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Would you prefer a different layout? 


Did you know that we can customise the floorplan to a different layout to suit your needs? Not only that but we can also change window and door size and positions to suit your individual needs or capture a particular view? Just let us know and we’d be delighted to help you. 

Room Width  Length (mm)
Bathroom 1.8 m (1.5 m at narrowest point) 2.3 m
Kitchen/Living/Dining 5.7 m 6.6 m

Front View

Right View

Rear View

Left View

Some benefits of a Neat Living Kit House.


Factory manufactured.

Precision engineered.


Reduced on-site construction time.

Safe and clean build.


Customisable interior and exteriors.

Self-build made easy.

Reduced running costs. 

How would you like to customise your Neat Living Studio Pod?

There are many ways in which your building can be customised for you – from cladding to roof-mounted photovoltaic (pv) systems. 



Future-proof your life with a future-proof home

The Neat Living® Aurora Studio Pod

Timber kit, inclusive of all external walls and internal partition frame and roof elements – making up the entire structural frame. Excluding transport and insulation, etc.

£15,550.00 excluding VAT*
The Neat Living® Flex Studio Pod

Timber kit, inclusive of all external walls and roof elements – making up the entire structural frame. Factory fitted insulation. Erection. Excluding transport and Internal partitions, etc.

£35,750.00 excluding VAT*



* Did you know that most VAT charges on a new build home are recoverable under HMRC rules? For all information see the HMRC website. 



Terms and conditions apply.



We recognise that getting started with a self-build can be hard, so that’s why we have created our Budget Cost Plan service.


If you are buying or already have land or a plot, a Budget Cost Plan is the correct place to start. Neat Living can, of course, provide you with a proposal for your preferred timber kit, but what everyone needs to know is “How much will the total project cost?”


Fortunately, Neat Living has the solution ready for you. Head over to our Budget Cost Plan page and we’ll talk you through how to get started. 




Budget Cost Plan – Find Out More

Our registered address is:

Neat (UK) Ltd

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Budget Cost Plan | Neat Living

Budget Cost Plan Layout


Check out the image to see how a Budget Cost Plan is structured.


Your plan will be tailored to your chosen Neat Living design and include relevant local costs for the various elements, in pdf format.


Allowances can be made for contingencies and unknown items, at this stage.


Note: The layout shown is for illustrative purposes only. 

Save £359.00 Today – Limited Time Offer


To make sure that we help to get your project off to the best possible start, as informed and as knowledgeable about the process as possible a Budget Cost Plan is the way to go. The Budget Cost Plan is excellent value for money at £1,795.00 including VAT.


For the Budget Cost Plan, we’ll prepare the essential drawings, an outline specification and site details for an independent QS to prepare a Budget Cost Plan for your project. 


Save £359.00 today, off the price of £1,795.00. We’re currently offering a 20% discount. All you need to do is enter the coupon code VIEWZ20 at the checkout and only pay £1,436. 00 including VAT for your Budget Cost Plan, today.  





Dealing with Neat Living has been an enjoyable experience. The fundamental attraction was their ethos, they understood what we wanted to achieve and were happy to build on ideas.

Private Client.

Scotland, UK.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.



Step 1

Please enter all of your details, below. You can select the Aurora model and tell us where your site is.


Please note that this offer applies to England, Scotland and Wales only. We do not offer services for Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland.



Step 2

After you place your order, a confirmation of payment will be sent to you. Before we start working on your Budget Cost Plan we will check with you that we have all of your correct details.



Step 3

Neat Living will organise the initial drawings and outline specification for your project to enable a Budget Cost Plan to be prepared. The completed plan will be issued to you – typically 10 to 14 days. As soon as you have it, we can organise to have a follow-up call with you to discuss it in more detail and consider the next steps. 




Registered Company Address


Neat (UK) Limited

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Order Your Budget Cost Plan Here

This offer applies to England, Scotland and Wales only. We do not offer services for Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland.

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Our registered address is:

Neat (UK) Ltd

3 Clairmont Gardens



G3 7LW

Spherical houses – G-Pod gazebos for modern nomads |

Futuristic G-Pod

Designed by Ornate Gardens. (Great Britain) presented an interesting novelty – original houses – G-Pod gazebos, which are a rotating structure that can fit from 5 to 14 people. The design is completely made in accordance with eco-technologies. The G-Pod is a great place to hang out with friends, have an outdoor family dinner, or get away and work.

G-POD – eco-building from British developers

Among the huge variety of different eco-structures that architects and designers are increasingly presenting lately, the rotating G-POD from British developers undoubtedly stands out for its design and self-sufficiency.

Eco-friendly outdoor recreation

Designed in four versions and accommodating 5 to 14 people, these prefabricated structures can be placed anywhere: in the forest, in the garden and even on the roof of the house. This is a great shelter even in rainy weather, and all the energy needed by the inhabitant of such a structure is generated thanks to solar panels.

G-Pod prefabricated houses

Rounded gazebo houses are made of sliding panels. Curved arches are made from spruce boards and translucent, slightly tinted acrylic sheets. This provides protection from wind, rain, sun and guarantees privacy. Since the structure is rotating, you can always not only open it to admire the local scenery, close it to protect yourself from insects and noise, but also deploy it in a position convenient for the inhabitants.

2 hours – and the house is ready

The developers claim that at home – G-Pods can be assembled by 2 people in just 5 hours. At the same time, the interior of the building can be very different and the person who acquires such a design has the opportunity to order it individually. The developers offer several basic options for this structure.

G-Pod Seater: comfortable accommodation for the whole company

G-Pod Seater, which can accommodate 5-7 people. The structure is made of 6 arches rotating 360 degrees. The garden gazebo G-Pod Seater is not fixed, it is enough just to install it on a hard, durable surface. There is a table in the center of the gazebo, and seats around the circumference. You can buy such a gazebo for $15,000.

G-Pod Lounger: relax in comfort

More comfortable option – G-Pod Lounger the structure consists of 10 rotating arches. For 4-6 people there are comfortable seats with cushions and a table that can be lowered to the level of the seats, forming a surface on which to sleep. For protection from the sun are special blinds. The cost of G-Pod Lounger is $17,000.

G-Pod houses – eco-technologies in action

Summerhouse/Diner is a real summer house made of 16 acrylic wood panels. It must be installed on a specially prepared foundation. The house has comfortable sofas, which can accommodate even an adult. If desired, a TV and a refrigerator can be installed in the house, which will be powered by solar panels.