Dark grey walls in kitchen: 25 Gray Kitchens That Prove This Neutral Is a No-Fail Color

25 Gray Kitchens That Prove This Neutral Is a No-Fail Color


Kristin Hohenadel

Kristin Hohenadel

Kristin Hohenadel has written on design for publications including the New York Times, Interior Design, Slate, Fast Company, and the international editions of Elle Decor.

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Updated on 09/06/22

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Gray is a versatile color that comes in many shades and can work in any home. While this classic color is sometimes condemned as a safe, boring choice, and an overuse of stark, unimaginative gray interiors has moved trends toward warmer hues in recent years, gray is always there in the background waiting to be rediscovered, a no fail option that can be as dynamic as you want it to be depending on how you use it.

You can paint your kitchen in a shade of gray that is as faint as a whisper, taking a backseat that while creating a softer background for other decor than plain white. Or you can saturate your kitchen walls in a dark and assertive shade of gray that changes the atmosphere and creates a dramatic mood and an enveloping feel.

Grays with purple or blue undertones will create a fresh, cool ambiance, while a warmer shade will feel earthy and warm. Pale gray can be as luminous as white, while a dark shade of charcoal gray can read as black. Gray works with neutrals for an industrial or modern farmhouse look; adds contrast to wood tones; and is a great foil for metallic accents like gold or copper, and colors ranging from pink to green, to practically every color in between.

Check out these kitchens that feature gray in some of its many guises to inspire you to rediscover this timeless neutral for yourself.

20 Best Interior Paint Colors Most Popular With Decorating Experts

  • 01
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    Keep It Soft and Warm

    Fantastic Frank

    Painting the walls of this Scandinavian kitchen from Fantastic Frank in a warm, luminous shade of medium-toned gray is the perfect backdrop for industrial-style metal seating, oversized lighting, and a minimal aesthetic.

  • 02
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    Incorporate Wall Texture

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Reid Rolls

    In this entertainers kitchen from Leanne Ford Interiors, the walls, brick, and ceiling are covered in lime wash and clay wash finishes that add texture, complementing the rich hardwood floors, vintage fireplace, and modern waterfall edge central island.

  • 03
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    Create a Mood

    Design by deVOL Kitchens

    This moody British kitchen from deVOL Kitchens is saturated with deep bluish green gray paint that creates an enveloping feel in the U-shaped kitchen. Contrasted with white elements on window trim, countertops, the farmhouse sink, and ceiling, and complemented with warm lighting and wood flooring, the dark gray walls are a bold choice that is timeless and elegant enough to stand the test of time.

  • 04
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    Choose a Luminous Shade

    Design by Studio Peake

    In this airy, clutter-free London kitchen from Studio Peake, a pale luminous shade of dove gray on the walls, seamless built-in storage cabinets, floors, and kitchen island creates a soothing atmosphere and serves as a blank canvas for natural wood and woven accents, and a multi-colored runner in a zigzag pattern.

  • 05
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    Mix Shiny and Matte Finishes

    Fantastic Frank

    In this minimalist Scandinavian kitchen from Fantastic Frank, painted matte gray cabinetry, a shiny darker gray backsplash, and cool silver lighting and plumbing fixtures creates a tonal, minimalist look that isn’t flat or boring. A large wooden table brings in contrast and warmth.

  • 06
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    Layer Deep Shades

    Design by Heather Hilliard Design / Photo by David Duncan Livingston

    This spacious from Heather Hilliard Design uses deep shades of gray on the cabinetry, backsplash, and central island to define the kitchen from the rest of the open plan space.

  • 07
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    Use a Barely There Shade

    Design by deVOL Kitchens

    This open and airy modern farmhouse kitchen from deVOL Kitchens uses a barely there shade of the palest gray on the shiplap wall and kitchen cabinets that complements the pale wood flooring and adds a hint of color that’s is easy to live with and won’t get on anyone’s nerves.

  • 08
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    Mix Shades and Finishes

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Reid Rolls

    In this kitchen from Leanne Ford Interiors, varying shades of gray on the walls, brick, and ceiling play well together while adding dimension to the space.

  • 09
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    Add Silver Tones

    Fantastic Frank

    This unpretentious Scandinavian kitchen from Fantastic Frank has textured pale gray concrete walls, stainless steel appliances, and pale gray curtains that take the place of lower cabinet doors.

  • 10
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    Cool It Down With Blue Tones

    Fantastic Frank

    This serene apartment eat-in kitchen from Fantastic Frank is painted in a cool blue-toned shade of gray that makes it a relaxing place to enjoy a meal after a long day.

  • 11
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    Mix Light and Medium Shades

    Design by deVOL Kitchens

    Pearl gray paint on the walls and a slightly deeper shade on the kitchen cabinetry and island creates a clean and streamlined feel in this British kitchen from deVOL Kitchens.

  • 12
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    Darken the Ceiling

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Erin Kelly

    This kitchen from Leanne Ford Interiors has dark green cabinetry, emerald green wall tile, natural green ferns, and dark charcoal paint on the ceiling that extends a third of the way down the wall, creating a cozy virtual canopy for an old-school dining table in the center of the room.

  • 13
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    Mix Dark and Light Tones

    Design by Charlie Coull Design

    In this kitchen from Charlie Coull Design, a pale gray painted ceiling and a wall of built-in cabinetry is contrasted with dark bluish gray paint on the kitchen island. The mix of shades is set off with gold accents and paired with plenty of white to keep it feeling light and fresh.

  • 14
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    Add Black Accents

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Reid Rolls

    This abandoned warehouse in downtown Pittsburgh was renovated by Leanne Ford Interiors, who finished the walls in a pale gray that complements the concrete finish floors, kitchen island, and countertops. Black accents on exposed piping, lighting, and plumbing fixtures complement the industrial windows and add a graphic touch.

  • 15
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    Add Subtle Texture

    Fantastic Frank

    In this eat-in kitchen from Fantastic Frank, a similar shade of gray paint on the walls, flat-front cabinetry, backsplash, and painted wood-paneled cabinetry creates a uniform look that is calming and relaxing.

  • 16
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    Accent with Gold

    Design by Michelle Berwick Design

    Deep gray paint on the wall of cabinets and the underside of the kitchen island anchors this kitchen from Michelle Berwick Design in an open plan space. Shiny gold accents provide contrast and bring some bling to the party.

  • 17
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    Try Icy Blue Gray

    Design by Desiree Burns Interiors

    In this simple kitchen in a transitional style home from Desiree Burns Interiors, the palest icy blue gray painted cabinets are contrasted with charcoal gray flooring, and combined with soft cream-colored paint on the kitchen island and backsplash tile that adds in some subtle variation to the light neutral look.

  • 18
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    Complement Gray Paint with Metallic Finishes

    Design by Officine Gullo

    This contemporary kitchen from Officine Gullo mixes gray painted cabinets with powder coated steel and black polished nickel finishes, creating a cool contrast with herringbone wood floors.

  • 19
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    Try Taupe

    Design by Cathie Hong Interiors / Photo by Christy Q. Photo

    To give this renovated kitchen a subtle Scandi-style update, Cathie Hong Interiors painted cabinetry and the kitchen island in a pale taupe gray that adds dimension and contrast with the warm hardwood floors and bar stools.

  • 20
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    Lighten the Ceiling

    Photo by Margaret Wright

    This contemporary kitchen from interior and lifestyle photographer Margaret Wright has a moody palette of gray with black accents like a trio of contemporary pendant lights. The dark gray walls are tempered with a pale gray ceiling that keeps the dark hue from overwhelming.

  • 21
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    Paint the Island

    Design by Jenn Pablo Studio

    In this otherwise all-white kitchen from Jenn Pablo Studio, the large kitchen island is painted in a warm medium toned gray that adds contrast and marries well with silver-toned appliances and fixtures.

  • 22
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    Pair Pale Walls With Dark Stone

    Design by Studio KT

    Pale gray paint covers the walls and ceiling of this kitchen from Studio KT, while dark gray stone waterfall edge double islands add dimension and mixed metals provide contrast.

  • 23
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    Mix Warm and Cool Shades

    Design by Gray Space Interiors

    In this kitchen from Gray Space Interiors, a mix of white, beige, and stainless steel finishes creates a clean slate, allowing gray wall paint and kitchen tile to function like a subtle accent color.

  • 24
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    Use Deep Charcoal to Define Space

    Design and Photo by Ajai Guyot for Emily Henderson Design

    Deep, dark charcoal gray paint is used to define the kitchen in this otherwise light and bright open plan space designed by Ajai Guyot for Emily Henderson Design.

  • 25
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    Create a Subtle Contrast with White

    If Walls Could Talk

    This kitchen from If Walls Could Talk uses a pale shade of gray paint on the walls and ceiling that echoes the gray floor tiles and backsplash, adding a subtle contrast with the wrap-around white cabinetry that keeps the space from looking too one-dimensional.

25 Gorgeous Gray Bedroom Ideas

Grey kitchen ideas – designers explain how to use this color |

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Grey kitchen ideas are always in demand. Luxe, soothing, stylish and sometimes even daring, grey is one of the most versatile and liveable colors around. When used well it can add depth to neutral palettes, or make bolder shades seem more grounded. It’s the perfect neutral, able to be dressed up or down.

Interior designer Kelly Hoppen thinks that grey is part of a growing trend. ‘What we’re seeing is that pale tones can be cool and cutting edge,’ Kelly says. ‘I admire House of Grey’s less is more approach, and how Axel Vervoordt is doing neutral with pops of color.’ What we’re seeing is that it’s not about thinking of grey as a safe choice, but an inspired tone to turn to for real character.

‘I think it’s more interesting to keep color pared back and work from a subtle palette,’ says interior designer Rebecca Wakefield of Studio Fortnum. ‘Using a soft color is an art form as subtle color shades can be so susceptible to to difference in natural light. A neutral shade can look really greeny in one room, and pinky in another.’

With that in mind, it’s useful to think carefully before rushing into including grey in your kitchen color ideas. How can you show it off to its best advantage, and how can you get it right? By following these expert tips for going grey.

Grey kitchen ideas

Paler shades of grey are chic and sophisticated while steely, charcoals and graphites make for a moodier, more dramatic space.

You could go for wall-to-wall grey, or mix different shades together, painting walls with a shade at the paler end of the spectrum to create a restful scheme. For something a little bolder,contrast grey cabinetry with a completely different colour, or mix in some patterned tiles – or other materials, such as rich timber or luxurious marble.

Base cabinets in darker shades than wall cupboards help ground the design and prevent it looking top heavy, while dark grey walls against white cabinetry and shelving creates an eye-catching contrast  for two-tone kitchens that looks fresh and modern, as you will see in the examples ahead.

1. Embrace grey’s aging power

Design by Mark Lewis

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

Interior designer Mark Lewis wanted to nudge the conversion back to its origins. That meant a raw feel to the walls, traditional flooring and recycled fittings. A lime plaster, with a mid-grey pigment, adds a fittingly dramatic backdrop for the original carved stone church column. ‘I don’t like anything brand spanking new,’ Mark says, explaining why he limewashed the walls and waxed the units for an aged effect. 

Grey is uniquely poised to add this vintage sense to a kitchen, as paint washes and worn textures can feel truly charming. This does take time, however. ‘Waxing the cabinets was a long process, and a bit of a headache, but we got there in the end,’ Mark says. 

2. Be inspired by driftwood tones

Design by TR Studio

(Image credit: Future)

As this kitchen shows, there can be a real softness and elegance to grey. The grey tint in the marble backsplash and cabinet top is complemented by the greyed out tone of the cupboard doors, which are modelled on driftwood. 

‘A huge driver for this renovation was to recreate the sense of Shelter Island,’ says designer Tom Rutt of TR Studio, who created this look. ‘Inspired by a connection to nature, it had to feel warm with materials influenced by driftwood and fossils. Often, townhouses can seem traditional or overly slick and we wanted to avoid both those things.’

As with white kitchen color ideas, it is possible to approach the shade with warmth if you let the tones of nature inspire you. 

3. Pair grey with white and pink

Design by Suzie McAdam

(Image credit: Future)

As anyone who has wondered what colors go with grey will tell you, white is the perfect pairing. Its starkness gleams out against the dreaminess of grey, making both shades seem more sophisticated than they would on their own. Here, the grey marbling of the island carries to designer Suzie McAdam’s modern kitchen backsplash ideas, both of which sing out against the white walls.

Suzie brought both shades up to date by mixing in pink wall sconces. ‘It’s about surrounding yourself with things you love,’ she says.adding that she wanted to include some whimsical flourishes in the cook space to stop it feeling too functional.

4. Use pale grey for unobtrusive modern cabinets

Design by Kayla Pongrac

(Image credit: Future/Mary Wadsworth)

A shiny, pale grey makes the perfect shade for use in modern kitchen cabinet ideas – even when they’re handle-free, sleek and chic they still feel muted, as witnessed here.  In fact, they make the perfect backdrop to the majestic marble used on the island.

‘I felt this space needed the drama of this beautiful marble to raise it out of the ordinary,’ said the designer Kayla Pongrac. Because this kitchen is in a small apartment, she needed to add in a lot of integrated storage, but because it’s open plan, she didn’t want this to intrude into the space. Hence, grey was the perfect choice for the doors. 

5. Use a grey material for the backsplash

Design by Tiffany Duggan

(Image credit: Future/Mary Wadsworth)

The cabinets here may be a beguiling pink, but their potential prettiness is made smarter by pairing them with a concrete composite worktop and wall cladding by Caeasarstone. ‘I love it because it’s an unexpected color pairing,’ says the homeowner Shaun Simons.

The terrazzo flooring has grey flecks in it too, bringing the look of the room together. 

6. Follow minimalist principles

Designed by Simon Kincaid of Conran and Partners

(Image credit: Phillip Durrant)

In this modern penthouse, the challenge was to turn an empty box into a home. ‘The focus was more on quality of design and the materials used – an understated luxury,’ said Simon Kincaid of Conran and Partners who designed the space. 

Using grey helped to create this sense of luxury – by taking an approach inspired by minimalism in interior design there is an emphasis on the quality of the kitchen. Grey is a perfect minimalist color – it doesn’t intrude on a space and feels very calming. It’s also a useful shade to play with in a big space, where a huge block of a bright tone would be overwhelming. ‘The kitchen is so generously sized, you want to prep a cocktail or roll out some pasta,’ Simon says.  

7. Add a hint of gold

Design by Bergman Interiors

(Image credit: Future/Anna Stahaki)

There is not much more luxe than pairing dark grey kitchen ideas with flashes of gold. The two colors bounce off each perfectly, and gold can be used sparingly in inlays and handles to great effect. 

The trick is to get the right grey. ‘Grey is never just grey,’ says Marie Soliman, who designed this space. ‘There are two greys, one that comes between white and black, which I call “cold grey”, then there is the richer one which is a mix of two opposing colors on the color wheel. This warmer grey has real charm and can be used with any color.’

An essential bit of info for anyone wondering how to paint kitchen cabinets, these warmer tones are ideal to create a friendly kitchen in which to entertain.

8. Explore the darker side of grey

Athena Calderone’s kitchen

(Image credit: Matthew Williams)

Always the expert on kitchen island ideas, designer Athena Calderone has had her cupboards and furniture painted in Railings by Farrow and Ball. True, this is technically a black paint, but with its blue undertones it just about qualifies as grey. 

By pairing this shade with white walls, it creates a bold aesthetic which is almost monochromatic, but not quite – thanks to those greying tones. ‘The contrast of whites and creams against harsher dark colors always engages the eye,’ Athena says. ‘When you juxtapose something soft against something bold you create a certain voltage.’

9. Mix grey and yellow

(Image credit: Matthew Williams)

If you’re considering kitchen island ideas with seating then grey is the perfect choice. it goes with everything. You can use bold, yellow barstools now, and then change the seating up every few years if you want a different vibe

‘Grey is an ideal foil for other shades,’ says Livingetc editor Pip Rich. ‘This makes grey kitchen ideas the ideal solution. You’ll only want to design a kitchen once, maybe twice in the entire time you live in a home, so if you go for a grey hero piece – like the island – you can easily swap other, more colorful accessories in as the years go by. Right now, I’m really into the fizzy joy of yellow next to grey.’

10. Use grey to lighten a small space

Design by British Standard

(Image credit: Paul Raseide)

Often in apartments, you’ll need to draw on small kitchen ideas to get the space right – especially if there is limited natural light. This is where dove grey comes in – it is pale enough to bounce the light around the space, and warm enough to create a feeling of sunshine where there isn’t. In this small corner kitchen, above, white would have been too stark. 

What color goes best with a grey kitchen?

In a kitchen, light greys pair best with white and pastel shades like pink and green, while dark greys go well with brighter hues like gold, pink or deep blue. The beauty of grey is that it goes with every color on the wheel – its the perfect neutral – so you don’t need to feel worried about experimenting with palettes.

‘The trick is to look at the tones within the grey, and go from there,’ says Livingetc editor Pip Rich. ‘Some greys have purple or blue in them, and work well with those colors, other greys have black or brown in them and work best with black and brown.’

Are grey kitchens out of style

Grey kitchens will probably never go out of style – the way in which grey gets used by designers is constantly evolving, keeping it fresh. At the moment, light grey marble and dark grey cabinets are the biggest kitchen trends for 2022, but you can guarantee that a grey kitchen will age gracefully and well. 

Get the look: This is the Sebastian Cox kitchen by DeVOL.

(Image credit: Future)

Dark gray walls in the kitchen (77 photos)


Gray walls in the kitchen


Gray walls in the kitchen


Gray walls in the interior of the kitchen


Gray kitchen in the interior


Gray walls in the kitchen


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Gray kitchen walls


Gray black kitchen


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Gray kitchen interior


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Gray walls in the kitchen


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Gray kitchen with white worktop


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Gray kitchen with breakfast bar


Gray kitchen in interior


Gray walls in interior


Kitchen in dark gray


Gray walls in interior kitchen interior


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Gray kitchen


Gray kitchen


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Gray kitchen


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Gray kitchen interior

6 6

Modern gray kitchens


Gray kitchen


Gray kitchens


Black matte kitchen


Kitchen in dark colors


Cuzco Copper Alvik


Black table in the kitchen in the interior


Scandi style kitchen 12 sqm


Gray kitchen interior


Gray kitchen interior


Gray beige kitchen

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Stylish kitchens Donato

147 photos of interiors, best combinations, design tips

You think that a gray kitchen is boring and inexpressive – your ideas are outdated. Modern kitchens created in gray tones are elegant, functional and spectacular. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the selection of shades and combinations.


  1. Features of gray in the interior of the kitchen
  2. Advantages of the kitchen in gray tones
  3. The most beneficial color combinations
  4. With white
  5. With black
  6. With wood 90 242
  7. In bright colors
  8. Kitchen design in gray
  9. Glossy or matte fronts
  10. Which worktop to choose
  11. Apron for gray kitchen
  12. Wall and floor decoration
  13. Curtains and lighting
  14. Selection of furniture for a gray kitchen
  15. Decor
  16. Gray color in different interior styles

Features of gray color in the interior of the kitchen as background. Furniture and accessories on gray look expressive – a neutral color emphasizes the shapes of the furniture and highlights them against the general background.

The interior of the gray kitchen in general looks elegant, noble and modern. Such an environment will be in trend for a long time.

Gray has many shades. The range of light gray shades includes granite, concrete, mother-of-pearl, pebble, silver, smoky gray, platinum, lichen and lead white.

The list of deep dark grays includes cashmere, graphite, black-brown, steel, dusk gray, charcoal, marengo, mouse and wet asphalt.

There are a couple of nuances when working with gray tone.

  1. If the room is small and there is not enough natural light, then in gray the room will seem cold.
  2. Also, do not make a monochrome environment – mix many shades of gray or take only light and dark tones without adding other colors. As a result, the kitchen design in gray will turn out to be boring, monotonous and even depressing.

Advantages of a gray kitchen

Color does not affect the perception of the room – the design of a gray kitchen does not irritate the eye, but its harmony and balance, on the contrary, soothe.

The kitchen interior in shades of gray is versatile and is the perfect backdrop for a variety of ideas and design styles. If you want changes in the room, then just add bright accessories and the kitchen will take on a different look. Thanks to its versatility, gray will never go out of style.

Gray is a practical color, it does not show dirt, greasy stains and minor imperfections. True, this applies to light shades of gray – dark tones are less practical, but this can be dealt with by choosing the right texture.

The most profitable color combinations

There are several options for decorating the kitchen:

  • monochrome;
  • gray design with bright highlights;
  • combination of gray with another color.

Monochrome interiors use materials of the same gray color but different textures.

When gray is combined with another color, any color is chosen, while the combination of shades goes within the framework of the facades, according to the scheme: one color on top, another on the bottom.

Win-win combinations for a gray kitchen – with white, beige and brown.

Off white

A gray and white kitchen is a classic. White is combined with any shades of gray – dark and light. This combination is the best option for small kitchens, as gray-white tones visually enlarge the room. Even the use of white color will help change the character of the interior, if it is too dark or bright.

With black

Light gray and black – a contrasting combination. Black and gray kitchen – an option for a loft style. With dark shades of gray, black looks brutal, but the room will be gloomy, so this design is suitable for large rooms with huge windows.


Brown shades bring harmony to a gray kitchen. The gray-brown kitchen option is a combination of gray with natural shades, brown, beige and wood. Warm shades of beige and brown soften the severity of the situation and add warmth. The range of combinations – from warm to cold tones.

Wooden details give the room an expensive look. Options for a gray kitchen include a dining table, plus classic chairs or chairs with wooden details, a worktop, a wood-look backsplash, and a floor made of wooden boards, laminate or linoleum with a wooden texture.

With bright shades

Gray goes well with all colors of the spectrum. Since it reflects the colors next to it, there should not be much of a second shade.

There should be few bright and saturated colors, no more than 30%. Such tones are introduced as accents on small objects – an apron, backs of chairs, flower pots, a chandelier shade or a small pattern on curtains. The exception is a bright refrigerator and facades in a monochrome interior of a large area, as well as one bright wall.

The use of pastel shades for facades, countertops, shelves will soften the interior – they are not as contrasting as bright colors.

The red color is too aggressive and irritating in high concentration, so in a gray kitchen you should not get carried away with it. Small color accents are acceptable – one object or small blotches. No play of textures, patterns and different shades of red.

Yellow, orange, coral, carrot and mustard will add mood to the interior. At the same time, saturated colors look good against the background of dark gray tones, and pastels are friends with light gray shades.

Blue and light blue combined with gray will give the interior an austerity, but can make the room unnecessarily cold. The combination with blue looks beautiful, but requires a lot of natural light. Blue color merges with gray, and white or beige tone will dilute their combination.

Green colors balance the severity of the gray interior and at the same time add calmness. The ideal decor option is pots of greenery and small trees in tubs.

Kitchen design in gray

To design a kitchen in light gray, you need to follow some recommendations. The walls are light in color. Furniture of the same tone with the walls will visually dissolve, so the color of the facades is made at least one tone darker or lighter.

Bright colors are used for facades or as accents. Facades, countertops and curtains – to match the interior or contrast. The general recommendation for facades is to make them in one color or in large blocks so that the illusion of a chessboard does not arise.

Household appliances – white, stainless steel colors and black. The gray tone technique will fit into any interior, but the white one is used for the interior of the same color. It is better to build in the technique – for the integrity of perception. It is allowed to use one or two items of bright color, but small in size.

Glossy or matt fronts

Which texture to choose for the fronts – glossy or matt, depends on the saturation of the color. Glossy facades of light colors will visually hide all stains, fingerprints and grease stains. But the gloss on dark facades is impractical – all pollution will be visible.

Complicated, deep and dirty shades of gray require a matte texture. These are tones such as gray-green, gray-beige and gray-blue, as well as colors with different textures – concrete, marble chips, stone.

A matt gray kitchen with a large area and with enough lighting will look noble even with dark gray colors. Such facades are ideal for the neoclassical style.

Optimum materials for facades – MDF coated with enamel, acrylic and plastic.

Which worktop to choose

The color of the worktop for the gray kitchen is white, woodgrain brown or light colors. Texture – various types of wood, natural stone, concrete. Countertop materials – acrylic, artificial stone, textured wood-like plastic.

Natural wood is an impractical material that requires special care. The texture of the countertop and wooden furniture should match.

A kitchen with a gray worktop will balance the interior in case of using dark gray tones.

Interesting options – a stone-look top in the exact color of the fronts or a bright contrasting color against a monochrome setting.

Apron for gray kitchen

The basic rule is that if the kitchen is monochrome gray, then the apron is bright. In the case of bright details in the interior, an apron of calm gray tones is chosen. The most minimalistic option is tempered glass without a pattern.

When choosing an apron for a gray kitchen, any options are used – skinali with a medium-sized pattern, decorative glossy and matte tiles, small mosaics, brick tiles. The shape of the tiles is a square, a triangle, a pentagon. You can use grout in a contrasting color.

Material – plastic, tempered glass, polycarbonate, porcelain stoneware. Texture – imitation of natural stone, concrete, marble, brickwork, polished metal.

Wall and floor decoration

Kitchen wall decoration options – painting or washable wallpaper.

In the first case, the walls are painted in light gray in whole or in part. Textures – from smooth to rough. When painting part of the wall in an additional color, it is worth using neutral shades – white, beige and brown.

We reserve bright colors for furniture and accessories. An interesting texture of the walls is obtained using gypsum plaster.

The gray wallpaper in the kitchen is a backdrop for additional color. An interesting texture of the wallpaper will add originality to the interior. The choice is wide – gray wallpaper, with a pattern for concrete, marble, for painting with a rough texture.

Large patterns on the wallpaper will not be visible, since most of the walls are occupied by cabinets and household appliances, and the unoccupied space remains near the window.

The standard and most reliable solution for the ceiling is white with a glossy texture. In the design of walls and ceilings, it is necessary to observe color balance – use no more than two primary colors.

Floor – ceramic tiles, parquet imitation, laminate and linoleum. At the same time, the pattern of tiles is simple and concise, without excessive variegation.

Curtains and lighting

Use bright colors for curtains if they are an accent in a gray kitchen. If the accent is something else, then the shade of the curtains matches the color scheme of the kitchen. The best option – Roman blinds, roller blinds, short curtains. The most suitable color is rich graphite.

Hanging lamps above the dining table are chosen with diffused light – this will give the interior coziness and softness.

Work area requires additional LED lighting. The apron backlight switch is located at the entrance – it’s more convenient when you need to go to the kitchen for food or drink water.

Pendant lamps – simple geometric shapes in glass and metal or design options in similar materials.

Gray kitchen furniture selection

The basic rule when choosing furniture for a gray kitchen is dark colors below, light colors above. This will visually facilitate the perception of the room. With bright colors it is simpler – the facades of the upper and lower cabinets can be made in the same tone.

Gray interior layout – light gray fronts for upper cabinets and dark gray for lower cabinets. Instead of light gray facades, you can choose white ones. Another option is to abandon the top row of cabinets.

If dark gray furniture is arranged in two rows, then we make the apron light – this will prevent the kitchen from turning into a gloomy portal.

If in the kitchen the task is to fit the refrigerator into the furniture row, then it is easier to buy a gray appliance – the kitchen set will look complete. Or play in contrast – a black glossy refrigerator against the background of gray facades.

The large kitchen, which has a separate place for a refrigerator, allows you to use the option with a bright accent, since refrigeration units are now available in all colors of the rainbow.


The kitchen interior in gray tones is the perfect backdrop for various decorations. These are bright plates, picture frames, clocks, beautiful dishes. The decor should be small in size and fit into the decor in terms of color.

An interesting décor option for large kitchens – a classic fireplace with a simple shape, without stucco, or a modern version of glass and metal.

Gray in different interior styles

Gray has dozens of shades, which makes it possible to create interiors in various styles – from loft to Provence and Art Deco. Of course, this color is not for the classic style, but there are areas for which the gray color of the kitchen will be the perfect solution.

Gray color fits perfectly into the severity of the loft style. Walls – with the texture of concrete and raw plaster. The floor is gray marbled tiles. Sets – pure gray shades with glossy facades, smooth or paneled, with metal handles.

An interesting solution – metallic facades. The table and chairs are made of chromed metal and plastic. Apron – made of brickwork in light and dark colors. Household appliances – gray tones, with chrome details.

Minimalist interior in gray tones – these are smooth facades without handles, with a hidden opening system, no curtains, a minimum of details.

The only embellishment of the decor is the interspersing of bright primary colors and textures imitating wood and natural stone.