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          Which kitchen cabinet style matches your style?

          Get familiar with some of the telltale visual cues and recognizable design elements of five common kitchen design styles: traditional, transitional, Modern, contemporary and rustic.


          • Takes inspiration from the past
          • Emphasizes details – generous moldings, raised panel doors, carved elements
          • Rich dark stains and understated paint colors (often white) create an overall elegance
          • Includes natural materials – wood, granite, slate, copper
          • Can be defined as: formal, classic, refined
            Learn More About Traditional Rooms



          • A blend of traditional and contemporary style
          • More relaxed than traditional, softer than contemporary
          • Tailored appearance with clean lines, nothing fancy or frilly (think: Shaker-style cabinets)
          • May include sleek elements like glass mosaic tile or a stainless steel range hood
          • Often features a palette of warm neutrals – creams, tans, greys, chocolate browns
          • Can be defined as: casual, understated, informal
            Learn More About Transitional Rooms


          • Reflects what’s on-trend and fashionable today
          • Influenced by many global styles and design eras  
          • A streamlined appearance – less is more
          • Warm colors and touches of texture keep things inviting
          • Can be defined as: monochromatic, open, uncluttered
            Learn More About Contemporary Rooms


          • A period-specific style that peaked in the 1950s-60s with Mid-Century Modern
          • Sleek, orderly look that emphasizes strong horizontal and vertical lines
          • Often features glossy surfaces, like glass, stainless steel and acrylic
          • Form follows function – shuns anything that’s purely decorative
          • Can be defined as: minimalist, bold, linear
            Learn More About Modern Rooms



          • Influences vary from country farmhouse to Tuscan villa to log cabin lodge
          • Simple designs that celebrate raw, rugged and natural materials – hand-hewn beams, exposed brick walls, unfinished wood floors, wrought iron
          • Often includes reclaimed items with an aged patina or new-made-to-look-old pieces with distressed finishes
          • Texture is an important design feature
          • Can be defined as: organic, cozy, muted
            Learn More About Rustic Rooms


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          Our custom kitchen cabinets are available in a range of styles, from traditional to modern. Customize your cabinets from our wide selection of paint and stain finishes to create the design of your dreams.

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          How To Begin Your Kitchen Remodel Journey

          You’ve finally decided it’s time to update your kitchen. Those crooked drawers and doors aren’t getting any easier to open, and that awkward corner needs a Lazy Susan. So, how do you start the process of choosing the right kitchen cabinets for your new kitchen?

          There are a few basic steps you should take as you begin your journey to a more organized and efficient kitchen. Most importantly, you should realize that renovating or remodeling a kitchen is a big commitment. You’ll need to carefully plan and budget for what you want versus what you really need and can afford.

          List Your Dream Kitchen Items

          If you’ve been gazing dreamily at newly remodeled kitchens online, you probably have your ideal kitchen in mind. This is the time to go wild and make a list of everything your current kitchen lacks and all the items you want in your new one.

          In your online search you might have spied the perfect Blue kitchen cabinets, or maybe the perfect inset white Shaker cabinet drawers with glistening gold hardware. Perhaps an island that seats four, with a built-in beverage cooler as well. Your stunning new kitchen cabinets will include mullion glass-front doors surrounding that high-end professional chef’s range.

          The “dream phase” is essential to starting a remodel, because it helps you create goals and set expectations for your project. This is the time to pin down the things your new kitchen needs over the luxury items you want. (You will narrow these down even further when you start planning your budget.) Do you want improved functionality for the space you have? Is a better-organized kitchen important? Focusing on what you need to improve your situation will better prepare you for the next steps of your kitchen remodel. .

          Set Your Budget

          Knowledge is power. You can confidently set a budget only after you’ve shopped around and compared all the product options out there. Your budget depends on what you have, what you can comfortably spend, and the financing options available to you.

          According to HomeAdvisor, as of 2020 the average cost of a kitchen remodel is $25,257, or $150 per square foot. Most homeowners spend between $13,271 and $37,512, or $75 to $250 per square foot. Generally, kitchen cabinets make up about 29% of the remodeling budget. On average, professional kitchen designers charge between $100 to $200 per hour for their services. This includes 3D renderings, material and color selection, start-to-finish support, and project management.

          A well-planned budget helps you prioritize where you want to invest your dollars and where you can reduce costs. Your budget can also be impacted by whether you DIY or hire professional installers to do the work.

          Pick Your Cabinet Line, Choose Your Journey

          When the exploration process starts and it’s time to decide on a cabinet line, how do you choose? With three cabinet lines, Ready-to-Assemble (RTA), Signature Plus, and Craftsman, you have plenty of options. Think of these lines as the most affordable, most popular, and most customizable. Each is high-quality, but offers various finishes and accessories at multiple price points to fit any style and budget.

          Our RTA, or ready to assemble cabinets line is our most affordable line, featuring all-plywood construction and top door styles and finishes. This line offers standard wall cabinet and base cabinet sizes, some accessories, and will ship flat-packed. If DIY assembly isn’t your style, you can hire a professional to assemble them and complete cabinet installation for you. RTA also now offers some door styles in frameless construction.

          Signature Plus is our most popular cabinet line. You will see a wide array of modifications, construction options, and cabinet accessories in this line, as well as a larger variety of door styles and finishes. Since there are many more options in this line to customize your kitchen, the price point will be higher than RTA. Ordering Signature Plus’s semi-custom cabinets means your order will arrive fully assembled and ready to install.

          Craftsman line features are our most customizable cabinets. Like Signature Plus, this line offers many construction styles, and a much more expansive offering of door styles including inset cabinets, finishes, accessories, wood species and custom options. Craftsman offers 100s of style and colors combination and nearly limitless design options.

          Keep in mind that the cabinets you choose will determine your journey. If you would like a DIY experience where you can shop on your own, then RTA cabinetry is likely the best choice for you. However, if you would like a wide selection of colors and styles, designer assistance, and assembled cabinets, then we recommend starting with our custom lines, Signature Plus and the Craftsman.

          Connect With A Professional Kitchen Designer

          Next up you’ll need to measure your space or hire a professional to help. You can do this either before or after you meet with your designer. Regardless, a professional will make sure your measurements are accurate so that your kitchen design will accommodate new cabinets, appliances, crown molding, and other finishing touches you have in mind.

          Working with an experienced kitchen designer is the smoothest path to a successful remodel or renovation and necessary when working with Signature Plus or Craftsman cabinet lines. From choosing cabinet doors, cabinet placement, choosing between islands or peninsulas, storage solutions, and what to do with those hard-to-reach corners, a designer offers the expertise to make your dream kitchen a reality. Additionally, our RTA cabinets are the only line shoppable on our website, so if you select our Signature Plus or Craftsman line, you will need designer expertise.

          At CliqStudios, we’ve been a digital company from the very beginning, and we’ve been using online virtual design consultations for a while now. Our kitchen designers are equipped with webcams and screen-sharing capabilities to help customers achieve their kitchen remodel and renovation goals for the best results in the custom cabinet industry. The virtual design process is much more efficient than email and text consultations, providing you with the best kitchen design for your unique situation.

          Be Open to Compromises and Expect Delays

          A kitchen remodel, or any home renovation for that matter, is a process that usually requires compromises. It’s a balance between creating your ultimate dream kitchen and one that fits within your budget, but still checks all the right boxes.

          Unexpected delays can pop up anytime, so you should be mentally prepared to deal with them. Can you live with extended construction periods to wait for the items you want? If not, you may have to settle for alternatives to get the job done sooner.

          Kitchen Cabinets from Start to Finish

          There’s no doubt that a kitchen remodel or renovation is a major undertaking. There’s a lot to ponder and consider, but when it comes to choosing the right kitchen cabinets and storage solutions for the heart of your home, CliqStudios makes the process easy. From initial design, cabinet style choices, selection, and delivery, we’re with you every step of the way. And remember — our kitchen designers work with you free of charge!

          Browse our wide selection of kitchen cabinets, from ready-to-assemble cabinets to custom cabinets including Shaker, Slab, Decorative and Inset styles. Begin your kitchen remodel journey with a free design consultation.

          Let’s Get Started!

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          • How to Have Honest Discussions About Your Remodel Budget

          Kitchen Cabinets FAQs

          Where can I buy additional shelves for kitchen cabinets?

          CliqStudios has cabinet shelves available to purchase for standard semi-custom cabinetry. If your cabinets were purchased outside of CliqStudios, you will need to provide the exact dimensions needed for a designer to help find what you need. To purchase additional shelves for your kitchen cabinets, speak to a kitchen designer and they can assist you in ordering the correct sizes.

          Where can I buy kitchen cabinets?

          Kitchen cabinets can be purchased at big-box stores, custom cabinet shops, or online cabinet retailers. At CliqStudios, we offer high-quality cabinets for every style and budget with personalized design services, countertops, wood kitchen hoods, and installation to make your remodeling experience that much easier. Design services are complimentary with no obligation. Ready for a quote? Contact a designer to get started today!

          What is the average cost of getting new kitchen cabinets? 

          Due to the wide-ranging differences in materials and quality, kitchen cabinets can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $24,000. However, most new cabinet prices are between $4,000 and $13,000. These prices are impacted by how cabinets are built, the materials they include such as plywood or furniture board, and cabinet hardware and the finishing process. Understand more on the cabinet cost. 

          What are the best kitchen cabinets for the money? 

          This is dependent on the remodeling budget. Typically, cabinets end up costing around 29% of the overall budget. If the budget for cabinets is on the low end (around $4,000- $6,000) it’s best to go with a quality RTA cabinet. However, if the budget for cabinets is higher (between $7,000-$ 15,000), semi-custom and custom cabinetry will be a better choice.

          What are the most popular kitchen cabinets now? 

          Shaker kitchen cabinets are still maintaining as the most popular cabinet style. Not only is this door style modern enough for updated homes, but it brings a traditional simplicity to every design. Shaker style is available in almost every color ranging from traditional stains to newer trendy paints. CliqStudios offers all of these finishes including sheer color washes in white, taupe, green, and blue tones.

          What is the best kitchen cabinet brand?

          There are many kitchen cabinet companies with great products. At CliqStudios, we believe our high-quality products speak for themselves. We offer everything from RTA cabinetry to semi-custom and custom lines that fit every style and budget. Additionally, we are frequently launching new styles and colors, product lines, and services to make your remodel even more convenient from the comfort of your home.

          What is the most cost-effective option for kitchen cabinets?

          For the most cost-effective kitchen cabinets, consider RTA (ready-to-assemble) cabinets. When replacing cabinets on a tight budget is necessary, RTA cabinets generally provide a good selection of top colors and some storage accessories to choose from. Although the selection is not as customizable as semi-custom or custom cabinet options, it is possible to achieve a high-quality, beautiful kitchen for less. 

          Is it less expensive to buy cabinets or have them built? 

          Unless you are a professional woodworker, it will be more cost effective to buy cabinets. When replacing cabinets on a tight budget is necessary, RTA cabinets generally provide a good selection of trendy colors and some storage accessories to choose from. For the least expensive cabinets, choose basic finishes like white, and keep cabinet accessories to a minimum. Local custom shops will also range in price and will be charging you based on customizations, so this may also be more expensive.

          What is the best time of year to buy kitchen cabinets?

          In general, most homeowners wait to do kitchen remodels until the spring, summer, or fall. Unless you live in a mild climate, winter weather can be harsh, causing problems with wood products or creating project delays because of inclement weather. For minimal complications and to take advantage of potential spring and summer holiday discounts, plan your remodel during warmer times of the year.

          Kitchen styles – what style to choose for the kitchen [photo examples]

          The kitchen is the room where a woman spends just a huge amount of time. There she creates mouth-watering dishes, feeds her family and even welcomes guests. Therefore, the kitchen set should be stylish, bright, unique. But before ordering furniture, you need to decide which style to choose for the kitchen.

          Things to consider

          Before choosing a kitchen style, you need to pay attention to the following points:

          Amount of light. If the room is located on the north side, then the dark colors of the facade will not work. It is better to opt for light colors. They are able to visually enlarge the room, make it brighter, more comfortable. Also, you should not choose bright Mediterranean options. In dim lighting, they will look out of place.

          The area of ​​the room. Before you decide on the style for the kitchen, you need to take into account the fact that some decorative techniques can steal a couple of meters. So, a small room will become completely miniature.

          General style of the house. The next important question: in what style to decorate the kitchen? This room should be a continuation of the external appearance of the building. If the house is of classical architecture, then for the kitchen it is necessary to choose a traditional style. In a new building, a modern style will look more appropriate.

          Next, you need to consider in detail all the possible styles of kitchens. Particular attention should be paid to the color of the headset. After all, he will set the mood. For example, green and blue shades are calming, while red, on the contrary, invigorates. If the room is filled with gray, brown and black, it will be depressing. Bright yellow or orange tones will relieve melancholy and depression.

          Kitchen styles

          The most popular styles at the moment are:

          Classic. This style of cuisine is more often chosen by mature people. The kitchen set in this case is made of natural materials, the colors are muted, there is gilding, various decorative elements. With this style, you can visually enlarge a small room. Popular colors are beige and brown.

          Minimalism. This style was popular in the 60s of the last century, but returned to fashion a few years ago. The hallmark of minimalism is strength and functionality. All surfaces are smooth and glossy.

          Scandinavian. In this style, you should choose a kitchen for small spaces. The main color is white, it can be diluted with bright, natural shades. All elements of the kitchen are simple, functional. Combines with vintage and retro decor.

          American. This is the same classic, but more simplified. The style features are a kitchen island, a sink by the window. More suitable for spacious rooms. Facades are most often white, light gray or olive. A mandatory attribute is a large built-in hood.

          Art Deco. Such a kitchen is replete with classic materials, stone, metal, mirrors.

          Provence. It will help to create the atmosphere of France in the room. The features of the style are natural flowers in pots, rough finishes, as if walls and furniture burned out in the sun. The room is additionally decorated with a large amount of cotton and linen textiles, porcelain dishes and floral prints. Chairs and tables must be white.

          Hi-tech. The surfaces are dark and silvery, there are many built-in appliances, a large number of small parts made of steel and chrome. Additionally, LED lighting is used. As for the color of the furniture, there must be one dominant and contrasting to it.

          Loft. For some, such an interior resembles a warehouse or a factory workshop. The walls are decorated with rough brick and concrete. Edison lamps hang from the ceiling, beams are located, pipes are visible everywhere. The furniture is made of textured wood, glass and metal.

          IVF. Furniture in this case is made of light wood. Used natural stone, cork. The walls are decorated with living plants. On the windowsill, you can arrange a small garden, grow greens there.

          Country. Suitable for those people who want to live in a small village house. The furniture in this case is a little shabby, made of natural materials. Additionally decorate the kitchen with earthenware, linen curtains. The color scheme is warm, the shades are natural, not too bright.

          Shabby chic. This style was invented in the 80s of the last century. It combines modern practicality and antique furniture.

          Rev. The style is practical and extremely comfortable. It lacks unnecessary details. The doors of the cabinets on the kitchen set open upwards, appliances are often built-in, there are blinds or roller blinds on the windows.

          Mediterranean. This style should be chosen for bright rooms. The walls in this case should be beige, olive, terracotta, blue or white. The furniture is made of natural wood. Chairs and tables are wicker. The decor uses such prints as: lemon, shells and olive branches.

          English. The walls must have wallpaper in a cage or stripes. The decor should include watches, various sets, jars for cereals everywhere. The furniture is made of natural wood, often massive.

          Russian. Furniture must be made of wood. It is decorated with intricate carvings. Additionally, samovars, wicker baskets, wooden spoons can be placed in the room.

          In what style to make the kitchen is up to you. The main thing is that it had notes inherent in your family. It should have a highlight that emphasizes the individuality of the house. Lunch or dinner in the kitchen, each member of the family should feel comfortable. Therefore, it should be practical, functional and comfortable.

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          Modern style kitchen design: 15 trends for 2023

          Category: Everything for a cozy home

          The kitchen is a cozy corner of the house where we cook, celebrate family events or have leisurely conversations with friends. Sometimes you want to update it in order to change the space around you, and with it the mood. Sometimes a nice little thing is enough to improve it, but for a new life, cardinal changes are needed. How to design a kitchen space to maintain convenience and functionality? We will talk about the brightest and most significant trends in 2023 in our article.

          • Contrasting color combinations
          • Double Island
          • Wood
          • Natural stone
          • Modern Shaker Style
          • Vivid colors
          • Warm accent colors
          • Bright Island
          • Bold combinations
          • Country style
          • Lower kitchen drawers
          • Colorful details and hand made elements
          • Lighting as a design element
          • Open shelves above the sink
          • Compact kitchen area

          Contrasting color combinations

          PosudamartWhite and black contrast well

          White color in the kitchen interior is an unchanging classic that will never lose its relevance. But this season, strict monochrome combinations have given way to expressive contrasting combinations. White may well dominate decoration, kitchen furniture or a set. Winning accents to such a color scheme can be decorative elements and accessories designed in black or dark colors.

          Double island

          PosudamartTwo islands instead of one – a good and profitable solution

          Modern kitchen expands the interior space and at the same time changes the content. So, instead of one island, two islands appear at once, located symmetrically relative to each other. One can be used as a work area with a hob and sink. Equip the other with cabinets and a niche on the opposite side so that guests can comfortably sit at the table. Bubble pendant lights can be placed above each island to enhance the symmetry.


          PosudamartWood looks impressive and creates comfort

          This season, designers are increasingly turning to warm, durable and so cozy natural materials for decoration. The leading position is occupied by wood of any shades and formats. High vaulted wood-panelled ceilings are becoming very popular, ranging from warm beige to rich chocolate. Walls with natural wood texture look no less impressive. Such a solution will create a cozy atmosphere and feel unity with nature.

          Natural stone

          Posudamart Natural marble is mesmerizing and looks like a waterfall

          Natural stone continues the trend of natural materials, especially marble in different color variations. Stone panels are often found in kitchen cladding. A real hit of the season was a spectacular apron made of natural marble. A bewitching flowing pattern on a smooth stone is somewhat reminiscent of a frozen waterfall. And the glossy surface in natural light creates a whimsical play of color.

          Modern Shaker Style

          Posudamart Shaker style dominated by wood and open shelving

          Shaker kitchen is an interesting trend. Its distinctive features are minimalism, laconic silhouettes, restrained palette and thoughtful design. Ergonomic kitchen cabinets on a wide frame with a flat front deserve special attention. The decoration is dominated by wood of mixed species. The shaker is organically combined with modern and Scandinavian style motifs. It is also characterized by open shelving and an island with shelves on the sides.

          Vivid colors

          PosudamartBright colors enliven the kitchen and fill it with dynamics

          Bright, daring colors in decoration are welcome. Emerald green, sparkling azure, sunny orange, purplish red or pulsing purple – no limits but your own imagination. You can paint the entire kitchen in your favorite color to revive it and fill it with dynamics. Those who do not like such radical experiments can limit themselves to colorful wallpaper on one of the walls or a stylish accent cabinet.

          Warm accent colors

          PosudamartVintage accents look luxurious and elegant

          The feeling of warmth can be created not only by decorations or sets made of natural wood. A soft, calm palette combined with naturalistic textures will help achieve a similar result. At the same time, they look just as elegant, stylish and even luxurious. To enhance this feeling, you can add original vintage accents to the interior. For example, fittings stylized as aged gold, or copper ladles and pans on rails.

          Bright Island

          PosudamartThe brightly colored kitchen island is an eye-catcher

          The kitchen island is not only an important functional element of the kitchen, but also a way to make the interior stylish and unusual. Designers propose to paint the base of the island in a bright saturated color and thereby turn it into an expressive accent that attracts everyone’s attention. You can experiment with a natural stone countertop or individual wooden boards. You will get a stylish and very practical version of the kitchen island for many years.

          Bold combinations

          PosudamartBold combinations in decoration – at the peak of fashion

          Designers continue to mix different, sometimes seemingly incompatible styles. This applies not only to decoration, but also to functional elements – from furniture to decor. A kitchen cabinet made of wood with the use of metal can look harmonious and stylish, while being practical and durable. And an apron made of marble with plastic parts can organically fit into a modern design. The color block with the most daring and unexpected combinations can be used in wall decoration, furniture facades and large household appliances.

          Country style

          Posudamart Country style full of rustic charm

          Country elements give a contemporary kitchen a simple rustic charm. The easiest way to achieve the desired effect is with wooden furniture or using natural wood textures. The most winning solutions of this season are a laconic island made of wood with painted cabinets or a wooden top cabinet resting on a table top with open shelves. All this adds lightness, spaciousness and rustic comfort to the interior.

          Lower kitchen drawers

          PosudamartLower drawers are more convenient and practical than swing cabinets

          Designers say that lower drawers outperform swing cabinets in many ways. They smoothly move forward, do not touch anything with the doors and eliminate the need to kneel down to find the right pan. In addition, they hold much more dishes and kitchen utensils. For easy storage, you can use ergonomic organizers. The highlight of such cabinets will be large, but at the same time concise fittings without unnecessary details.

          Colorful details and hand made elements

          PosudamartBright details expand the space and uplift the mood

          Brightness in the kitchen can be added not only with the help of decoration or furniture, but also with different elements. You can get creative with an apron by tiling it with colorful ornaments, abstract graffiti or a patchwork pattern. A decorative majolica-style dish on the wall or a colorful vase made of handmade ceramics will look advantageous. Multi-colored stained-glass panels in cabinet doors with graceful handles will also add bright colors and sparkling mood to the kitchen space.

          Lighting as a design element

          Posudamart The light effect looks very impressive

          Traditional ceiling lights and recessed lamps are gradually being relegated to the background. Light now not only plays a purely applied role, but also becomes part of the design. The LED strip along the perimeter of the ceiling allows you to change the geometry of the space and fill it with warmth. Pale yellow, golden or even multi-colored backlighting of the apron looks very impressive. Another interesting trend is accent lamps that allow you to grab an island out of space or successfully zone a dining area.

          Open shelves above the sink

          PosudamartShelves above the sink will unload cabinets and add urban motifs

          The space above the kitchen sink is usually neglected or occupied by awkwardly placed wall cabinets. This season, designers suggest using it more rationally, for example, with the help of open shelves of different configurations. The base of metal pipes without decorative processing with simple glass shelves will look very unusual. This design will allow you to unload kitchen cabinets from small utensils and add urban motifs to the design.

          Compact kitchen area

          PosudamartSmooth and laconic facades organize even small spaces

          Miniature, but thought out to the smallest detail, the kitchen area remains in trend, especially when it comes to life in a metropolis. Properly selected facades will help to organize even a small space wisely – concise, smooth and without any frills. It is best if they are equipped with folding mechanisms. Upper wall cabinets can be arranged in several tiers. And in a small niche it is compact to place a narrow pencil case with two or three shelves.

          Kitchen design in 2023 can be different: calm and harmonious, bright and dynamic, spectacular and contradictory. But he certainly will not leave anyone indifferent.

          You can order unique dishes for solving any culinary task in the Posudamart online store or come, hold it in your hands, and personally check the quality in our store in the center of Moscow, in the Nikolsky Passage shopping center.

          Our video on PosudamartTV channel