Bright bedroom colours: 8 Bedroom Colour Ideas – Bedroom Paint Ideas

8 Bedroom Colour Ideas – Bedroom Paint Ideas

Choosing the right colour for your bedroom can be a welcome exercise in self-expression. Where a busy hallway might need satin paint to better protect against scuffs, or a humid bathroom might need something mould and mildew resistant, there are fewer practical decisions in a bedroom. Your choice of paint can largely be dictated by taste, and, with a nod towards colour psychology, a palette that helps you rest and relax.

Marianne Shillingford, creative director at Dulux, suggests building a versatile palette that can be updated as your tastes change. ‘We don’t want to commit to putting just one shade on the walls in case we want to change other elements of the room like the bedding and accessories in the future – the solution is to fall in love with a palette and to have fun with details like adding bands and stripes of current favourites.’

Below, we’ve looked at eight beautiful bedroom colours to inspire, with design advice and styling tips from interior experts.


Left: House Beautiful Luna Moonlight Rug at Carpetright

L: Carpetright, R: Brent Darby

Blush pink is a nurturing colour that represents femininity and warmth. It soothes and balances, and works with other colours of similar tones – a warm grey or off white for instance.

‘Pink is a great way to add a touch of luxury to a room,’ says Sarah Lloyd, paint and interior specialist at Valspar. ‘Typically associated with – but not limited to – feminine spaces, pink instigates feelings of love and kindness. Shade is key here; soft pinks like Valspar’s ‘Wisteria Whisper’ are subtle and add gentle glamour, whilst their vivid ‘Dance the Flamenco’ encourages passion and romance. Avoid over-using bright pinks if you’re looking for a calmer environment, as too much intense colour can create a sense of urgency and overwhelm a space.’

A pink bedroom certainly doesn’t have to look too sugary or juvenile, as long as you avoid brighter primary colours, and finish with lots of pattern and texture.


Left: Ercol Rimini Bedroom Collection at Furniture Village, Right: Aquamarine and Ambleside Paint, both at Little Greene

L: Furniture Village, R: Little Greene

Refreshing and peaceful, green represents restoration and harmony. It falls in the middle of the colour spectrum and offers a comfortable balance between stimulating warm colours and calming cool colours.

For the deepest of greens, counter with metallic finishes, lots of glass, or furniture in a lacquer or gloss to reflect some of the light that a dark shade can absorb. ‘You can set off these deep, moodier tones with some on trend copper accessories to give a more contemporary look to your room,’ says Adam Black, co-founder of Button & Sprung.


Left: Scree Paint at Little Greene, Right: House Beautiful Matchstick Mono Roller Blinds at Hillarys

L: Little Greene, R: House Beautiful

In colour psychology, grey represents neutrality and balance, and provides a great base from which to build a classic colour palette.

‘Darker shades of grey look fab with muted sludgy pale accents – a pink that has brown base notes will really warm up a dark grey room,’ says Amy Wilson, interior designer at 247 Curtains.Consider painting a contrasting ceiling for a quick and easy way to add impact, or adding soft furnishings such as cushions or throws in your chosen colour.’

Grey is also a good choice for a feature wall, or used as a faux painted headboard – impactful enough, without being too distracting or bright in a peaceful space. ‘Use grey paint to break up expanses of wall in large rooms,’ says Ruth Mottershead, marketing director at Paint & Paper Library. ‘This looks especially sophisticated in bedrooms as the colour block serves as a visual headboard and focal point in the room.’


Left: Bassoon Paint at Little Greene, Right: FTT-001™ Paint at Mylands

L: Little Greene, R: Mylands

In colour psychology, warm yellows and golds share the same properties as orange, in that they are joyful, comforting, and vibrant – a great one if you find it difficult to jump out of bed in the morning.

‘Choose a beautiful versatile neutral like Spiced Honey as a backdrop which will work with everything and paint one or two vertical stripes in colours that you have a crush on right now,’ says Marianne.

‘In rooms that struggle with lack of daylight especially, adding a sunshine shade is a great way to add brightness to boost your mood,’ says Amy.


Left: House Beautiful Grove Bed at Dreams, and House Beautiful Gatsby Pleated Blinds at Hillarys, Right: Millefleur Knight Wallpaper, and Basalt Paint at Little Greene

L: House Beautiful, Little Greene

Sometimes it’s worth being brave and going for a dark shade. In colour psychology, blue represents stability, harmony and peace, and a midnight blue is said to calm a busy mind and lower the heart rate.

‘Blue is often used to promote a tranquil, calming environment and is regularly used in bedrooms and bathrooms for this reason,’ says Sarah. ‘It also helps to de-stress; using tonal and uniform blue combinations when decorating your space helps to declutter the room and the mind.’

Much like your dark greens, you want brightening aspects to counter such a light-absorbing shade – the wooden floors and crisp white paint on the left does a great job, so too do the gentle pink and orange motifs in the Little Greene wallpaper on the right.


Left:Mizzle Paint at Farrow & Ball, Right: Meadow Ditsy Floral Duvet Set at Dunelm

L: Farrow & Ball, R: Dunelm

Sage is a soft green with a good amount of white added. It’s easy on the eye and goes with a myriad of other colours – grey, pink, sea greens, yellow and turquoise, to name but a few. In colour psychology, sage represents tranquility and balance.

‘Our desire to connect to the outdoors is still so strong – serene shades of sage, citrine and moss help bring this feeling into your home,’ says Sarah Keady, House Beautiful’s style and interiors director. ‘Use alongside plants and natural wood for maximum effect.’


Left: Tuscan Red Paint at Little Greene, Right: House Beautiful Earth Notes Paint at Homebase

L: Little Greene, R: House Beautiful

Passionate and energising, warm reds can be a sophisticated choice and according to the colour wheel, pair well with citrusy yellows and greens.

For the fearless decorator, layer with pinks and purples for a warm and enveloping design scheme, whilst the more moderate decorator can take notes from this Little Greene bedroom, and use red in colour blocking, painting just to the half – a pale blue would make a happy match here.

A close cousin too is a spiced orange, although Sarah Lloyd suggests a light touch. ‘It should be used sparingly when decorating, or interspersed with calmer colours, as too much can overwhelm a space. Inject shades of bold orange like Valspar’s Vitamin C or Orange Marmalade onto a feature wall or in your soft interiors to embrace warmth and project positivity.


Left: House Beautiful Darcy Sofa Bed at DFS, Right: Oatmeal 100% French Flax Linen Bedding Set at Bed Threads

L: DFS, R: Bed Threads

‘Choose soothing colours that are relaxing to be around,’ says Joanna Ross, general manager of design at Sheridan. ‘Warm neutrals and pastels are the perfect starting point. Creams, gentle beiges and soft spiced shades are the perfect starting point for relaxing bedroom ideas.’

This is a great choice too for those who struggle to sleep.

‘For an optimal sleep environment, neutral colours can provide a very calming effect,’ says Martin Seeley, sleep expert and CEO of MattressNextDay. ‘This type of colour can limit distraction and create balance in your bedroom, meaning it has the potential to influence your sleep. As the colour is so light, it balances well with the brighter colour trends, meaning you can dabble in different colours without compromising your sleep.

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Away with stereotypes: 6 beautiful bedrooms where bright colors were used

1 Bright bedroom with a bright blue wall

Blue color is quite complex, it is not suitable for every room. Use it for decoration if the room is well lit and there are contrasting warm shades in the palette. For example, in the interior of this bedroom, the bright color of the accent wall is adjacent to the light brown headboard, brass lamps and the rest of the white trim. Sunlight floods the room from the windows, and the overall picture of the interior is very beautiful.

Instagram @coloursofnumberone

Instagram @coloursofnumberone

2 Bedroom with pink ceiling

There are several accent elements in this bedroom at once: a wrought iron twisted headboard in a copper shade, an unusual ceiling lamp, a colorful pattern on the wallpaper. But first of all, the ceiling painted in pink attracts the eye. It looks unusual, but it is perfect for this room, especially when combined with butterfly wings on the wall and a lush bouquet of peonies in a vase. It turned out a light and romantic interior of the women’s bedroom with its own twist.

Design: Olga Borisova, Maria Karpova. Photo: Roman Spiridonov

Design: Olga Borisova, Maria Karpova. Photo: Roman Spiridonov

3 Bedroom with wall paintings

The wall behind the head of the bed in this room was painted by the artist. She created an abstract pattern that resembles waves. He enters the interior flush-mounted door, thereby additionally masking it. The marine theme is continued by a poster with diving women on the wall. The image is completed with textiles in different shades: from rich dark aqua to light blue. Despite the cold palette, the interior looks cozy and relaxed thanks to white and beige elements, transparent lamps and soft textures.

Design: Elena Trofimova and Polina Afonskaya. Photo: Maxim Maximov. Style: Julia Janson

Design: Elena Trofimova and Polina Afonskaya. Photo: Maxim Maximov. Style: Julia Janson

4 Bedroom with active decor

This bedroom has a lot of bright elements: walls, textiles, decor. For decoration, a deep shade of a sea wave was chosen, while it looks more like a backdrop for colorful textiles and contrasting posters. The palette was based on the classic combination of two opposite shades: here it is blue and yellow. Together they create the necessary balance and make the bright interior harmonious.

Instagram @i4designstyle

Instagram @i4designstyle

5 Spectacular contrasting bedroom

Delicate blue tint on the walls makes the interior of this bedroom very light and airy. Against its background, a warm mustard shade of yellow stands out brightly. The overall picture is completed by a colorful floral pattern on the decorative pillows that adorn the bed. It is made in a similar style as the picture with a bouquet of wildflowers above the headboard, and fills the bedroom with a summer mood, even if it is cloudy outside.

Instagram @athome_no27

Instagram @athome_no27

6 Bedroom with bright photo wallpapers

The palette in this room is based on two colors: bright blue and muted pink. These two contrasting shades together form a balanced effective combination. The link between the main colors is the wallpaper on the wall behind the bed. They have a pattern resembling huge flowers with blue and pink petals. The rest of the decor maintains the set tone: a blue bed, pink textiles, a lilac wardrobe, refreshing splashes of white and lime. Despite the bright palette and active finishes, the bedroom looks cozy and sets you up for relaxation.

Design: Olesya Paramonova. Photo: Andrey Semenov

Design: Olesya Paramonova. Photo: Andrey Semenov

Prepared by

Elena Perlova

The use of color in the bedroom interior

Style Home / Blog / Color in the bedroom interior

Color in the interior of the bedroom. Before starting any repair, as a rule, its general concept is carefully thought out. Finishing materials, a color palette are selected, all kinds of decorative elements of the renovated premises are thought out. Color in the interior is one of the primary values, especially when it comes to color in the interior of the bedroom – a place that is designed to relax after a long and tiring day at work.

Consider the design features of a cozy and comfortable modern recreation area, a combination of colors in the interior of the bedroom.

The role of color in the bedroom.

To make the bedroom truly a zone of relaxation and comfort, you should choose the right colors for its design. According to sociological surveys, it became clear that the majority of respondents agreed in a single opinion – the combination of colors in the interior of the bedroom affects the well-being, mood, relationships between partners. So, bright and aggressive colors, for example, red and its shades encourage action, cause appetite, but in no way contribute to relaxation and rest. Therefore, it is not advisable to use red in the interior of the bedroom.

Bedroom interior in white, lilac color in the interior make the room spacious, filled with air and light. Pastel colors combined with shades of blue. So, the turquoise color in the design of the bedroom, the color of the sea wave, many respondents associate with the seashore, warm sand and the quiet sound of the surf – all this helps to tune in to relaxation and fully relax. In addition, the blue color in the interior of the bedroom helps to stabilize emotional health, lowers blood pressure.

A good design option is green color in the interior of the bedroom. It can be combined with shades of yellow. Using these colors, you can arrange a bedroom in the style of a picnic in nature, which also encourages complete relaxation and good rest. You can add decorative elements with the image of flowers to the interior, for example, choose curtains of gentle emerald color with large, voluminous flowers. To complete the image, such a bedroom can be decorated with decorative flowerpots with fresh flowers.

A bedroom decorated in neutral tones (gray, soft pink, beige, olive color in the interior of the bedroom) can be decorated with brighter elements to give it zest: using purple, orange, chocolate, gold colors in the interior of the bedroom, decorating the walls with paintings, placing original lamps with shades of more saturated colors on the bedside tables.


In order for the renovated bedroom to sparkle with new colors and become a real relaxation area, organically combining absolutely all the details thought out to the smallest detail, it would be more correct to entrust its design to a professional interior designer. Qualified specialists in this field have enough knowledge and skills to create the perfect bedroom, based on the wishes of customers.

In addition, the designer will be able to choose exactly those finishing materials, pieces of furniture and decorative elements that will not only organically fit into the overall design concept of the new bedroom, will be ideally combined with each other, but also fit perfectly into the customer’s budget, which, you see, plays an important role.

In developing the design of a renovated bedroom and bringing it to life, it may be necessary to slightly redevelop, zoning the space or laying additional electrical wiring – the subtleties of repair that are not always within the power of a simple man in the street.