Colour ideas for kitchen: 30+ Best Kitchen Color Ideas and Combinations 2023

30+ Best Kitchen Color Ideas and Combinations 2023


Teal Blue

Diana Paulson, styled by Jennifer Berno DeCleene

Painting a large island in a big open kitchen instantly helps ground the space. In this Michigan lake house kitchen, the crowd-pleasing cool blue island plays off the water hues located just outside the doors. “A lot of country kitchens would have a farmhouse table in the middle of the space, so we wanted to give it that vibe,” says designer Steve Somogyi of Chicago firm Steve + Filip Design. Adding to the fun spirit, the designers paired the statement island with colorful, patterned encaustic tile for the backsplash.

Get the Look: Island Paint Color, Jamestown Blue by Benjamin Moore


Warm Gray

Annie Schlechter

Soothing gray cabinetry sets the scene for a revived traditional kitchen in a centuries-old New York farmhouse belonging to Dr. Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell of Beekman 1802. The previous remodel was completed in the 1990s, but Brent and Josh didn’t feel as beholden to the more recent past as they did to true period details. One 20th-century element that survived their complete redo? The brick fireplace and its impressive copper hood. On the floor, reclaimed barnwood laid in a herringbone pattern adds historic integrity.

Get the look: Cabinetry Paint Color, Smoke and Mirrors by Benjamin Moore; Ceiling and Wall Paint Color, Vanilla Milkshake by Benjamin Moore; Trim Paint Color, Moonshine by Benjamin Moore

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Celadon Green

Miki Duisterhof

In this Massachusetts beach house, the Wood-Mode kitchen cabinetry is painted a pretty celadon green that is crisply set off by a white subway tile backsplash. Cape Cod artist Tim Dibble custom-carved the kitchen’s slate apron-front sink to incorporate local icons: a windmill, a whale, a lighthouse, and the word “riptide.”

Get the Look: Cabinetry Paint Color, Coastal Plain by HGTV Home for Sherwin-Williams

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Gray Blue

Josh Grubbs

If you love a rustic look for your cabin or cottage, but don’t want the kitchen to feel too rustic, consider pairing natural wood finishes with a soft, dusty blue. It’s the perfect complement that won’t overpower all that pretty wood grain.

Get the Look: Cabinetry Paint Color, Philipsburg Blue by Benjamin Moore


Washed Turquoise and Buttery Yellow

Annie Schlechter

To give her kitchen cabinets a slightly weathered look, Jolie Sikes of the Junk Gypsies first coated them with a blue interior oil stain, then used a rag to apply and partially rub off a layer of wood stain. “Embrace color,” says Jolie. “Just because kitchens are utilitarian rooms doesn’t mean they should be quiet, sterile, or boring.” The buttery walls, combined with the natural wood stain on the windows, trim, and beams, create a warm backdrop for the rest of the kitchen. Red accents—such as a pair of swiveling tractor seats plus a vintage vinyl-upholstered barstools—complete the primary color trio.

Get the Look: Cabinetry Stain, Aquarius by Sherwin-Williams plus Provincial Wood Finish stain by Minwax; Wall Paint Color, Canyon Cloud by Behr; Wood Trim Stain, Pecan by Minwax

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Creamy White

Haris Kenjar

Designer Lynn Kloythanomsup of Landed Interiors and Homes designed cupboards for this California kitchen that were inspired by the home’s classical early-1900s architecture. Her cabinetmaker randomized the width of the joints between shiplap panels to create an offset look. The creamy white finish on the cabinets pairs nicely with the rustic wood and brick walls. A hand-painted harlequin pattern on the white oak floors completes the timeworn look.

Get the Look:
Cabinetry Paint Color, Light Breeze by Benjamin Moore; Floor Paint Color, Timid White by Benjamin Moore

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Bright Green and Blue

Lisa Petrol

These cheery green and blue colors really brighten up this kitchen by designer Grace Mitchell. Wood tone barstools ground the candy color palette and oversized woven pendant lights add a natural flair.

Get the Look: Kitchen Island Color, Eco Green by Sherwin-Williams


Green and White

Jeff Herr

The white walls of this Georgia kitchen designed by James Farmer feel fresh and bright off of the rich green cabinets and pair perfectly with the natural wood shelves and oven hood.

Get the Look: Cabinetry Paint Color, Louisburg Green by Benjamin Moore



Plain English

This moody hue is making us crave a rainy day indoors with a cup of tea while bread bakes in the oven. It is the perfect dull blue that still feels warm and rich.

Get the Look:
Paint Color, Opera Glasses by Behr

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Canary Yellow and Blue

DAVID TSAY, styling by Becki Griffin

Look no further than the classic yellowware bowl for proof that blue and yellow make for a timeless country combo, as seen here in this 98-square-foot galley kitchen that features canary-yellow cabinets and quilt-like cement tiles. The petite 20-inch range maximizes cabinet space in the small kitchen.

Get the Look: Cabinetry Paint Color, Honey Bees by Sherwin-Williams; Backsplash Tile, “Tangier Primero” by Villa Lagoon


Warm Gray


Light Blue

David A. Land, styling by Jennifer Berno DeCleene

A light blue kitchen island adds to the lighthearted spirit of the Michigan lake home of designer Chenault James . It’s a subtle use of color that brings big results. Red diner-inspired barstools add pops of retro color.

Get the Look: Island Paint Color, Rhine River by Benjamin Moore

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Pure Black

Roger Davies, styling by Becki Griffin

When homeowner Bailey McCarthy moved into her century-old Texas farmhouse, the kitchen wall was a boring beige and the cabinets, which vary in height, were white. “Painting everything black seemed like a good way to make the cabinets blend in with the wall,” says Bailey. She balanced the dark statement color with butcher-block countertops and brass hardware and lighting.

Get the Look: Cabinetry Paint Color, Pitch Black by Farrow & Ball

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Watery Blues

David A. Land

This kitchen’s tone-on-tone color scheme started with the deep blue-green painted floor inspired by the surrounding coastal views. Designer Hadley Wiggins then chose what she calls “aviator blue” for the cabinets. It’s a perfect complement to the converted barn’s warm wood tones.

Get the Look: Cabinetry Paint Color, Blue Toile by Benjamin Moore; Floor Paint Color, Lead Gray by Benjamin Moore


Soft Taupe

Audrey Hall, styling by Christina Wressell

When you want to add little color but don’t want it to overwhelm, look to a soft taupe. The appealing neutral adds a warm but airy swathe of color. It’s a color that also pairs well with stained wood cabinets.

Get the Look: Cabinetry Paint Color, Smoky Ash by Benjamin Moore

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Sunny Yellow

John Ellis, styling by Heather Bullard

Designer Alison Kandler and homeowner Jenn Chiarelli found the perfect sunny shade for the kitchen island in Jenn’s bright California farmhouse by pulling paint chips of colors that simply made Jenn feel happy. Then they found ways to incorporate the hues into the kitchen to create a look that is as colorful as it is cheerful. The black woven stools add a grounding element to the candy-colored space.

Get the Look: Island Paint Color, Tropical Moss by Dunn-Edwards Paints

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Gray Green


Designer Heidi Caillier chose a soothing green that is a little bit gray and a little blue for the Shaker-style cabinets. “It changes with the light,” Heidi says. “It also feels traditional to me, which is what I really wanted.” The color pairs particularly well with soapstone countertops and unlacquered brass bail pulls and knobs. Six-inch terra cotta hex tiles add distinct richness to the artfully layered kitchen.

Get the Look: Cabinetry Paint Color, Oil Cloth by Benjamin Moore; Hardware, unlacquered brass bail pulls and knobs from Classic Brass


Sky Blue

Alec Hemer

One Kings Lane designer Sarah Blank opted for a calming blue for the shelves, brackets, and walls of this kitchen, lending more cohesion to the space.

Get the Look: Cabinetry and Wall Paint Color, Lulworth Blue by Farrow & Ball

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Lincoln Barbour, styling by Natalie Warady

When you have a lot of natural wood in your kitchen, pure white walls can feel too stark, especially if you’re going for a rustic kitchen look. Instead, choose a warm white that has just a touch of gray in it for a color that complements wood tones and works well with other warm neutral colors. (Plus, it will balance out all your stainless steel appliances.)

Get the Look: Wall Paint Color, Fleur de Sel by Sherwin-Williams


Soft Green

Zach Desart

The homeowners of this classic farmhouse-style kitchen used a soft green paint color on both the paneled walls and cabinetry to create a fun statement that isn’t overpowering. Neutral accents such as the reclaimed hickory beams, honed granite countertops, and slate floors take the pastel from sweet to sophisticated.

Get the Look: Wall and Cabinetry Paint Color, custom mix of one part Mint Chocolate Chip by Benjamin Moore and two parts Hancock Green by Benjamin Moore

Jennifer Kopf

Jennifer Kopf is the Executive Editor of Country Living. She also covers antiques and collecting.

21 Beautiful Kitchen Color Ideas & Color Schemes

An easy way to update your kitchen is to add thoughtful, colorful elements to the interior design. Whether you use paint, tile, or updated fixtures and hardware, there are varying options to find the best kitchen colors to fit your personal needs and style preferences. You can do a full color change or add some subtle touches that make a big impact. 

Credit: @katemarkerinteriors
Featured Product: Quincy™ Deck-Mount Bridge Faucet

Kitchen design inspiration can come from within. Perhaps when you traveled, a restaurant had striking tile on the walls. You remember thinking, “I wish there were a way to have this in my home. ” Look back at the pictures you took, head to your local showroom, and show them to the designer to get more inspiration.

For more ideas on how to design your culinary oasis, explore this kitchen color photo gallery comprised of luxurious arrangements from KALLISTA friends and partners.

Find Comfort in This Vintage White Kitchen Color Scheme Idea

Featured Product:  Quincy™ Deck-Mount Bridge Faucet

A white kitchen needn’t be monochromatic. Express your creativity with kitchen paint ideas, like this antique white color that is not as stark as you may see in modern applications. Adding vintage-inspired hardware and classic touches like cookie jars and a golden-hued faucet makes this kitchen feel like the real heart of a home. 

Create a Peaceful Environment With Light Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Credit: @hayleymaureendesign
Featured Product: Monte Carlo Round Bar Sink

Paint is an easy way to change the atmosphere of a room. The array of kitchen interior paint colors can be overwhelming, but a good place to start is to ponder what makes you happy in the kitchen. If you start your breakfast with blueberries, a splash of blue paint might serve as the perfect reflection of your personality.

Blue has always been a popular color for kitchens with its impactful yet comforting allure. Shades of pastel blue feel tranquil, while a blue that veers on gray creates a nautical ambiance. Consider making an even bigger statement by using deeper blues with a glossy paint.

Charming Red Kitchen Color Scheme Idea

Credit: @summerthorntondesign
Featured Product: Quincy Deck-Mount Bridge Faucet

A kitchen with red accents is unexpected and chic. As an inspirational kitchen color trend, red adds warmth and depth. Work with existing elements of your kitchen like a red stove or microwave to create the perfect kitchen color palette. These can range from a deep crimson to an apple-like shade. Added color can also be achieved with a recessed accent wall in red or a backsplash that has flecks of red sparkle.

Contrast a Brilliant Gold Kitchen Faucet With Black and White Tile

Featured Product: Quincy™ Bar Faucet

A striking choice in a kitchen color palette is the brilliant golden shade of Unlacquered Brass against black and white tile. The contrast of black and white is broken up by the luster of gold in this Art Deco-inspired display. Add a bold statement piece like a sideboard or bar cabinet to make the kitchen look like a roaring 20’s lounge.

Dark and Sultry Kitchen Color Trends

Credit: @chasegreenbuilt
Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

An intriguing kitchen color theme is to create drama and warmth using dark tones. Navy, maroon, dark brown, or even black creates a space that evokes a fine dining experience. Luxury kitchen faucets made from solid brass combined with cabinet hardware add to this glamorous look. Pendant lights above and under cabinets add a muted, exquisite glow.

Distinct Mosaic Backsplash for a Unique Kitchen Wall Color

Design by Style Guide Interior Design, Photography by Blackstone Edge Photography

To display kitchen wall colors without a fresh coat of paint, consider a mosaic tile wall. This upscale look has a lot of impact with minimal effort. Working with your kitchen color theme, you can choose a subtle option, like all white, or a dazzling, multi-colored backsplash with a reflective surface.

Enhance Your Kitchen Color Theme With Flora and Fauna

Credit: @laurenvallario.designs
Featured Product: Quincy™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

A modern white kitchen feels clean and composed. To add color without overwhelming the peaceful environment, use fresh flowers, herbs, and colorful fruit to bring life into the kitchen. Timeless ideas like storing lemons and limes in a decorative bowl or placing flowers in a crystal-clear vase will add natural color to your kitchen’s interior with minimal effort or expense.

Consider visiting the local farmers market to buy the freshest produce and flowers based on your mood of the week. This routine will add an extra layer of personification to your kitchen color ideas.

Find Delight in Pastel Kitchen Colors

Credit: @lesleemitchell
Featured Product: Quincy™ Bar Faucet

Light kitchen colors bring a joyous feeling to a home. Pastels of green or blue will make a kitchen cheerful in an effortless way. The availability of kitchen interior paint colors can even include pinks and purples in a subtle burst of delightful hues.

Create Your Own Oasis

We’re setting the industry standard with meticulous craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology.


Add a Wallpaper Accent for a Splash of Kitchen Color

Credit: @paramounthamptons
Featured Product: One™ Bar Faucet

Patterned wallpaper is a beloved kitchen color trend. With various colors, patterns, and textures to choose from, you can add a touch of unique personality to your kitchen walls. Technological advancements have made wallpapers durable enough to withstand the humidity and heat of a steaming kitchen. Pick rich and elegant colors to achieve the appeal of a high-end designer wall.

Test a New Kitchen Color Scheme Idea With a Colorful Rug

Credit: @peabodysinteriors
Featured Product: Vir Stil® Minimal Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

If you’re undecided on transforming your kitchen color palette, a bright runner rug allows you to see how you feel about adding a particular color. A washable rug makes for a fast change and can enliven a kitchen immediately without making a big commitment to a full kitchen color scheme. The ability to change rugs seasonally allows you to match the weather and your mood.

Contrast Matte Black Kitchen Fixtures and Dark Cabinetry With Bright Surfaces

Credit: @relativelighting  
Featured Product: One™ Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Dark Jacobean-stained wood cabinetry sets the tone for this entire kitchen, while the matte black faucet and bar stool legs add a tone of refinement to the transitional design approach. The warm accents of the gold chandelier, bright wood floors, and deep bronze cabinet hardware provide a beautifully divergent kitchen color theme. Spending time in this kitchen invites the feeling of dining at a cozy steakhouse bar.

Sleek Modern Kitchen With Colorful Accents

Credit: @serendipitedesigns
Featured Product: One™ Bridge Kitchen Faucet

Modern kitchen colors favor black and white with streamlined hardware and faucet designs. Matte black faucets and cabinet pulls add minimal yet eye-catching pops of color to this bright kitchen design. The stainless steel appliances provide an engaging yet subtle sheen.

With a sleek spout and soft curves, the One deck-mount bridge faucet in a powder-coated matte black color adds graceful sophistication to modern kitchen spaces.

Define Your Kitchen Color Palette With Cookware

Credit: @studiomcgee
Featured Product: Quincy™ Bar Faucet

Copper pots, brass candlesticks, dish towels— all of these items have purpose and can define your kitchen color scheme. Start by choosing the most prominent item and continue to build your kitchen color around it.

If your culinary tools feature gold and bronze hues, select your hardware and faucets to continue with this kitchen color theme. Unlacquered Brass faucets coordinate effortlessly with the gold salt and pepper shakers stored above the sink on an open shelf in this design. This eclectic approach shows off personal design style and creates a comforting place to cook and linger with guests.

Unconventional Colors and Patterns for Your Luxury Kitchen Design

Featured Product: Bacifiore® 24″ Apron Front Butler Sink

Create a designer kitchen by using prominent colors in an unexpected way. A dark teal green backsplash against patterned marble creates an exquisite visual display. The hammered stainless steel luxury kitchen sink pulls together an unpredictable look for this transitional interior.

Charming Tile for Your Traditional Kitchen Bar

Featured Product: Bacifiore® Bar Sink

A patterned backsplash can add personality to your kitchen bar, allowing you to be subtle or choose something conversation-starting. In this classic bar setting, the warm, flower-like tile pattern complements the wood cabinetry. Coordinating tiles can also be installed on the floors or kitchen island.

Colorful Kitchen Appliance Ideas

Credit: @matthewdoughertyarchitect
Featured Product: One™ Deck-Mounted Bridge Kitchen Faucet

When you think about a color for your appliances, it’s typically either white or silver. A daring choice used to be a black refrigerator. A newer trend is to get bright modern kitchen colors from your stove. The colored appliance becomes the center of the kitchen and adds a level of sophistication that heralds the space as a culinary oasis.

When a Monochromatic Kitchen Theme Meets an Unexpected Accent Color

Credit: @ttmhomedesign
Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

A trend in modern design is using monochrome throughout and then adding a surprise of color. Dark charcoal grey, although a muted hue, is taking a forefront in modernity as a neutral that makes a statement without overtaking a room. Continue building on the monochromatic theme with like-colored furniture, lighting, faucets and hardware.

Use a Colorful Kitchen Island as a Focal Point

Credit: @ahdandco
Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Wall-Mount Pot Filler

Since the island is usually the heart of the kitchen, let it define your kitchen color palette. In a mostly white design, this blue kitchen island stands out and brightens the whole space.

Another kitchen color idea for your island is to have a distinctive countertop, such as a stark black or white marble with streaks of natural patterns.

Offset a Black and White Kitchen Design With Warm Tones

Credit: @matthew_ferrarini
Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

This vibrant black and white kitchen design defies expectations, with bright-wood cabinet doors outlined with black accents instead of the conventional approach of all-black cabinetry. The bright wooden cabinets with flush, recessed lighting give this room a contemporary edge.

Matte black finishing touches are dispersed throughout. The faucet, sidespray, and soap dispenser match the cabinet pulls and tableware for a refined presentation of functional, modern elegance.

Make a Small Bar Space Pop With Bright Kitchen Colors

Credit: @moniquevarsamesdesign
Featured Product: Quincy™ Bar Faucet

As you review kitchen paint designs, use these blue cabinets as inspiration to take a bold leap. The white overhead cabinets prevent the blue hues from overpowering the room, while the patterned backsplash ensures the space remains distinct. Finally, a subtle faucet and matching hardware completes this bright kitchen bar.

Upscale Two-Tone Kitchen Color Idea

Credit: @thealisonvictoria
Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Be bold and create a luxurious and space using modern kitchen colors. This kitchen design pairs bold green cabinets with gold accents, including the faucet, barstool chairs, and lighting fixtures. The hood, a typical utilitarian item in the kitchen, becomes elevated in a gold hue that brings a level of designer style into this space.

FAQs About Kitchen Color Ideas

Since you spend so much time in the kitchen, changing just one wall or getting creative with your faucets and hardware is a way to ease into a potential redesign. How can you decide what the best kitchen colors are for your space? We’re here to help you design the kitchen of your dreams.

Which colors are best for kitchens?

Some people enjoy spending time in bright, open spaces. Others like the comfort and warmth of darker rooms. Pastels and whites create a bright and airy space with a lot of light. Darker shades of grey and blue can make a room feel intimate, creating a warm environment to cook and spend time with friends. No matter your preferences, you can create a quintessential kitchen to your liking.

Should kitchen cabinets be darker or lighter than walls?

Kitchen color schemes can be adapted in multiple ways. Dark cabinets and light walls offer an unexpected look. Light cabinets and one dark accent wall suggests a hint of color but not an entire commitment to a more encompassing approach.

What kitchen color designs are most popular in 2022?

The best kitchen colors are the ones that inspire you to create meals and entertain in your personal space. Grey continues to be a widely-used choice, as it pairs with any other design and style choices you make and goes with an array of faucet and sink choices. Other kitchen color trends are varying shades of green and blue.

Should kitchen countertops be darker or lighter than cabinets?

A newer kitchen color trend is to have light-colored cabinets contrasted by darker countertops. Rich, black marble opposite bright white cabinets gives the kitchen a clean and modern look. Accent the design with complementing luxury faucets in chrome or brushed nickel.

What kitchen colors are warm and inviting?

The best kitchen colors are those that seem warm and cozy to you. Various shades of the same kitchen color palette exude warmth. A splash of color from flowers and a kitchen island to sit at and visit completes a homey kitchen.

What color should my kitchen floor be?

Kitchen interior paint colors can team up with an array of floor colors. Light or dark woods can contrast with the wall and backsplash colors. A light grey-colored wood serves as a neutral kitchen color palette, a choice favored in modern designs.

8 most successful and stylish color combinations for your kitchen

1 Black and white

A timeless combination that is good for any interior style: from classic to scandi. It is more practical to take white as a basis, about 60% of the entire space (it can be a kitchen set, walls). Watch for shades of white, let them all be either cold or warm. If you combine both, they will begin to visually argue with each other and annoy. Black can occupy up to 30% of the space, that is, it can become the second main color in the interior. But sometimes it is enough to add black accents pointwise, for dynamics.

Instagram: @_mebelito_

Instagram: @insignia.perm

Instagram: @lina_inhome

2 Gray and white

A softer and more delicate combination, but still classic and sophisticated. If you choose a lighter shade of grey, you can use it as your base color. And white will complement and refresh the space. It will also be possible to add bright color accents in small details to this duet.

Instagram: @mentolleto

Instagram: @desing.interio

3 Beige and white

A cozy and warm combination of beige and white should be used so that the interior does not look dull and flat. To do this, choose a noble light shade of beige, add natural finishes, such as marbled tiles, and some shiny chrome.

Instagram: @dreamdesignkiev

Instagram: @_mebelito_

4 Blue and orange

Blue and orange is a great combination for those who would like a colorful kitchen, but are afraid that they will not be able to cope with combinations of bright colors. These two colors look good together because they are on opposite sides of the color spectrum. Orange is a warm color, it adds sun and coziness. And blue is cold, it sets off warm tones well and does not allow them to overload the space.

Since both colors are quite saturated, dilute them with light inserts. In this example, an orange sofa and a blue set share light floors and a ceiling, curtains, and a dining table.



5 Yellow and green

Another successful combination that is often found in nature and is well perceived visually is yellow and green. Both of these colors are cold, but there is no need to be afraid of this, just pick up rich and cheerful shades, the feeling of comfort will not disappear from this.

These colors complement each other well, so they can be placed side by side. For example, complement a dark green kitchen set with a yellow apron. Also try to ensure that bright color accents are not limited to the dining and working area, but go beyond them. Use yellow curtains or cushion covers.

Instagram: @masterskay.comforta

Instagram: @masterskay.comforta

Instagram: @masterskay.comforta

6 Blue, pistachio and red

A slightly more sophisticated color scheme that will help create a thoughtful and designer interior. In this case, the rich blue color of the night sky is taken as the basis. They can decorate the walls, hood, refrigerator. Then add pistachio, for example, in the form of kitchen fronts or tiles on an apron. You get a combination of dark and light, consisting of two cold shades. It is no longer necessary to add a white “layer”, but you can make the floors or ceiling light.

Red should be used as an accent in small details: a lamp, a chair, dishes. It is better to choose a cold saturated shade so that it does not argue with the main ones.

Instagram: @laminexau

Instagram: @laminexau

7 Yellow and terracotta

Yellow and terracotta do not argue with each other at all and make a cozy and original combination. It is unlikely that you will often meet him in other kitchens. A bold decision is to choose a yellow kitchen set, it will add light and brightness to the kitchen. This is especially true for rooms whose windows face the north side of the house. Terracotta can be put on the walls and white can be added. This will draw attention away from the bright yellow and balance the interior. Try to choose textiles and accessories in the same color scheme so that the color palette remains coherent.

Instagram: @corner_kuhni

Instagram: @corner_kuhni

8 Pink and blue

An airy and delicate combination that will suit those who want an unusual cuisine. It is very important to choose the right shades. The two kitchens in the gallery use shades of pink and blue that are equally spaced from the center of the color wheel. This means that they are the same in brightness and saturation.

Don’t limit yourself to just one kitchen set, bring colors to the walls, for example with stripes. You can also pick up colored shelves, a tablecloth for a dining table, accessories.

Instagram: @kate_rose_morgan

Instagram: @kate_rose_morgan

Instagram: @the.tiny.colourful.terrace

Prepared by

Maria Revina

Color solutions for the kitchen 900 01

Choose a color scheme for a kitchen where the family spends a lot time is not easy. It is even more difficult to take into account the combination of shades of the kitchen set, walls (including the floor and ceiling) and furniture, resulting in a harmonious whole space. But recommendations and useful tips will help solve this issue.

Whom to entrust the choice?

The choice is guided by several factors:
• personal tastes of the hostess and family members;
• design advice;
• opinions of psychologists on the influence of color on the psyche;
• fashion trends (feng shui, modern trends in interior design, etc. ).
Personal ideas about the ideal kitchen can be easily combined with design practice, as a rule, taking into account knowledge of the color palette and the effect of color on a person. And, adding fashionable chips to this, work out a solution.

Example for clarity.
The hostess likes light shades. The kitchen in the house is small. Psychologists recommend green as a pleasant color for the eyes. In fashion – Provencal style.
We combine and get the following:
A small kitchen will visually appear larger due to the use of bleached oak in the design of facades and light green blotches (for example, an apron and individual decorative elements), golden furniture, brown tiles on the floor and a white ceiling, against which beautiful look neutral light wallpaper. Design in Provencal style is ready!

Basic rules for choosing the color of the kitchen

Specialists-designers recommend taking into account two main factors when choosing the color:
1. The size of the kitchen – small or quite spacious.
2. The degree of illumination – which side of the world the windows face: sunny or shady.

If the kitchen is small.
Light, muted tones are definitely suitable: golden, beige, pinkish, lavender, salad shades. Light furniture, the tone of the walls and ceiling – will create the effect of air, space.
Dark shades will make the kitchen even smaller. However, with love for dark tones, elements of your favorite color are introduced by designing darkened drawings on the facade, wall, and apron.

Note to owners of large kitchens.
Cosiness and intimacy will be given by dark or bright pure colors: red, blue, dark green, the color of natural wood (oak, walnut). The background for dark furniture will be the natural tones of the walls and ceiling – gray, pearl, sandy, ocher, dark gold.

We compensate for a lot of light with “cold”.
Sunlit rooms need hues that will optically cool the room: blues, lilacs, ice greens, blue greens, grays and crimsons.
Dark saturated colors are also suitable for “southern” kitchens, since in this case the abundance of light will not allow dark shades to reduce space.
Bright (maroon, scarlet, dark blue, rich green) accents will play a role in creating coziness: curtains, tablecloths, napkins, textile parts of furniture (upholstery of a kitchen sofa or chairs).

Dark rooms – lighten up.
“Northern” kitchens need a warm range, but not subdued, but clean and bright. Suitable yellow (but not lemon shade), orange, red, ocher, olive tones.
Another trick is to make the floor light, to match the ceiling and walls. In this case, visually the kitchen will seem lighter.
Dark light spots are contraindicated due to the fact that they “steal” the light. Textiles, napkins, accessories – a tone darker or lighter than the main range.

Five successful color combinations

Interesting ideas to help you choose:
1. Red (pure shade, no raspberry or cranberry impurity) is combined with black and gold.