Swimming pools in homes: 32 Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas That Make a Splash

32 Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas That Make a Splash


Kristin Hohenadel

Kristin Hohenadel

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Updated on 10/13/22

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Indoor swimming pools are a luxury that can be enjoyed at any time of day, night, or year. Offering privacy in a climate-controlled setting that’s protected from the elements means that you can take a dip regardless of the weather. And it will save you the trouble of outdoor swimming pool-related maintenance such as sweeping up leaves and other debris.

Some indoor pools are attached to the main living space by a sliding glass door or glass walls. Indoor pools in city apartments or town homes may be located on the basement level. And large residential properties may feature standalone pool houses located adjacent to the main home that may include extras like showers, a spa, or a bar and entertainment area.

Whether you dream of converting a room in your home to house an indoor swimming pool, adding an indoor pool extension to your home, or building a dedicated freestanding indoor pool house in your backyard, having an indoor swimming pool means that you can design and decorate it to harmonize with the style of your home. This may mean seamlessly integrating an indoor swimming pool with the rest of your interior design, so that the pool room looks as stylish as any other room in the house. Or it may mean adding contrast by mixing materials, finishes, and styles, or adding a modern pool house on a historic property to complement the marriage between old and new.

Check out these indoor swimming pool ideas in a range of sizes and styles to help you plan your own all-weather indoor poolside oasis.

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    Embrace Japanese Minimalism

    Design by Envi Interior Design Studio / Photo by Audrey Hall

    This handsome and quietly luxurious lakeside retreat from Envi Interior Design Studio features an indoor swimming pool that is part of a pool house, spa, gym, and art gallery complex that was inspired by Japanese minimalism and design. The decor features custom doors, Venetian plaster walls, shoji screens, and a rain sky shower with a teak slatted drain detail.

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    Modernize the Mediterranean

    Design by Geddes Ulinskas Architects / Photo by Blake Marvin

    San Francisco-based Geddes Ulinskas Architects built a modern pool house building to complement a historic Mediterranean-style home. “Although the architecture is modern in design, the finish on the doors and metalwork, the plaster and the stone were all designed to be in harmony with the original historic main house,” Ulinskas says. Stacking doors allow flow between the pool building and the courtyard leading to the main home. A lounge area at the end of the pool building has wide open views of the San Francisco bay, and color-changing mood lights.

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    Line It With Windows

    Design by Crisp Architects / Photo by Rob Karosis

    This light and airy indoor swimming pool from Crisp Architects is the best of both worlds: sheltered from the elements to make it easier to maintain and available to use in all types of weather, but flanked with wrap-around windows that connect it with the outdoors and offer an energizing view of the green space on the other side of the looking glass. A skylight, pool lights, and even indoor wall sconce lighting ensures that the space is well lit at all times of day or night.

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    Paint the Ceiling

    Design by Jacques Garcia / Photo by Maison Souquet

    This small indoor pool designed by French interior designer Jacques Garcia for Maison Souquet, a five-star hotel located in the Montmartre area of Paris, has moody dark blue paint on the walls that creates a sense of depth in a small space, and a gilded ceiling detail that you can gave up at while floating on your back in the water.

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    Add Modern Style

    Design by Framestudio / Photo by David Wakely

    This Los Altos, California pool house from Framestudio is an addition to a 1966 ranch-style home that includes a wellness space. “The design concept was inspired by European planning laws that dictate additions to listed historic structures be in the style of the current times, intentionally contrasting with the original,” the architects write in a project description. “The simple geometry and limited materials give clarity to the new addition. The exterior is punctuated by a cladding of vertical cedar battens, which will age to soft gray over time. Along the neighbor-facing facade, the cladding forms a screen, offering privacy, as well screening out the harsh sun.”

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    Clad the Walls With Plywood

    Design by Framestudio / Photo by David Wakely

    The interior of this pool house from Framestudio is clad with plywood that adds warmth and energy to the fresh and modern black-and-white space.

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    Keep It Front and Center

    Design by Smiros & Smiros Architects / Photo by Durston Saylor

    This luxurious Sea Cliff, New York pool house from Smiros & Smiros Architects isn’t an afterthought, but a fully integrated part of the home that functions as a central artery, connected to a living room lounge space on the ground level and a loft space above.

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    Create a Destination

    Design by Smiros & Smiros Architects / Photo by Durston Saylor

    This pool house from Smiros & Smiros Architects is more than just a place to take a quick dip, it’s a showpiece and a destination complete with warm lighting and a pair of dramatic chandeliers for socializing after the sun goes down.

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    Lap It Up

    Design by Revamp Interior Design / Photo by Eric Laignel

    This indoor lap pool from Revamp Interior Design is deftly integrated into a West Village, NYC townhouse, and visible from multiple vantage points.

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    Show It Off

    Design by Revamp Interior Design / Photo by Eric Laignel

    Metal framed glass walls turn this indoor swimming pool from Revamp Interior Design into a giant human fish tank or an art installation that comes to life when someone is swimming, adding drama and theatricality to the design.

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    Add a Skylight

    Design by Revamp Interior Design / Photo by Eric Laignel

    This indoor swimming pool from Revamp Interior Design is visible from the outdoor patio through a skylight that allows natural light to flow into the enclosed lap pool.

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    Celebrate Midcentury Style

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Alexandra Ribar

    This renovated midcentury modern indoor swimming pool from Leanne Ford Interiors honors the character of the home with painted white shiplap and stone paver walls and a collection of oversized white paper lanterns that creates a large-scale pendant light hanging over the kidney-shaped pool.

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    Add a Glass and Metal Roof Canopy

    Design by Thomas Guy Interiors / Photo by Jen Burner

    This indoor swimming pool from Thomas Guy Interiors has a dramatic industrial-style metal and glass paned canopy with a pitched roof that gives it a greenhouse vibe and allows light to penetrate the space. Blue-and-white striped curtains and an indoor umbrella by the seating area a retro poolside resort vibe, while scattered plants and wood furniture enhance the indoor outdoor feel.

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    Add Mood Lighting

    Design by Pauline d’Hoop / Photo by Christophe Bielsa

    This indoor pool designed by Pauline d’Hoop for the Hotel Monte Cristo in Paris has graphic wall tiles, an LED ceiling light feature, and a row of tropical plants in rustic pots of varying sizes that creates a lush and earthy contrast to the sparkling blue pool water. LED pillar candles in hurricane lanterns scattered around the pool add ambient lighting perfect for a leisurely late-night swim.

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    Install Decorative Ceiling Beams

    Design by Kendall Wilkinson Design

    This sprawling indoor swimming pool room from Kendall Wilkinson Design is warmed up with chunky honey-toned wood ceiling beams and a row of pendant lanterns with flame bulbs that add atmosphere to the combination pool and lounge space.

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    Match the Flooring

    Design by Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop / Photo by Chad Mellon

    This indoor outdoor pool from Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop is the best of both worlds, open both to the interior and to the backyard with a mixture of glass doors and semi-open walls, with billowing curtains for privacy and light control. Using the same pale stone flooring in both the indoor and pool area helps to make the spaces feel cohesive and the transitions seamless. A large cased opening with black-framed glass doors enhances the indoor outdoor feel.

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    Paint the Pool Floor Black

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Alexandra Ribar

    There’s no rule that says your pool basin has to be painted or tiled in blue. The interior of this kidney-shaped midcentury modern pool from Leanne Ford Interiors is painted black to enhance the black-and-white palette of the room.

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    Add Rustic Wood Tones

    Design by House Nine

    Adding rustic wood tones and wall hooks complements the cool blue tones of an indoor swimming pool room from London-based House Nine.

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    Hang Up Your Swimsuit

    Design by Kendall Wilkinson Design

    The design of this luxurious this indoor swimming pool from Design by Kendall Wilkinson Design includes lighthearted touches like a perfectly themed gallery wall of framed wall art featuring retro-style swimsuits.

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    Add a Fireplace

    Design by Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop / Photo by Chad Mellon

    Watch movies from the pool or from a lounge space by the fireplace in this indoor outdoor pool from Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop.

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    Include a Changing Area

    Design by Geddes Ulinskas Architects / Photo by Blake Marvin

    Adding showers, a spa, or a changing area to a pool house adds an extra layer of convenience and luxury, like this sleek modern San Francisco pool house from Geddes Ulinskas Architects.

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    Add a French Touch

    Unique Homestays

    This West Sussex, U.K. indoor pool house from Unique Homestays has an elegant indoor swimming pool that was built to complement the French country chateau style of the property, and is part of an indoor wellness complex that includes a heated swimming pool, hot tub, gym, sauna, and steam room.

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    Add a Bar Lounge

    Unique Homestays

    This West Sussex, U.K. indoor pool house from Unique Homestays has an elegant indoor swimming pool with a bar and lounge on one end that can be enjoyed before and after swimming, or anytime.

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    Add a Lounge Chair

    Design by Kendall Wilkinson Design

    This indoor pool from Kendall Wilkinson Design features a lounge chair positioned beneath a window that provides a place to bask in the natural light streaming in, bringing home those relaxing poolside vibes.

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    Add Architectural Details

    Unique Homestays

    A Romaneque-style indoor pool complements a 17th-century Jacobean hunting lodge property in Worcestershire, U. K. from Unique Homestays, part of a larger indoor wellness area that includes a sauna, steam room, and hot tub that are impervious to the temperamental British weather.

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    Install Glass Walls

    Fantastic Frank

    When building a freestanding pool house on an existing property, be sure to consider landscaping so that the structure feels integrated and has a sense of place. This independent residential pool house from Fantastic Frank is located in Berlin and surrounded by planted greenery that softens the glass facade and entry doors.

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    Mix Warm and Cold Finishes

    Fantastic Frank

    On this inside of this indoor pool house from Fantastic Frank, a wall of glass is contrasted with mixed wood tone cladding on the opposite wall and ceiling that adds warmth to the utilitarian space.

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    Maximize the View

    Unique Homestays

    This Gloucestershire, U. K. indoor swimming pool from Unique Homestays is located in a beautiful rural setting on a sprawling property that consists of a series of refurbished 18th century barns. The clean modern interior showcases sweeping views of the green rolling hills of Cotswalds countryside from the large glass paned picture windows.

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    Hang a Pendant Light

    Design by Envi Interior Design Studio / Photo by Audrey Hall

    Adding touches like a sculptural pendant light to a seating area in this indoor pool from Envi Interior Design Studio makes it feel comfortable and as thoughtfully decorated as any other room in the house.

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    Add a Domed Ceiling

    Design by M. Lavender Interiors

    A theatrical ceiling dome window above this indoor pool from M. Lavender Interiors allows natural light to pour in while creating a dramatic structural element that is carried throughout the brown and white space.

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    Use Mosaic Tile

    Design by House Nine

    House Nine used small mosaic tiles in shades of blue, green, and white to line the indoor pool at the U. K.’s Gara Rock Hotel, giving it a timeless feel.

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    Create a Compound

    Design by Envi Interior Design Studio / Photo by Audrey Hall

    This luxury pool house and spa from Envi Interior Design Studio includes a small art gallery space to create an escapist compound whose individual buildings blend into the landscape with their harmoniously matching pitched roofs.

12 Swimming Pool Types to Consider

22 Striking Indoor Swimming Pool Designs

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Industrial Refinement

The Bunkers

You don’t have to have a huge basement or empty floor to have an indoor pool in your home. Opt for a slim and long design that stretches from wall to window to accommodate a floor plan like this one at The Bunkers hotel in Belgium.

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Spa-Status Opulence

Bon Traveler

The spa at La Mamounia in Marrakech is the indoor swimming pool of our dreams. Bring a little piece of it home with you by taking note of the painterly details in the ceiling, Moroccan pendants, iconic gold columns, and colorful tiles. And opt for daybeds and cabanas instead of basic lounge chairs to make it feel like a swanky pool club.

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Circadian Rhythm Light System

Ryan Garvin & Tyler Hogan

Now that’s a good use of basement space. In this home designed by Breegan Jane, the indoor swimming pool area feels sexy and stylish as well as serene thanks to the circadian rhythm light system that changes color and moderates the internal clock.

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Museum-Like Mix of High and Low

PHOTO: Alexandra Ribar; DESIGN: Leanne Ford Interiors

Hello to the coolest residential indoor pool we’ve ever met. With white painted wood panels on the walls, a brushed cement floor, stone tiles, and lantern installations as lighting and artwork, this basement swimming pool space by Leanne Ford Interiors is bursting with style. All it took was a little creativity. And if you’re wondering how the pool got its inky black pigment and moody impact, the floor was painted black.

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Whimsical and Contemporary


Who’s afraid of a little whimsy? Not us. Dating all the way back to 1559 AD and located in what’s now the Dhow Palace Hotel in Zanzibar, Tanzania, this indoor swimming pool is a piece of history, yet it looks distinctly contemporary. Built-in seating painted in a bright, cheerful hue makes the design scheme especially unique as does the life ring floating on the wall in a similarly bright tone. Built-in shelving behind the seating area provides plenty of plant display opportunities.

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Earthy, Elegant, and Bright

Villa Anouk

Just formal enough and just earthy enough to strike the perfect balance between elegance and effortlessness, this indoor swimming pool is an escape from the outside world. A sloped skylight like this one at Villa Annouk will cast a lovely light in any indoor swimming pool space.

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Modern Meets Prehistoric


Deplar Farm in Troll Peninsula, Iceland is designed with such an impeccably curated sense of place and taste, as showcased in this stunning indoor swimming area. The geothermal-heated pool is the ideal place to soak while basking in the otherworldly spectacle of the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights). The sleek, modern design of the indoor swimming pool allows us to focus on the natural beauty stretching out in every direction. Oh, and the little roof that leads underground looks like a portal to another dimension.

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Glamorous Statement Ceilings


Gold-painted ceilings and arches on arches… It doesn’t get more glam than this indoor swimming pool design, which is actually open to the public, believe it or not. Located in the Mannheim squares in Germany, The Herschelbad was a private estate until it was donated to the city in 1905. Though your home may not have these temple-status bones, you can still channel the Art Nouveau vibe with a statement ceiling. Excuse us while we go bask in those acoustics and practice our falsetto.

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Edgy, Nature-Inspired Grit


Moody, austere, and oh-so intriguing, this round indoor swimming pool reflects the beauty of the surrounding landscape. The granite walls and built-in rocks create a Mars-like environment perfect for relaxing. It’s located in the RACV Resort and was designed by Wood Marsh Architecture.

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Candyland Castle in the Clouds


This stunning indoor swimming pool sits at the top of Dubai’s most iconic hotel, the Burj al Arab Jumeriah. And it’s 500 feet above sea level, so it’s basically like swimming in the clouds. Aside from reaching epic heights above the Arabian gulf, the interiors alone make it a swimming pool worth seeing. Between the colorful columns in rich jewel tones, plush seating, and twinkling ceiling lights, what’s not to love?

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Architectural Romance

Vila Trieris

This en-suite pool at Vila Trieris in Santorini, Greece is about as romantic as it can get. Architecturally mimicking the cliff-side locale, this is a honeymoon cave we can’t help but love. It’s also modest in size, so you can use it as a jumping off point for your own indoor pool even if you don’t have a ton of space.

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A Converted Barn

Simon Upton

If you can’t bring the pool outside, bring the outside into the indoor pool room (try saying that ten times fast—under water, of course). In this Colorado Eleven Experience hotel, the rustic exposed beams and antler wall décor look right at home and the huge retractable glass door looks out onto the forest, making this swimming pool a serene oasis.

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Create Harmony

B.E. Architects

If you’re building out an entire basement spa, make sure each area delivers both aesthetically and functionally and harmonizes well together. Take note of this home spa by B.E. Architecture, where the steam room and shower look out onto the indoor lap pool.

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Country Chic

Bon Traveler

Large wall art that can handle splashing and high-moisture environments will be your best friend if you want to up the design game in an indoor pool area. Adorning your walls with statement-making decor will also free up usable floor space for seating or a wider indoor swimming pool design.

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An Angular Aquarium

Bon Traveler

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to swim in an aquarium? A design like this one gives you a chance to find out (minus the snorkeling gear and fishy neighbors). This glass wall design and angular shape are perfect for an indoor swimming pool in a modern space. It’s both aesthetically unique and functional—the best of both aquatic worlds.

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Renaissance Royalty


With dramatically high ceilings, extravagant drapery, and crimson red columns with gold trimming, the indoor swimming pool at the InterContinental Le Grand Hotel in Bordeaux is a royal feat. Follow suit with large scale everything and don’t be afraid of a little luxury. Think massage jets and gold gargoyle fountains.

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A Natural Transition

Bon Traveler

This indoor-to-outdoor swimming pool is about as unique without being too over-the-top or bold. As much as we love the design elements, this pool also offers up some practical perks. Now you can swim from indoors or outdoors depending on your mood or the season and the glass wall helps ease the transition.

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Light-Filled and Utilitarian


Located in Birmingham, England, the Moseley Road Baths feature beautifully high ceilings, plenty of natural light, and a symphony of arches. It’s the oldest operating bathing complex in Britain, and we would gladly do laps here all day, every day. We can see a residential iteration in a converted greenhouse, chapel, or large sun room.

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Palais Khum

Our eyes are drawn right to the large-scale painting at the other end of the pool—the light at the end of the lap, if you will. The grid-like floor-to-ceiling windows flanking the pool also reflect beautifully on the water, making it a great design for a residential swimming pool.

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Grand Minimalism

Park Hotel Vitznau

This indoor/outdoor infinity pool at Park Hotel Vitznau is made even more breathtaking by the mountaintop locale. With gorgeous views and ethereal fog rolling through, who wouldn’t want to soak here? While these views may be one of a kind, you can mimic the design of this indoor/outdoor swimming pool with a massive open window frame.

Pools in the house – 135 best photo ideas for designing a pool in a private house and in a summer cottage elements and finishes, such as the over-extending, ancient-style aqueduct that transitions from the spa into the pool, and the hand carved fire-water features at each end of the room. The aqueduct is a key relevance to the style which portrays an ancient cultural method of elutriating stagnant bath water with a continuous supply of fresh water. Each elaborately hand carved feature sets a mood of Greek architectural expression in this space. The two fire-water features at each end of the pool and all of the column structural support depict a ‘Doric’ style consisting of channeled columns. Also, to enhance this space with a full perspective of Greek-Roman style, the convex ceiling depicts a vision of an opened-ceiling that reveals a fully animated Greek-mythological star setting created by fiber optic lighting.

Geothermal technology is the primary source for heating and cooling the pool and spa. Although they appear to be one body of water, they are independent so the spa can be maintained at 103degrees all year round.
Photography: Daniel Driensky

Dibros Design & Construction – Geneva

Dibros Design & Construction

Screened in backyard pool & hot tub with travertine pavers deck. FireOrb next to tub and outdoor kitchen/grill. Main house to the left with Garage and 2nd floor Guest Suite
to the left.
Photo by Aaron Bailey Photography – awbailey.com

Mid-Century Retreat

Taconic Builders Inc

Built by the founder of Dansk, Beckoning Path lies in wonderfully landscaped grounds overlooking a private pond. Taconic Builders was privileged to renovate the property for its current owner.
Architect: Barlis Wedlick Architect
Photo Credit: Peter Aarron/ Esto

Seaside Drive

American Villas, LLC.

Fresh Design Idea: Sporty, Rectangular Swimming Pool in Marine Style House with Concrete Slab Covering Pool House – Great Interior Photo medium-sized sports pool in a neoclassical (modern classic) house with a concrete slab surface


Technology By Design, Inc

Custom lighting behind TV’s
Pictured: Sports, medium-sized rectangular pool in a modern style home with concrete slabs

Swimming Pool

English Oak Frames Limited

Stefaniya Leigh
Inspiration for home comfort: a large rectangular pool in a classic-style house with tiles

Custom Interiors

Beer Architectural Group

Design idea for a huge, rectangular, natural pool in a rustic home with jacuzzi and decorative concrete decking

The Copper House

Brad Sharpe Pools

Inspiration for home comfort: Large rectangular pool in the home classic style with fountain and clinker paving

2014 Fall and Winter World’s Greatest Pools submissions

Pebble Technology International

Indoor Pebble Tec® Tahoe Blue pool constructed by Aquatech Pools GC, Inc.
The design goals of this pool were to incorporate natural materials with unique color, lighting, water and fire in a family setting
geared for entertaining. A pool, spa, swim up bar with accent lighting, an outdoor kitchen, fire pit and 2 fire features were requested by the customer which all had to be fit into a very limited amount of space with restrictive site conditions. The pool is located seaward of the CCL line. Due to elevations of the existing
ground, an elevated stemwall was required to be constructed around the entire pool project. We used travertine on the deck, Pebble Tec® Caribbean Blue, ColorLogic Lights, and 2 fire bowls from Grand Effects.
The fire pit and chairs we formed in place and constructed out of gunite, tile and granite. The spa bar top was a custom piece of granite with under mounted color lighting.
• (4) Underwater Bar Stools in pool around spa bar top with Pebble Tech Level 1 & Custom Granite Tops to match bar top
• 16” Raised Spa with 3 spillways and a
custom granite, curved bar top with under mounted color lighting
• Swim up bar with accent lighting
• Fire pit and benches we formed in place and
constructed out of gunite, tile and granite
• (2) Fire Bowls from Grand Effects with manually operated lava rock
• 2-Level Travertine Deck in a French Pattern • Solar Panels: (9) 4’ x 12’ Panels with Auto Control
• Tanning Shelf
• Upgraded waterline tile
• 2-Door Cage with Mansard Roof, 7” Super Gutter and Stainless Steel Screws
• (2) Pool area landscape features
• Outdoor kitchen area with custom granite
countertops to match spa and (3) fire pit benches

Swimming Pools

Browne and Associates Custom Landscapes

This Swim Spa with retractable Nana Walls was designed in 2005 and constructed in 2006 in Castle Pines Village. The clients wanted a swim spa that could be open to the patio during the Summer, but closed off during the cooler months. Nana Walls surround 2 walls of the pool house. Patio is bluestone flagstone with concrete “tiles”. Mexican pebbles grout the concrete tiles.
Design: Courtney McRickard – Threesixty Design Denver
Construction: Browne and Associates, llc
Photography: Michael Peck

Spanish Revival


Fresh Design Idea: Freeform Swimming Pool in a Mediterranean Style House – Great Interior Photo

construction and design, photo / How to build a pool in a house, video instruction

900 02
The pool in a residential building is attractive in that you can use it regardless of weather conditions and other external factors. It is located in the warmth and does not experience any influence of nature. However, its operation depends entirely on how
construction will take place, whether the project will meet the basic requirements, and in which part of the house you decide to build this structure for yourself.

A swimming pool in a country house can be located in almost any part of it, even on the roof or in the basement. Often, owners prefer to install it next to the sauna. The main thing is to take into account all the nuances of construction and strictly follow the approved project.


To make the pool of your dreams in the house, it would be more correct to add it to the plan at the design stage of the whole house. In this case, you can successfully organize the room and avoid unforeseen surprises. The issue of design is also important, but at the very beginning it has almost no effect on the project, but when the room is ready, all communications have been made, it’s time to finish and look your pool in a private house.

Building a pool with your own hands without a ready-made project is impossible, but first of all you will have to decide on a number of issues:

  • Location;
  • Communications and equipment;
  • Functionality;
  • Design.

When installing a swimming pool in a private house, you need to understand for what purposes you need it. If you consider it as a place to relax, then it should look like that. For serious swimming, the project is completely different, because such a pool has its own parameters and requires a different approach in construction. You need to choose a place based on its purpose, size, shape and other nuances.

How to choose the right place

The pool in a private house, as a rule, is covered, and is located on the ground floor or in the basement. On the upper floors and the roof, the design is less common, although nothing prevents you from making it yourself. There are plenty of videos out there showing that the rooftop pool looks good. The only thing is that its construction will take more time, effort and money.

If according to the plan there will be a sauna in the house, it is logical to install the pool next to it. Its dimensions may be larger than those placed on the roof. On average, the volume is 7 cubic meters. In such a pool, you can relax and swim perfectly, although, of course, it is not suitable for serious sports training.

If you decide to build a house with a swimming pool with your own hands, be sure to install ventilation. It should work perfectly, according to the volume and area of ​​the pool. The room should always have fresh air, but drafts are excluded. Watch the video or ask knowledgeable people how to properly ventilate the room, as this item is one of the most important in construction.

The air temperature is also important: it should not be below 28 degrees. Humidity levels should normally reach 65%. Both temperature and humidity depend on whether you can correctly design the construction of a pool in a private house and conduct communications at the proper level.

Keep in mind that water creates moisture, so it is undesirable to build indoor pools close to the bedroom or children’s room. In general, it is better to prepare a project so that the pool in a private house is located separately. For example, in a special extension to the house. It does not make sense to build it near residential premises.

Selection of accessories and design

Starting the construction of the pool with your own hands, you need to decide on the model of the bath. Whether it will be a collapsible option or a stationary one depends on your goals for using it. You need to decide this even when drawing up the project, since then it will be impossible to change anything.

The most serious and solid are stationary models. Before undertaking their construction, you need to prepare well, study all the main points, watch thematic videos. However, it is still better to entrust the work to professionals, since you will not be able to do it yourself. It is impossible to build such a structure without preliminary preparation,
since stationary pools are made of hydrotechnical concrete, and during construction every detail must be taken into account.

The advantage of this option is the ability to choose the dimensions and shape of the bowl. If you are planning to make a pool next to the sauna, this option is right for you. The design can also be anything, there are no restrictions in this regard, but they are usually tiled.

The choice of accessories for such a pool is practically unlimited. Some stop at hydromassage, others add more devices that have a beneficial effect on the body. Stationary pools are usually placed in the basement or next to the sauna. It is very important in this case to equip good ventilation for the correct movement of air masses.

The strength and durability of models made of hydrotechnical concrete are the positive qualities, which cannot be said about the collapsible and inflatable type.
Inflatable pools are an option more for children, they do not require construction. Collapsible has a more complex design and the ability to accommodate a large number of people. Perhaps these types of pools are also suitable for you, because they are easy to install with your own hands and remove when you want to, but these reservoirs are not suitable for something serious.

Benefits of stationary swimming pools in the house

The desire to make a pool in your home is easy to justify. Now many owners of country houses do not deny themselves the pleasure of having their own pond and sauna, and there are reasons for this:

  • Health. Swimming has a positive effect on the human body, strengthens the muscular frame, trains the respiratory system and allows you to relax. It is useful for children and adults, so the presence of a pool built by oneself can no longer be called a whim.
  • Rest. However, not everyone installs pools due to health concerns; for some, this is a great opportunity to relax or have a party by the water.
  • Availability. Now it is not so difficult to build a pool with your own hands. There are many instructional videos and step-by-step instructions. As a last resort, you can always turn to professionals who will help you make an indoor pond anywhere with all the necessary communications.
  • Care. If the bowl is small, you can maintain it in good condition with your own hands. Care depends on which pool model is installed.


Of course, having your own indoor pool has its drawbacks, and there are things that need more attention:

  • Safety
  • Contents

A home pool can be dangerous for a variety of reasons. Starting with the fact that a person who cannot swim can fall into it, and ending with the unfortunate location of the structure. In the second case, the seriousness of the situation is aggravated by the fact that after construction it is difficult to fix anything, so all points must be taken into account at the design stage.

Do-it-yourself pool on the second floor or rooftop is dangerous, as it requires more knowledge and skills than even the best video shows.