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26th April 2022

Interiors – By Alexandra Stedman

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Storage: we can seemingly never have enough in our home. We finished our kitchen a few years ago and the change from everything in plastic tubs under a block of wood on trestle legs to actual items in kitchen cupboards was amazing! I’ll never underestimate good storage from here on in. But we still needed more, so I started my hunt for a pantry-style freestanding cabinet with glass doors (which means it will be reserved for chic crockery only – but worth it!).

I started on local marketplace sites: eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree. At first it was hard to actually know what to look for! So I searched a few options and narrowed it down to ‘Welsh dresser’, ‘kitchen cabinet’ and ‘glass front cabinet’ – I then added this search to my alerts. I had to wait a few months to really find the best piece (like most great items – especially ones that fit in your home – I rarely find it online the day I decide to look. It takes time).

It was cream but had ‘good bones’ and was in excellent condition for £70. We had budgeted for £150 – as a brand new one can be upwards of £400 – so saved the rest of the money for decent quality paint. We borrowed a van to collect it and then, typically,  it sat in our hall for a week or so because it was very heavy and we didn’t want to risk scratching the floors! We waited for Chris’s dad to help us carry it into the kitchen and we got to work. It was already lovely so it only needed an gentle sanding, a coat of paint, and then a switch over of handles (this is a top tip for a frugal update – simple handles can completely change the look of a cabinet/wardrobe – we changed the handles on the Dunelm wardrobe in our kids’ room and it looked totally different).

I wanted to paint it a different colour but with our kitchen already being a strong green (our cabinets are colour matched to Little Greene ‘Obsidian Green’) I was worried about another completely different colour being too overpowering. So instead, we decided to keep it tonal and go for a lighter green. We chose Little Greene ‘Aquamarine Light’ in Intelligent Eggshell and then the shop we bought it from (The House Winchmore Hill) recommended the ASP (all surface primer) from the range, which is a great primer (we always use a primer for woodwork), especially for those tricky slightly shiny surfaces. 

The primer worked amazingly, and a year on, there are no knicks in the paint work at all! It took a few evenings to do (around kids) and this is probably three coats on top of the undercoat – inside and out! But I think it looks great and painting the inside a lighter colour really bounces the light around and means you can see the product inside the cabinet much easier (I originally wanted to paint it a contrasting dark colour inside but we tried it and you couldn’t see inside).

The last step was to change the handles (make sure the paint is really dry before doing this as it can pull paint away) – these are from my parents’ shop, Saxon Security – but you can also find on Etsy or local hardware stores.

We use this cabinet every single day and I love that I can see everything easily inside – it feels like it was always part of the kitchen and the best bit? It’s totally changeable – we can repaint or move into another room (maybe with some help!) at any time.

DIY kitchen renovations for £120 – amazing upcycling hacks

Renovating a kitchen is no easy task and it’s one that usually comes with a hefty price tag. With the average cost of a new cooking space totalling around £7,000, we can see why some homeowners are trying to make changes on a budget. Follow these genius top tips from Tap Warehouse to transform your kitchen for just £120!

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1. Transform kitchen cupboards for £24

One of the main things that holds people back from transforming their kitchen is the cost of new cupboards, setting you back by £3,000 on average. However, this obstacle can be overcome with a lick of paint which can leave your once unfavourable kitchen cupboards looking brand new. Including sanding pads, paint, paint brushes at tape you could make these changes for £24.

Furniture paint, £12, Argos


2. Embrace a sink makeover for £20

One great way to makeover a second-hand sink is by painting it. The great thing about this is if you were to do this yourself at home.

Tile paint is specifically designed for kitchens and bathrooms. It’s waterproof and washable, making it the most durable paint you can get for sinks. Do check if you need a primer and/or sealant as well to get a long-lasting finish.

3. Turn your fridge retro for £27

Having an old fridge in the middle of your kitchen can make kitchen decor appear dated, however, did you know that you can paint your fridge and give it a completely new look?!

First, clean the fridge and tape any areas you don’t want to paint, sand if necessary, and then coat the fridge with a metal paint primer before painting over the primer with your choice of metal paint.

Black gloss paint, £9.90, Amazon


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4. Swap a kitchen cabinet for open shelving for £5

Open kitchen shelving is an emerging trend in the kitchen space right now, with many people choosing to display their kitchen items, from neatly organised labelled jars of food to chopping boards and crockery.

A quick, easy, and budget-friendly way to achieve this look is by removing your kitchen cabinet doors to expose the inner shelving. All you need is the price of a screwdriver! You can keep the cabinet doors safe so that if you want to return to closed shelving you can simply reattach them.

5. Upgrade kitchen cupboard door handles for £30

One of the quickest and most effective ways to transform your kitchen is by replacing your old kitchen cabinet door handles with new ones that fit your current kitchen decor theme.

Matt black handles, £7.50 for four, Wilko


6. Give old dining chairs a new look for £13

If you have an open-plan kitchen, having a set of old dining chairs in the room can really ruin the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve with your DIY renovations. However, this can be easily solved with chair slipcovers which can be bought for only £3.25 online and can give the chairs a whole new look.

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Design kitchens: interesting ideas from bulthaup, Minacciolo, Marchi Cucine, La Cornue | Admagazine

Designing a kitchen set is a truly responsible and exciting task, because its author has to find the right combination of functionality and aesthetics. 15 of the most curious results of design thought – in our selection.

Designing a kitchen set is a truly responsible and exciting task, because its author has to find the right combination of functionality and aesthetics. 15 of the most curious results of design thought – in our selection.

1. b2 kitchen, bulthaup

With the b2 kitchen, bulthaup thought about how to fit everything you need for cooking and save space. This is how the kitchen-workshop appeared, which consists of three elements: a workbench, a cabinet for appliances and a compact sideboard.

Thanks to the variety of built-in fixtures and shelves, the cupboard has space for dishes, utensils and groceries.

2. Tinozza kitchen, Minacciolo

The kitchen is a combination of three barrel-like cylindrical modules. One of the modules accommodates a deep sink and a waste container, the second – a gas burner, the third – a work surface. Designers have provided a place to store utensils and utensils inside the barrels.

The kitchen element with sink is designed to be stationary, while the other two are equipped with wheels so that they can be easily moved around. You can use the modular kitchen not only indoors, but also on the terrace, veranda or patio.

3. Kitchen St. Louis, Marchi Cucine

A new model from Marchi Cucine called St. Louis looks like she arrived in a time machine from 1955. Everything speaks about the connection with the era of the first satellite: pastel shades, and rounded corners, and spaced legs of one of the elements, and corrugated sliding glass doors, and even the font on the dial of the built-in clock.

The special charm of kitchen cabinets is given by profiles that are reminiscent of automotive design 1950s.

4. Kitchen La Cornue W, designer Jean-Michel Wilmotte, La Cornue

French designer Jean-Michel Wilmotte created the La Cornue W slab for La Cornue, which looks like a desk with thin legs and not ” weighted down with a built-in oven.

The oven of the same series is a separate piece of furniture. With such appliances, the kitchen will not seem like a cluster of heavy cabinets, and cooking on a stove with a width of one and a half meters will become a real pleasure.

5. Kitchen OLA25, designer Sergio Pinfarin, Snaidero

Kitchen, released by the SNAIDERO factory in honor of the twenty -five Pininfarina cooperation and Rino Snidero, offers the 2009 model elements in the new finish.

So, now the kitchen cabinet can be decorated with black matt, glossy white or cream panels, and the curved leg is painted with red, bronze or black lacquer. The working surface of the kitchen is made of polished glass.

6. Kitchen Artematica InVitrum, Valcucine

The Valcucine factory has released the most environmentally friendly kitchen with a glass frame and facades. It is made from recycled glass and aluminium, the production of which has reduced the amount of energy used by 20 percent.

All elements that make up the kitchen can be recycled, and thanks to the abundance of glass and mechanical fasteners, the kitchen did not have to use glue and other toxic materials.

7. Z.Island Kitchen, designed by Zaha Hadid, Ernestomeda

Designed by architect Zaha Hadid in collaboration with Ernestomeda and DuPont, the futuristic Z.Island kitchen resembles the interior of a spaceship. The main element of the kitchen is a tongue island with a hob, an audio system, a touch screen and a built-in MacBook.

A streamlined sink unit with dishwasher and backlit wall panels with audio speakers complete the kitchen. You can control kitchen appliances, as well as sound and light, through four sections of the main menu: Mac, Lights, Aroma and Heater.

8. Invisible kitchen, Toncelli

Toncelli’s new line of Invisible kitchen furniture is designed for ease of use and reliability. Like the perfect butler or secretary, she is inconspicuous yet effective.

Rigorous design and discreet colors do not distract attention from business, and carbon fiber doors do not need handles – they open thanks to an innovative system patented by Toncelli. The kitchen is equipped with a display built into the work surface.

9. Kitchen Starck by Warendorf, designed by Philippe Starck, Warendorf

Universal designer Philippe Starck has designed a kitchen set for the Warendorf factory, the center of which is a comfortable work unit with a niche and decorative panels made of colored glass.

Round tables and bar tops with metal legs similar to trombone or tuba bells can be made from the same glass. Kitchen cabinets designed by Stark include, in addition to built-in appliances and sections for dishes and groceries, bookshelves.

10. KI kitchen, design by Nendo, Scavolini

The name KI kitchen, designed by Nendo for Scavolini, translates from Japanese as “container”. A simple white container is the main decorative and functional detail of the kitchen set and a motif that is repeated in the design of the sink, gas stove, hood and even chairs.

Contrary to the traditional approach, the author of the kitchen designer Oki Sato did not clutter up the space with wall cabinets; instead, he used long, open wooden shelves with neatly arranged containers.

11. Slide Kitchen, Dada

The use of drawers in the kitchen is traditional, but Armani/Dada has given it new life with the Slide kitchen.

Features an island with a massive marble top that slides back to reveal a steel worktop and hob.

Cabinets and appliances are also hidden behind inconspicuous sliding doors in the island and main kitchen unit. American laurel cabinet fronts with inlaid horizontal metal slats help disguise functional elements.

12. The Drawer Kitchen, designed by Getta Gschwendtner, Schiffini

It’s hard to imagine a kitchen set without drawers for storing dishes and utensils. Designer Getta Gschwendtner decided to take this statement to the extreme and designed the Drawer Kitchen for Schiffini.

This kitchen island is more like a sculptural composition made up of drawers of different sizes. Asymmetrical facades of the kitchen are made of wood, the contrasting shiny work surface is made of steel.

13. Kitchen 38e8, Lago

Modular kitchen 38e8 from the Italian factory Lago looks like a constructor of bright details that can be folded into countless compositions.

Cabinets with colored glossy fronts can be used to create any figure, while a bright storage module of a non-standard shape can be continued with a bar counter or an island of the same color. Closed storage compartments complement open shelves, which can also be arranged in interesting configurations.

14. Kitchen Alnomarecucina, Alno

Postmodern flirtations with the interior (such as table legs in the form of women’s legs) often end in failure, but it’s nice to know that there are exceptions. An example is the Alnomarecucina kitchen by Alno.

Yacht-style kitchen island and hanging base cabinets; The impression is complemented by a noble combination of white color and textured wood, as well as a sail hood mounted on the mast. For all its decorativeness, the kitchen is quite functional: there is enough space for dishes and utensils in the beveled sections on the “sides” of the yacht, a sink and a hob are built into the island’s countertop, household appliances are in a separate block.

15. Rock Kitchen, designed by Alberto Minotti, Steininger

Inspired by the work of artist and designer Donald Judd and architect Adolf Loos, Italian Alberto Minotti created a minimalist Rock kitchen from four cubes.

Four identical modules, which differ only in the top, are entirely covered with stone. According to the idea of ​​the creator of the kitchen, the modules can be arranged in a row, but it is better to place them at some distance from each other, like a sculptural composition. The kitchen is produced by the Austrian factory Steininger.

Material prepared by Natalia Sazonova and Ksenia Oshchepkova

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Design ideas for a kitchen in a private house – Furniture Design Center

headset. We usually recommend loft, high-tech, neoclassical and eco.

These styles are now at the peak of popularity and will be fashionable for the next five years. In addition, they are easy to adapt to others. For example, neoclassic under Provence, eco under Scandinavian or country.

In this article, we will briefly describe what distinguishes the kitchen in each of these styles.

Loft is always brick in the form of wall decoration or masonry apron

It can be gypsum brick, clinker, brick-like tiles, just painted brick wall.

Small loft kitchen

For a loft-style kitchen, you usually buy a set lined with plastic to look like concrete or wood. The deeper the texture, the better. That is, if it is a tree, its knots and cracks should be visible. Countertops are also ordered plastic or made of artificial stone for concrete.

Concrete, wood, metal and rust are textures that must be played up in a loft kitchen. The main color is black. You can make it basic, that is, a black kitchen set or accent: black handles, hooks, shelves, racks.

Hi-tech – furniture without handles and a stainless steel faucet

Hi-tech is long elongated lines, rigor and chic. Make a linear layout in the kitchen, order a streamlined kitchen set, play on the contrast of bright colors: white, red, black. The set, as in the loft, is lined with plastic, natural veneer or varnished. In high-tech, built-in technology is required.

High-tech kitchen: no handles, stainless steel faucet, linear layout

Neoclassical – no gloss and pretentiousness

Neoclassical kitchen set made of solid wood or painted enamel MDF. Unlike the loft and high-tech, the facades are in a neo more interesting shape: slightly convex or carved. We recommend light colors. Soft chairs with a back and a round tripod table are usually placed in the neo-kitchen. A crystal chandelier is hung as the main lighting.

Neoclassical kitchen

Eco – wood furniture and linen napkins

In fact, furnishing an eco-kitchen is easy – just choose everything natural.

Furniture may be recycled or old wood, plywood, rattan or wicker, glass, natural stone.

Cozy eco kitchen. Attention to colored glassware, wooden furniture, flowers in pots

The same applies to dishes – buy bamboo plates and glass glasses, iron mugs. In the design, we recommend using the fleet and floral ornaments.

It would be great if the eco-kitchen has a few fresh flowers or trees in a skating rink, such as lemon trees. Read about lighting and colors for such a kitchen in the article “Kitchen inspired by nature: novelties in decoration and design.”


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