Positive energy home decor: Positive Energy Decor | How to Bring Positive Energy Into Your Home

Positive Energy Decor | How to Bring Positive Energy Into Your Home

Your home design can drastically affect the positive energy your home brings you. The layout of your furniture, the organization of your things, and the decor on your walls all contribute to your mood and energy at home. A few small changes to your surroundings at home can have a big impact on your mood. Check out our home design tips on how to bring positive energy into your home and increase the positive energy in your life.

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How to Bring Good Energy Into Your Home

Decorate For Happiness

Your home should be decorated with things that make you happy. The first step to learning how to bring good energy into your home is to re-evaluate your color schemes and the hints of colors throughout your home. Color holds a powerful influence in our lives, and incorporating colors that you dislike or colors that make you feel a certain way can definitely affect your mood in big ways, physically and mentally. So, how do you decorate for happiness and remove the negative energy? As easily as color can bring your mood down, it can also bring it back up. Choose a color palette that makes you feel good and use those colors to paint an accent wall or to purchase colored furniture. If you prefer to keep those focus points simple, you can include color through accessories and wall art. Guaranteed positive energy decor includes inspiring images and quotes and pictures of good memories with family and friends or of places that bring you back to a happy time. Your home is a representation of you, so you want to design a space that reflects who you are in order to feel uplifted and in good spirits.

Make An Effort to Make Your Bed

Learning how to bring good energy into your home involves every room in the house and one of the most important steps to know is how to get positive energy in the bedroom. It is the one space in your home where you should have privacy in an environment that allows you to escape and relax. One easy way of achieving positive energy in the bedroom is to make your bed. Making your bed may seem like that annoying task your parents repeatedly asked you to do, but you felt was pointless because you would be making a mess of it when you hopped back in at the end of the day anyway. However, you may be surprised and amazed by how a daily task that seems useless and tedious can change your mood dramatically, especially when you walk into a clean, inviting, and comfy made bed at the end of a long day. An organized environment sets the tone for the day. Leaving your house with a made bed and knowing you’ll return to one makes relaxing ten times easier and gives you something to look forward to coming home to every day. You’ll have a hard time waiting to jump into bed at night to get a good night’s rest!

Clean Up to Clear Up

Clutter piles on additional stress, which puts a damper on the positive energy in your home. Cleaning your home and clearing stress-inducing clutter can help you clear out old energy and bring in positive ones. Whether your space is big or small, it’s crucial to keep things organized and neat to consistently create a relaxing and positive space. It’s inevitable that after long days, it’s easy to accept a mess and allow things to pile up around the house. Routinely taking one weekend out to get rid of things you don’t need and putting the rest away in their designated spaces may surprise you with how much you can eliminate to organize a living space that brings you joy and calmness. With time, cleaning your space becomes a less tedious task when things are generally organized and maintain good energy.

Create Bright Spaces

Increasing positive energy in your house can be as straightforward and inexpensive as brightening up your living space with natural light. According to health and wellness expert, Caleb Backe, “Brighter homes with more exposure to natural light are linked to a more positive state of mental health, whereas dim or ill-lit homes are generally found to be linked to depression and low energy. ” Open up your blinds or windows as you cook in the kitchen or watch television in the living room. Add more lamps and lighting fixtures to the darker spaces of your home that may lack natural lighting. Mirrors are also a great addition because they reflect light and make spaces appear larger and more open. These simple adjustments can immediately increase your positive mood and energy!

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Leave Positive Affirmations Around

Your mind is a tricky thing that can also be tricked into feeling a certain way, like being more positive. Reminding yourself of positive thoughts is a great way to bring positive energy into your life, but it is a lot easier when you are consistently around that energy at home. A fun option for positive energy decor is to hang up posters with inspirational quotes and sayings around your home, which will also add artistic value and decor to your space! An affordable alternative to buying or printing out motivational posters is to leave post-its in different areas of your home with your favorite positive quotes or affirmations on them. Seeing these reminders repeatedly around you will help them subconsciously stick with you. It’s also a great option if you want to switch out the notes once in a while specifically for what you need to motivate you at a certain time in your life.

Brighten Up Your Home with Positive Energy Decor

The right home decor for you will increase your positive energy and it will transfer to the positive energy in your life. Small changes, as simple as making your bed or leaving post-its around, can make your home feel like a more positive space and it will be easier to carry that positivity with you wherever you go. It is essential to understand that other factors may also affect how you attract positive energy, but it should start within yourself and your attitude towards life. Our free DecorMatters app is a great first step to virtually designing your dream space to attract all the positive vibes!

Decorating And Upgrading Your Home with Positive Energy Home Decor

Home Improvement


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Are you looking for positive energy home decor? It’s time to try your hand at some decorating and upgrading with these simple ideas.

With more time and resources at our disposal, we have all no doubt been looking around and attempting to improve what we currently have as well as remodelling our homes and kitchens to how we want them to be. By employing a few straightforward procedures, you can simply refurbish your home and give it a beautiful appearance. 

Are you ready to get rid of that negative energy and turn it into positive vibes and add a little feng shui to your home? Let’s get started!

Positive energy home decor

An easy and affordable way to give your house a facelift is to repaint or emulsify all of the wood. Everything can seem brand-new and stand out in the space by getting a fresh coat of paint in any colour—white, black, or even just re-staining the wood. It might seem lighter and more welcome without actually changing much about the area except for a fresh coat to improve its appearance. 

Another way to modernise your home is to add some stylish furniture or decorations. Find an estate sale to discover what’s available. It’s possible to uncover hidden gems that not only complete the room but also can have an intriguing narrative that will encourage conversation among visitors who come to see your new furniture. Depending on what you decide, they might act as focal points for the room. 

Flowers add some color and life to every area they are placed in. As a result, your room could look and feel entirely different. They will always make the place feel cosier, whether you choose real or imitation options. Having flowers whose colours complement the decor of the room may really bring the space together and make it more aesthetically pleasing. Placing real flowers in strategic locations, such as by the front door, at the top of the stairs, or on the dining table, can give out a pleasant perfume when you walk by them. 

Your living room or bedroom will stand out and appear more positive by adding a feature wall. It is a quick and easy way to give a space alive. This can be anything that draws your attention, including bold colour, patterned wall covering, or even just plain exposed brick. They can have significant effects even though they typically don’t. They may nevertheless make your space look current and fresh even though you have only changed one wall. By making one wall stand out from the others when the other walls are a more natural and muted colour, a space may actually sparkle and become the focal point of the design. You may really show off your personality by decorating.

More Positive Energy Home Decor Ideas for your living space:

  • peacock feathers in beautiful vases
  • fresh flowers
  • money plant and other indoor plants like aloe vera, or lucky bamboo
  • wind chimes
  • dream catcher
  • rose quartz
  • salt lamp
  • essential oil diffuser and reap the benefits of essential oils
  • paint with bright colors
  • light shades to let much natural light in during the day, and dark shades at night for good quality sleep
  • open the windows for fresh air
  • add natural elements to create a positive home. Add them to your wall decor, and main door, and you’ll see that these small details will create positive emotions in various ways.
  • bowls of citrus fruits
  • table lamps and low-light lamps on a side table
  • air purifier for clean air
  • incense sticks for a fragrant smell that prevents mood swings

Positive Energy Home Decor conclusion

The good thing about decorating your home and changing things up is that it is completely personal to you. You can show your personality through your home. Find inspiration in every day like nature and flowers as well as going to an art gallery to see if any art would suit your home and you can then decorate around a particularly fabulous piece. A few quick and simple home renovation projects are available. Simple things and expensive yet wise investments both exist. See what you can do to make your home look better.

Shop any of these stores and I receive a small commission at no cost to you.

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Feng shui, so that the space is harmonious and energetically filled, it should contain all five natural elements – water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Each element is associated with a certain color, shape, cardinal point and even emotion. Together with Feng Shui expert Irina Simakova, we will tell you how to enliven the atmosphere of your home in simple ways.

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What color should the decor be? Blue, black.
Ideal shape: irregular, wavy.
Where to place? In the north, east and southeast sector, but in the bedroom there should not be too much “water” decor.

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What color should the decor be? All shades of green and light blue.
Ideal shape: rectangle.
Where to place? Only in the east, southeast and south sectors of the house.

Element 3: fire

If you are a person of a creative profession and are used to working “with a spark”, then the element of fire will be most welcome in your apartment. Just complement the interior with candles, pillows and carpets in warm colors – inspiration is guaranteed. The same advice is useful for those who need to get rid of feelings of loneliness and fatigue. Also, the “fiery” decor will enhance the romantic aspect in the bedroom, but it’s important not to overdo it here.

What color should the decor be? red, purple, orange, pink.
Ideal shape: triangle, star.
Where to place? In the southern, southwestern, northeastern and central sectors.

Element 4: earth

We associate earth with something sustainable, reliable and stable, so the “earth” decor is primarily necessary for those who are looking for peace and security: ceramics, yellow pillows, sand-colored carpets and mountain landscapes will look great in the interior.

What color should the decor be? Look at the shades of brown, beige, yellow, sand.
Ideal shape: square.
Where to place? Any sector of the house, except for the north and south.

Element 5: metal

Whether you’re starting a new project, trying to improve your self-discipline, or just trying to fight laziness, it’s easier to get in the right mood if you have copper utensils and decor items and rounded accessories in your home.

By the way, decorating an apartment according to Feng Shui is a good reason to add round chandeliers and lamps to the interior, which also correspond to the metal element.

What color should the decor be? Grey, white, metallic.
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Feng Shui in the interior: furniture arrangement, energy zones, Bagua grid

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Feng Shui – Taoist teaching about the management of energy flows. The theory of finding balance and harmony is reflected in Western culture, its main ideas are actively used by architects and designers! La Redoute tells how a feng shui apartment should look like and how you can use its energy for the benefit of the whole family.

Each room in the house is unique, it combines the positive energy of qi and the negative sha. The Chinese teaching helps to activate the “good” flows and neutralize the “bad” ones. For planning a rebuild or major renovation, you will need the Bagua grid.

This scheme divides the entire living space into 9 sectors corresponding to certain cardinal points. Any zone is responsible for one aspect of life: the north side is for career growth, the south is for fame, the southeast is for financial well-being, and the west is for creative success. The energy of wisdom is concentrated in the northeast direction, marriage – in the southwest sector, health – in the center of the house. The “place of power” of the family is located in the eastern part, travelers – in the northwestern zone.

Corrugated velor swivel chair, Baltimore

Each sector has its own palette and unique rules for arranging furniture. A traditional compass will help you determine the place of the room in the Bagua grid and plan the interior according to Feng Shui.


Feng Shui philosophy attaches great importance to the arrangement of the bedroom. Experts recommend placing this room away from the main entrance to limit the access of negative energy! Also, do not equip a rest room near the kitchen or bathroom, so that extraneous noise does not interfere with your sleep.

The room must be square or rectangular. Irregular shapes can be smoothed out with furniture or curtains. When choosing furniture, in turn, you should abandon too sharp corners and give preference to smooth lines.

Upholstered bed with bed base Laika

Fans of Feng Shui advise placing the bed in the central part of the room, with the back to the wall and diagonally to the front door. To comply with the principle of symmetry, two identical bedside tables can be placed at the head of the bed. Do not clutter up the room with massive wardrobes and chests of drawers: the presence of free space in the bedroom greatly improves its energy!

We recommend that you carefully consider the choice of decor. No need to place mirrors near the bed: this can deprive sleeping people of vital energy. Hang landscapes or trendy posters in soft colors on the walls. Try not to install personal computers, TVs or other equipment in the bedroom to avoid sleep problems.

Pay special attention to bedding! Negative energy accumulates in the fibers of low-quality textiles, it interferes with rest and spoils well-being. Opt for sleeping sets made from organic cotton or other sustainable fabrics.

Duvet cover 100% cotton, Irun

Living room

The living room is the heart of any home, it is a place of unity for family, relatives and friends. The Feng Shui harmony of the entire apartment depends on the proper distribution of energy flows in this room! For the hall, you should choose the most spacious and well-lit room in the center. Feng Shui rules say that the living room should be of the correct shape, without recesses and niches.

Choose sofas and armchairs with high backs and armrests: a solid support gives you a feeling of comfort and security! Arrange the seats in a single group around a low coffee table. A person sitting on a sofa should see both the front door and the window opening.

Velor sofa, Woudi

Make sure that every corner of the living room is well lit! In addition to a massive chandelier in the central part of the ceiling, provide additional sources of artificial light: floor lamps near the sofa, small lamps on console shelves or spotlights to illuminate paintings and decor. Dark spots create barriers for the movement of positive energy.

In the living room, wooden floors with a smooth texture are preferred. A soft rug made of natural wool will warm your feet and bring additional comfort to the interior.

Don’t overload your living room with details! To decorate the hall, you can use a real or artificial fireplace, as well as candles in elegant stands. Fresh flowers and plants in original flower pots are also appropriate in this room. Images of nature and other paintings with a calm plot are suitable for decorating walls.

Set of 2 Elda aluminum candlesticks

TV and other multimedia equipment can be placed in the living room. Place appliances away from seats to reduce negative electromagnetic radiation.


The best place for the kitchen is the south or southeast side, the place where the energy of Fire accumulates. It is preferable that the doorway of the room is not visible from the threshold of the apartment: such an arrangement provokes a leak of qi! If you do not have the opportunity to move the kitchen to another place, hang decorative curtains or “wind music” at the entrance.

In this room there are two opposing elements – water and fire. Feng Shui prescribes separating them to avoid family quarrels. The kitchen sink, refrigerator and stove must certainly be at some distance from each other. This arrangement helps to maintain energy balance.

Do not clutter up the kitchen with complex suspended structures and numerous mezzanines! Excess items will interfere with the circulation of positive energy. Replace bulky hanging cabinets with open shelves or install transparent fronts on them to visually free up space under the ceiling.

Alvina solid pine sideboard

Useless accessories, old crockery with cracks and other rubbish generate negative energy. Try to get rid of broken items in time and keep the kitchen in perfect cleanliness.


The entrance hall, equipped according to the rules of Feng Shui, creates comfort in the house and attracts good luck! Free the path of qi by removing all obstacles from its path. Do not place furniture immediately at the entrance, so as not to delay energy flows and allow them to freely spread throughout all rooms. To the right of the door, you can put shelves for keys or hangers for outerwear.

Hanger made of metal and wood AGAMA

Avoid placing mirrors in front of the front door. In this case, positive energy is reflected and leaves the apartment! It is better to install a mirror surface perpendicular to the entrance and put a pot with a houseplant in front of it.

Bright lighting prevents the stagnation of energy and the accumulation of negativity. Eliminate dark nooks and crannies in the hallway by hanging two lamps above the front door!

Rug for the hallway – a powerful amulet for the home. He takes on some of the negativity and protects the energy of the apartment. Keep it clean and renew the accessory periodically to attract well-being. In the East, there is a tradition to put a few coins under the rug. It is believed that they attract the energy of prosperity into the house.

Aidas jute and leather rug


The bathroom should be located in the northern part: it is in this direction that the element of water is activated. It is desirable that the bathroom be separated from the toilet by a wall or at least a decorative partition.

In this room, a mirror is responsible for the redistribution of energy. It should not be placed in front of the front door or window to avoid leakage of qi. Keep the mirror surface clean and immediately replace the accessory if chips and cracks appear on it!

Round mirror in brass frame Ø80 cm, Caligone

Minimalism is the main requirement when decorating a bathroom. Do not decorate the room with unnecessary details and try to remove excess jars of cosmetics from open shelves: they impede the free circulation of energy!


Chinese teaching dictates that the children’s room be placed in the eastern zone. This side is responsible for the health and harmonious development of the child. It is advisable to provide the baby with a spacious and bright room next to the parent’s bedroom. The energy of loved ones gives children a sense of security.

Daylight must penetrate through the windows into the nursery. Do not create obstacles for the sun’s rays in the form of a home greenhouse on the windowsill or overly dense curtains! In addition, the child will need sources of artificial lighting. When planning a room, be sure to include a massive chandelier in the center and several spotlights – above the desk, bed and play area.

Avoid bunk beds and loft designs. Such elevations suppress the energy of a small person. According to Feng Shui, children’s bedroom furniture in an apartment should not be adjacent to the floor so as not to create qi obstructions. It is important that the child has a view of the whole room from the bed.

Children’s folding bed, Willox

Radiation from household appliances can adversely affect a child’s well-being. Plants or aquariums with fish will help smooth out the negative impact of the computer.


Eastern practice says that the energy of professional growth is concentrated on the north side. It is here that the flows that influence career growth circulate. Equip an office in this zone to promote the rapid assimilation of new information, professional success and leadership development!

The main detail of the cabinet is a desk. The correct location of the workplace has a positive effect on success in work! Furniture should be placed in such a way that the seated person can see the incoming visitors. If this arrangement is not possible, place a mirror opposite the table to observe the door. The “command” position will give confidence and a sense of security!

Opt for a brown desk. This shade improves concentration and increases efficiency! High-backed leather chairs with comfortable armrests, metal and glass shelving, and office-style hard sofas are preferred. Such furniture sets you in a serious mood and does not distract from your goals! Soft couches, rocking chairs, ottomans and other similar things are best rearranged in the living room or bedroom.

Quilda oak desk

Followers of Chinese teachings recommend diluting the interior with objects symbolizing the water element. It can be an aquarium with live ornamental fish or a painting with a seascape. According to Feng Shui practitioners, the energy of Water has a beneficial effect on mental abilities.

An important condition for maintaining the energy balance is an impeccable order in the workplace! Keep your desk clean by getting rid of unnecessary papers and sorting documents into categories. The free space in front of the eyes contributes to the activation of mental processes and creates a comfortable atmosphere.

Arranging an interior according to Feng Shui is easy if you follow a few basic rules: