Kitchen designs for a small kitchen: 82 Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas

82 Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas


Streamline the Space

Liz Lange

Opting for an all-white kitchen can instantly make a space feel bigger thanks to the shade’s light-reflecting nature. Smooth, glossy cabinet fronts (no hardware here) and a cooktop set in matching countertops maximizes the gleaming effect.


Make Your Own Island

Corinne Mathern Studio

In this small kitchen by designer Corinne Mathern Studio, a counter-height work table doubles as an island and eating space. You can easily push a piece like this against the wall or move it out of the room anytime it starts to feel cramped.


Paint Each Portion

Trevor Parker

Here’s a playful way to designate a kitchen’s different zones and make it appear bigger: Use three blue shades to create depth, as designer Garrow Kedigian did here. Stretching the lightest one up to the ceiling emphasizes its height, making this space feel airy.

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Lighten Up

Tim Williams

To ground a small kitchen without making it feel cave-like, use a dark color on only the bottom half, and swap for a lighter shade on top. Natural wood connects this space to the forest outside.


Paint the Floor

Read McKendree

To open up this kitchen, designer Kevin Isbell painted an oversize glossy checkered print on the floor. The light, bright colors coordinate perfectly with the cafe curtain fabric.


Forego Hardware

Annie Schlechter

To maintain a visually sleek appearance, exchange exposed hardware in favor of inset grooves or cutout handles.

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Install a Set of Doors

Michael Persico

Take a note from designer Matthew Ferrarini, and install pocket doors to hide your kitchen’s hardest working wall when you’re not cooking or cleaning up. We love this idea for open floor plans and studio apartments.


Cover the Clutter

Leanne Ford Interiors

Have a farmhouse sink or exposed plumbing that has seen better days? Skirt the issue. That is, install a sink skirt hide the mess, the way they did in old English country kitchens.


Utilize Your Island

Hecker Guthrie

The hangout side of an island can absolutely work harder. Design it with cabinets instead of a solid slab of wood, and it’s ideal for storing not-so-frequently-used items.

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Choose a Happy Color

Amy Neunsinger

To make a narrow galley kitchen feel more intentional (and less like a dark alcove), install statement pendant lights. This ombré pair brightens it from end to end and draws eyes up.


Create an Appliance Garage

Lauren Miller

Don’t have much counter space? Consider adding an appliance garage within your cabinetry as designer Natalie Chong did in her former Toronto townhouse. The cubby held her Nespresso machine. Underneath, a push-to-open wood panel hid a Vitamix.


Make It Double as a Mudroom

Jeff Herr

For a Georgia kitchen connected to a back door, designer Laura Jenkins turned some cabinets near the built-in refrigerator into a mudroom closet. The seamless construction also hides a coffee station and pantry, making the room feel larger.

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Maintain a Neutral Palette

Seth Smoot

With a neutral-leaning color palette, your kitchen can feel more open and serene. Just take note of this tranquil kitchen by Lauren Nelson Design, which incorporates handmade tile, marble countertops, and cabinetry in Benjamin Moore’s Caldwell Green that subtly reference the outdoors.


Build In Kitchen Necessities

Adam Kane Macchia

In this kitchen designed by Sarah Robertson, a slide-in cutting board and drying rack flank the range—making cooking a total breeze. Not to mention cleanup: You never have to worry about fitting them into other drawers or cabinets.


Add a Nook for Bench Seating

Chris Mottalini

Consider maximizing your dining arrangement with a nook for a built-in bench as designer Nannette Brown did for this moody galley kitchen in a New York apartment.

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Opt for a Countersplash


Countersplashes—when the same slab style is used for the countertop and backsplash—make everything look and function smoother. Pro designers are embracing the style, including designer Melanie Millner who chose Cielo quartzite for this European-inspired estate in Georgia. Enhance the spacious, cohesive feel with a little display shelf in the same material.


Clear the Counters

Kirsten Francis

If hanging a pot rack from the ceiling isn’t ideal for you, opt for a short rail secured to a small open shelf. In this kitchen by designer Augusta Hoffman, a small rod displays a few go-to tools and cookware for easy access while cooking.


Hide Your Charging Station

Tim Lenz

If you tend to charge your phone or iPad in your kitchen, move that clutter into a drawer with docking outlets like this sleek setup by designer Sarah Robertson. That way, you’ll have more counter space to cook and flip through recipe books.

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Use Faux Brick

Haris Kenjar

Amplify the character in your small kitchen with the look of exposed brick for less. In this San Francisco kitchen, designer Lynn Kloythanomsup chose a classic red brick, but since it was just for looks, went faux. “It’s like a thin brick tile,” she explains.


Work With Smaller Appliances

Ashlee Kindred

Save counter space with a built-in electric cooktop. A slim version—like this one with two burners in a working pantry by Rob Klein and Amy Kreutz of Conceptual Kitchens & Millwork—will give you more room to unload groceries and prepare meals.

80+ Small Kitchen Ideas to Make the Most of Your Cooking Space


Pair Smart Storage with a Fresh Hue

Rachael Smith

This Victorian farmhouse in the Oxfordshire, England, digs of Toast CEO Suzie de Rohan Willner may be on the small side, but it sings with country charm. Bright green lower cabinets help the eye to zip around the space, while open shelving allows for smart storage and display of chic knickknacks.


Towering Cabinets and White Paint

Kelly Marshall

The client of this Manhattan apartment doesn’t use her small galley-style kitchen that often, but that didn’t keep designer Lauren Buxbaum Gordon from making it a showpiece. Her signature move? To extend the cabinetry all the way up to the soaring period ceilings. Light countertops and a glossy white paint job let sunshine into the room, but it’s the gleaming gold hardware and accents that really make this small kitchen a winner.


Inky Black Backsplash

Simon Upton

When you’re working with a 16th-century townhouse, like French designer Eric Allart did, you have to embrace the period quirks. This kitchen came complete with terra-cotta tiles. Rather than rip them out, Allart kept them in place and designed a quirky kitchen in unexpected hues to complement them. Here, an inky tile backsplash refracts sunlight, and a Pepto-pink shade on the walls and ceilings works to move the eye upward.

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Cream Dream

Chris Mottalini

This apartment, designed by New York firm Husband Wife, employs Buxbaum Gordon’s towering kitchen cabinet rule. But rather than resort to the usual all-white, the designers clad the walls in a swirling marble and coated the cabinets in the dreamiest shade of glossy cream paint. It’s the perfect combo of classic and contemporary.


Tiny Dining

Pieter Estersohn

A small area didn’t stop Nate Berkus from incorporating a diminutive table and chairs (a vintage architect’s desk and school chairs) into his former Chicago kitchen. The metal cabinets were original to the 1929 apartment and pack in just the right amount of industrial-chic storage.


Shipshape Charm

Stephen Kent Johnson

You’d never believe it, but this Provincetown, Massachusetts, cottage started life out as a humble fishing shack. Designer David Cafiero embraced the nautical theme throughout the house, including in this pint-size galley kitchen, which was modeled after a ship’s cooking space.

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Splashy Hues

David Land

This Brooklyn apartment is blessed with super-tall ceilings and tons of natural light. Designer Danielle Fennoy of Revamp Interior Design amped up the airiness in the combined kitchen and dining area with vibrant jolts of jewel-toned colors, including with this emerald green backsplash (which replaced the original, developer-installed white subway tile) and retro-chic Knoll dining chairs reupholstered in scarlet, “nightclub ready” Ultraleather.


Jewel Box Kitchen

Joshua McHugh

Like most busy New Yorkers, the resident of this Manhattan apartment doesn’t have time to cook often, but that doesn’t mean the kitchen plays second fiddle to the rest of the home. Instead Sarah Mendel and Risa Emen of Cochineal Design converted the space into a functional showpiece of its own, with bold marble and cabinets lacquered in Farrow & Ball’s sultry Preference Red. Bonus: It’s the perfect nook for displaying the client’s collection of ceramics.


Eclectic and Collected

Kirk Davis Swinehart

Sometimes it’s best to embrace the chaos. And we can’t think of a better example than this jubilant kitchen nook belonging to William Cullum, the senior designer at Jayne Design Studio, and his partner Jeffery Rhodes. A hot-pink Victorian-era pie safe-houses antique serveware, while a goat sculpture (formerly a display fixture at Saks Fifth Avenue) cheekily guards the fridge (camouflaged in whimsical artwork) against midnight snack marauders. In this space anything truly goes, as long as you do you.

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Mini Island

Tim Lenz

Just because you have a miniature cooking space doesn’t mean you need to forgo areas to prep and dine. The trick is to think small, as with this diminutive kitchen island in an apartment designed by Nicholas Obeid. With vintage stools tucked beneath and a pair of Allied Maker pendants hung above, this vignette has all the impact of its sprawling suburban cousins.


Statement Hood

Brian W. Ferry

We love how this kitchen, in a family-friendly Brooklyn apartment for the cofounders of Civilian, packs in plenty of storage with whimsical details. The custom island, topped with an eye-catching piece of marble, doubles as a repository to stash cookbooks and dinnerware, while the cherry-red hood (also custom) adds a fun postmodern pop.


Burnt Sienna Lacquer

Stephan Julliard

We’ve been seeing lacquered cabinets everywhere lately and this chic example, located in a Paris pad designed by Hugo Toro, proves that the finish can add extra oomph to even the smallest of spaces. In addition to the glossy coat, in a custom shade of burnt sienna from Redfield & Dattner, Toro incorporated handsome brass finishes (just check out that ceiling!) and bold marble on the walls, countertops, and ceilings.

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Airy and Bright

Jennifer Hughes

Relying on a light palette is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to creating the illusion of space, and with good reason. Here, in the Washington, D.C., home of Dan Sallick and Elizabeth Miller, feathery marble, crisp white cabinets, and warm timber details work in concert to foster the airiest of cooking nooks. The inky David Weeks chandelier adds a graphic touch.


Lavender Kitchen

Oberto Gili

Sure, green and black kitchens have been trending in recent years, but we love this happy pale lavender version in the Milan apartment of Lisa Corti. The hue works to delineate the space, which the textile designer further personalized with open shelves, knickknacks (we love the framed photo of the cat), and a sky-blue table.


Boxed In

Ye Rin Mok

Who says thinking inside the box is a bad thing? It certainly isn’t in this sculptural kitchen in a Los Angeles bungalow designed by LAUN. A green lacquered volume not only is a chic way to camouflage the refrigerator, it also serves as a handy device to break up the home’s mostly open floor plan. High-shine brass cladding around the sink and cabinets, meanwhile, amplifies the room, not to mention gives the scheme a glam Midas touch.

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Geodesic Kitchen

Trevor Tondro

Not all of us can say we live in a refurbished 1970s geodesic dome, like hatmaker Nick Fouquet, but there are still spatial lessons to be gleaned from the kitchen: Instead of fighting the quirky architecture, Fouquet embraced it, creating a faceted cooking area and echoing the building’s geometries in the island. He even installed shelving in the triangular-shaped structural elements.


A Miniature Breakfast Nook

Kirsten Francis

Even though designer and paint entrepreneur Nicole Gibbons has a small New York apartment, she made her kitchen feel light and airy by painting the walls an ever-so-subtle duck egg. A petite breakfast nook—complete with its own tiny gallery wall—makes the most of her square footage and her budget, with a small table from Amazon and Marcel Breuer–style chairs.


Mixed Materials

Gaelle Le Boulicaut

This kitchen in a secluded alpine getaway may be small, but its smart spatial solutions (we love the hanging shelves above the sink) and strong material palette of locally sourced stone and timber allow this cozy cooking space to punch above its weight.

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Maximalist Finishes

Mikhail Loskutov

A pint-size space is a good excuse to go bold (take the humble powder room, for example), and a kitchen is no exception. In this truly one-of-a-kind kitchen in a St. Petersburg apartment, designer Tim Veresnovsky covered the walls, cabinets, and chair in a black-and-white striped eucalyptus veneer.


Gleaming Surfaces

Helenio Barbetta/Living Inside

The high-shine, high-contrast brass finish on the cabinets in this Milanese kitchen creates the illusion of more space and gives the whole open-concept space some Midas-tinged glam.

Anna Fixsen

Deputy Digital Editor

Anna Fixsen, Deputy Digital Editor at ELLE DECOR, focuses on how to share the best of the design world through in-depth reportage and online storytelling. Prior to joining the staff, she has held positions at Architectural Digest, Metropolis, and Architectural Record magazines. 

Small kitchens – photos of kitchens in the interior, designers’ advice

Today, there is a lot of information on how to decorate the interior of a small kitchen. But there are a few basic rules that will allow you to do this quickly and efficiently.

It should be noted that a small kitchen is considered to be less than 8 sq.m. or kitchens of irregular shape, narrow or walk-through. For each of these options, you can choose your own furniture and appliances that will simultaneously make the room beautiful and functional.

Equipment location – first of all, I would like to say about household appliances. It should be located so as not to interfere with the passage. It is best if it is built-in and will create a single composition with a kitchen set. The working surface for the convenience of work should be from 3 to 6 meters. This can be ensured by first considering, if necessary, the transfer of the sink, stove and refrigerator. This is not so difficult to do, but in the future it will provide maximum comfort during cooking.

Design of kitchen furniture should be thought out so that the hob or stove is not next to the sink. It is best if at least a small part of the countertop or bedside table is located between them.

The hob must also not be placed close to a window, as this can lead to blowing out the flame and unforeseen consequences.

When creating the interior of a small kitchen, you need to take care of the correct position of the oven.

In most models, the door opens forward, so you need to make sure that when you open it, there is more than a meter to the opposite wall.

Furniture – Tall pieces of kitchen furniture, such as a pencil case or a refrigerator, are best placed at the edges of the work surface to avoid interruption.

Choosing wall cabinets for a small kitchen and choosing their location, you must first take into account the growth of the owners of the apartment. Wall cabinets should be hung so that all family members can easily reach them, and at the same time it was impossible to hit their heads on them. Usually they are located at a height of 60 centimeters from the countertop.

As for the space above the hob, it is better not to hang it with cabinets, but to place an extractor fan above it. Such an arrangement of household appliances and furniture will make the space of a small kitchen as functional as possible and you will significantly reduce the time for cooking and subsequent cleaning of the kitchen.

Doorway in a small kitchen – in order to make more practical use of the space of a small kitchen, you need to “work” with the doorway, if possible. It is clear that ordinary doors will be too impractical and will take up too much space.

The best way out of the situation may be to widen the doorway, create a beautiful arch that will give the impression of additional space, use light curtains (for example, thread curtains for the kitchen) or sliding doors. Moreover, the use of sliding doors or curtains will be more preferable, because this will prevent the spread of odors throughout the apartment.

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Small kitchen design styles in 2023

Functional and adaptable solutions must be mobile and weightless, so that the final look of a small kitchen is outlined by modern lightness. Treat the choice of any interior item wisely – do not clutter up the kitchen area with unnecessary and unnecessary items, the selected interior and decor items should be practical. For example, massive chairs and armchairs will only worsen the interior design of a small kitchen. And the right shade of the walls, artificial lighting and mirror elements will help to radically improve the proportions of the room, creating a pleasant cozy atmosphere.

Modern interiors of small kitchens show a variety of styles and combinations. Their harmony borders on beauty and functionality, quality of materials and textures. But there are areas that are more popular for small areas. Let’s talk about them.


Unobtrusive design, simple shapes, light tone, functionality and minimal decor are the main features of minimalism. Clarity and simplicity in everything implies a built-in kitchen storage system, with drawers and cabinets according to the “touch to open” opening system without handles and a pronounced relief. Do not clutter up the space of a small kitchen with unnecessary accessories – think over your minimum set of devices. Built-in appliances, transforming furniture and folding structures will ideally fit into small footage.

Minimalism. Photo: social networksMinimalism. Photo: social networksMinimalism. Photo: social networks


The style has the features of minimalism, so it is ideal for decorating a small kitchen. All pieces of furniture and decor should be practical and contain everything you need. You can use bright accents in moderation to only emphasize the character of the room and set some originality. Household appliances can also serve as accents.

Modern. Photo: social networksModern. Photo: social networksModern. Photo: social networks


High-tech design includes smooth surfaces of kitchen facades, chrome-plated elements, an abundance of light sources, all kinds of mirror inserts and tinted glass. Black, gray and white are the best design companions. Neutral tones of blue or green with a cool undertone will perfectly emphasize the character of the style. The style is expressed in the use of an immodest amount of built-in “smart” technology.

Hi-tech. Photo: social networksHi-tech. Photo: social networksHi-tech. Photo: social networks


A cozy rustic design that stands out for its features: simplicity in textures and materials, forged and wicker elements, decor of natural fabrics, natural shades of warm pastel colors. Rigid textures and rough shapes lead directly to natural wood – a material that perfectly emphasizes the style. Stone is the second companion from which you can make a countertop for a work surface or an apron. Only in conditions of small meters, it is still not worth using massive structures made of wood or stone, it is better to do with finishing or light decoration, for example, cover the floor with a rough oak board and hang curtains made of natural linen. A modern approach allows you to replace natural materials with safe alternatives.

Country. Photo: social networksCountry. Photo: social networksCountry. Photo: social networks

Modern design of a small kitchen

The modern interior of a small kitchen does not impose certain rules on its design. The most important thing is to reflect in the interior personal preferences about coziness, beauty and comfort. When creating a design, you can even combine the features of different styles, but do not forget about harmony and aesthetics. Simple materials, neutral tones and modern high-tech appliances will definitely help in shaping the look of your unique kitchen.

The right tone

Fresh meadow tones, subtle pinks or more timeless classics like white or cream are perfect for small kitchens. By applying the right tone, a visual feeling of a spacious room is immediately created. In addition, the interiors of the kitchen, made in a neutral style, always look neat and monolithic. Do not forget about the trendy shades of 2023: fresh meadow, sea, delicate pink and terracotta.

Kitchen interiors in a neutral style. Photo: social networks Kitchen interiors in a neutral style. Photo: social networks Kitchen interiors in a neutral style. Photo: social networks

Monochrome interiors of small kitchens with white walls, floors and pieces of furniture are a real trend in 2023. Such a design technique will erase the “pressing boundaries” of a cramped space and create a feeling of spaciousness. You can also use several shades of white and combine contrasting textures: a glass backsplash with glossy or matte kitchen fronts, and the walls can be decorated with imitation brickwork.

Monochrome interiors. Photo: social networksMonochrome interiors. Photo: social networksMonochrome interiors. Photo: social networks

If you like accents, then in this capacity you can consider a refrigerator, an interesting countertop or curtains.

Built-in storage system

Hidden storage systems are the most relevant option not only for a small kitchen, this is a modern trend. For those who like to cook often, as a rule, there are many different accessories in the arsenal that must be hidden somewhere. In this case, you can additionally use the height – extend the kitchen set to the ceiling with another additional tier. Such a storage space will allow you to arrange holiday dishes, jars of jam or kitchen utensils that are used less frequently.

Hidden storage systems. Photo: social networks Hidden storage systems. Photo: social networks Hidden storage systems. Photo: social networks

Pay attention to functional transforming furniture and kitchen sets for built-in appliances. Folding tables, custom ways to store accessories: cabinets can include hidden corners for appliances, spice racks can be easily attached to the inside edge of the cabinet door, and the wall can be used to attach essentials.

Transforming furniture and kitchen sets for built-in appliances. Photo:

Compact storage becomes more practical with stackable pots and pans. Think over a strategy, how drawers and cabinet doors will open, what set of devices you need – as a result, the creation process will turn into an exciting quest.

Built-in “smart” mini appliances

Even a small kitchen can be fully equipped with all the necessary functions for convenient cooking. Household appliances should be built-in, not stationary. This will save a little more useful centimeters of area, and give the kitchen set the integrity of the working area. Choose household appliances that combine several useful functions at once: a slow cooker – a bread machine, a double boiler – an oven – a microwave. The hood must also be compact, otherwise it will look ridiculous.

Compact kitchen. Photo: social networksCompact kitchen. Photo: social networksCompact kitchen. Photo: social networks

The hob, as a rule, is standard and includes four burners at once. Think about how often you use all? If not, then you should give preference to a two-burner built-in module. It is designed exactly like a full-fledged hob, only much smaller in width.

The refrigerator can be placed in a non-standard way – under the worktop. Of course, such models of refrigerators are somewhat inferior in capacity to standard ones, but if there is not enough space, the option is quite relevant.

Round table

Instead of the standard rectangular table, which often looks a little bulky, choose an alternative – oval or round. Such a table looks more ergonomic and is able to give the small meters of the kitchen some space.

Round table in the kitchen. Photo: social networksRound table in the kitchen. Photo: social networksRound table in the kitchen. Photo: social networks

Accordingly, choose chairs that are light in appearance and weight for the appearance of the table. The trend is still made of polycarbonate, creating the effect of “invisibility” and at the same time easy to use.

Invisibility effect. Photo: social networks The effect of “invisibility”. Photo: social networks The effect of “invisibility”. Photo: social networks

Rejection of the door

The door is another interior element that can take up space in the kitchen. The “door rejection” technique is often used in the design of small kitchens, for example, in Khrushchev, because it increases the area that can be used to arrange furniture. At the same time, the opening can be designed according to the chosen style, resorting to platbands or stucco molding, or even transform it into an arch. But if you do not accept the absence of this element, then you should install a door with an outward opening or pick up a sliding one.

Door refused. Photo: social networksRejection of the door. Photo: social networks

Use of a window sill

The window sill can be used for other purposes: turn it into a countertop. This solution is not only one of the most popular in modern design, but also helps to visually expand the space of small kitchens. In addition, the tabletop provides two full-fledged dining places, which is ideal for a small family.

Turning a window sill into a countertop. Photo: social networks Turning a window sill into a countertop. Photo: social networks Turning a window sill into a countertop. Photo: social networks

Facing with mirror elements

Mirrors in a small area can visually expand the space almost twice. The main thing is to place them correctly and not overdo it. A great option is to hang a mirror near the window, because in this way the influx of natural light will increase in the room. It is also appropriate to cover only a fragment of the wall with a mirror, for example, emphasizing only the dining area.

Mirrors can visually expand the space. Photo: social networksMirrors can visually expand the space. Photo: social networksMirrors can visually expand the space. Photo: social networks

If you like the unusual, then you can take note of the mirror mosaics and panels. You need to select a mirror shape following the chosen style and configuration of the small kitchen. One of the bold tricks is the placement of mirror elements instead of an apron. It is resorted to when the countertop has a rather narrow size, thereby visually expanding it. Sometimes mirrors can also replace facades on a kitchen set. In this case, strength plays an important role – choose the most durable mirror glass, because when subjected to mechanical stress, it should not crack.


If the location of the kitchen is adjacent, for example, to a living room or a loggia, then the problem can be solved by combining the two rooms. This step will help create the feeling of a spacious modern space, as well as make the small kitchen much brighter. At the same time, it is not necessary to demolish the entire wall, part of it can be turned into a bar counter or given under a functional countertop.

A visually combined room can be zoned using different floor or wall finishes – this technique will help to avoid confusion and harmoniously connect two rooms into one. For example, the kitchen area can be emphasized with tiles, and the living area with parquet.

Combined room. Photo: social networksCombined room. Photo: social networksCombined room. Photo: social networks

Using a multi-level ceiling to decorate the kitchen area will help divide the space and hide the necessary communications. With the help of glass partitions and sliding doors, it is possible to provide for competent zoning of two spaces. Another useful technique is separation with furniture. At the border of the two zones, place a sofa, a rack or an island table, but at the same time, these elements should not interfere with the penetration of natural light into the room.

Separation of the zone with furniture. Photo: social networks Separation of the zone with the help of furniture. Photo: social networks Separation of the zone with the help of furniture. Photo: social networks

Classic design of a small kitchen

Classic is always appropriate and timeless, but to implement it in small spaces, you should still follow some rules: bulky and too pretentious elements should be avoided. For example, massive window frames and lush chandeliers simply will not find their proper place in a small kitchen. It is also worth choosing more restrained and compact pieces of furniture with a concise design.

Classic kitchen design. Photo: social networksClassic kitchen design. Photo: social networksClassic kitchen design. Photo: social networks

Design of a small kitchen in Khrushchev

A small kitchen can be called initially a rather complicated design platform, but you can still achieve an impeccable result thanks to some secrets. Practicality and minimalism are two faithful companions for any small kitchen in Khrushchev. In addition to placing everything you need in a small area, you need to remember about ease of use.

The layout depends on the parameters of a particular room. Photo: social networks The layout depends on the parameters of a particular room. Photo: social networks The layout depends on the parameters of a particular room. Photo: social networks

The kitchen set is the most visible and sometimes cumbersome element. For a small kitchen, it should be more ergonomic and neat, with plain facades without noticeable details and gaps. The comfortable use of the “working triangle”, namely the refrigerator, stove and sink, depends on the configuration of the kitchen set. The main points of activity fall on the corners of the figure, between which a person must move freely when cooking. In the conditions of a small-sized kitchen, it is best to use sets in the shape of the letter P or G. At the same time, options for a linear or parallel arrangement of the set are not excluded. The final layout depends on the parameters of a particular room, the location of window and door openings, as well as the main communications.

Choose built-in smart appliances that make your kitchen design easier. If there is not enough variety, then you can add zest to the kitchen interior with the help of an apron made of durable triplex glass, after placing an interesting print on its surface. As for the dining area, often small kitchens cannot accommodate a full-fledged one, so you have to look for another solution. One good option would be to place a narrow bar counter with high stools or folding structures. The role of the dining table can be perfectly performed by a converted window sill.

Window sill as a dining area. Photo: social networksWindow sill-countertop as a dining area. Photo: social networksWindow sill-countertop as a dining area. Photo: social networks

Design of a small kitchen 6 sq. m

The secret of a successful kitchen layout of 6 square meters. meters, primarily determined by the placement of all kitchen furniture. Since the main filling of the kitchen is household appliances and furniture, it is worthwhile to determine in advance the exact location of the refrigerator, stove and sink. Here, sometimes you can’t do without the services of manufacturing custom-made furniture strictly according to your size, because standard items, as a rule, occupy much more than the usable area of ​​​​a small-sized kitchen. It also gives an incomparable advantage, because such kitchens are truly unique.

When designing an interior, do not focus too much on small details. Choose the style you like and create within it. Some elements are perfectly acceptable to be replaced by available alternatives. For the design of a kitchen of 6 square meters. meters, palettes of light shades, oval and round shapes of objects are ideal. But clear lines in this case should be avoided, as they can already narrow the small space of the kitchen.

Kitchen layouts of 6 sq. meters. Photo: social networksKitchen layouts of 6 square meters. meters. Photo: social networksKitchen layouts of 6 square meters. meters. Photo: social networks

If the room is in the shape of a square, then the placement of a U-shaped kitchen set is ideal. A sink can be placed at the window, and the stove and refrigerator are symmetrically closer to the center of the walls. Thus, the fastest access to the main vertices of the “working triangle” will be fully provided. The L-shaped headset can be used if you intend to leave free space for the dining area. It is best to mount the sink in the corner, and the rest of the items on opposite sides of it. Narrower rooms resembling a rectangle are optimal for accommodating a linear and parallel headset.

Optimal placement of a small kitchen. Photo: social networks Optimal placement of a small kitchen. Photo: social networks Optimal placement of a small kitchen. Photo: social networks

Design of a small kitchen 5 sq. m

Small kitchen area of ​​5 sq. m. meters often leads to difficulties for its owner, because it is still a task to properly organize the workspace and dining area. First of all, in order to get a functional and cozy room for a small kitchen, you need to think over the “working triangle”. It is necessary to engage in the process of cooking in conditions of convenience, when all interior elements and objects are located in direct access. Therefore, the functionality of furniture arrangement implies the maximum rammed number of interior items without frills. Kitchen sets in their configuration can be very different: L- and U-shaped, as well as linear and parallel. Making furniture to order will be the best option for organizing the space of a small kitchen. The more tasks one item can do, the better. Transformer furniture is the most anticipated design that will allow you to successfully use all the compartments for storing various kitchen accessories.

Functional and cozy kitchen area. Photo: social networksFunctional and cozy kitchen room. Photo: social networksFunctional and cozy kitchen room. Photo: social networks

You can also resort to combining space, which will increase the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe kitchen. You can combine with a living room or a loggia. Between the two rooms, you can install a sliding glass loft partition or an arched opening. Loft partitions have a great advantage – a thin profile and high throughput, due to which the kitchen room will be filled with daylight. You can also use a standard door, but with a glass sheet, which will also allow you to adjust the small footage. An interesting accent will also help to win the area, visually distracting attention from the modest meters of the kitchen.

Design of a small corner kitchen

The corner kitchen configuration is considered one of the most popular, because its functionality is integrated as compactly as possible. Furniture and household appliances are located near two adjacent walls, forming the letter L, thus leaving room for a full-fledged dining area. To create such a kitchen in a small area, you need a room that is close to a square in shape, then all the elements will be conveniently located, and not just fill the useful centimeters of the area. In addition, the corner option can be called a universal option for arranging a kitchen in any style.

Corner kitchen options depend on how the furniture is connected. It can be done in three ways, as a result of which the design of the corner pedestal takes on a different shape: straight, beveled or semicircular. A right angle connection is the most functional and convenient way in a small kitchen area. Thus, it will turn out to arrange the headset more compactly and conveniently.

Corner kitchen configuration. Photo: social networks Corner configuration of the kitchen. Photo: social networks Corner configuration of the kitchen. Photo: social networks

Corner kitchen, allows you to put a refrigerator, sink and stove according to the rules of the “working triangle” – at an equal distance from each other. This will save time for cooking, because all the main items will be directly accessible. The system of internal storage of kitchen utensils is also fully provided, it is possible to zone the space into a working and dining area. Think over the little things – for how many people the kitchen is equipped, what appliances can include several devices at once, etc.

Examples of kitchen design. Photo: social networks Examples of kitchen design. Photo: social networks Examples of kitchen design. Photo: social networks

Lighting sources play an equally important role in the visual expansion of space, but with them, as well as with decor, the rule of harmonious quantity applies, contributing to comfort in the room. It is better to hang the main light source above the dining area or in the center, and in addition, spotlights can be placed along the perimeter of the ceiling. Do not forget about the work area, be sure to organize a lighting scenario for it, using LED strips and a separate switch.

In 90% of cases it will be right to make a white kitchen and light walls. Photo:

Expert opinion

Denis Serov, interior designer:

– One of the most popular styles in 2022 is the modern classic. Such a kitchen usually has a solid color, lightly milled fronts, and the general trend is to extend the upper cabinets to the ceiling. It is necessary to dissolve the appearance of the headset and place your accessories behind minimalist facades, so the modern kitchen interior will become light and attractive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to properly distribute the space of a small kitchen and fit everything you need?

If the kitchen is small, the following guidelines must be followed.

Decide whether you need a stove with four burners or just two, so you can provide +30 cm to the worktop, which is missing the most.

Kitchen cabinets are best made up to the ceiling. At the same time, the upper cabinets should not be split into two parts, but made one high (1 m high). If the ceiling height of the kitchen is more than 2.7 m, then you can divide the cabinets into two parts.

The oven is best placed under the hob and the microwave oven (if required) in the upper drawers. The freed up space can be added to the kitchen worktop.

Refrigerator not built-in is better – it’s more democratic (and the kitchen itself will cost less), but it is larger in volume by about 25%. Usually the layout of the kitchen is close in shape to a square or rectangle, with a door on one side and a window on the other. A wall with a window is often not filled with furniture due to a battery. Therefore, as an option, deepen the battery into the wall and continue the kitchen along the wall with a window. There is nothing more sophisticated than a window sink.

What are the main techniques for visually expanding the space of a small kitchen?

In 90% of cases it will be right to make a white kitchen and light walls. Apron – large-format tiles. On the floor, too, you do not need to grind. The ideal tile size is 60 * 60 mm, this condition also applies to the apron. Place cabinets close to the ceiling to visually raise the height of the room, because usually they are not high in small apartments and Khrushchevs.

For those who are especially brave, I would recommend mirrors, for example, on the wall next to the table. The ceilings are white and without levels (it would be good to use a stretch matte ceiling). It is better to choose porcelain stoneware for the floor and for the backsplash of the same color, and indeed from the same collection, so that there are fewer colors and textures.