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Affordable Small Kitchen DIY Makeover

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This DIY kitchen makeover is one of my favorite projects yet!

Kitchen after the makeover

My brother and sister-in-law, Jon and Shannon, live in a beautiful 1930s home with their three adorable boys. With their busy full-time schedules, their dated kitchen was not functioning with this current season of life and did not represent their style either. Because a full renovation is not in the cards right now, we came up with a very affordable plan to give this small kitchen a glow-up!

*Check out Jon and Shannon’s previous home, a 1920s American Colonial, that they lovingly restored.

Table of Contents

  • Small Kitchen DIY Makeover | Before
  • DIY Kitchen Makeover Punch List:
  • DIY Small Kitchen Makeover for $200
  • Kitchen Walls
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Floors
  • Kitchen Pantry DIY
  • Reorganize & Declutter Kitchen Cabinets
  • DIY Shaker Peg Rail
  • Painted Console
  • Small DIY Kitchen Makeover Reveal
  • Butler’s Pantry Reveal
  • DIY Kitchen Makeover | Budget Breakdown & Source List
  • Kitchen Makeover Decor Source List
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Small Kitchen DIY Makeover | Before

Their kitchen is split into two spaces, the main kitchen area and the butler’s pantry. One wall of the main kitchen area includes the fridge, stove/oven, microwave, and pantry that originally stored their garbage cans.

Across from the oven are the sink, dishwasher, and cabinets for storage. The biggest challenge in this small kitchen is storage or lack thereof. This lack of storage causes the countertops to become cluttered easily. I have some great DIY projects to address this small kitchen storage issue.

The room next to this main kitchen area is the butler’s pantry with the original cabinets on one wall.

The area across from the cabinet wall in the butler’s pantry is an open space with a large window and console table.

DIY Kitchen Makeover Punch List:

  • Repair/fill any holes
  • Paint the walls, trim, and ceiling a crisp white
  • Paint the cabinets greige
  • Replace the knobs
  • Paint the countertop trim white
  • Install shelves in the pantry closet to store food
  • Purge and declutter kitchen items
  • Reorganize kitchen items into cabinets that fit their current daily habits
  • Clean grout on the countertops and floors
  • Accessorize!

DIY Small Kitchen Makeover for $200

[This blog post contains affiliate links, thank you for supporting Building Bluebird! Scroll to the bottom of this post for the project source list. ]

I couldnt wait to get started on this kitchen. With a little love (and lots of paint), I knew we could make all of this kitchens best features really shine!

Kitchen Walls

My favorite way to update a space with a tight budget is with paint! We painted every inch of this kitchen and it did wonders to freshen up the entire space. For the walls, I chose Pure White by Sherwin Williams, to create a nice clean slate in this smaller kitchen.

Next, I painted the trim in semigloss, untinted white, and the ceiling white in a flat sheen.

Kitchen Cabinets

I painted the kitchen cabinets next using Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations tinted to the color Greige.

I love using these kits because it includes everything you need and there is no sanding required. We had just enough to paint two coats on all of the cabinets. On the lower cabinets, I replaced the knobs with simple wooden knobs and painted them the same color as the cabinet. Brass knobs were added to the upper cabinets for a higher-end look.


The tiled countertops are not ideal, but we made the best of what this little kitchen has to offer! Using a homemade grout cleaner, the countertops shined up pretty well! I apply two coats of white trim paint around the edge of the counter which really cleaned them up nicely.

*Check out how I updated our laundry room countertops using contact paper!


Although Jon and Shannon don’t love the kitchen floors, the good news is that they are durable and a neutral color. My SIL, Shannon, spent hours cleaning the grout on the floor using our DIY solution and it made such a big difference! Cleaning grout is one of the most satisfying tasks!

Kitchen Pantry DIY

Because the kitchen pantry is set into the wall, I kept pantry doors and trim the same color as the wall. It would look odd if the pantry cut-out was the same color as the cabinets. Painting them white creates a seamless look.

While it is nice to have trash and recycling out of sight, a pantry is better used to store food, especially in small kitchens! My dad and brother spent a weekend painting the inside of the cabinet and installing shelves to store food.

If your trash and recycling bins can’t be hidden, stainless steel bins with closed tops look great. We placed the two bins in the butler’s pantry where they are still somewhat hidden, but easily accessible.

Reorganize & Declutter Kitchen Cabinets

Once the food was moved into the pantry, there was so much space in the other cabinets! We corralled all of the items used for similar tasks into one area of the kitchen. For example, all of the coffee supplies are kept in one cabinet with all of the utensils within arm’s length.

Tray | Mug

DIY Shaker Peg Rail

This DIY peg rail is one of my favorite additions to the kitchen makeover. Peg rails are easy to make and offer so much function! For $20, we installed a large peg rail that can hold lunch boxes, bibs, aprons, bags, you name it! I painted it the same color as the wall for a simple and clean look.

Painted Console

With the fresh coat of paint on the walls, the off-white console felt bland.

Every room can benefit from a pop of black to anchor the space and so we painted the console black!

The best part is that I had black paint left over from another furniture project so it didn’t cost us a thing!

Small DIY Kitchen Makeover Reveal

Kitchen Sink

Here is a reminder of how the kitchen sink area looked before.

And that same view after.

One way that I decluttered this sink area was to utilize the soap pump built into the sink itself! This feature is often overlooked by homeowners either assuming it is broken or they don’t know how to fill it. I unscrewed the plastic bottle below the sink and it clearly had never been used by the previous homeowners either. This eliminated one bottle from the sink area – wahoo! I also recommend storing specialized soaps under the sink and pulling them out when needed.

Kitchen Countertops

Originally, I considered painting all of the countertops and backsplash, but a good grout cleaning did wonders! The photo is a bit blurry, but you can see the countertops and yellowed trim before the kitchen makeover.

With the grout clean, I painted the countertop trim a clean white for an updated look.

A cute fruit basket is great for function and looks pretty on the kitchen countertop.

Stovetop and Fridge Wall

Here is the other side of the kitchen before the DIY makeover.

And that same view after!

My brother and sister-in-law spent a weekend cleaning out their cabinets which allowed us to tuck away many of the items on the countertop. We also remove all of the knives from the big block and put them in the drawer. Getting rid of a knife block is a great way to add space on countertops.

Butler’s Pantry Reveal

Right next to the main kitchen area is the butler’s pantry. Even though these rooms are separate, they feel like one because we used the same wall color and cabinet color in each space.

Coffee Bar

Here is a before shot of the butler’s pantry when I started painting the walls.

And here is that same area after the DIY kitchen makeover! First, we tucked away the appliances in cabinets to increase countertop space. Next, I corralled all of their small coffee items onto one tray. Pulling a bunch of small items onto a larger tray is an easy way to create a cohesive and organized design. All of the coffee mugs are easily accessible directly above the coffee bar.

Peg Rail

Before, the butler’s pantry displayed sweet artwork from the kiddos but didn’t add a ton of function.

With that same view after the makeover, the family now has tons of storage with the DIY peg wall.

The kiddos now have a blank slate to display their works of art.

Open Space

Here is another view of the butler’s pantry as I began painting the walls white.

And that same view after! The white walls reflect the sunlight shining into this space and it just feels so cheerful. I am SO happy that Jon and Shannon decided to paint the console black, it completely changes the look of the table! While I didn’t include the trash cans in this photo, they are stored against this wall.

I can get scrappy when I have a smaller budget and this artwork is a great example of that. When my friends clean out their attics, they know who to call if they have items to get rid of! My girlfriend offloaded a bunch of frames from her attic that I have kept in my closet. This ornate frame was the perfect size and style for the butler’s pantry, I just needed a print! I found this vintage, downloadable print on Etsy for $4.50 and had it printed at Walmart. Total cost for custom art – $10!

Console Table

The console table fits perfectly against the wall under the window and is great for additional counter space. Before, the console had a farmhouse look with the faux, weathered paint. With the freshly painted white walls, the console table needed a little refresh.

I am a big fan of painting furniture because it can completely change the style and design. With a few coats of black paint, the console now feels updated and modern.

With a little DIY and a lot of effort, I am so proud of how this small kitchen makeover turned out. This tiny kitchen has so many wonderful qualities that are now highlighted with this budget-friendly transformation.

I put a lot of love and effort into this kitchen and it makes me so happy to create a kitchen that my family loves and will enjoy. While I spent a lot of time on this makeover, my brother and SIL, and my dad put in a ton of hours into it as well. I would not have been able to finish this project without their help!

DIY Kitchen Makeover | Budget Breakdown & Source List

  • Kitchen cabinet paint: $50
  • Wooden Knobs: $27
  • Brass Knobs: $45
  • Wall paint: Owned
  • Trim & ceiling paint: Owned
  • Black console paint: Owned
  • Peg rail: $20
  • Pantry Shelves
    • Support brackets: $20
    • Wood shelves: Owned
  • Artwork (frame owned): $12
  • Coffee tray: $30

Total Cost: $200

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Kitchen Makeover Decor Source List

  • Vase with hydrangeas (similar)
  • Hanging basket (similar)
  • Black apron
  • Wooden tray for coffee items
  • Coffee mug
  • Olive oil container
  • Glass jar for pasta (similar)
  • Magnolia Table Volume 1 & Volume 2
  • Cutting board (similar)
  • Fruit basket
  • Stoneware bowls

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Step-by-step kitchen renovation 6 sq.m (48 photos)

After moving to a “new apartment”, we decided to make repairs in the kitchen first, waited for the New Year holidays and away we go. My hands have been itching to work for a long time.

The kitchen in Khrushchev is ordinary in 6 squares, I have not experienced repairs before, except that painting the walls and gluing tiles to the ceiling. An external refrigerator is a rather good solution for storing potatoes, vegetables and preparations – leave it.

One wall is covered with tiles almost to the floor. I suppose there is no such person, born in the USSR, who would not see this tile.

The wallpaper turned out to be oilcloth, exactly the one that is laid on the table.

We searched the Internet for information and found an option that was chosen as a reference:

  • one wall – washable wallpaper;
  • the rest – for plastering, puttying and painting;
  • floors – laminate;
  • ceiling – mdf panels with built-in lamps;

We were inspired by this corner white kitchen of the same area as ours.

I will write about everything in more detail later.

And a fascinating process began, as they say in this case – to break not to build.

About 13 bags of potato garbage came out, dead cockroaches were swept out of all the cracks – I really believed the phrase cockroaches “left the city.” They will not be in the photo, otherwise suddenly someone is looking at the report and eating at the computer.

Then there was the day of the ax – he hit walls with an ax, beat off the paint, the paint soldered into the wall and did not yield to other means of cleaning. I freed the walls from paint in order to even out the crooked, skewed walls with a layer of plaster. The occupation is very gemorno, now I would not bother so much, but applied the plaster directly to the paint, or at least to the notches (as in the previous photo).

Gates for two sockets and for the hood, initially there was only one socket, in the most unfortunate place – where the table stands.

Penim everything and everything, in order to exclude cold and passages for cockroaches, in general, paid considerable attention to sealing the kitchen from cockroaches.

I started to weave a web of future wiring, I really liked the expensive snap-on terminal blocks for 3,5,7 connections.

The door jamb was uprooted, it took a long time to tinker with the fact that the frame was nailed to wooden blocks and it was unrealistic to get close to the nails to cut it off. Pulling out the bars is also unrealistic, because. the thickness of the wall between the kitchen and the room is not brick, not even half a brick, but the end of the brick, which is fraught with damage to the wall – the wall facing the room was slightly damaged.

I laid the cable, checked it, closed the gate.

I level the wall as far as I can, apply a level, look where it’s not right next to each other. In some places, the discrepancy at the 1.5 meter level reached 2 cm.

The hardest part of the repair for us was the installation of the door.

Firstly, due to lack of experience and the door frame, which must be cut across the width of the door leaf at an angle of 45 degrees, and also missed the size of the door – I had to expand the doorway. The door was bought “at random”, I measured the old canvas was 66cm, the new 70cm. – it seemed that there was 4 cm – it would fit. The plus, of course, is that any furniture will normally fit into 70 cm. You can spend a lot of time in the general assembly and installation of the door, but in the future I will look for a set of door frame and leaf so that I don’t have to cut the frame myself or order installation from specialists.

Plastering, not difficult, but a lot. Constantly kneading and smearing, smearing, smearing, leveling and again. A little steamy in hard-to-reach places. Here the principle is, the smoother it is now, the easier it is at the next stages – putty, tiles, wallpaper. In general, it is better to plaster in two stages: the main one is drops, holes and rough irregularities, and then the finishing one – the purpose of which is to level it into a plane, but I tried to do it in one layer, because. the time for drying the plaster can take two days or more.

Plastered and almost dry, while we are working on the ceiling and ceiling wiring, we removed the sovdep chandelier. Profile by level, fasten to the mustache, or whatever these fasteners are called.

View from the floor to the ceiling: MDF panel with lights, a fairly simple step. They didn’t take PVC, it looks like it’s cheap, and I don’t like plastic, but this is just my subjective opinion. In the second picture, this is what is left behind the scenes, i.e. between panel and ceiling.

In the photo you can see the clamping terminal, a very handy thing, but also not cheap. The ends of the stranded wires are crimped into limit switches, I did not know about the existence of such ones earlier)) No soldering, tinning of wires.

The first results of labor are visible, here I said – “but life is getting better”, because. there was no end in sight for a week of hopeless devastation.

And outside the window the kids are playing hockey, and the kids are just poking around on the ice.

Next, the puttying stage took me exactly a day. I will characterize puttying as the most creative process, since it requires experience, endurance and even walls, if you don’t have to try hard to glue the wallpaper, and if it’s the finishing one, then you’ll have to sweat. On the zone – a sink, a stove, applied an apron made of ceramic tiles, then a ceiling plinth.

I would like to note that I devoted a lot of time to the ceiling plinth – it would seem ..

And it includes:

– trimming corners to 45 degrees. so that it fits nicely in the corners;

– gluing to the wall, ceiling

– filling holes (especially important for me because of uninvited guests)

– then painting the skirting boards and covering the holes with paint so that the skirting boards have a finished look and match the color with the wall.

– cleaning the ceiling of paint, but it is better not to smear, otherwise the texture on the panel is erased along with it. It is better to take ceiling skirting boards wider, it is easier to bypass wall irregularities with them.

I paint the walls with water-dispersion paint.

Laying the laminate, here is a relatively quick and easy job, it is important not to make a mistake in size here and even more important not to confuse which side to saw off, otherwise you can cut it so that the locks will not fit later. I took the substrate not in rolls, but in sheets of 6 mm, it solves a flat floor so that later the laminate does not shake, it shook with us, we had to disassemble half the floor, pour the screed – not a very good moment at the finishing stage. The wallpaper on the plastered wall lay down for a sweet soul.


everything according to the possibilities.

The lighting is divided into two zones, the entrance group and the remote group, each includes four lamps, eight in total. I use the remote one in the morning when I’m going to work so that direct light does not shine through the door, because the door immediately goes into the room and can wake up the family. Initially, I planned five energy-saving lamps (7W \u003d 25W written on the lamp) at the rate of 25W * 5W \u003d 125W, more than enough for 6 squares, but in practice this turned out to be not enough, as a result, I drilled more holes and eight turned out to be quite enough.

25W * 8 = 200W, but they do not give out two hundred W, in the future I will take LED ones.

This repair can be considered completed.

Tags: do-it-yourself kitchen renovation 6 sq. m kitchen renovation direct kitchen kitchen renovation photo cheap kitchen renovation stages of kitchen renovation

Do-it-yourself kitchen renovation 7 sq m (41 step-by-step photos)

I want to brag a little about my work. A friend’s kitchen has been waiting for a year since 2000 for repairs. But her hands still did not reach until I came to the rescue and did the repairs with my own hands.

I started with dismantling work: I dismantled and removed the old furniture, removed the old wallpaper, replaced the glass in the double-glazed window (the photo shows that it was cracked).

There were no problems with the plaster at all: apparently, the former builders never heard of concrete contact, because the plaster fell off in pieces.

The wall with the doorway was sheathed over the wooden frame with drywall.

Primed the walls, filled cracks and voids with assembly foam.

In the corner there is a supporting beam, or, as we called it, a box.

A friend decided to save money on tiles, so instead of dismantling the tiles, she removed only the old grout.

And rewired.

We now have a caramel-colored grout that matches the tiles.

I plastered the walls with Rotbant, cleaned and primed them, puttied and primed them again.

They also decided not to touch the floor tiles, only the grout under a thick layer of fat turned out to be a terribly ugly color. I removed the old grout and rubbed it again, Graphite colors.

The ceiling was plastered and painted.

Having dismantled the socket, I found this:

In all other sockets, the situation turned out to be similar, the sockets had to be “growth”.

The sockets were not moved. As it turned out later, the end of the tabletop directly rests on the top outlet, and the bottom one turned out to be directly in the closet. It would be better to move.

I cover the wall with photo wallpapers Komar – Florence. You can see the color of the new grout on the floor.

Marked out the wall for photo wallpaper using a laser level, beat off the center of the wall.

For me, this is the 4th experience of gluing photo wallpapers, there are only 4 sheets, and I had to glue 8 as well. The glue spread KLEO.

Wallpaper imitating brickwork was taken from Leroy. Since the roll was the last one, we were worried to the last whether there would be enough wallpaper for the wall. Fortunately, that was enough.

The wallpaper is washable and has the following texture:

As a result, the appearance of the wall was as follows:

I nailed the plinth along the perimeter, at that time the furniture was brought.

If we take furniture, we bought cheap chairs, made in Novosibirsk. The battery was painted with silver paint with the addition of coffee color.

Installed built-in appliances (my friend cooks pasta for dinner).

A bit of a mess on the pictures, but everything is like in life, without embellishment.


So, this is the design of the kitchen 7 sq. meters turned out as a result of repair:

I am dissatisfied with the table top: the edges were treated simply disgusting! Sawing roundings, they could grind off the butt to the end.

Instead of roller blinds, my friend chose silver blinds.