Best kitchen designs uk: Modern Kitchen – 22 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas For A New Kitchen

Modern Kitchen – 22 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas For A New Kitchen


Green is still the ‘It’ colour

Tom Howley

Green kitchens are still having a moment in 2022.

‘As a colour we associate primarily with nature, this grounding shade has an incredible way of reconnecting us with our surroundings, creating moments of calm and positivity,’ says Tom Howley, Design Director at the eponymous kitchen company.

Ben Burbidge, Managing Director of Kitchen Makers, agrees that we’ll continue to a surge in popularity of green finishes: ‘A positive and versatile colour it can be used in deep, rich saturated tones to deliver a luxury look, especially when combined with marble worktops and brass detailing. At the other end of the scale softer, more powdery tones are particularly efficient in delivering the aspirational country kitchen look.’

Pictured: The Devine Collection in Serpentine, Tom Howley


The painted kitchen

British Standard by Plain English

When paired with authentic raw materials, painted furniture creates a durable kitchen environment that is classic in nature, yet contemporary in finish. The grains in the wood are still visible too, giving an element of texture. Above all, it’s cost-effective, providing a great way to renovate your kitchen without the expense of replacing whole units.

The British Standard design team are seeing an increase in cabinets being painted in bright, playful hues. As seen here, Jacqueline Mercer aka @tinyandthehouse, transformed her hand-painted British Standard kitchen by repainting the originally inky blue cabinets in a cheerful yellow.

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Storage of every kind

House Beautiful/Jake Seal

Storage is, and will continue to be, a big part of the kitchen space, with a specific focus around hidden storage solutions. Essential for a streamlined finish, storage systems will maximise space without negatively impacting the look and style of your kitchen.

Ian at Homebase comments: ‘Storage remains a top priority, which is why Homebase are launching butler pantries and corner units to help customers to make the most of their kitchen space.

Pictured: House Beautiful Islington Kitchen in Ice Blue, Homebase

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Statement sinks

British Standard by Plain English

To balance the stylised aesthetic of statement taps (from brass to matt black), we are placing more attention on sink details when it comes to kitchen design.

‘Statement sinks are a trend that continues to gain momentum. More and more clients are focused on finding “the one” when it comes to their kitchen sinks, with vintage and vintage-style pieces, such as this fluted farmhouse design, among the most covetable,’ says British Standard Design Manager, Adrian Bergman.

Pictured: British Standard cupboards, British Standard by Plain English


The peekaboo pantry

British Standard by Plain English

Pantry or larder storage is an essential part of any modern kitchen, and for 2022 the focus is – as British Standard by Plain English calls it – Peekaboo pantries.

‘With pantries continuing to top kitchen wish lists, people are adding open shelving to slimline doors or a curtain to even the smallest of spaces to create mini ancillary spaces,’ Adrian at British Standard explains.

Pictured: British Standard cupboards, British Standard by Plain English


Modular furniture

InHouse Inspired Room Design

Broken plan will be the layout of choice and statement furniture solutions combined with modular furniture will become the building blocks of the modern kitchen.

The experts at Rotpunkt explain: ‘Industry forecasts indicate that versatile pieces of furniture that create a more flexible home environment will top the charts in 2022, with integrated wall and ceiling storage systems through to all-inclusive islands with space to cook, dine and do business.’

Case in point: The stylish and practical NX510 kitchen from next125 features tall wood veneer doors which open with a tap, then slides effortlessly to disappear to the sides of the cabinet with a gentle push.

Pictured: NX510 kitchen from next125, InHouse Inspired Room Design

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Home bars


As we’re entertaining more at home, the modern kitchen needs to accommodate this, so it’s no wonder that built-in bars (however big or small) are becoming a must-have feature.

The team of expert designers at Davonport explain: ‘With restrictions on socialising over the past two years, our homes have evolved from being our sanctuary to our main social and entertaining hub. As a result, the demand for a home bar or drinks cabinet within the kitchen has increased and is not looking to abate any time soon.’

Pictured: Pantry in classic Mayland kitchen, Davonport


Breakfast bar


There’s also an increase in demand for the breakfast bar. ‘A breakfast bar is a versatile piece perfect for a multifunctional kitchen – with the right seating it can work as a dining table where you can enjoy a quick breakfast or informal meal with family and friends, while it doubles up as a bar and buffet area to serve drinks and canapes when hosting a party,’ say Harvey Jones designers.

Pictured: House Beautiful Islington Kitchen – Ice Blue, Porcelain, Wild Oak, available at Homebase


Steeped in history

Quorn Stone

The idea that ‘old is the new’ is driven by a sense of nostalgia and comfort. The design team at British Standard by Plain English say customers are seeking to create spaces full of intrigue and charm. How? By blending older, more characterful pieces into their new kitchens. ‘These homely spaces go beyond function and are a backdrop to treasured personal objects, ceramics, glassware and artwork,’ they explain.

Equally, filling your home with natural stone flooring, for example, will lend a soothing quality to any room, complementing both contemporary and more traditional kitchen interiors.

Pictured: Bordeaux French Limestone, Quorn Stone

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All glass

Tom Howley

On the modern kitchen wish list this year is glass. ‘Not only do glazed cabinets break up the monotony of repetitive, solid fronted doors – especially in large spaces – they maximise the flow of light into darker corners,’ Tom Howley explains. ‘Having glass-fronted doors is as good as open shelving when it comes to displaying your prized pieces.

Davonport designers say in the last 12 months glass has been used more decoratively and dramatically as splashbacks or backdrops for open shelving.

Pictured: The Hartford Collection in Azurite, Tom Howley


Cupboard skirt

British Standard by Plain English

A cupboard skirt is an ideal decorative finishing touch for rustic, country-style kitchens.

‘Instantly softening, a sink skirt is also a great way to inject colour and pattern into your kitchen or pantry,’ says Karla Patterson, Designer at British Standard. ‘Affordable and stylish, it’s also a clever way to conceal any unsightly storage and undersink spaces.’

Pictured: British Standard kitchen in the home of Lisa Mehydene, founder of edit58, British Standard by Plain English


The kitchen office


The rise of the ‘working kitchen’ has seen an increased demand for multi-functional spaces.

Kitchens will continue to require extra worktop space for home workers who may not have a home office, making way for laptops and monitors and even spaces for craft making.

There’s a continued focus on integrated seating areas, storage solutions and extended breakfast bars or kitchen island units that become an all-inclusive workstation.

Pictured: House Beautiful Camberwell Kitchen – Nickel, available at Homebase

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Large flagstone tiles

Quorn Stone

For a high-traffic area like the kitchen, you need durable flooring which also looks good. The choice for 2022? Flagstone floor tiles.

Isabel Fernandez, Director of Quorn Stone, explains: ‘For centuries, estates and country homes have used flagstone flooring, thanks to their hardwearing characteristics and classic appearance that have stood the test of time. Now more than ever, people are wanting to create this timeless look in their kitchens by choosing large format flagstones.’

Pictured: Monte Carlo tumbled limestone, prices start from £33, Quorn Stone.


Glazed tiles

British Standard by Plain English

The British Standard design team have noticed a growing number of clients opting for plain or patterned glazed tiles to create eye-catching sink walls. This rich, glossy depth of colour on glazed tiles provides great textural contrast against pared back, hand painted wooden cabinetry.

Ian Penney at Homebase says tiling is the perfect way to upgrade to a modern kitchen: ‘If you’re looking for a simpler refresh, tiling is a great way to go. We’ll be launching a new tiling range that will suit every style; everything from fun patterns and bright shades to darker and bolder colours in all shapes and sizes. Tiling is a great way to inject character into a kitchen, while being versatile, easy to clean and extremely durable. It’s also really easy!’

Pictured: British Standard cupboards, British Standard by Plain English


Round shapes

Harvey Jones

In modern kitchen design, rounded shapes exude luxury and sophistication. A beautiful design element, these softer forms are more ergonomic and feel more natural to use. Aesthetically too, every view is taken care of, rather than creating abrupt stops.

‘Rounded corners will be particularly popular in kitchen islands. The majority of worktop features, especially for breakfast bars, use contrasting materials like wood and quartz composite, with different level thickness. A curved seating area is more sociable (think of a round table vs. a long narrow table),’ Emma Cowburn, Kitchen Designer at Harvey Jones, explains.

Pictured: Shaker kitchen, Harvey Jones

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Back to front kitchens

Our kitchens are moving, quite literally.

‘Traditionally a kitchen sits at the back of the home overlooking the garden but we have noticed a growing number of clients creating kitchens at the front of the home,’ Adrian at British Standard explains. ‘Many terraced houses feature two rooms at the front which can often be knocked through to create one large living space, this can be a good alternative to a side return, saving you the cost of an extension.

‘By moving the kitchen to the front you can benefit from an open plan layout and a quieter sitting room at the back of the house, plus a double perspective will give added natural light.

Pictured: British Standard cupboards, British Standard by Plain English


Delightful displays


The kitchen shelfie is reinventing itself for 2022. ‘From contemporary open shelving through to traditional dressers, the trend for decorating kitchens with beautiful ceramics and glassware is back,’ says Ben at Kitchen Makers.

Open shelves offer an area to showcase your styling capabilities, as well as being a highly practical storage solution. ‘Displaying meaningful or decorative items is a relatively simple and effective way to inject personality into a room, giving it a more inviting and homely feel,’ adds Richard Davonport, Managing Director at Davonport.

Pictured: Kitchen cupboards in Scullery Yellow, deVOL

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Invisible shelves

British Standard by Plain English

Open shelving takes on an invisible form in the modern kitchen. Adrian at British Standard explains this kitchen trend: ‘Adding a single shelf in the same colour as the wall behind creates the illusion that the shelf is floating or invisible, allowing the pieces featured on them to take centre stage. This type of open shelving offers a less fitted appearance over wall cupboards.’

Polly Shearer, Kitchen Interiors Expert at Tap Warehouse, develops this trend with the idea of the ‘invisible kitchen’. She adds: ‘People no longer want to fill their kitchens with clutter and accessories, but strip it back to the essentials and have cupboards that blend into the walls behind them.’

Pictured: British Standard kitchen in the home of Susanna Hawkins (@shnordic), British Standard by Plain English

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Metallic accents


As well as looking stylish, metal is a practical solution – it’s extremely hardwearing and boasts antimicrobial properties which makes it a great choice for a working kitchen. And for 2022, metallic surfaces, from handles to worktops and splashbacks, will prove popular in kitchen design.

Hush Kitchens founder, Chris Spink, comments: ‘While stainless steel was commonly used in industrial kitchens, now brass, copper and zinc are the must-have materials.’

Gold and bronze shades adding a splash of luxury or hotel-decadence will be big. ‘These colours were once reserved for smaller accents such as handles or taps, however, in recent times, we have seen them appear in larger forms such as sinks and entire island work surfaces,’ designers at Davonport explain.

Meanwhile, Darren Watts, Showroom Development & Design Director at Wren Kitchens, singles out hardware in any form of brass, from vintage to polished, as being the most popular as it will add warmth and a touch of drama without being overpowering.

Pictured: House Beautiful Islington Kitchen – Alpine, available at Homebase


Marble splashbacks

British Standard by Plain English

Changing your kitchen splashback is a great way to give your cooking space a facelift. A modern kitchen must-have, marble continues to be synonymous with style and elegance.

‘Elegant, tactile and organic, marble is making a comeback as the most popular choice for splashbacks and work surfaces,’ says Adrian at British Standard. ‘Richly veined varieties, such as the piece seen in this Streatham kitchen, are a great way to make a statement if you are not looking to use bold colour or pattern and can look particularly luxurious when paired with metallic lighting and hardware,’

Pictured: British Standard cupboards, British Standard by Plain English

75 Beautiful Kitchen Ideas and Designs – July 2023

Forging Ahead

YES Glazing Solutions

A converted Victorian reservoir and renovated forge, connected with a charred timber link, have created a spectacular home in Kent for the Kewell Family. This extraordinary, renovated home has really transformed its look. At first, the Kewell Family wanted to knock down the original build and start from scratch, but their plans become more ambitious. The family got in touch with MRM Design Studio to help build their dream home as well as Construction South East. The property is made up of a Victorian forge, a new timber-clad link, and a converted underground reservoir which has a planted roof seating area. YES Glazing Solutions supplied and install our YES Heritage Aluminium French doors and casement windows, which flooded natural light into their home. Our YES Heritage windows and doors featured an Art Deco style handle which added a luxury look. The Kewell Family property turned out to look amazing and has been recognised by many magazines, such as Self Build Magazine, which you can read a full article and the behind the scenes of this project.

Kitchen Renovation Sussex

Shear Architectural Design Ltd

This captivating photo showcases a beautiful, spacious kitchen extension project. The room is bathed in natural light thanks to the stunning bifold doors spanning an entire wall, seamlessly blending the interior with the outside world. The overall design enhances a sense of openness and space, while modern amenities and design touches signify elegance and functionality. The palette features neutral tones, adding to the serene, airy ambience. This kitchen extension is a testament to meticulous planning and design, perfect for both everyday living and entertaining.



Von der Idee bis hin zur Fertigstellung

ONE!CONTACT-Planungsbüro GmbHAverage rating: 5 out of 5 stars16 Reviews

NRW | Ihre neuen Lebensräume aus unserer Hand!

Salop Road

Studio Milne

A fresh, bright kitchen in the St James Park area of Walthamstow
Design ideas for a medium sized scandinavian galley open plan kitchen in London with flat-panel cabinets, light wood cabinets, composite countertops, white splashback, black appliances, light hardwood flooring, an island and white worktops.


Unique Homestays

Rustic single-wall open plan kitchen in Other with flat-panel cabinets, medium wood cabinets, stainless steel appliances, an island and black worktops.



Wir machen aus Ihrem Haus ein Zuhause

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A Jewellery Designer’s Dream

Sola Kitchens

Yes please!
Our client was a jewellery designer who wanted her love of metallic materials to be expressed in the design of her kitchen.
Oozing with flair and character this kitchen has a lovely combination of different textures and materials such as brass, natural granite, painted wood and fluted glass.
Buster and Punch retro light bulbs illuminate the room.

Contemporary kitchen for New Build Home

Kitchenology Ltd

Leicht cabinetry in a combination of Frosty White and Kiruna matt lacquer finishes. Wood effect niche creates warmth enhanced by recessed lighting under the wall cabinets and built into slim metal accent shelving.

Eclectic Shaker Kitchen

John Lewis of Hungerford

Shaker doors set within a traditional frame, with detailed joinery and brass handles. Colour-matched to Stable Green. Calacatta worktops.
Photo of a small eclectic u-shaped kitchen in London with shaker cabinets, green cabinets, quartz worktops, white splashback and white worktops.



Schreinerei Leydorf GmbH & Co. KGAverage rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars5 Reviews

Klare Kante – Hochwertige und einzigartige Schreinerarbeiten

Jojo and Anthony’s Kitchen


The flow of this kitchen matches Jojo and Anthony’s yoga filled life. We have created a relaxing and meditative space for these two to cook, socialise and unwind.

Lewisham Kitchen


A beautiful bespoke indoor kitchen that links effortlessly to the outdoors. The sliding doors can be opened to provide a kitchen in a single line layout with an outdoor food preparation and cooking space – perfect for entertaining and family life.
Stunning Black Beauty Sensa stone helps to link the spaces with a full height upstand and work surface. This has been coupled with Silestone Eternal Staturio on the waterfall kitchen island in a matt finish. Matt black handleless kitchen cabinetry, a black Quooker tap, black Blanco undermount sink and appliances from Miele complete this super stylish and sophisticated kitchen in Lewisham.



REFUGIUM – Interior DesignAverage rating: 5 out of 5 stars18 Reviews

Düsseldorf | Ihr Einrichtungsexperte für ein schönes Zuhause

Little Venice Residence

Margot Tsim Interiors

This is an example of a medium sized classic single-wall open plan kitchen in London with shaker cabinets, green cabinets, marble worktops, stainless steel appliances, an island and multicoloured worktops.

Mix of Styles – modern and classic

Zara Kitchen Design

Kitchen is a mix of classic and modern styles with the island in a concrete flat door and the U shape in Hartforth Blue shaker. The Silestone worktops are in Bianco River which works really well with both the door finishes.
The space was a major change from the original layout with the backdoor being blocked in and the creation of an island with seating on end and side.

English-style kitchen interior

Today, designers practically do not create room interiors, strictly adhering to the canons of one style or another. When designing an English-style kitchen, the interior can simply be diluted with certain details. They will give the British spirit to the room.

The combination of blue and white looks great in an English-style kitchen.

Elegant English-style kitchen with golden finishes. Dark tiles look contrasting against the background of light furniture and wall decoration.

In this article, read:

  • 1 The main details that create the English style
  • 2 Important details
  • 3 Features of the pretentious English style. Video
  • 4 English style kitchen interior

The main details that create the English style

British style is the embodiment of true classics in the interiors of any room. The interiors of this style combined the features of the eras of Queen Victoria and her ancestor King George, and details brought from the colonies. Therefore, stylistically British interiors are quite eclectic. And the general English atmosphere in the room can be created with just a few expressive “strokes”. But they must not be fakes.

The main elements that create the spirit of good old England are certain characteristic details.

Deliberately rough finishing of part of the wall of the room is a highlight of interior design in the English style. This may be a brick section of the wall or a wall covering made of roughly hewn wood. For an English-style kitchen wall, rustic is often used instead of natural wood, successfully imitating rough wood.

Design project in the English style for the kitchen in a country cottage.

Stylish decoration is emphasized by the right lighting. The English-style wooden kitchen set is attractive and functional.

Furniture in any room, including the kitchen, should also be natural, wood upholstered with natural materials with a floral print or in a cage. Plastic chairs, glass tops do not correspond to the British spirit at all. Instead of a kitchen corner so beloved by many of us, it is better to fit a long high bench or couch into the English-style kitchen design. It can be used as a seat at the table. You can also lie down on it to watch your favorite TV program after a hearty meal.

Another detail that can make the interior British is an eared chair. Even in a not very large kitchen space, you can find a place for it in the corner.

Lovely “colonial” trinkets reflect the spirit of England very nicely: porcelain and bronze figurines, pillows embroidered with silk exotic birds and plants. There can be quite a lot of such details. As they say, you can’t spoil porridge with butter.

It is recommended to use as many natural and quality materials as possible: wood, textiles, stone.

The English style loves subdued light, so the window openings are decorated with thick curtains with a floral pattern.

English style kitchen in a city apartment in Belgorod.

Important details

It should be noted that in Foggy Albion the kitchen and the dining room both before and now perform completely different functions. We most often use the kitchen not only as a room for cooking, but also as a dining room.

Therefore, English-style kitchens in our conditions are, rather, kitchen-dining rooms.

Due to this peculiarity of space, it takes more space to create a British interior than to decorate this room in a different style.

There is no extra wood in English interiors. This applies not only to furniture, but also to a certain extent walls. The floor covering can also be wooden – parquet or plank. Although it is possible to use tiles under natural stone.

It is absolutely unusual for us to see a carpet on the floor in the kitchen. But for cold England, this is in the order of things.

The main feature of the English style in the kitchen is the abundance of open shelves. A functional solution for organizing useful space.

The English-style kitchen is attractive with contrasting color combinations. Rich black and ivory in the interior look attractive and creative.

An English-style kitchen is not characterized by bright or fashionable spot or strip lighting today. To make the interior of the kitchen “read” as truly British, you can hang a multi-track chandelier “antique” above the table. It can be made from both dark wood and blackened metal. Light bulbs in it can imitate candles. Floor lamps and table lamps with fabric lampshades are suitable for an English-style kitchen.

It is worth noting that the English-style kitchen is generally characterized by discreet pastel muted colors. Of course, some bright accents may be present. For example, in the form of red cushions on chairs, canapes or couch.

Contemporary nickel-plated faucets are not at all in the British classic spirit. It is better to choose copper or brass. The shape of the taps should also be stylized antique. It is better to choose sinks from natural stone or from high-quality imitation. Fortunately, today there is an abundance of such sanitary equipment in the distribution network.

The unusual finish of the kitchen in the English style attracts attention. Plates painted around the perimeter of the ceiling make the setting unique.

An English-style kitchen in a country mansion in western Germany.

An important detail of English interiors is the absence of curved lines. Most often, furniture in the kitchen is placed along the walls. Corner furniture is also located at right angles. One important point: English interiors are characterized by symmetry.

One more detail. Ultra-modern kitchen appliances, without which no housewife can imagine herself, should be hidden away from the eyes or somehow disguised. It does not fit into the classic British interior. And you can’t do without it. The kitchen hood is also masked, for example, “under a brick” or under a chimney.

As a summary, it can be noted that the interior of any room in the British style is not cheap. But to create the spirit, the atmosphere of old England, sometimes just a few touches, the most characteristic details, are enough.

Stylish set in a noble peach shade is perfect for decorating an English-style kitchen.

English style kitchen interior is simple, light and unfussy, suitable for family tea parties and cozy guest receptions.

Pretentious English style. Video

English style kitchen interior

interior design and other features + photo

England is a country of traditions. Guards at the Tower, judges’ robes and wigs, a London taxi and, of course, the world-famous five o’clock tea party. Since the latter can be attributed to one of the most “traditional” features, it is not surprising that the place in which the English tea ceremony takes place must fully comply with the spirit of “good old England”. And although some English people drink their evening tea in dining rooms or living rooms, the vast majority of the inhabitants of “foggy Albion” do it in the kitchen. Thus, English cuisine has become one of the national symbols, to which the British are no less zealous than, say, Big Ben or Tower Bridge.

Despite the emergence of various fashion trends and design trends, the English style of kitchen design has not changed much over the past couple of hundred years. Nevertheless, even today it remains very popular, not only in England, but also far beyond its borders, combining comfort, functionality and, of course, commitment to family values ​​and English traditions.

So, we are decorating the kitchen in the English style.


  • 1 The main features and features of the English style of kitchen design

  • 2 Two versions: classic and country

    • 2. 1 Color range

    • 2.2 Wall, floor and ceiling finishes

    • 2.3 Layout

    • 2.4 Lighting

    • 2.5 Household appliances

    • 2.6 Furniture

    • 2.7 Decor and accessories

  • 3 Video: English style kitchen

The main features and peculiarities of the English style of kitchen design

Time-tested classic traditions

English cuisine has a number of characteristic features, without which it will simply not be possible to bring the “English spirit” to life.

  • Large dimensions. This rule applies both to the room itself and to furniture and household appliances located in the kitchen. Everything should embody reliability and tranquility, and such things, you see, for the most part are quite massive.

This does not mean that it is impossible to recreate an English atmosphere in a small kitchen in a city apartment. But, however, in this case, it will turn out to “create an atmosphere”, and not real English cuisine, which is supposed to be large and spacious.

  • Solid table. The table is without a doubt the “heart” of English cuisine. It should be located in the center of the room and be large enough to accommodate the whole family and invited guests.

English cuisine is unimaginable without a massive dining table.

  • Multifunctional stove. Another distinctive feature is the large plate. If the usual ones are equipped with four burners, then there should be 5 of them in the English stove. In addition, quite often it has not one, but two ovens.

Large multifunctional plate also serves as a decorative element

  • Bronze or copper handles. Antique metal handles are a must in this design. At the same time, handles can be not only on the stove, but also on furniture, doors and windows.

In addition to the handles, cast-iron grates on the stove and decorative forging on the oven doors are characteristic elements.

  • Lots of accessories. For lovers of various accessories, the English-style kitchen is simply a real paradise. Everything will be appropriate here: wall plates, figurines, pillows, paintings and so on.

English cuisine can be decorated not only with items, but also with food

  • Hanging shelf with dishes. If the British try to hide most household appliances behind the paneled facades of kitchen furniture, then it is customary to put the dishes “for show”.

Work area in the center of the kitchen with a hanging rack for dishes – a distinctive feature of the English kitchen

The working area in English kitchens is very often located not against the wall, as is customary with us, but in the center of the room. In this case, the hanging shelf is also attached not to the wall, but to the ceiling above the “working island”.

Two options: classic and country

The English style of kitchen design has two “subspecies”: classic and country. Consider their main differences:

Color range

Classic English style involves the use of only white, soft cream shades, and as a contrast, the dark color of natural wood. In the country style, “liberties” are allowed in the form of brighter colors, for example, red, green and blue. However, these colors should be as soft and natural as possible.

Classic English style involves the use of light pastel colors

The use of “acid” colors in English cuisine is strictly unacceptable.

Country style gives you the opportunity to ‘play’ with brighter colors

Wall, floor and ceiling decoration

English style leaves little to no “fantasy space” when decorating walls, ceiling and floor.

The walls are mostly smooth white or light cream. The only decoration that not only allows, but strongly recommends the English style, are wall moldings. True, they belong mainly to the classics, and when designing an English country style kitchen, even this decorative element will have to be sacrificed.

Smooth plain walls will be an excellent backdrop for an interior in the English style

English style also allows wall decoration with wallpaper. They can be either smooth or have a floral pattern or stripes.

Speaking of walls, we should also mention the work apron. It is to be tiled with classic blue and white English patterned ceramic tiles. This tile is suitable for both country-style and classic style kitchens.

Tiles with traditional blue and white patterns are an integral part of decor in English cuisine

On the other hand, the ceiling, which in the classic version should be smooth, can be decorated with dark wooden beams in country style.

English country style allows the ceiling to be decorated with wooden beams

The floor in the English kitchen is as conservative as possible, but nevertheless, when it is finished, the choice of options is somewhat wider. It can be either parquet or floor tiles (in the classic version), or natural or artificial stone or rough floorboard (country style).

One of the classic options for floor design is “chess” of black and white tiles.


England is an island state, so the English kitchen must have its own small “island”. In the classic design, this is, as a rule, a massive dining table, in a country-style kitchen it is a work area, which is located in the center of the kitchen.

One or two ‘islands’ are required in English cuisine

The English style implies the presence of a large free space, so the presence in the kitchen of one “island” in the form of a working area does not at all exclude the presence of a second one in the form of a dining table.


The main source of light in an English kitchen should be a massive chandelier. A chandelier with a large number of crystal pendants is suitable for a classic style, and a chandelier on a heavy metal base with plafonds stylized as candles is suitable for a country-style kitchen.

Main light source – massive chandelier

Floor lamps and wall sconces with fabric shades can be used as additional light sources.

Household appliances

The British love a variety of kitchen appliances, but prefer to hide them behind furniture fronts. Thus, most kitchen appliances are hidden from prying eyes. The only exception is the cooker.

In addition to its direct purpose, it is also one of the key elements of kitchen decor. A large, with large copper or bronze handles and oven doors decorated with forging, an English stove, like a massive dining table, creates a unique atmosphere of comfort and warmth in an English kitchen.

The classic English stove-oven serves not only for cooking, but also for heating the room.

Above the large stove there must be a large dome hood, which also serves as a kind of decorative element.

Dome hood and large stove are a must for

Separately, it is worth mentioning the sink in the English kitchen. When choosing it, you should definitely refuse stainless steel models, and give preference to ceramic or, in extreme cases, enameled sinks.


Naturally, in a traditional kitchen, the furniture should be traditional. Here you will not find “newfangled” tables made of glass and metal or wall cabinets with tinted doors. All furniture must be classic and made exclusively from natural materials.

In a traditional kitchen, traditional furniture

Wall cabinets and tables for dishes should have paneled doors, and tables and chairs should have solid legs and backs.

Both solid wood and stone slab can be used as a table top. The latter is especially true for work surfaces.

As for the color, the furniture can be either light – to match the walls and ceiling – or dark in contrast. For a classic kitchen, it is better to choose furniture with a “smooth” painting or polishing, but for a country kitchen, furniture “antique” or with raw wood surfaces is suitable.

Decor and accessories

There are never too many accessories in English cuisine! As a decor, you can use dishes, handicrafts, figurines and paintings. In a word, almost any item can become an ornament of English cuisine.

English cuisine – ‘paradise’ for lovers of accessories

Naturally, “noble objects” are more suitable for a classic-style kitchen, while for a country-style kitchen it is better to give preference to things “from a grandmother’s chest”.

Plants occupy a special place in the English-style kitchen. Both flowers in pots, located on window sills, cabinets, or hung in flowerpots, as well as large plants in outdoor tubs, will be appropriate.

Video: English style kitchen

In conclusion, we bring to your attention a short video showing various interior design options for an English kitchen.

Whatever type – classic or country – you choose when designing an English-style kitchen, you can be sure that it will turn out to be truly homely and cozy. Of course, if you are an active person living in the rhythm of a modern metropolis, such a cuisine may seem too “sugary” to you. But if you have a large family that likes to gather on holidays or just like that, for no reason, at a large common table, then English cuisine is exactly what you need. And yes, you definitely won’t find a better place for tea drinking at five o’clock in the evening!

Sergey Kolosov

Born in 1977 in Donetsk, Ukraine. Graduated from the Donetsk Polytechnic Institute (now DonGTU) with a degree in Automated Control Systems. He worked at the Donetsk Metallurgical Plant. In 1997 he moved to Moscow, where for 8 years he worked in several construction teams. Upon returning to Donetsk, he opened his own small enterprise for the manufacture of metal-plastic windows. Today, due to the political and economic situation in the region, unfortunately, production had to be curtailed. But, as they say, “there is no evil without good.” But now I can share my experience with the readers of this site. I hope it will be useful to you.
Why can I be considered an “expert” in the field of repair?
Well, firstly, I graduated from one of the best specialized universities in the country and in some respects I am a certified specialist.
And, secondly, and this is the main thing, during my work at the Moscow “shabashki” I had to do almost all types of repair work – from bricklaying to artistic wall painting. And almost always there were real masters of this or that business next to me, so there was someone to learn from.
Of course, I did not become a “super-master” in all areas of repair. But, nevertheless, all my advice is based mostly on personal experience. Although, of course, it cannot do without the support of the “omniscient” Google and Yandex. But from them I choose for you only the freshest and best facts, carefully process them, separate all nonsense and husks, and only after that I give them to you.
Considering that the last phrase is very reminiscent of a ketchup advertisement, I will end my “literary attempts.