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10 Budget Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Homeowners remodel their kitchens for many reasons. Maybe they have outdated wallpaper or appliances and want to freshen things up. Or they’re selling the house and looking to improve resale value.

Either way, remodeling the kitchen has an instant impact. Even the smallest improvements can make the space more enjoyable to use, and your home more attractive to buyers. 

A minor kitchen remodel costs an average $23,000 and adds about $18,000 to a home’s resale value, according to Remodeling magazine. A major kitchen remodel will cost three times that amount (about $68,500) and add a hefty $40,000 to the resale price.

Clearly, spending money on a kitchen remodel pays off when your home sells. Homeowners who can’t afford those price tags, however, often redo their old kitchen bit by bit, as budget permits. 

Pro tip: As a rule of thumb, a budget kitchen remodel shouldn’t cost more than $5,000, especially if you don’t replace appliances.

If you’re handy, you can save even more money on a remodel, but it’s important to know your limits. Some redos are best left to kitchen remodeling pros.

Here are 10 budget kitchen remodel ideas that won’t break your bank account:  

Paint kitchen cabinets 

One of the easiest—and most affordable—kitchen makeovers? Painting existing cabinets. 

You could pay a professional to do this, but it’s a good DIY project for handy homeowners. The average cost to paint kitchen cabinets ranges about $400—1,100. By priming and painting the cabinetry yourself, you’ll reduce that cost to a mere $100. And in just one weekend, you’ll have virtually new cabinets that take your kitchen from dark and dated to light and bright. 

Here’s how to paint kitchen cabinets, step by step: 

  1. Remove all cabinet doors and hardware. 

  2. Spread doors on wood two-by-fours stretched between sawhorses. 

  3. Wipe down doors with a damp rag to remove dust.  

  4. Lightly sand doors. Sanding creates a smooth surface for the new paint.

  5. Apply primer with a low-pressure spray gun. 

  6. Spray on two coats of paint finish.

  7. Let dry before replacing hardware. 

Pro tip: Want to mix it up and get trendy? Painting upper cabinets a different color than lower ones is a current look.

No time for DIY? Find a handyperson near you. 

Add a tile backsplash

A tile backsplash has two benefits: It makes it easier to clean splattered cooking grease, and completely transforms your kitchen. 

When installed by a pro, the average backsplash costs about $1,000 for 16 square feet, depending on the material. DIY installation, on the other hand, can take two days and requires a lot of tools, which you can rent or buy. But this really isn’t a job for rookies.

Installing a backsplash requires a lot of measuring and leveling. You’ll also need to cut tiles to fit around electrical outlets and awkward spaces. A lot can go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing. You might wind up with too few tiles or an uneven backsplash pattern, for example, turning your pricey investment into an embarrassing eyesore. 

A better option: Pick out the materials you want and hire a professional backsplash installer to finish the job. 

Popular but expensive material options include ceramic, glass, marble, and stone. Peel-and-stick subway tile and mosaics are more affordable. A 10-pack of 12-by-12-inch peel-and-stick mosaic tiles can cost $30, compared to $15 for one mesh-mounted glass mosaic tile. 

But peel-and-stick tiles won’t boost your home’s resale value. They’re prone to peel at the corners and look noticeably different from the real thing. So if you’re aiming for quality, it’s better to splurge on the genuine article. 

Want to save money? Try this budget-friendly DIY alternative: Install vinyl wallpaper, or staple fabric to pre-cut particle board, and lay tempered glass over the surface. There’s more room for error, and no grout to worry about.

Find a professional backsplash installer near you. 

Upgrade kitchen countertops

Updating countertops will give your old kitchen a whole new look without maxing out the budget. Plastic laminate, natural stone, butcher block, and solid surface are popular options.

On a tight budget? Laminate, sold under the brand name Formica, is affordable, attractive, and versatile at $40–80 per square foot, including installation.

For best results, hire a professional countertop installer for the job, which should take one or two days. You’ll also avoid dealing with more advanced tasks, such as cutting out holes for the sink and faucet. 

Pro tip: When you’re ready for a new look, just sand down the countertop surface and paint over it. Or purchase a kit at a home-improvement center that makes laminate look like granite.

For a more high-end overhaul, consider solid-surface countertops, which range from $50–120 per square foot, or granite countertops, from $80–110 per square foot. A kitchen-renovation contractor can help you pick out the best kitchen countertops for your home. 

Find a professional countertop installer in your area. 

Swap out kitchen-cabinet knobs 

Still enjoy your cabinets and drawers, but not their outdated knobs and pulls? Replacing cabinet hardware is fast, inexpensive and DIY-friendly. 

Here’s how to replace kitchen cabinet hardware, step by step:

  1. Unscrew hinges and handle from one of the cabinet doors.

  2. Take them to a home-improvement center.

  3. Match size, hinge overlay, and screw spacing. 

  4. Unscrew old fixtures with a cordless drill.

  5. Screw in the new hardware. 

  6. Your new hardware should fit perfectly; you won’t even have to touch up the paint. 

The cost of replacing hardware depends on the hardware you choose, and can range from $80—800 for a 200-square-foot kitchen with 30 linear feet of cabinets and 40 knobs or pulls. Simple brass, crystal, and nickel knobs cost less than $2 each, but designer knobs with glass, gemstones, and intricate details will set you back $20 or more. 

Don’t want to get your hands dirty? Find a handyperson near you. 

Install a new kitchen sink

Kitchen sinks take a daily beating from dishes, flatware, pots, and pans that cause scratches and stains over time. If your sink looks worse for wear, it may be time for a new one. 

Two common types of sink installations are overmount and undermount. Overmount sinks “drop in” to the countertop’s hole; they have a lip and metal clips to stay in place. Undermount sinks, installed beneath the countertop, stick to the bottom of its surface with construction adhesive.

Once you’ve selected the type of installation, choose between a single- or double-basin sink. Some single basins may be large enough to wash cookie sheets and pizza pans, but double basins are ideal for homes without dishwashers—wash on one side, dry on the other!

Most sinks come with installation directions that a novice DIYer may find confusing, so it’s better to leave this job to the pros. Average cost for a pro install is $350.

Find a professional kitchen sink installer. 

Splurge on new appliances

New matching appliances are a “nice-to-have” that can really make an impact. If you need a new fridge or stove, and your budget allows it, write a list of needs and wants:

  • Do you want stainless steel, black, or white appliances? 

  • Should they connect to Wi-Fi and have smart features? 

  • Do your existing connections allow for a gas or electric range? 

  • How about an over-the-range microwave or range hood?

  • Will you really use a flashy $6,000 gas range?

  • Do you need an energy-efficient dishwasher? 

Pro tip: Look for sales. You might find a four-piece set—including a stainless-steel refrigerator, range, overhead microwave, and dishwasher—for less than $2,500.

Best to hire a pro for installation, but be mindful of costs. A handyperson can charge $190 to install just one appliance, and that’ll add up for multiple installations. Retailers usually offer competitive installation prices, so you may be able to save money by adding that service to your purchase. 

Find a handyperson near you. 

Lay new kitchen flooring

Flooring is one of the first things you notice upon entering a kitchen, because it takes up the most space. That’s why replacing it can make a big difference. 

Quality flooring, including installation, is not cheap. It can range from $7–30 per square foot, depending on the material. Experienced DIYers can tackle the job at no extra cost; on the low end, that may amount to $1 per square foot of ceramic tile, compared to paying a pro $5 per square foot for installation. 

While installation accounts for most of the flooring’s cost, you’ll get the best results by hiring a professional flooring installer. You can still choose the material and let a pro do the heavy lifting, which should take 1–2 days.  

Hardwood, stone, and tile are popular kitchen-floor options. If you have a limited budget, consider peel-and-stick vinyl tiles, vinyl-sheet flooring, or luxury vinyl planks. (Vinyl is one of the most affordable flooring materials.) 

Pro tip: Want the look of wood, tile, or stone without the high price? Choose laminate flooring that’s waterproof, scratch-resistant, and stain-resistant.

Find a professional flooring installer in your area.

Dress up your windows 

Window treatments enhance any kitchen’s appearance and tie everything together. 

First, choose between hard and soft window treatments. Faux wood blinds, woven wood shades and faux wood shutters (ranging from $30–70) are examples of hard materials. Soft materials include valances, curtains, and Roman shades (ranging from $15–40). Hard window treatments are easier to clean—just wipe with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Soft window treatments are prone to stains. Dry-clean, hand-wash, or use a washing machine, as directed. 

Hiring a handyperson to do the installation could cost $100 per window treatment. But anyone with 15 minutes and simple tools can do the job. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mounting the curtain rod and hanging the panels.

Find a handyperson near you.

Hang kitchen-themed art

Your kitchen should show off your personality, cooking style, and values, so hang wall art that makes a statement. 

An oversized wooden fork and spoon, matted and framed herbs, and decorative cutting boards are popular options. Have decorative china or framed photos of fruit? Hang them! And don’t forget about your coffee bar—the perfect spot for small graphic prints of coffee, cappuccino, and lattes. 

Local antique and thrift stores are great places to discover unique wall art for your kitchen. Copper pots and pans and old wooden cooking utensils always make great decorations. Hang them on the wall to add dimension and interest. Best of all, you’ll be able to decorate on a budget.

Need help? Find an interior decorator in your area.

Add personality with plants and knickknacks 

Adding nature and texture makes a kitchen feel cozy, welcoming, and “lived-in. ” Have a window seat? Place pillows and a throw on it. Cold tile floor? Warm things up with an area rug matching the window treatments. Finally, place small houseplants and potted herbs on countertops or kitchen islands, and large houseplants on freestanding pedestals. 

Find lush plants at a garden center near you.

How to find a good kitchen remodeler

Want to find a professional, reputable, and reliable kitchen remodeler? 

First, check your local home builders’ association. Also ask friends, relatives, and neighbors who’ve hired contractors. Word-of-mouth is important—after all, you know and trust these people.

Narrow down the list to three contractors and do some sleuthing. Make sure they’re licensed and insured, and they’ve been in business for a while. And read online customer reviews.

More important, it’s not enough to be a contractor, even one with lots of experience. Make sure the pro also specializes in kitchen remodeling.

How to avoid kitchen-remodeling trouble 

When hiring a kitchen remodeling contractor, be wary of the following red flags: 

  • Poor appearance. Don’t trust contractors driving vehicles in disrepair and using dirty, malfunctioning equipment. Not every reputable contractor has the latest vehicles and tools, but how a business presents itself matters. 

  • Subpar materials. During your walk-through inspection of the contractor’s work, make sure everything matches the agreement. If you ordered granite countertops, but the contractor installed laminates, they saved a significant sum on materials—and used that savings to line their pockets. 

Find a kitchen remodeling contractor or design store in your area.

Get good kitchen remodeling help—fast

Did you know that hiring a pro on Yelp is easy to do with Request-a-Quote? Many Yelp businesses display the bright red button on their pages. Just click on it, and you’ve taken the first step toward getting the service you want, when you need it, and at the price you can afford.

Yelp’s Request-a-Quote feature allows you to compare quotes from up to 10 home services professionals in a matter of minutes. Simply request a quote from a local pro, answer a few quick questions about your project, and get quotes from top-rated pros that you can easily compare.

10 Simple-Yet-Stylish Budget Kitchen Ideas

It’s possible to spend tens of thousands on a new kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create the perfect look for much less

A beautiful kitchen is top of the priority list for most homeowners. Luckily a functional, well-designed and appealing scheme doesn’t have to break the bank. There are many alternatives to the solid wood, bespoke designs out there, which can be just as stylish and practical. Even the most simple designs from retailers, when combined with attractive details such as smart handles and clever shelving, can look wonderful, work hard and come in on budget. Check out these inspiring kitchens – all utterly achievable and wonderfully wallet-friendly, too.


1. Go for all white
Using this treatment has huge advantages in the kitchen, helping it to feel light and streamlined, and giving any space – big or small – a crisp, clean, Scandi feel.

Source inexpensive and perfectly plain units in fresh white, then layer up the look with white tiles and shelving. A contrasting timber worktop will give the eye somewhere to settle and neatly punctuate the pale scheme.

Make your tiles stand out with coloured grout

Amelia Hallsworth Photography

2. Explore all corners
To get the most out of your kitchen, no matter how small its footprint, get clever with every square centimetre. Make a benchtop multi-task as a breakfast bar by extending it beyond the last unit and tucking stools underneath. And instead of regular paint, use blackboard paint so a wall can become a handy message board – and piece of artwork!

Fit inexpensive shelves and install them right to the upper limits of the wall. The top one may be hard to reach, but it can still provide useful storage for your kitchen items that are only occasionally used.

3. Reuse and recycle
When creating a kitchen on a tight budget, consider the design possibilities of using recycled materials. If funds are limited, it’s tempting to imagine that the only option is to choose a flat-pack kitchen from one of the large retailers. But using reclaimed timber, brick and metal can also keep costs down while delivering a unique look.

Browse more ways to use patterned tiles in your kitchen

Nicola O’Mara Interior Design

4. Keep it classic
A beautifully timeless kitchen need not cost a fortune. Often it’s the details that lift it from simple to super stylish. Choose an on-trend shade for the cabinets and pick subway tiles for the splashback. They’re classic, inexpensive and, with the addition of grey or black grout, look striking. Wooden shelves can do the work of expensive wall cabinets, while smart handles add a dash of metallic gleam.

Black and Milk | Interior Design | London

5. Bring in a little luxury
The compact dimensions of a small kitchen mean materials that would cost too much if used throughout a large space are more affordable in a smaller one. So, since you won’t need much of it, why not go for all-out luxury with a marble splashback and simply team it with inexpensive units? Or why not look at marble-look porcelain tiles?

Don’t imagine that matching cupboards are the only option for a small space either. Choosing different materials for the doors on the base and wall cabinets will create variety and interest without spoiling the streamlined look.

6. Try freestanding
This kitchen is made up of three chunky freestanding units from Ikea and some shelving. So simple! The units here are fairly unobtrusive, in fact, and it’s the distressed timber splashback, battered floorboards, vintage chairs and huge range cooker that bring in all the character.

Get ideas for cranking up the style in your first kitchen

Chris Snook

7. Make it personal
Any kitchen can look and feel welcoming when decorated with personal pieces, vintage finds, family snaps and splashes of colour, and this lovely room is a fine example. Enamelware and signs picked up at antiques markets add plenty of character to the space. And choosing an appliance in a riotous shade rather than predictable white is another great way to add personality.


8. Pep up the ordinary
The kitchen cabinets in this beautiful space were sourced from a standard retailer. So far, so budget. They were then hand-painted in a gorgeous shade of grey and treated to expensive handles to enhance their look. By adding a few open shelves and a vintage glass-fronted cabinet, the kitchen looks even more rich and appealing, with a unique un-fitted look.

Flik Design Ltd

9. Times two
Choosing matching cabinets in two different finishes is an inspired way to make an inexpensive kitchen look more designer. This chic scheme is kitted out with Ikea units in both white and dark finishes. The latter zone the main cooking area while the white units mark out the central peninsula and breakfast bar.

Whitstable Island Interiors

10. Shelve it
Stick to an inexpensive and perfectly plain white kitchen, then let your accessories bring in character by storing them on open shelves. Several long runs of shelving will provide abundant storage and it’s amazing how even humble glasses and mugs can look gorgeous when thoughtfully arranged. And since you own this stuff already, it allows you to create an attractive space at no extra cost.

We would love to hear your tips and tricks for creating a beautiful but affordable kitchen. Please add them to the Comments below.

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which is better, reviews, how to choose a company and factory, video instruction, photo

Most consumers purchase ready-made kitchens from well-known manufacturers, as they value their quality and reliability

A kitchen is an important part of any apartment, so choosing it should be taken very seriously. How to choose a high-quality and durable version of kitchen furniture and necessary elements? On the modern market, you can find both ready-made kitchens that are immediately mounted in any apartment, and companies that carry out orders by individual standards. That is why, to facilitate the search, you can make a rating of factories and manufacturers that are ready to fulfill all the wishes of the client, as well as provide reviews to form a more detailed opinion about each company.

Material content:

  • 1 How do you determine which kitchen you need?
  • 2 Which kitchens are better: customer reviews
  • 3 The best kitchen manufacturers
    • 3.1 PLAZAREAL
    • 3.2 IKEA
    • 3.3 Maria
    • 3.4 ZOV
    • 3.5 “Announcement”
    • 3.6 “Stylish kitchens”
    • 3.7 Yavid
    • 3.8 Harmony
    • 3.9 Forema
    • 3.10 Antarctica


As a rule, when choosing a kitchen, the main criteria are the quality of the material and the price.

Before choosing a manufacturer that will satisfy all the necessary requirements, it is necessary to determine several criteria. In the future, they will help you not to get lost in search of a suitable company:

  1. Budget . A full-fledged kitchen is not a cheap pleasure, but you can always choose an option that will satisfy any wallet. A well-calculated budget will be an excellent assistant and will save you from complications later.
  2. Type . You can buy ready-made kitchens, options for which are always presented in stores and factories. This will help save time, since the transportation and installation of all components usually does not take more than a week. The second option is to make a kitchen to order. To do this, you only need to provide the manufacturer with the dimensions and parameters of the apartment where it will be installed. It may be more expensive and take longer, but the result will be completely to the satisfaction of the customer’s personal vision.
  3. Material . Wood, metal, plastic – another item that depends on the budget and individual wishes, but directly affects the final choice.
  4. Country of origin . Russia and the CIS countries are increasingly becoming the choice of customers, as they inspire more confidence and often turn out to be lower in cost. But foreign firms (Germany, Italy, etc.) are also known for the quality of their products.

How to choose a kitchen (video)

Which kitchens are better: customer reviews

Most customers are not afraid to leave reviews before and after buying a kitchen, which helps other customers decide on the necessary information.

  • Many customers recommend IKEA kitchens, but opinions about them vary greatly. For example, the opinion of this customer is shared by many: “IKEA kitchens have one big minus – the inability to make a custom size. ” Otherwise, this company satisfies most buyers with a large selection and an attractive price.
  • Another popular option among customers is the company “Maria”, but even in it not everything suits the average client. “There were color issues. They chose one, but made a completely different one, not suitable for the interior. However, in general “Maria” is one of the most common choices for kitchen buyers.
  • The company ZOV, whose offices are located in the capital, suits the majority. “In the salon, they picked up the color, dimensions and everything necessary, which greatly accelerated the design process.”

To decide on the choice of a kitchen manufacturer, just read the customer reviews on the official website

The best kitchen manufacturers

Each manufacturer has its own criteria. You can give a rating of the ten best companies in this area available in Russia, having decided among which, you can be sure that the result will be of high quality.


Kitchen furniture manufacturer PLAZAREAL produces up to 400 sets of cabinet furniture every month and has a well-deserved reputation and quality assurance.


Sweden’s most famous furniture center, used by millions of people around the world every year. Impressive guarantees, low prices and worldwide recognition – this company is hard to ignore when choosing a kitchen.


Well-known manufacturer in Russia with many years of experience. It is popular and has a large number of positive reviews from customers.


Today you can see a lot of positive feedback about the Belarusian factory “ZOV”

Belarusian factory, one of the best in its profile. Only professionals in their field work in production, you can not worry about the result – it will not disappoint.


This is a trademark of the “Announcement” factory, the largest manufacturer of kitchen furniture, which has been operating on the Russian market since 1999. He has earned many titles and good reviews, as well as the trust of customers throughout the country.

“Stylish Kitchens”

Factory for the production of the most modern kitchens. A popular choice among customers. Uses imported materials and exclusively the latest technology.


Large furniture factory “Yavid” produces high-quality and beautiful kitchens

Large furniture factory. Modern production that deals only with the best materials. A wide network of representative offices allows you to use the services of the company in many countries and confirms its quality and well-deserved reputation.


Salons of this company provide products manufactured at the factory of the same name. The guarantee and positive feedback from many buyers, as well as extensive experience in this field, make us consider this manufacturer as one of the best.


Produces custom-made kitchens, provides a wide range of services. For twenty years of work, this company has become one of the most famous on the market. Experts will help you choose not only the right size, but also the design of the future kitchen.


Deserves special attention, as it is engaged in the manufacture of elements for the kitchen. It will be a useful choice for a client who wants to independently select every corner of his future premises.

Kitchen review ZOV (video)

We hope that our advice will help you choose a quality kitchen that will delight you for many years to come!

inexpensive models for every taste

The kitchen is a special place in the house. Here the family spends almost more time than in other rooms. They cook food, chat over tea or coffee, receive guests. The kitchen sometimes performs so many functions that its space should be comfortable, functional and beautiful.

Manufacturers today offer a range of solutions to make use of every inch of even the smallest kitchen.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of materials, colors, layout solutions for every taste and budget. But those who are faced with the purchase of new furniture know that the kitchen is not a cheap pleasure. It is difficult to take into account all the nuances, choose furniture that will last more than one year, and at the same time not spend the last penny.

Fortunately, there are a number of shops on the market that offer reliable, beautiful kitchens at a decent price. In this article, we have collected 10 companies where you can look after and buy the cheapest cuisine for yourself, and this is not only in Moscow, but also in other regions of Russia.


  • 10. Stylish kitchens
  • 9. Stolline
  • 8. Borovichi Mebel
  • 7. Call
  • 6. Announcement
  • 5. Stolplit
  • 4. Kitchen yard
  • 3. Leroy Merlin
  • 2. Maria
  • 1. IKEA

10. Stylish Kitchens

The company “ Stylish Kitchens ” begins its history already in 1996, when it simply resold kitchens from other manufacturers. Over time, it was decided to open its own production of kitchen furniture, and later modular and sliding wardrobes.

The company expanded, mastered new directions, opened salons first throughout the Moscow region, and then beyond its borders.

Today “Stylish Kitchens” carries out the entire production cycle and sells goods only through its own network of stores, which allows you to purchase furniture almost at cost. Its service department will take measurements, perform installation and warranty service.

9. Stolline

The company “ Stolline ” appeared on the furniture market in 2006 and quickly occupied its niche. The advantage of the company is its own production, where work at each stage is brought to perfection.

Stolline provides itself with the entire production cycle from design to final product, and also delivers and installs furniture, which allows the company to keep one of the lowest prices on the market.

The catalog contains both ready-made solutions, modular kitchens, and the opportunity to order furniture according to the individual dimensions of the room. An order can be placed through the official website, as well as in company stores in Omsk or from official distributors.

8. Borovichi Mebel

Factory “ Borovichi Mebel ” was founded in 1998 in the village of the same name in the Novgorod region. Today the company has a large production base, which allows you to design and produce furniture entirely by the enterprise. This reduces costs and improves quality, as it can be monitored at every stage of production.

Low prices are also due to the fact that the vast majority of models are modular, that is, made in medium sizes, and not made to order. Perhaps this will not allow you to fill the kitchen close from wall to wall and you will have to add inserts, but it will significantly save the budget.

7. Call

Factory “ Call ” was founded in Belarus, and its furniture became so popular that representative offices and official dealers appeared in Russia.

Zov kitchens are of high quality and strict control over production at every stage, while the manufacturer maintains a democratic price level affordable for people with average incomes.

The stock of equipment is regularly updated, which allows us to make high-quality, durable and aesthetically attractive furniture. It is possible to make online design directly on the site or call measurers to your home, as well as purchase ready-made kitchens.

6. Announcement

Announcement ” is a Moscow factory that manufactures inexpensive and high-quality custom-made kitchens. Specialists who work in official salons help to correctly draw up a project, and after the departure of the measurers, the order is transferred to production.

Due to the fact that the entire production cycle is under the control of one company, furniture is made as quickly and efficiently as possible, while the price remains extremely low even for the Moscow region.

On the website of the official dealers of the factory, you can get acquainted with the model range and make sure that, despite the low cost, the kitchens can boast of beauty and precision.

5. Stolplit

Furniture factory “ Stolplit ” is one of the most widely known manufacturers of economy class furniture. The incredibly extensive catalog also includes kitchens, and the build quality at a fairly low cost constantly pleases customers.

The main reason the company manages to keep prices low is the finished sizes that the furniture is made to. The ability to not adjust to individual sizes greatly simplifies production and reduces the final cost.

4. Kitchen Yard

Factory “ Kitchen Yard ” has been on the market since 1996 and mainly specializes in the production of kitchen furniture. Personal production is built on the principle of maximum automation and continuous technological improvement of processes.

The range is regularly updated with the participation of the best designers, including those from Italy and other countries. The company “Kukhonny Dvor” tries to adhere to the basic principles: an individual approach to each client, the highest quality of products at all stages and the improvement of business processes.

Despite the fact that the furniture market is oversaturated with offers, the company manages to stay on the leaderboard thanks to a special pricing policy that makes kitchens accessible to everyone.

3. Leroy Merlin

The French network of stores “ Leroy Merlin ” is the leader in the building materials market. It seems that you can find almost everything there. And the moment when the company will take over the sale of furniture, was only a matter of time.

Today in Leroy Merden you can buy inexpensive, but at the same time beautiful and solid kitchens. The stores employ specialists who will help you draw up an individual project, choose the material and colors, and also demonstrate all the options available for ordering.

You can also buy a sink, faucets, all the necessary plumbing and communications, as well as lighting and even furniture for the dining area.

2. Maria

The kitchens of the Maria company cannot be called the cheapest on the market, but they definitely lead in terms of price / quality ratio.

The company has been successfully selling furniture for 20 years and has earned an excellent reputation during this time. It produces kitchens in accordance with individual projects, taking into account all the wishes of the client, while giving a guarantee for as much as 10 years. A number of banks cooperate with the company, so you can arrange the kitchen both in installments and on credit.


The Swedish company “ IKEA ” is known, perhaps, to everyone. It offers modern furniture in accordance with European principles of environmental friendliness and space saving, while maintaining almost the lowest prices on the market.