Else Can You Set Up a Caravan?

If you want to live in a caravan for more than 30 days, you can take your caravan to a caravan park or park in allocated spaces in one of Australia’s RV-friendly towns or villages

Here’s some more information about these options. 

Local Caravan Parks

There are over 2000 caravan parks across Australia that cater to a range of caravan sizes. It costs between $15 and $60 to stay overnight in a caravan park. Most caravan parks don’t limit how long you can stay, but you do have to book in advance. 

You don’t need a permit to take your caravan to a park. However, you should check the rules of the caravan park. As some are privately owned, they may have different rules on deposit, waste disposal, cooking, and caravan sizes. 

RV-Friendly Areas 

Australia has several RV-friendly areas where you can park your caravan in a town or village. This initiative from the Motorhome Club of Australia and The Campervan aims to provide caravan campers with space to park their vehicles. 

RV-friendly towns have: 

  • Designated and low-cost parking spaces for caravans of all sizes. 
  • Access to water for caravans and dump points. 
  • Parking with access to grocery shops. 

You can take advantage of RV Friendly Areas if you plan to drive through Australia in your caravan. 


While you can live in a caravan on your land, you can only stay in the caravan for up to 30 days. Additionally, you need a permit from the council to live in your caravan for that period. To apply for a council permit, you’ll have to provide information on how you will ensure you have adequate facilities for your caravan.

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Can you put a static caravan on your own land

There are lots of reasons why you might want to put a static caravan on your own land. Maybe you’re developing a property and need temporary accommodation, or perhaps you’re thinking about the rental opportunity of putting a static caravan on your own land. Whatever the reason, it’s essential that you talk to your local council first!

If you want to
temporarily move into a static caravan whilst building or renovating a property, most councils will allow this. But only if it’s on a
temporary basis.

If you want to
permanently live in a static caravan on a piece of land, you
will need planning permission. We would suggest that you talk to your local council before buying the land or a static caravan to avoid any costly mistakes!

Likewise, if you want to take advantage of the current ‘staycation’ boom and rent out a static caravan for holidays on your land, you will need planning permission. Depending on the size of your venture, it’s also likely that you
will need to apply for a Caravan Site License from your local council.

According to the
Government website you
do not need a license to run a caravan site if:

  • forestry workers, builders, travelling showmen or seasonal workers (like fruit pickers) stay in caravans on the site
  • the site is 5 or more acres and there are 3 or less caravans there for 28 days or less a year
  • you’re a member of an organisation like a caravan club and have a caravan exemption certificate
  • your site is approved by an organisation with a caravan exemption certificate
  • members of an exempted organisation stay in their caravans on the site
  • your site is used for a social get-together of caravan club members (a ‘rally’)


If you do need to apply for a Caravan Site Licence you may find that the council put conditions on the layout and the facilities that you must provide.

If you’re thinking about putting a static caravan on your land to house workers, on a farm or building site, you may not need planning permission. You are permitted to house workers on agricultural land whilst they work for up to 28 days, as long as their work is relating to the land (during lambing season for example).

You are also permitted to site a static caravan in some instances under Health and Safety legislation. If, for example, it was providing workers with essential amenities such as toilet facilities or shelter from the weather.

The simple answer is that it depends on your circumstances and your local council. Generally, if the static caravan will only be on your land temporarily and its being there will not change the use of land, most councils will work with you. If you intend to keep the caravan on your land permanently, you will almost certainly need planning permission.

We hope that you’ve found this article helpful and we invite you to take a look at our fantastic range of
static caravans for sale off site.

Dreams come true. Caravan Caravan – NINA: VENI, VIDI, VICI — LiveJournal

It’s great when dreams come true! It is all the more surprising that it was in this “extraordinary” 2020 year, in June, that I realized my old dream, which I want to talk about here. But before that, for ten years now, this very realization ended with nothing

This story began unexpectedly for me exactly ten years ago. The usual advertising mailing in the morning, at the dawn of my working day, flew by like a blue bird and sent me an offer: spend the weekend in a camper, that is, a caravan. “I carry everything with me” – what could be better! Your own bed, your own dishes, your own living space, your own roof over your head. This is a very original form of recreation or even a way of life on a good pension, very common in Europe and North America. And not yet so common, but gaining momentum in Israel, where there are already enough campsites where you can connect the house to water and electricity. There are also a number of camps where you can simply stay without connections. There are special camping maps, according to which you can choose a suitable camp along the route along the intended route.

I remember that I was literally on fire – I love traveling and adventures! But I could not even imagine that such a “long road” in almost dunes would lead to the realization of this great and touching dream.
It would seem – everything is simple, as they say “pay and take”, but no. That’s bad luck: this house is mobile and a car must be “attached” to it. While we were studying the load capacity of a car and whether our car was suitable for this, another important requirement arrived – the car must have a hook! Personally, this hook reminded me of a rhinoceros horn – such as we saw last week in our Safari Park, where rhinos walk freely and independently among cars and completely without cages, but more on that another time. And here is a photo of a rhinoceros, taken by me from a very close distance – I’ll show you!

1. Rhino in the Safari Park, Ramat Gan, August 2020

But “let’s get back to our sheep”, that is, caravans. So, a caravan clings to this hook on a car and with such a train it goes to surf its native expanses. Our then car did not fit in all respects at once, and the realization of a tempting offer to ride with the breeze and with a caravan as a trailer and then relax in it gradually began to move away like a horizon line. And moved away. Yep, 10 years, wow!

With admirable constancy, we did not abandon this idea, but all the time something prevented us from implementing it. Then our car was not suitable for pulling a heavy wagon. Then, on the contrary, the car was suitable, but the aforementioned special hook was needed to pull this house, well, almost like a turtle is carrying its house on itself. In addition, it took a long time to find out whether our driving license is suitable for such a trip. Found out they fit. Well, at least something, but everything else – no way. You could, however, rent a car. But all this has already cost a pretty penny with an unpredictable result. Then it was both, but when we got acquainted with the conditions of insurance for such a trip, it turned out that this is the cornerstone of the problem. After all, not being familiar in practice with the very solid dimensions of the whole house on the road, out of habit we will feel as if none other than such a cute hippo from the same Safari Park is following us. In this case, this is already fraught with consequences: it doesn’t cost anything to simply hook this trailer and then pay a penalty for damage in full.

2. My favorite hippos in Safari Ramat Gan

But miracles happen, I still slowly but surely walked towards my dream – to visit a motorhome. What was my joy when last year an offer that interested me appeared – a caravan town was organized in the north of Israel! By the way, it reminded me – Northern laying. But no, this is different. 🙂 And it’s not in vain that they say that the beast runs to the catcher. So, in this case, there is no need to go anywhere with the caravan, on the contrary – we are going to the caravan! But there is a full opportunity to taste all the delights of such a holiday and evaluate whether it will suit us in the future in terms of relaxation or even, why not, purchases in the future. But even then, in a favorable 2019Everything in a row interfered with my trip again.
And in this, to put it mildly, unusual year, in June, a window of opportunity once again opened up, and this time I did not miss this opportunity. 🙂

3. Just before the trip, I felt like these water goats – not very confident and wary, and looked about the same. After all, who knows – how it will all turn out for us in the camp among the battered caravaners? My feelings before the meeting with the dream-caravan, I can only compare with the meeting with the ship on which to sail.
This cute animal is called the Kobus waterbuck, Ramat Gan Safari Zoo

4. Fast forward from a sultry safari in the center of the country to the very north of Israel. Betset Beach (Hof Betset) is located near the northernmost point on the map along the coast line, north of the city of Nahariya. Across the road from it is a caravan village. A dozen caravans are permanently located here, however, at any moment they are ready to set off. There is also a large platform for private mobile caravans that come here on vacation from all over the country

5. On the way – an unexpected meeting with the beautiful and historical. The aqueduct is a work of engineering thought of distant times and the famous place where it is located deserves a separate story

a plume of dust. Yes, yes, judging by the photo on the Internet – just a few years ago there was a lifeless land here, reminiscent of a desert in relief, and now this is such a prosperous place. “Follow me” – he says – “I’ll show you your caravan house”, in our car we carefully follow him. How will it be – our, albeit temporary, dream home?
In the photo – a bollard designed to connect the caravan to water and electricity

7. We got the very first caravan in a row on this small “street”. At first we had doubts about the location, but then it turned out that it was the most convenient. Wooden posts with tires are used to tie the wagon so that the caravan does not roll while parking, the same purpose is served by prop legs to fix the caravan in place

8. Actually, we did not need a particularly large house. And then larger caravans, designed for large families, followed in a row, in these houses there are two-story beds for children – in such caravans there are usually 3 small windows on the side of the bedroom.
I must say, the dream house exceeded all expectations! After all, I imagined in advance that it would be something small and not very comfortable, something like a compartment in a carriage. But no, this is a real house, really big, no doubt comfortable, comfortable and functional. A home with everything down to the smallest detail. Of course, there are various modifications. This is our house of the firm “Adria” – it came up to us just right and fell in love with it. In the meantime, the instructor tells us in detail how the house is arranged – after all, it is literally crammed with various devices necessary for comfort

9. This is what the caravan town looks like. In the photo on the left you can see a caravan standing separately – we were told that this caravan is not from here, they rented it in another company, they came here and have been living here for a week. It was brought by a woman who was vacationing with her family: her grandmother, daughter and a big, big dog. Well done, brave woman. I probably would not risk driving a car with a caravan trailer alone. And her huge dog in an unusual caravan environment at night decided to howl at the moon a little like in the song “Howl at the Moon”, but we love animals and this did not bother us at all

10. There is a suitcase mood, but I have a caravan mood here))

11. A barbecue, a sink and a wooden table with benches – everything you need for a small and cozy picnic. Right across the road – the sea


13. So far, the camp is almost empty, just a few guests. But at the end of the week – the apple will have nowhere to fall. “Oh, if not for the crown” – our instructor sighs, letting us know that this was not the limit for such a good vacation spot at the best of times

14. This is what our caravan looks like and I came to the conclusion that this is the optimal size of the house for traveling

15. Hospitably open doors of the house – we go there

16. This is a real house on wheels, more about device of this house will tell in a separate report. This is how the living room looks like with sofas and a comfortable large table, if necessary, transforming into a wide extra double bed. There is also a separate sleeping area

17. Almost a camp kitchen, in fact – quite real and comfortable. The stove and sink must be closed while the caravan is moving

18. The canopy perfectly protects from the scorching sun, the lamp for evening lighting – everything is thought out, and in the distance – a group of cyclists taking a walk along the sea

19. Flowering nearby decorates and completes the overall impression

20. In the next report about the caravan settlement, I will tell you:
about the breakfast we were treated to and the main dish of which was a real Israeli shakshuka

21. And we will also visit the beach belonging to our caravan village, it’s just a piece of paradise and there we will even see the border with Lebanon, which is very close here

22. It was a Wednesday and on the eve of the weekend, other guests with their personal caravans are gradually starting to arrive. For example, this car belongs to a famous wine company. Probably the owner himself driving

23. The caravan is not a cheap pleasure, and as we have seen, the caravan comes with a lot of other things that the caravan owners have brought with them – tables, chairs, bicycles and even ATV tractors for high-speed driving on the nearby dunes

24 The camp coordinator storms from newcomer to newcomer, handing out camping instructions, helping to park caravans. As we understood, the main difficulty in parking a caravan is the reverse gear and the correct location of an actually huge trailer, which not everyone succeeded with the first time. At that time, we were sitting at a table and watched the arriving caravans with interest – we wanted to gain experience for our future travels 🙂

25. More and more guests are coming to our camp

26. We are surprised by the variety of caravans and vehicles – from small to powerful American ones, which, in combination with the caravan, look especially solid, I would even say – majestic

27. The sunset painted everything with bizarre pinkish colors and their shades, at sunset the parking lot of caravans was especially beautiful

Only one of all – an experienced caravaner, before our eyes, accurately parked the first time, sitting behind the wheel and without leaving the car

29. Beauty and the sea on the horizon




33. These two families came together – with two caravans and many children, in Israeli families, as a rule, at least three children

34. It was a pleasure to see how they helped each other in everything – from bike rides to barbecues. Once again we were convinced that this is an excellent type of recreation


36. Basically, 2 families came, companies with two caravans. Single caravans, except for the very first one, we did not see again


38. Basically, there are two types of caravans:
caravan – that is, the caravan is an integral part of the car
or a trailer that clings to the car as a trailer.
Each type has a whole list of advantages and disadvantages. In Israel, I almost never saw caravans, mostly trailers like this. But caravans are very common on European mountain roads



41. Parking the caravan in reverse – everywhere you need skill, ingenuity, training

42. The trip was a success and we are happy like this zebra in the Ramat Gan safari. She is benevolence itself 🙂
I bought a subscription to Safari, so there will still be many photos of our favorite animals

43. The first day of our trip is coming to an end, we stayed there for a total of two days





And on the eve of the holiday, let’s listen to the famous Hava Nagila (“Let’s rejoice”).
As much as I listen, I admire this performance and the pictures shown in the clip. My reports can also be seen here at the links:
Old Jaffa, – view of the Tel Aviv embankment from Jaffa.
Old City of Jerusalem: – Wailing Wall, Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

48. Hello everyone, I’m returning from a caravan journey!
And the dream came true, we saw others in the caravans, we showed ourselves in the caravan and we return home in high spirits.
I congratulate all my friends and readers on Rosh Hashanah, Happy New Year 5781!
I saw an anecdote that, before it even appeared, had already become “bearded”) :

“Your year is 5781 now? Then you know exactly how 2020 will end!” 🙂

Yes, that’s the way it is – you really want to know and hope for the best. The most interesting thing is that in previous years, as far as I remember, no one asked this question. Oh, this 2020 is starting off so beautifully! :)) Will be good.
Happiness, health, new creative successes, new songs and films to all! Lechaim! 🙂

To be continued
Stay with us! ))

“I am where the blind roots seek food in the darkness”

740 soldiers ask for repose in the Rzhev land

902 04 The local media are stubbornly silent about this conflict: search engines from the village of Pogorelki at 30 km from Rzhev, the city of military glory, it is forbidden to bury 740 fighters, whose remains are now stored in bags. “Caravan” met with those for whom the Great Patriotic War is a genuine horror that one has to face every day


A man in a camouflage suit and bandana shows a huge field bordered by forest:

– This is the valley of death. There were 44 villages in this area, and all were wiped off the face of the earth. New villages stand on the bones. I calculated that if we raise 1,000 soldiers every year, it will take us 300 years.

Victor Morozov comes from the village of Yakimovo near Pogorelki. He knows about what happened here during these terrible years from the stories of his grandmother, who lost six out of eight children in the war. She bequeathed to him to find everyone. Morozov has already raised his uncle Vitya, who, according to stories, was buried along with horses: the remains of a 14-year-old boy rested among horse bones.

Tons of books have already been written about the Rzhev massacre, documentaries and feature films have been shot.

I – where blind roots

seek food in the darkness,

I – where with a cloud of dust

Alexander Tvardovsky wrote about soldiers “buried without a grave” .

Veterans also called to search for the dead. So, A.I. Vasilenko (fellow soldier G.T. Ilchenko, after whom the village is named in the Rzhevsky district) asked Viktor Morozov to raise soldiers. Knowing his native places well, the searcher, along with his family – his wife Natalya and son Alexander – participated in the work of the Moscow detachment “Duty”, on behalf of which in 2007 930 fighters. In 2008, the Morozovs discovered 760 soldiers, and the then head of the Rzhevsky district, Alexander Shchetinin, offered to make burials on behalf of the family and create their own detachment.

– In 2010, we registered as the “Memory” detachment, but there were problems with the change of power, – says Natalia. – The new head of the district, Valery Rumyantsev, insists that burials be made in Rzhev. Often this comes to the point of absurdity and blasphemy. In 2008, for example, we found commander Grigory Varvarichev and his 28 fighters, who died in reconnaissance in force. Moreover, the soldiers had only heads, without a torso. So we buried them in Pogorelki. And in 2010, we already found their bodies, but Rumyantsev wanted to bury them separately, in the city. We appealed to Patriarch Kirill, but the head of the district assured His Holiness that he had found a compromise with us and we were not against burial in the city. It was a pure lie, and we stood our ground. As a result, the scouts were buried in Pogorelki, but the fighters found in 2011 had to be “divided”: half of them were buried at a memorial in the village, half in the city.

Head Valery Rumyantsev sent a request to the prosecutor’s office demanding to check the legality of the Morozovs’ actions: they are allegedly not in the register of search teams. According to Natalya, she has a certificate of the commander of the search detachment and all the necessary documents for obtaining a passport were provided, but in general, none of the 6 active detachments in the Rzhev region received this passport.

The local authorities in this conflict use the following arguments: the village is dying out, there will be no one to look after the memorial in Pogorelki, and besides, there will supposedly be no place for the burial of 740 soldiers. For the Morozovs, burial in Pogorelki is a matter of principle. Day after day, for many years in a row, they are looking for the remains of the soldiers who fell on this field, and they themselves would like to take care of the mass grave. In addition, there is enough space at the memorial in Pogorelki: why bring the remains to Rzhev?

We went to the village to see the situation with our own eyes.


Gray flagstones and a neatly mowed lawn, a silver-painted soldier knelt, holding a green helmet and a green wreath. Flowers were planted on the mass graves.

– On March 3, the day of the liberation of Rzhev, on May 9, there are always a lot of people here. Who is from Rostov, who is from Bashkiria, Kazakhstan, Estonia. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren come to bow to the soldiers,” says Valentina Dobrokhodova, who lives in a house next to the memorial. – They bring their land, they bring it from here. When the burials took place, the Morozovs, together with their search engine friends, dug with their hands, and not with a bulldozer. Here they bury five to six hours. Of course, you need to bow before our search engines, which contain everything themselves.

When the old slab under the monument cracked, the authorities couldn’t find money to replace it, and the Morozovs restored it at their own expense. The family is disgusted by the idea of ​​paying for their work, but they are happy when there are sponsors of good deeds. For example, 38 tons of rubble for the memorial were allocated free of charge by the father and son Puchkovs.

These graves were founded in 1943, after the liberation of Rzhev. Maria Vasilyeva, a thin but strong old woman with lively eyes, remembers how, as a girl, she carried bags with the remains together with her friends and girlfriends. Officially, more than ten thousand soldiers are buried in Pogorelki, but, according to the natives, at least 40 thousand lie here.

– And in the villages, how we were released –

Old people remember this –

They were carted on horseback,

But to collect everyone could not have died –

Viktor Morozov many he reads archival materials, goes out with his son in search every day, seven days a week, and sets out his experiences in long poems, and these lines are documented. This year, the family started work in April, when the snow didn’t even melt. 740 found soldiers are waiting for rest in the ground, while this issue is being resolved “above”. According to Victor’s calculations, at the military burial in the village of Pogorelki, 375 sq. m. m, on which you can bury more than one thousand people, and for 740 there will definitely be a place.


“I remember all the soldiers I raised, starting from the very first one,” Viktor Morozov’s voice becomes a little hoarse and his eyes turn red. – Once I was picking blueberries – I see a skeleton in a helmet under a tree. On both sides of the grenade. The soldier sat as death found him. I haven’t been able to pick blueberries since then.

The search engines find the names of the fighters in plastic medallions: they contain thin pieces of paper with pencil inscriptions. However, for example, only 3 of the 12 medallions found in the grave of the reconnaissance company could be read. Information about the fighters is passed on to their relatives.

“My area is occupied. Do not send to this address. Tell the bride in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Shchegolkova Matryona, about my death, ”Viktor Morozov quotes by heart a note left by scout Vasily Sheburov. The search engines turned to Sheburov’s sister in the Smolensk region, but she could not come to her brother’s burial for health reasons. And then the Morozovs themselves took with a family friend, also a search engine worker Vasily Budinov, the soldier’s personal belongings: an asterisk, a pocket watch, to their homeland. It turned out that the bride of the fighter Matryona moved to the Smolensk region and was still waiting for Vasily, she believed that he would be found. And the search engines found him …

In 1942, medallions were canceled, and Red Army books were introduced, which quickly rot in the ground. Stepan Kusaev then put the note into the serum ampoule, and it was well preserved. Gennady Osipov carved the name and date of birth on a spoon, and also drew a camomile on it. The soldier was found only this year, although he is already listed as buried in Pogorelki. Why bury him in the city?

– Each fighter has his own story, and it’s impossible to get used to it. It is eerie to look at the pits, in which arms, legs, and heads are mixed up. How many people do you think could fit in a two by one and a half meters pit with a depth of 20 centimeters? Viktor asks. “Fifty-three people we found there, fifty-three!” We tried to fold them back, they just didn’t fit. What do I experience? Fear, misunderstanding. And terrible arithmetic in my head: for 10 killed Soviet soldiers – one killed German. So 2 million dead in the Rzhev massacre is not yet the final figure. When I worked as a tractor driver, the whole field was covered in turtles. And in the spring, when it rains, the remains turned white in the forest, it’s scary to step. Therefore, when search engines with metal detectors come here and say: there is nothing, I answer: look better. I find holes in the ground, pierce the ground with a probe, recognize the remains by the characteristic rattle. It happened to be found where other search engines passed by. Maybe this is an accident, sometimes it happens from the category of mysticism.

One day a friend asked me to find his aunt, who at the age of four was hit in the temple by a shrapnel and buried with 70 soldiers. How to find a girl in a huge field? Sometimes the confidence comes to me that I will definitely find it. And I went out into the field, stuck a probe into the ground, stumbled upon something, dug it out.