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How Much Does Loft Insulation Cost In 2022?

How Much Does Loft Insulation Cost In 2022? | MyBuilder.com

The loft insulation costs in this article are correct as of 2022

Insulating your loft or attic is a great way to help make your home more energy efficient, helping to retain heat and lowering your heating bills.

The cost spent on insulation can often be recouped by these savings in a couple of years, so it is worth considering for any home without it.

Before you start your project, we’ve put together this guide to help show the typical range of loft insulation costs, so you know what to expect.

Loft insulation

It is recommended that loft insulation be at least 270mm thick, and this can be achieved with a variety of materials.

Loft insulation can be made from fibreglass, mineral wool, sheep’s wool, cellulose, and other materials, and most commonly comes packaged as a roll which can simply be laid out between and over the joists.

These rolls can cost as little as £20 or so, for a roll which will cover around 8 metres squared. Depending on the size of your home, and of its loft, this means can insulate the loft yourself for less than £100.

However, hiring a professional insulation specialist is the best way to guarantee a good job, and to take care of all the issues that come along with it.

Factoring in the cost of the materials, and the labour involved – typically less than a day’s work – and the usual cost for insulating a loft with basic blanket insulation is between £300 and £400 depending on the size of the loft.

Another method for insulating a loft include loose-fill insulation, which uses a material like cork or other materials similar to those found in blanket insulation, which can be spread in the area between joists. Prices for this are usually similar to blanket insulation. 

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Spray foam insulation costs

As well as simple rolls of lagging or loose-fill insulation, another popular alternative for loft insulation is spray foam or blown-foam insulation, where a layer of foam is sprayed from a specialist machine over the area to be insulated.

This needs a professional to install, but is handy for areas where access is difficult and is quick to do.

Prices are not too dissimilar to other types of loft insulation, but may be slightly higher due to the dedicated tools required.

Other costs to consider

There are a couple of complications with loft insulation that can add to the overall price of a project, though they typically should not be a significant extra expense.

For example, because loft insulation retains heat downstairs, it means the resulting temperature in the loft itself will be lower, which can cause problems when external temperatures are very low and particularly if they drop below freezing.

For this reason, any pipes in the loft will have to be insulated as well, which adds a small amount of extra work.


Another example is if you wish to use your loft for storage, in which case you will need to add boards above the joists. These joists cannot sit on top of the insulation material, as compressing it removes all the efficiency from the insulation, so you will need boards with a built-in insulation layer.

These are usually more expensive than blanket insulation will be, though depending on how much space you want to board, you may not need much.

If you have electrical wiring running across your joists, this may have to be re-routed depending on the materials used – if an electrician is needed, this can add a lot to the project, with electricians typically charging around £40 per hour.

Similarly, if you have issues with damp, or leaks or holes in the roof which could allow water in which might damage the insulation, these issues will all have to be addressed before insulating becomes viable. The cost for these can vary widely depending on what needs to be done.  

How much does loft insulation cost in 2022?

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Getting clued up about loft insulation costs will help boost your home’s energy efficiency – while you stay on budget. With 25 per cent of heat escaping through the roof of an uninsulated home, adding insulation in the loft is a great way to keep your home warmer and save money on energy bills. 

And it’s not just uninsulated homes that can benefit. Even if you have added loft insulation already, it’s worth topping it up to reach the level that’s recommended today so that you can get both cosier rooms and a reduction in energy bills. It’s a home improvement project that can pay for itself many times over in its lifetime so to better set your budget for materials as well as installation – especially if you’re calling in a professional – it’s key to know the cost of loft insulation in 2022.

How much does loft insulation cost?

Loft insulation costs will vary according to which material you use for the project and whether you install it as a do-it-yourself job, or call in a professional. Be mindful that if you do choose to install it yourself not all the different material options will be open to you: some require installation by a professional contractor.

Other factors will influence the cost of loft insulation. As you’d expect the amount that’s needed is important. If your loft already has some insulation, you may simply be adding extra layers to reach the depth that’s recommended.

However, old insulation may need to be removed if it’s in poor condition or was badly fitted and this brings additional removal costs, as well as adding to the amount of material you’ll need for the project.

Another influence on the cost is how accessible the loft is. If this is tricky, loft insulation cost can be greater.

Overall, the average cost of labour and materials for loft insulation is £500, according to Checkatrade. This ranges from £400 for a terraced house to £600 for a detached house or bungalow, the site’s experts say. This cost is for installation of blanket insulation and includes this material plus the labour involved.

What are the costs of different loft insulation materials?

Loft insulation costs vary according to the material used for the job, so how much will you pay according to the material you select? Checkatrade provides the following cost guide.

If you’re going to lay loft insulation yourself, you may be using blanket insulation, and this costs on average £5 per m sq. Bear in mind that if your preference is for natural sheep’s wool insulation this will come with a higher cost.

Loose-fill insulation is another option and costs an average of £7.50 per sq m.

If you use sheet loft insulation – for example for a loft conversion to turn your space into a useful room or even rooms – expect to pay an average of £10 per sq m.

Meanwhile, spray foam insulation, which will require installation from a professional tradesperson, costs on average £55 per sq m.

How much does it cost to have new loft installation installed?

Installing loft insulation can be a DIY job, and blanket insulation is the easiest material to work with if you’re the person fitting it. 

If you call in a professional, loft insulation cost will, naturally, increase. You should expect to pay around £150 to £200 per day for labour, according to Checkatrade. 

Often, loft insulation will be a day’s job, but the time needed for installation varies with the material and, of course, the dimensions of the loft.  

Factor in additional costs

You may need to add other work to the cost of loft insulation. For example, it could be necessary to relocate electrical wires and the average cost of rewiring is £250, says Checkatrade.

Is it worth insulating your loft?

You can get a good return on your investment when it comes to loft insulation cost. If your home had no loft insulation previously and you then install the 270mm depth that’s recommended when you use mineral wool, you could make significant savings on your energy bills. 

The saving will depend on the type of home you live in. In a mid-terrace house, you could save £125 a year; £135 in a semi-detached house; £195 in a detached bungalow; and £315 in a detached house, says the Energy Saving Trust (EST), an independent organisation that helps householders with energy choices.

If your home previously had 120mm of loft insulation but you improved this to the recommended 270mm instead, you can still make some savings on your energy bills of £11 per year in a mid-terraced house; £13 per year in a semi-detached house; £18 a year in a detached bungalow; and £20 per year in a detached house, the EST says.  

What about your carbon footprint?

If you’re interested in your carbon footprint, you might also be wondering how spending out on loft insulation can reduce this. A home that previously had no loft insulation, but after the project has the 270mm depth recommended for mineral wool insulation, could save from 530kg of carbon dioxide a year for a mid-terraced house to over 1,200kg a year for a detached house, according to the EST.

Meanwhile, boost loft insulation from 120 to 270mm a year and the EST says you could save between 50kg of carbon dioxide a year for a mid-terraced house to 95kg for a detached house.

Price list for roofing works in St. Petersburg 2020 – 2021


Measurement of the house and estimate for materials free of charge
Delivery of materials negotiable
Roof removal prices
Roof removal m2 100
Disassembly of insulation m2 100
Disassembly of the drainage system l. m. 320
Stripping the battens m2 100
Roof window dismantling pcs. 900
Profiled sheet dismantling m2 120
Dismantling of metal tiles m2 150
Removing the seam roof m2 110
Soft roof dismantling (2 layers) m2 100
Removing sand-cement screed 50 mm m2 200
Dismantling the roof system m2 250
Removal of the entire roof with debris removal m2 400
Rafter system
Assembly of the rafter system sq.m. 380
Mauerlat mounting running meters 420
Preservation of lumber (fire-bio protection) cub. m. 1100
Control batten assembly m2 40
Stepped batten assembly m2 80
Sparse batten installation m2 70 m2
Prices for roof insulation
Cleaning of old insulation (expanded clay, slag, etc.) + removal from the object (layer thickness 100 mm) m2 190
Attic insulation with expanded clay (up to 200 mm layer) m2 290
Insulation of the attic floor using mineral wool insulation in 1 layer m2 170
Installation of wind protection m2 70
Navigation bridges running meters 140
Assembly/disassembly of scaffolding m2 150
Roof embedding with mechanically fixed 2-layer mineral wool in 100 mm thick basalt slab m2 150
Thermal insulation equipment in 2 layers + automatic fixation in the base (100 mm thick styrofoam) m2 130
Covering slopes for insulation l. m. 140
Roof installation cost
Installation of metal tiles m2 190
Shingles installation m2 220
Roofing material laying m2 150
Installation of a rolled roof made of welded building materials in 1 layer m2 250
Membrane roof installation (includes: insulation with 150 mm mineral wool boards, steam insulation, installation of PVC membrane roof carpet 1.2 mm) m2 335
Laying composite tiles m2 500
Installation of a roof covering from built-up building materials in 1 layer m2 150
Laying seam panels m2 450
Slate roof assembly m2 2100
Copper roof installation m2 510
Profiled sheet laying m2 270
Installation of ceramic tiles m2 500
Installation of cement-sand tiles m2 500
Slate installation m2 250
Mounting OSB board m2 100
Installation of hydrowind protection m2 30
Ondulin plant m2 180
Gutter installation
Downpipe installation line meters 300
Mounting pipe holders rm. 150
Elbow installation rm. 230
Mounting snow guards running meters 350
Gutter assembly linear meters 200
Installation of gutter holders rm. 100
Fitting outlet funnel rm. 200
Sewing overhangs with soffit linear meters 250
Installation of a gutter system ready for turnkey operation running meters 450
Roof waterproofing
Installation of horizontal waterproofing with bituminous rolled construction material m2 120
Installation of horizontal waterproofing with polymer bitumen, polyurethane mastics m2 120
Installation of horizontal PVC membrane waterproofing m2 160
Installation of horizontal waterproofing with Resitrix 9 membrane0005

m2 500
Installation of vertical waterproofing with bitumen roll building material m2 140
Installation of vertical waterproofing with polyurethane-type polymer-bitumen mastics m2 140
Installation of vertical waterproofing with PVC membrane m2 200
Installation of vertical waterproofing with Resitrix 9 membrane0005

m2 600
Waterproofing installation for ventilation shafts m2 1500
Initial sealing (Vilaterm + sealant) m. 120
Resealing without seam splitting m.m. 200
Resealing with seam split p.m. 300
Roof heating installation rates
Installation of heating cable at temperatures above 10 °C p.m. 200
Heating cable installation at temp. from 2 to 10 °C p.m. 250
Heating cable installation at temperatures from 2 °C and below p.m. 300
Mounting control boxes (for 1 element on a DIN rail) pcs 1000
Shield installation pcs 2000
Roof temperature sensor connection pcs 500
Gutter temperature sensor connection pcs 500
Gutter installation m 450
Prices for gable lining
Sheathing with windboard m. 200
Hemming of gables with lining l.m. 320
Finishing of gables with a block house m. 400
Sheathing of gables imitation timber p.m. 400
Gable siding p.m. 400
Roof painting
Old paint removal sq. m 60
Roof cleaning before painting sq. m 35
Surface primer sq. m 60
Surface painting (price per coat) sq. m 60
Installing snow guards
Connection of snow guards on metal tiles lm 500
Installation of snow guards on a seam roof lm 800
Installation of snow guards on natural roof tiles lm 1200
Roof windows installation cost
Fitting a roof window into a prefabricated uncoated roof opening pcs 3500
Installation of a roof window in a flexible tile covering (Shinglas, Icopal, Ruflex, Tegola, TechnoNIKOL, Katepal, CertainTeed) pcs 6000
Installation of a roof window into a roof covering made of profiled building materials (corrugated board, metal tiles, slate) pcs 6000
Installation of a roof window in a roof made of natural composite or ceramic tiles pcs 6500
Installation of a roof window in a seam roof pcs 9500
Additional roofing work
Wall or pipe connections rm. 280
Installation of skates, hips running meters 220
Installation of valleys line meters 280
Installation of the valley cover rm. 190
Mounting end strips rm. 220
Mounting of eaves strips running meters 220
Sub-ceiling installation m2 70
Vapor barrier installation m2 60
Laying waterproofing m2 60
Installation of counter battens m2 40
Sparse batten installation m2 70
Stepped battens installation m2 80
Installation of solid plywood base m2 75
Treatment of lumber with a septic tank (septization) cub.