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Best Homemade Carpet Cleaner Solution

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This homemade carpet cleaner solution cleans carpet stains left from food, accidents, pets, and life’s little messes. And with a cost of $1 per gallon to make, this secret formula is gonna save you a TON of money!

This is the original homemade carpet cleaning solution recipe – all others out there are just simple copycats.

This formula was created by my amazing sister – who tried & tested out many different products on her carpets and came up with this recipe. She’s the best.

This one is guaranteed to become your favorite and you’ll make this diy carpet cleaner recipe over and over again, year after year like I do.

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But Does It Really Work?

I have four messy kids and a big dog. My carpets are downright gross much of the time. I am also one of the worlds biggest cheapskates and hate having to rent one of those Rug Doctor machines for shampooing AND pay $20 or more for carpet cleaning solution.

But I’m telling you, this carpet cleaner solution diy recipe is tough on stains. And when I say tough…I mean crazy TOUGH on stains! This stuff is even stronger than those store-bought expensive ones.

Its cleans clean carpet stains left from food, spills, pets, and life’s little accidents. And yes, it will get rid of pet odors too, and leave your house smelling amazingly awesome. It’s a Rug Doctor copycat recipe, only better.

Here is a dark stain that was in my son’s room. Now you see the spot.

Then you don’t. Boom!

Best ever homemade carpet stain remover.

I love the way this cleaner works. And when you add in that teeny bit of Downy fabric softener it leaves your carpets sooo soft too.

How Much Does This Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution Cost To Make?

It’s ridiculous how much money the store-bought carpet cleaning solutions cost. I mean, $20-$30 per bottle of concentrate? And sometimes you need several of those bottles if you’re shampooing your whole house. It’s too much.

This ultra concentrated carpet cleaning diy solution with Oxiclean (or Dollar Store knock-off), liquid Tide laundry detergent, LA’s Totally Awesome cleaner, and Downy fabric softener only costs $1 per gallon to make vs $20 for 1/2 gallon of Rug Doctor solution.

You will save so much money using this DIY carpet shampoo recipe instead. Plus these ingredients can easily be found at your local Dollar Stores.

For my homemade carpet shampoo recipe I spent:
$0.97 for the Tide packet (of which I used maybe 1/2 of, so $.50)
$3.97 for the Downy (of which I used $0.15 worth)
$1.00 for the Awesome cleaner (of which I used $0. 15 if that)
$1.00 for the Oxiclean cleaner (of which I used .20 if that)
==> Grand total $1.00 for a GALLON of concentrated mix solution for carpet cleaning machines.

The Rug Doctor concentrated formula runs around $19.59 for a 1/2 gallon.

Yeah, that is some serious SAVINGS folks!!! Wow.

It’s Super Concentrated

This diy carpet shampoo recipe makes a CONCENTRATED MIX just like the fancy $20 Bissell solution where you only add in like 1/4 cup of the solution to a gallon of water.

You will mix together your ingredients and add them to a gallon of hot water. THIS becomes the concentrated solution.

Even though it seems like a small amount of ingredients, a little goes a long way. So add in only a little bit of this solution each time you add water to your carpet cleaning machine. Or better yet just follow the instructions per your machine. I’ve used this carpet cleaner solution for my Bissell machine with no problems.


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I’ve personally used this recipe with Rug Doctor rental machines, my SpotBot hand held machine, and with my upright Bissell carpet cleaner machine. Never had any issues. And I’ve had my machine for over 6 years, with no problems. It really is the best carpet cleaning solution for machines of all types.

That being said I suggest you read your instruction booklet that comes with your carpet cleaning machine for warranty information. Some machines warranties are no longer valid if you don’t use a certain type of cleaner with the product.


I have used this solution on my carpets, rugs, in the interior of my cars and even on couches. It works great and gets out the stains, which makes this mama very very happy. It’s powerful enough to remove stains yet gentle on fabrics.

AND of course, always test a small area of carpet or fabric for colorfastness before you do the whole project.



I get a lot of questions about substitutions for this recipe. Especially for the LA’s Totally Awesome Cleaner, which some people can’t find or is not available in their stores.

But before I go any further, I will say that this homemade carpet cleaner solution recipe is the BEST and most perfect way to make it. If you sub other ingredients I can’t for sure say your solution would work as well or remove stains as well.

  • Liquid Tide Laundry Detergent – You can substitute the liquid inside of the Tide pods, just poke a hole in it and measure the 2 tbsp. You can also substitute other liquid laundry detergents if desired.
  • LA’s Totally Awesome Cleaner – this USA made product is so amazing and can usually be found at dollar stores. I haven’t tested it myself yet, however the Mean Green cleaner might be a good substitute.
  • Oxiclean – substitute the generic dollar store brand for the more expensive name brand.
  • Downy Liquid Fabric Softener – You can use any fabric softener you prefer as a substitute.

Now if you need to have an all-natural homemade carpet cleaner for shampooer recipe that is non-toxic, organic, scent-free or dye-free I have another recipe using vinegar to clean carpets. It’s not quite as tough on stains, but is a great alternative.


If I have any solution leftover after shampooing, I just add it to an empty gallon container, label it and store with my other cleaners.

Store it in a cool and dry place and it will stay good for 6 months or longer.


Yes, this recipe is the best carpet cleaning solution for pets! It’s worked it magic on my pet odors from urine, pet stains and years of accidents. You may need to shampoo it a few times depending on how bad it is, but it’s worked amazingly well on all my pet accidents.


I like to pre-treat my stains by using a 50-50 mix of the concentrated solution and water. You can add it to a spray bottle or just use your fingers to dab a bit of it on the stain. Let it sit for 5 minutes then shampoo over it. Repeat if necessary.


After shampooing your carpets with this homemade carpet cleaner solution should you then do a pass over your carpets with water only?

This is a personal preference as most die-hard carpet cleaners out there say that if any cleaning product is left on our carpets, it will attract more dirt and you’ll end up with dirty carpets. So if you’d like to take that extra step, feel free.

I personally like the smell and softness the downy fabric softener leaves behind and my carpets haven’t had stains come back in the same places. The solution is so diluted down that I’m not worried about it. So I don’t do the extra rinse personally myself.

But it’s totally up to you to do what you feel is best here.


Disclaimer: make sure and read your instruction booklet that comes with your carpet cleaning machine for warranty information. Some machines warranties are no longer valid if you don’t use a certain type of cleaner with the product. AND of course, always test a small area of carpet for colorfastness before you do the whole floor.

  • 2 Tbsp liquid Tide laundry detergent
  • 1/4 cup LA’s Totally Awesome cleaner
  • 1 scoop Oxiclean (3 tbsp)
  • 1 teaspoon Downy fabric softener optional
  • 1 gallon hot water
  • In a small bowl, combine the liquid Tide, Awesome cleaner, Oxiclean and Downy if using. Stir together with spoon until well combined. 

  • Add mixture to a gallon of hot water, stirring gently so you don’t make bubbles. Stir slowly and gently until all Oxiclean particles are completely dissolved.  

  • Use immediately in your carpet cleaner machines or pour into a gallon-sized container with a lid. Label outside of container: Concentrated Carpet Cleaner.

  • Before you begin carpet shampooing, make sure that your carpet has been thoroughly vacuumed.

  • It’s a good idea to test this homemade carpet cleaner on a less visible area of flooring to make sure it’s safe for your carpet and wait at least 24 hours for the test spot to dry to see the results.

  • Read the directions that came with your carpet cleaning machine for how much cleaner to add as some reservoirs are smaller than others. For typical carpet shampoo machines, fill your reservoir with hot water. Then pour 1/4 cup of this concentrated solution into your water filled reservoir.

    (**The ratio I use is about a gallon of hot water to 1/4 cup of this concentrated cleaning solution.)

  • Then you can run the machine over your entire carpet, making sure to show special attention to stains or spots. Wait least 24 hours for the carpet to dry and you’re done!  

 Add leftover concentrated solution it to an empty gallon container, label it and store it in a cool and dry place. It will stay good for 6 months or possibly even longer.

 Make a stain pre-treat mixture by using a 50-50 mix of the concentrated solution and water. You can add it to a spray bottle or just use your fingers to dab a bit of it on the stain. Let it sit for 5 minutes then shampoo over it. Repeat if necessary.

 This is a personal preference as most die-hard carpet cleaners out there say that if any cleaning product is left on our carpets, it will attract more dirt and you’ll end up with dirty carpets. So if you’d like to take that extra step, feel free. I personally like the smell and softness the downy fabric softener leaves behind and my carpets haven’t had stains come back in the same places. The solution is so diluted down that I’m not worried about it. So I don’t do the extra rinse personally myself.  But it’s totally up to you to do what you feel is best here.

Disclaimer: make sure and read your instruction booklet that comes with your carpet cleaning machine for warranty information. Some machines warranties are no longer valid if you don’t use a certain type of cleaner with the product. AND of course, always test a small area of carpet for colorfastness before you do the whole floor.

Happy cleaning everyone! And happy saving money too.


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How To Choose the Best Carpet Cleaner

Carpet cleaners are handy tools that can improve the hygiene, appearance, and lifespan of carpets, rugs, and upholstery. These devices use the combined power of stain-removal solutions, scrubbing brushes, and suction technology to provide a deeper clean than you can achieve with a vacuum cleaner. This guide will help you figure out which carpet cleaning tool is best for your home.

Hardwood Flooring

In general, the cost of hardwood flooring tends to range between $3 and $10 per square foot before labor costs.

Get Free Estimates

Carpet Flooring

In general, the cost of Carpet flooring tends to range between $2 and $10 per square foot depending on the material and style.

Get Free Estimates

Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors will cost anywhere from $2 to $8 per square foot depending on the thickness of the fiberboard base layer.

Get Free Estimates

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Carpet Cleaner

Before buying a carpet cleaner, the best carpet cleaning tool for you depends on factors like the kind of mess you need to clean and the carpets you have in your home. We’ll address a few of these considerations in the sections below.

Type of Carpet

Depending on the type of carpet in your home, you might need a carpet cleaner with different capabilities and features. Some carpets are thin and durable, while others are plush and thick. Before investing in a carpet cleaning machine, assess what kind of attention your carpets need based on their materials and pile type.

Carpet Type Description
Low-pile -Shorter fibers
-Easy to maintain and clean
High-pile -Also known as “deep-pile carpets” because they have the longest fibers
-Don’t show wear very easily, so they’re good for high-traffic areas
-Deep fibers trap dirt and grime, making them harder to clean
Loop pile -Fibers connect to the backing twice for a looped appearance
-More durable and low-maintenance
-Tight loops improve stain resistance
Cut pile -Fibers are cut off at a specific height and twisted to form tufts
-Softer than loop pile carpets
-Harder to clean because dirt and stains can get trapped in the tufts
Cotton -Easy to clean but hard to remove stains
-Completely organic and very soft
-Prone to fading in sunlit rooms
Nylon -One of the most durable carpet materials
-Strong fibers bounce back in high-traffic areas
-Not stain-resistant but easy to clean
Polyester -Durable, thick, and surprisingly soft carpet material
-Not as resilient as nylon carpets
-Offers good stain resistance
Wool -High-quality, long-lasting fibers
-Decent stain-resistance as long as you perform routine cleaning
-High-maintenance carpet material

Carpet Warranty

No matter what kind of carpet you have, check the manufacturer’s manual for information on cleaning frequency.

Sometimes, using specific carpet cleaning tools or liquid agents can void a warranty designed to replace your carpet should it fall apart. So, make sure to check the manual to ensure cleaning won’t void any warranties. Additionally, warranties like this one from Home Depot require the homeowner to clean the carpet with specific products and at specific frequencies to maintain the contract.

Type of Mess

The types of messes you encounter can help determine the cleaning methods and tools needed to tackle them.

If you face pet stains from muddy paws, slobbery toys, and indoor accidents, you’ll need a carpet cleaner designed for spot cleaning. This tool is also helpful if you have messy kids or have the occasional red wine spill on your sofa. Carpet cleaners with hose attachments are helpful in these scenarios; they can reach stubborn stains on your furniture, rugs, and carpeted stairs.

You should also consider the cleaning agent you’ll need for your home. Depending on the carpet cleaning machine you buy, the brand will likely have a corresponding liquid shampoo. These solutions come with antibacterial, stain removal, and restorative properties that can meet various homeowners’ needs.

The Best Home Carpet Cleaners

Best for Pet Owners: Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro

The Bissell ProHeat Revolution Pet is a top choice for pet owners seeking a deep clean for their paw-trampled carpets. Every Bissell Revolution Pet product purchase supports the Bissell Pet Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping homeless animals.

The Bissell ProHeat features the MAX clean mode, which scrubs deep to remove dirt, stains, and allergens in your carpet. The device comes with a hose attachment, specialized Pet Stain Tool, and Tough Stain Tool to access hard-to-reach spaces.

Use Bissell’s Pro Max Clean + Protect formula to loosen stubborn carpet stains or the Deep Clean + Antibacterial formula to eliminate odor-producing bacteria. Pair these solutions with hot water for the best results. The cleaner’s Heatwave Technology maintains the water’s warmth while you clean.

Best Portable Carpet Cleaner: Bissell Little Green Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

Bissell’s Little Green Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner is an excellent choice for homeowners seeking deep-cleaning power in a portable package. The Little Green machine’s compact size makes for easy storage, while its lightweight, portable design is ideal for cleaning upholstery, rugs, stairs, and auto interiors. Despite its small size, the machine includes a 48-ounce tank for longer cleaning between refills.

The device comes with a Tough Stain Tool and stain trapper attachment to easily tackle serious messes. The product also features Bissell’s HyrdoRinse Self-Cleaning Hose Tool to descale and sanitize the device after each use. When you purchase specific Bissell cleaning products, such as the Little Greener Cleaner, a portion of the proceeds goes toward the Bissell Pet Foundation’s mission to help animals in need.

Best Spot Cleaner: Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner

The Hoover PowerDash Pet is our top pick for a compact, upright spot carpet cleaner for small spaces. It’s also a must-have for homeowners and renters with indoor animals. The machine weighs just 12.5 pounds, which is lighter than most leading carpet cleaners. Its lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver around hard-to-reach surfaces, and its compact size offers simple storage in tight closet spaces.

The Hoover PowerDash features the PowerSpin Pet Brush Roll to remove pet hair, allergens, and stains in high-traffic areas. It also includes Hoover’s HeatForce technology, which uses powerful suction and warmth to provide faster drying times. This means you won’t have to stay off your carpets and area rugs for long post-cleaning. The device comes with a hose attachment, removable nozzle, nozzle cleanout tool, and trial-sized Expert Pet Solution.

Best Upright Carpet Cleaner: Hoover SmartWash Automatic Carpet Cleaner

The Hoover SmartWash is our choice for the best upright carpet cleaner, thanks to its automatic cleaning technology. Its motion-sensing design automatically dispenses water when pushed forward and activates suction drying when pulled backward, removing the guesswork of which buttons to push. As you clean, the SmartWash uses Hoover’s HeatForce technology to dry your floors, producing a quicker, more thorough clean.

The upright cleaner comes with FlexForce PowerBrushes to remove dirt, grime, and pet stains from carpets and rugs. It also features a multifunction pet attachment, stair tool, and 12-foot hose to tackle upholstery, stairs, and other hard-to-reach spaces in your home.

Best Professional-Grade Cleaner: Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3

The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro is the closest you’ll get to a commercial clean without calling in the experts. The Mighty Pro uses powerful jets and a triple-action vibrating brush to dislodge dirt, dust, and grime deep within carpet fibers. The machine’s enhanced vacuum motor pulls debris and dirty water from the carpet for cleaner results and faster drying times.

The cleaner’s high-capacity tanks allow you to do more in one pass. Simply fill the 3.9-gallon clean water tank with a solution mixture and empty the 3-gallon dirty water tank when it’s full. For more cleaning capabilities, purchase Rug Doctor’s Universal Hand Tool to tackle upholstery, stairs, and other small spaces.

Costs Involved With DIY Cleaning

Budget is important to consider before buying a carpet cleaning machine. Most carpet cleaners cost well over $100, so you want to ensure you choose the most practical solution for your home and family.

If you think the cleaner will just sit in the closet year-round, you might instead opt to rent a cleaner whenever you need one. Renting a cleaner is an easy way to save money and storage space while still caring for your home’s carpets.

The following chart details out the average cost* for carpet machines, cleaning solutions, and rentals:

Product Retail Price Average Rental Price
Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner $412 $30 per day
Rug Doctor Mighty Pro $600 $40 per day
Carpet Cleaner and Detailer $124 $27 per day
Product Average Retail Price
Bissell Deep Clean Pro 2X Formula $22 (48-ounce bottle)
Bissell Pro Pet Urine Eliminator $24 (48-ounce bottle)
Hoover Oxy Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo $18 (50-ounce bottle)
Hoover Renewal Deep Cleaning Shampoo $16 (64-ounce bottle)
Rug Doctor Triple-Action Oxy Carpet Cleaner $23 (96-ounce bottle)
Rug Doctor Pet Carpet Cleaner $26 (96-ounce bottle)

*Average prices accurate as of publish date

When To Call in a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Sometimes a DIY clean isn’t enough to cure your carpets of stains and smells. You might wonder if you should call a professional carpet cleaner or just replace the carpet altogether. The OCD Home Carpet & Tile Cleaning lists the following signs your carpet needs professional cleaning or a replacement.

You should call in a professional cleaning service if your carpet:

  • Hasn’t been cleaned in over a year
  • Is giving you allergies
  • Looks dirty or dull
  • Has stubborn stains you can’t remove

You should consider a full carpet replacement if your carpet:

  • Has multiple permanently embedded stains
  • Has irreparable damage you try to cover with rugs and furniture
  • Emits a lingering odor
  • Has uneven, wrinkly, or crinkly-sounding padding
  • Is over 10 years old

Cost Considerations for Hiring a Pro Cleaner

According to Shiny Carpet Cleaning, a professional carpet cleaning typically costs between $123-$250. Your price will depend on the carpeted area’s square footage, material, and the level of difficulty.

Organic carpets like cotton and wool cost more to clean, while cut and loop carpets are generally cheaper. The price can go up as the size of the carpeted area increases. On average, carpet cleaning costs between $0.20-$0.40 per square foot.

Here are some average price ranges for professional cleaning:

Size (Square Feet) Price Range
200-400 $70-$130
500-1,000 $100-$250
1,000-1,500 $200-$300
1,500-2,000 $250-$450
2,000-3,000 $400-$600

You may have to pay extra depending on hourly labor charges, stairs, and other special services like steam cleaning, dry cleaning, or deep shampooing. The aforementioned cleaning prices are general, so get a quote from your chosen carpet cleaning company first to avoid any surprises come cleanup day.

Choosing Your Carpet Cleaning Solution

We hope this guide helps take the hassle out of carpet cleaning. Remember that factors like lifestyle, carpet type, and everyday messes determine the best carpet cleaning machine for your home. Luckily, several fantastic options are available to provide the right solution, whether you just need to freshen up your floors or tackle some serious stains.

If a DIY approach isn’t cutting it, you can always seek professional help or opt for carpet replacement. Read our carpet installation cost guide for more information on the costs and considerations that come with buying new carpets.

Overview of the best active foams for carpet cleaning

If you are going to clean the carpet, which has lost its fluffiness and softness of the pile during operation, has become stained, has acquired an extraneous smell, you will have to buy household chemicals. From this post you will learn:

  • which carpet products were among the top ten in the domestic market in 2019:
  • according to what parameters the selection was made;
  • in which categories the indicated products are leading.

Carpet cleaning foam: what to look out for

The range of active foam in household supermarkets in Moscow is quite large. Consumer surveys show that the main criteria for choosing household chemicals for those who do not use the carpet cleaning service with export are:

  • brand awareness;
  • efficiency;
  • low cost;
  • no toxic components.

Trademarks that do not appear in media advertising are reluctant to buy. The Vanish product line, which has ready-to-use foam, is an example of effective advertising and promotion. The brand’s products are the sales leader in the Russian Federation.

Regardless of brand name, active carpet foam needs to:

  • match fiber type, warp, coat color;
  • removed stains, greasy places, general dirt;
  • did not cause allergic reactions, did not contain toxic components;
  • gave the result promised by the manufacturer.

IMPORTANT: For successful carpet dry cleaning, carefully study the information on the package.

Chemistry of dubious origin is a danger to people. It can permanently damage pile coatings. Buy products of well-known brands certified in Russia. It is better to pay a little more for a product of decent quality than to save money and then have problems with the quality of cleaning and health.

How the rating was made

The distribution network presents a lot of household chemicals for carpets, designed for home use. The rating takes into account surveys and market research results.

Preparations are divided into two groups – domestic and imported. Thanks to the nominations, it was possible to specify the specialization, that is, the main property that caused the product to be mentioned in the rating.

IMPORTANT: high rating given by consumers to the drug does not eliminate the need to test it on a small area of ​​the carpet. It is difficult to predict how the carpet will behave. We recommend checking and making sure that the chosen cleaning agent will not damage it.

Carpet cleaners: best in categories

Below are brief descriptions of Russian household chemicals that have received high marks from the target audience.

Excellent daily cleaning

Vanish’s amateur carpet cleaning has become familiar to Russians. The active foam of the brand is willingly bought. Consumers praise the cleaning ability, complete readiness for use, versatility (both wool and synthetics can be cleaned). The low price is another plus.

Dirt barrier

The palace, cleaned with the Unicum preparation, acquires purity, protection from rapid pollution. It contains at least 15% surfactants, which contributes to quick effective cleaning, returning the brightness of shades, freshness, and removing odors.

Best value for money

The name “5+” immediately sets up a positive attitude. Moreover, the drug gives an excellent cleaning effect, it is inexpensive. After application, the carpet becomes like new, devoid of stains, dirt, static electricity, odors. Hypoallergenic drug without toxic components.

Best price and purity guarantee

Help in an economical spray package is designed to remove stains and regularly clean carpets. Convenient economical packaging for spot application, high-quality removal of stains, glossy places. Cleans carpets from complex dirt. Contains aggressive substances with a pungent odor. Requires hand and respiratory protection.

Removal of old difficult stains

Selena Kovrol is designed to remove stains. It is not necessary to use it for general cleaning of the surface, since the substance is difficult to wash off the pile. It has a pleasant smell, is inexpensive, removes static. It is necessary to work with gloves, carefully washing off the preparation from the carpet at the end of cleaning.

Oxygen bleaching

Do you need carpet cleaning at home? UDALIX ULTRA removes fresh stains from tea, coffee, herbs, ketchup. Thick foam, pleasant fragrance, high cleaning efficiency, favorable price.

TOP-3 imported foams

  • Environmentally friendly. The advantages of Karcher foam are non-toxicity, prolonged action, efficiency, economy, convenience. Minus – high price.
  • Efficiency, environmental friendliness. Amway (USA) copes with dirt, odors, old stains. Gentle cleaning, disinfection, no toxic substances.
  • Economy. Tuba is a powerful and gentle remedy against dirt, old stains. A solution of 1 cap in 20 liters of water is enough to clean dozens of square meters. meters of carpet, carpets, rugs.

Need professional carpet cleaning? Call Mactailor.

Carpet cleaning has long ceased to be an unpleasant necessity. With the advent of a wide variety of means, getting rid of stains on the carpet has become quite simple. Now very popular are a wide variety of active foams for cleaning carpets. However, it is worth finding out from professionals which of the tools work better.

Carpet cleaning – folk remedies, basic rules for the care and cleaning of coatings

For every housewife, carpet cleaning is an urgent problem, because any product gets dirty quickly and requires systematic and thorough care. Such a coating has remained a common part of the interior for many years. It is pleasant for feet when walking barefoot, makes the room cozier and warmer.

Carpet Cleaning Equipment

High-quality professional carpet cleaning is carried out using specialized equipment. It is able to wash the product and dry it quickly. Carpet cleaning equipment:

  1. Washing vacuum cleaners . Mechanical cleaning of carpets will help to put in order floor coverings, draperies of upholstered furniture and other textile products. Washing vacuum cleaners are endowed with high power, a high level of filtration, and easily eliminate unpleasant odors. Strong suction turbines ensure low residual moisture of treated surfaces. Washing vacuum cleaners are found vertical – the working surface is combined with the sole, brush – a carpet brush is used, attached to the working unit with a hose.
  2. Carpet washing machines (extractors) . The units are supplied with two tanks designed for the accumulation of contaminated water and the supply of detergent composition under pressure created by the pump. Designed for wet cleaning of carpets on the principle of moisture extraction. The installation sprays water over the product, then removes the wetted dirt. Foam extractors are popular – during cleaning, dense foam is fed to the brush, distributed over the upholstery. After a while, its remains are collected by a vacuum nozzle. Foam perfectly adsorbs and removes dirt to the surface.
  3. Carpet washing machines . Are applied to cleaning of coverings of the big area in hotels and trading floors. Carry out preliminary washing, basic washing, rinsing, automatic winding of a carpet.
  4. Centrifuges . With the help of rapid rotations, the water remaining after rinsing is removed. Reduce the drying time of the carpet by 3-10 hours
  5. Dryers . There are powerful mobile blowers with low noise levels. They provide fast drying of carpets at the end of wet cleaning. In professional laundries, there is a heated, insulated, ventilated fixture around a special rack for this. In such a dryer, carpets are dried with heated air after they are removed from the centrifuge.

Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

To perform a quality carpet cleaning, chemicals are indispensable. They will help in everyday cleaning, removing stains, unpleasant odors, disinfection. Types of household chemicals:

  1. Shampoos and liquid products for wet carpet cleaning . Popular household chemicals for removing stains and refreshing the appearance of the product.
  2. Powders and dry care products . Used for dry cleaning, but can also be diluted in water.
  3. Active Wet Cleaning Foam . These are special mixtures that foam perfectly, foam is a substance that quickly absorbs dirt into itself.
  4. Stain sprays . Means of local application – are applied to pollution.
  5. Special shampoos for vacuum cleaners . Ready liquid formulations for wet cleaning.

Best Home Carpet Cleaners:

  1. Vanish Carpet Cleaner . Available as a wet cleaning shampoo, active cleaning foam, powder, stain removal spray. Means flawlessly cope with simple pollution, remove unwanted odors, refresh the appearance of carpets.
  2. Karcher . Means are presented in the form of powder, tablets and in liquid form, they are professional, they cope with most of the pollution. In addition to cleaning, the product creates a protective layer on the product, has antistatic properties.
  3. Amway . Concentrated shampoo for wet cleaning or washing. Copes with the vast majority of dirt, removes stains well, smells great. The tool is concentrated, it lasts for a long time.
  4. Shampoo 5+ . Effective and inexpensive. The diluted solution is foamed, spread over the surface, vacuumed after an hour.

Traditional Carpet Cleaners

Alternatively, try one of the popular folk carpet cleaners:

  1. Sauerkraut . Rinse the cabbage well, spread it on the carpet. Then roll with a broom so as to collect the maximum amount of dust and dirt. Repeat the process until the carpet is clean.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide . Cleaning carpets with hydrogen peroxide will help you forget about blots from coffee, cocoa, tea, herbal decoction. Spilled liquid is blotted with a rag, treated with peroxide and wiped with a sponge.
  3. Refined gasoline and sawdust . Hard-to-remove old stains can be easily removed with sawdust soaked in clarified gasoline. They must be distributed over the product, left for 15-20 minutes. From above, you can pour a little washing powder, rub the stains with a brush. Remove wood debris with a damp cloth.

Ways to clean carpets

When deciding how to clean a carpet, you can use the harmless products that are present in every home. They are affordable, simple and no less effective than highly specialized household chemicals. Depending on the quality of the pile, its size and color, you can choose your own tool that will help remove stains, dust and dirt on the surface.

Carpet cleaning with snow

Such carpet cleaning has been known to many since childhood. It is important not to overmoisten the product during the process, so carpets are cleaned on a frosty day, and not during a thaw. Snow should be snow-white and fluffy. How to perform the procedure:

  1. Take the carpet outside and lay pile up on clean snow.
  2. Sprinkle the top with snow.
  3. After polluted snow is swept from the pile with a broom.
  4. Repeat the steps until the scattered snow is clean.
  5. After the carpet needs to be knocked out well and dried.

Carpet cleaning with baking soda

Baking soda will help restore the attractive look of the carpet. It is a commonly available and harmless cleaner for soft floor coverings. Carpet cleaning at home can be done in two ways:

  1. Wet . Dissolve half a glass of soda in a five-liter bucket of water. Spray liquid from a spray bottle over the coating. After 30-40 min. carpet can be vacuumed. Soda absorbs odors, cleans and restores color to light carpets.
  2. Dry . Sprinkle baking soda over the area of ​​the carpet, rub gently with a dry cloth. Leave for a short time and vacuum.

Carpet Cleaning with Vinegar

Cleaning your carpet with vinegar can restore bright colors to dull pile. To prepare the mixture, you need to mix 1 tbsp. a spoonful of the product with 1 liter of warm water. After mixing, the solution is placed in a spray bottle – the coating must be sprinkled, but not much, and left for half an hour. Washing is done with a brush along the pile. After the carpet should be wiped with a dry towel. You can remove pollution if you add 1 tbsp to the working mixture. a spoonful of washing powder. Rub the product into the stain, after half an hour wipe with a wet sponge and vacuum.

Carpet cleaning powder

Laundry detergent for carpet cleaning is convenient when dry cleaning is required. The procedure is simple and it will be possible to walk on the palace immediately after it. The granules absorb dirt well and push it out. The cleaning of the carpet is carried out as follows – powder granules are scattered over the carpet, rubbed into the product, after a short time they are cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

Foam Carpet Cleaning

Another popular method is manual foam carpet cleaning. For its preparation you need:

  1. Take a glass of boiled water.
  2. Add 4-5 tbsp. spoons of vinegar.
  3. Pour 1 tbsp. a spoonful of soda and washing powder.

The solution is applied directly to the textile covering, whereby a bubbling reaction takes place with the release of foam. It will force out the dirt from the deepest layers of the fabric. After that, the mixture must be removed from the carpet with a clean sponge. Washing powder is added to the solution to give the surface a more pleasant aroma and get rid of the oldest stains on the coating.

Welding carpet cleaning

Unusual welding path cleaning is only suitable for cleaning dark carpets. It is necessary to pour boiling water over a pack of small-leaf tea. After the tea leaves are drained, the leaves are squeezed – they should be wet. The composition is scattered over the product, left to dry, and then the carpet must be carefully vacuumed. Tea brewing perfectly draws dust, dirt from the pile, eliminates unpleasant odors.

Carpet cleaning with salt

The main quality of salt, which is relevant when cleaning carpets, is adsorbent. This natural product draws dust, dirt, even grease out of the pile. Dry cleaning of carpets with salt begins with the fact that the product must be well knocked out on both sides. Then slightly moistened salt is scattered over the area of ​​the carpet. After 20-30 min. it must be carefully swept out with a non-rigid broom or removed using a vacuum cleaner. This method is acceptable for weekly cleaning.

Carpet cleaning with ammonia

This carpet cleaning is suitable for long pile, ammonia will easily get rid of any stain. you should take 10 ml of the product and dilute it in 0.5 liters of water and add 1 teaspoon of washing powder. The finished mixture is applied to the surface with a sponge, trying not to moisten the carpet abundantly, then the stains are removed with a brush. Next, the villi should be wiped with a clean, damp, and then with a dry cloth and the coating should be thoroughly dried.

Carpet cleaning with laundry soap

Soap makes an excellent cleaning agent. It is harmless to natural pile and flawlessly copes with old, greasy stains, plaque on kitchen surfaces. To prepare a solution of 1 tbsp. a spoonful of grated laundry soap is diluted in 1 liter of warm water, add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of turpentine. The mixture is applied to the coating with a brush soaked in it and for 5 minutes. leave. Then you need to clean the carpet with a clean, damp cloth, and at the final stage – with a dry towel.

Carpet cleaning with a steam cleaner

A new and very effective way to get rid of heavy dirt is to clean carpets with a steam cleaner. Before starting the procedure, the product must be vacuumed, walked on it with a dry cloth to raise the dirt. Next, the carpet is treated with steam, trying not to send it to one zone for a long time. If everything is done correctly, the product will dry out within a few minutes. Then you need to walk on the coating with a soft brush or cloth.