Two tone kitchen cabinet: 18 Examples of Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets From Designers

18 Examples of Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets From Designers


Black + White

Nicole Hollis Studio

Let’s start with the most popular pair: black and white. Display cabinets are another clever way to lighten up a black kitchen. Not only will you be able to display your pretty tableware and decorative objects, but the glass also makes it feel more open and spacious, as seen in this kitchen designed by Nicole Hollis Studio.



Light Mint + Gold

Tamsin Johnson Interiors

There’s nothing quite like metallic to make your interiors pop, especially in the kitchen where surfaces need to work hard since there are fewer wall decor opportunities. Opt for a brushed gold finish on a couple of statement cabinets and use a muted pastel, as done in this Tamsin Johnson-designed kitchen.



Purple + Cream

James Merrell

At once surprising and classic, this kitchen designed by Rita Konig is making us want to run to the store for buttercream yellow and eggplant purple paint. The wallpaper is what really ties them together.


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Deep Green + Warm Wood

Arent & Pyke

Deep green and warm light wood with gold hardware and cool white zeillge tiles are proving to be a very good team in this stylish space. Arent & Pyke opted for alternating bronze hardware and white stone countertops for a healthy mix of warmth and coolness.



Cobalt + Tangerine + White

Dries Otten

Why go two-tones when you can go tri-toned? Opposites attract, as proven in this Dries Otten-designed kitchen. Cobalt and bright orange cabinets flank a white tiled cabinet, and if you peak in the top left corner, you’ll see another cool feature: a mirrored hood. Disco dinner parties await you.



Navy + Cream

Heidi Caillier Design

In this kitchen designed by Heidi Caillier, cream uppers with glass enclosures camouflage into the wall while navy lowers ground the space. Together, they eliminate the visual chaos that can occur with too many dark cabinets while still ensuring plenty of storage space.


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Light Green + Wood

Heidi Caillier Design

A soft sage green flatters the light wood finished and pale gray zellige tile backsplash in this kitchen by Heidi Caillier Design. If you aren’t committed to painting all the wood cabinets in your kitchen one color just yet, this is a great one for you to replicate by making the cabinets along the wall pop with a pastel and leaving the others alone for now.



Cherry Wood + Greige

Shade Degges

Paired with simple wooden stools, glass-enclosed wooden cabinet uppers, and a greige island base, the Carerra marble countertops and backsplash give this Boston Brownstone by Jae Joo an English countryside spin. Though subtle, the variation between the glass and solid wood enclosures as well as the painted island cabinets (Hardwick White by Farrow & Ball) keep things interesting.



Peach + Moss

Anna Spiro Design

If you want to dabble in the two-toned kitchen cabinet trend but you’re not totally sure about the multi-color approach, take note of this bold and sweet design by Brisbane-based Anna Spiro. The peachy cabinets all match, but there’s a hidden surprise under the uppers: a genius stroke of green!


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White + Stainless Steel

Emil Dervish

Stainless steel will make your kitchen look so professional that you’ll be cooking like a pro in time, too, no doubt. Okay, well maybe we can’t promise you that, but we can say that stainless steel will make your kitchen look as sleek as possible. Simple white, hardware-free cabinets up top align with the modern and minimalist approach in this kitchen by Emil Dervish.



Black + Oak

Paul Raeside

Black cabinets complement the formal range and hood while a classic oak table—which doubles a dining zone as well as a prep space in lieu of a built-in island—matches the corner cabinet and floating shelves in this Montreal kitchen by Les Ensembliers.



Spring Green + Marigold

DeVol Kitchens

When your kitchen needs some cheering up, you can always count on a yellow paint color. But paired with a buoyant green color? Now that’s going to make any room feel like a fresh spring day all year long. “We chose a bespoke green that matched the prep table and our new Scullery Yellow paint color,” says deVOL Kitchens, adding that”every time we see this yellow, we love it a bit more.”


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White + Wood

Werner Straube

White and wood, it’s a classic kitchen combination for a reason. Corey Damen Jenkins chose a darker stain for the hardwood floors and painted the window frames an inky black to sharpen things up.



Bubblegum Pink + Green

DeVol Kitchens

When you can’t decide on just one fun paint color, use both of them. In deVOL Kitchens’ New York City showroom, the moody lower cabinets create a strong foundation for the glossy green walls while the bubblegum trimmings on the upper cabinets speak to the magenta pitcher and pendant.



Blush + Rust

Dries Otten

Lacquered oak, mirrored tiles, and rich lardo marble are brought to life even further with two-toned cabinets. On the bottom, Dried Otten opted for a super pale pink and burnt orange on the bottom, extending over to the curved island extension.


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Navy + Light Gray + Orange

Arent & Pyke

An inky, marine blue will ground a kitchen in an open space and feel more formal than a light color without being as moody and as dark as black. We also love the idea of painting the interior cabinets a color that corresponds with an accent piece in the room, like this orange cabinet designed by Arent & Pyke to match the carpet. A light wood gray exterior sets the living room cabinets apart from the kitchen ones.




Dark Gray + Copper + Wood

George Ross

If you prefer to keep things neutral and don’t love the look of paint, but still want in on this trend, look no further. This kitchen designed by Birgitte Pearce mixes finishes and materials for a texture-rich approach to two-toned cabinets.


Beige + Black Wood

DeVol Kitchens

We’re really digging the alternating black and gray stained wood cabinets in this deVOL kitchen. The varied tones (plus texture) add interest to a neutral space. The sandy beige walls keep things neutral but warm things a little more than a crisp white or super light gray. The shearling chair cover warms up, too, and the interior window creates flow and spreads the light.

30+ Spaces That Show the Versatility of Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets


Green and Stainless Steel Cabinets

Andrea Ferrari

Leave it to Emiliano Salci of Dimorestudio to transform his small kitchen into a work of art. Here, the green cabinet units provide a delightful contrast to the shiny stainless steel ones. The color-block magic continues on the walls with the black and gold paint.


Outlined Cabinets

Stephan Julliard

Jacques Grange gave one of his dear friends a bright kitchen to match her cheery personality. Here, an otherwise all-white kitchen is given a quirky twist with cabinets outlined in a bold azure.


Weathered Green and White

Maureen M. Evans

Everything is timeworn in Elena Reygadas’s Mexico City apartment—including the well-used green kitchen island, which had a prior life as a carpenter’s bench. The mottled tones make the perfect contrast to the crisp off-white cabinets behind.

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Warm Timber and Bright White Cabinets

Eric Piasecki

Take a page from designer Ellie Cullman’s book by matching your cabinets to your island but keeping your cupboards white and staining the island to a deep, toasted finish. The hexagonal backsplash tiles, marble countertops, and splashes of yellow add even more contrast.


Pale Green, Copper, and Timber Cabinets

Thomas Loof

The minty-fresh cabinets in this Hamptons home designed by Celerie Kemble are given a country twist with the warm copper tones found on the island and also on the hood, sink, and hardware.


Light Timber and Grass Green Cabinets

Stephen Kent Johnson

What could be more relaxing than kitchen cabinets coated in a plucked-from-nature shade of green? Studio Shamshiri took the rustic look even further in this California dream home by leaving the monumental kitchen island au naturale.

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Mirrored Cabinets

Paul Raeside

Instead of contrasting color on your kitchen cabinets, you could also juxtapose textures and sheens. We love how the architectural salvage gurus at English firm Retrouvius added mirrors to the cabinet panels in this eclectic London home.


Color-Blocked Cabinets

Ema Peter

Why have just one or two kitchen cabinet colors when you could go for three? This graphic scheme, in a Vancouver mother-daughter pad designed by PlaidFox, incorporates matte gold, teal, and charcoal tones for an ultracontemporary vibe.


Striped Cabinets

Mikhail Loskutov

Or take the two-tone look another direction by painting your kitchen in Op Art–worthy stripes. Designer Tim Veresnovsky clad this entire pint-size kitchen in black-and-white eucalyptus veneer.

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Black and Stainless Steel Cabinets

Nathalie Krag

The residents of this Capri dream home have run their family-owned restaurant for generations. It was only fitting then that they get a kitchen with commercial grade appliances. Their designer Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva found them handsome black-and-stainless steel ones with contrasting cabinets to match.


Timber and Tile Cabinets

Lindsay Brown

This once-dated ski chalet received a light-filled makeover, courtesy of designer Sara Oswalt, who gave the kitchen a modern-yet-cozy vibe with the custom timber cabinetry and contrasting tiled island. Bonus points: The wood cabinets complement the dramatic beams.


Gray and Timber Cabinets

Thomas Loof

This Manhattan apartment has plenty of Art Deco pizzazz (just check out those floors!). We also love how designer Bradley Stephens selected muted gray cabinets to allow the rich wood island to be the real showstopper.

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Red Lacquer and Brass Cabinets

Stephan Julliard

Red-hot Parisian designer Hugo Toro gave these kitchen cabinets a leather effect with layers of lacquer (there’s a first time for everything!), but the kicker is the brass accents framing them out, not to mention the mesmerizing marble floors and walls.


Dark Blue and Green Cabinets

Stephen Kent Johnson

We know this is an article about cabinets, but we love the idea of contrasting your open shelves too. In the case of designer Charlie Ferrer’s tiny New York kitchen, that meant blue lower cabinets topped with classic green shelves.


Weathered Timber and Metal Cabinets

William Abranowicz

This Japanese-inspired house, located in upstate New York, is proof that you can achieve plenty of contrast on your kitchen cabinets just by mixing the right materials. Here, the brawny island is made from different woods and accented in riveted metal.

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Robin’s-Egg Blue and White Cabinets

Dominique Nabokov

Fashion legend Agnès b. has called this historic manor, located just outside of Versailles (yes, that Versailles), her home for the last 30 years. The kitchen reflects her easy sense of living (and dressing) with the robin’s-egg blue cabinets flanked by crisp white ones.


Mixed Material Cabinets

Ye Rin Mok

Another approach to kitchen cabinets? Block them out! Here, in a Los Angeles bungalow designed by LAUN, each segment of the kitchen received its own dramatic volume in a single material, including polished brass, lacquer, and stone.


Cream and Gold Cabinets

Ricardo Labougle

When you hire Lorenzo Castillo, you’re guaranteed some glamour—especially in the kitchen. In this historic home, a maximalist backsplash and swoon-worthy chandelier (it was sourced from a palace!) is brought back into the realm of mere mortals with country-style kitchen cabinets in mustard and cream.

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Pale Oak and Brass Cabinets

Stephen Kent Johnson

Here’s another example where the materiality of your kitchen island can play up that of your cabinets. In the case of this Hamptons home, designer Poonam Khanna kept the cabinets in cool, pale oak but clad the island in polished brass that will patinate over time.


Blue and Black Cabinets

Peter Murdock

These two facing cabinet blocks might appear strait-laced, but if you look closer, you’ll see that designer Joe Nahem cleverly complemented and contrasted them with blue-versus-black cabinetry, and terrazzo-versus-stainless steel countertops.

Anna Fixsen

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Two-tone kitchen sets: a variety of choices

Two-tone rustic kitchen sets

Two-tone kitchen sets will change your favorite place in the apartment. Below are unique ideas with modern style and original details. Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or just looking to draw inspiration from a home you hope to move into one day, these are worth checking out.

You can admire this chic kitchen. White on top, navy blue on the bottom, and marble countertops in the middle – marvelous nautical style.

Water motifs

A more masculine take on contemporary design with charcoal finishes and stainless steel appliances.

Gorgeous white cabinets upstairs add brightness

Black vanity units in the center are a visual focal point both bold and clean in this white space. This is definitely a modernist and stylish element of the overall design.

Fashionable splendor

Anyone would be happy to own such a bright and romantic set. The color on the top makes the space look larger, while the hazy gray on the bottom adds a classy charm.

Delicate combination

The next example has a slightly more traditional design, but the emerald touches on the wood cabinets are a unique and personal touch. This option is a bit darker, so make sure you have good lighting if you choose something like this.

Special attention paid to light

For those who like a bit of femininity and versatility, this two-tone furniture set will suit. It is surrounded by an aura of rustic style.

A bit of a vintage look

This creamy and washed blue is simply beautiful. Shabby nature chic also has a very clean, modern vibe.

This vibe works in more modern looks.

This model has a royal, modernist feeling of space and the illusion that it is larger thanks to the white color.

Room enlargement

This chic kitchen is full of newfangled energy. The two tone cabinets really make her finish unique.

Pairing stormy blue with pure white

Sage pair cabinets with white tops, marble and even rich gold fittings are presented in this rather elegant design.

Playing with tone

For those who love modern or futuristic interiors, this kitchen will be a source of inspiration. Natural wood is combined with shiny cream accents.

High Quality Furniture

Here’s another luxurious design that will make your head spin. It has so many great layers that just start with cream and charcoal cabinets.

Sophisticated colors

This is another two-tone set. Delicate, romantic & relaxing. This is what is achieved when it comes to kitchen design.

Delicate shade of the furniture

This white and blue model inspires. The color scheme of the upper elements visually enlarges the space.

The lower part looks expensive

The next room is decorated in retro hipster style. The facades are dark wood below and ultra-modern white above.

It is worth noting the magnificent marble island in the middle

If you want a more natural and organic style, you can add green. This design is simple and clean, yet unique.

The splash of color makes the picture stand out

Black and white is always a classic way to go, especially when the floor fits into the two-tone scheme of the set. Add some yellow and enjoy a fun kitchen.

Such an interior is timeless

This example is a bit more modern. The design of the glasses will help you choose the right dishes, and the lower part and the frame of the electronics are gray-green.

Interesting shade of fronts

This is a more sophisticated and traditional version. The center of the cream color is in contrast with the dark wood.

Deep color is incorporated into most of the space

Take a look at this raw, daring kitchen design.

A peculiar combination of rustic and modern looks

Another great example of this combination is below. It has more courage.

There are hints of industrialism here

Go for a more subdued style if the lighting helps to expand the space. Look at this natural light wood combined with a crisp and rich charcoal tone.

Optional white

Milk cabinets work well in different directions and with other colors. In the photo below, they fit quite nicely into a classic kitchen.

Modern counter in the middle

This space has character thanks to the turquoise cabinets, and functionality as the atmosphere is very spacious.

Large room furniture

Another example of a more masculine style follows. Dark woods, small grays and deeper tones come together to create something luxurious.

Traditional combination

White and chocolate can make the same impression as a classic pair with black. This combination is timeless and works in both traditional and contemporary settings.

Accessories keep the style together

Here’s another design that goes a little beyond the two-tone concept. This kitchen is filled with storage spaces that are literally made up of a couple of shades.

Modern interior

This set has two different types of wardrobes – chic white and, if you notice, with visible shelves. This is a more fashionable way to provide storage for items.

Red accent on the wall

Sweet and charming, this small space is also decorated in two shades.

White sets the mood, while blue adds a coastal theme.

More modern model below. Take a look at the clean lines mixed with textured dark wood trim on the bottom and sides.

Fashion design

If you’re not afraid of color, you’ll be inspired by this pattern.

The combination of blue and green makes the space interesting

The texture of this kitchen makes it much more unusual. It’s a beautiful mix of old and new styles.

Another way to decorate or renovate a space.

This more natural color combination makes the place calm.

Model for color lovers

And finally, this blue and white set. It is so fresh and charming that your family and guests will swoon.

A welcoming corner in the house

Look for more design ideas on our website.

White top, dark bottom. Two-tone kitchens in trend, styles and interior design – Renovation ideas

How to freshen up the appearance of the kitchen or choose a set that will look unusual, but not defiant? Designers offer a simple but original move: take kitchen fronts of different colors for top.


How to freshen up the appearance of the kitchen or choose a set that will look unusual, but not defiant? Designers offer a simple but original move: take kitchen fronts of different colors for upper and lower cabinets.

Interior design: Rebecca Hay

Interior Design: Rebecca Hay

Fashion in interior design is an eternal search for a fresh look at familiar things. Until recently, a two-tone kitchen suggested that its owners simply did not have enough money for a complete set. Today, this suggests that the owners of the house are following current trends and are looking for unusual approaches to design.

Bulthaup, Kitchen Architecture

A two-tone kitchen has several obvious advantages. Since the lower cabinets get dirty more, you can choose a more practical color and material for them, and make the upper cabinets more elegant and decorative.

Vertical Arts Architecture

If the upper cabinets are light and the lower cabinets are dark, the kitchen set will appear lighter, airy, without visually overloading the space, which is especially important in a small kitchen.

Classic: dark, solid bottom and airy top due to white color. Interior design Drury Design

Unlike bright colors or futuristic designs that can get boring pretty quickly, using two harmonious colors is unlikely to get boring after six months. In addition, the question should not be approached head-on: not the entire lower row of cabinets can be highlighted with a contrasting color, but only part of it or one of the sections of tall cabinets. This will give the interior dynamics and liveliness.

Unsymmetrical decorative accents will make the interior more lively and not look like in the picture from the furniture catalog. Snaidero

You can experiment with the kitchen island, making it a decorative accent of the entire interior.

In any case, it is not necessary to make all kitchen furniture of the same color and material, then the interior will definitely not seem monotonous and insipid.

Two-tone kitchen with contrasting island for minimalists, Del Tongo

Two-tone kitchens do not limit your choice of style: classic, country or minimalistic high-tech.