Little projects to do at home: Crafts to Do at Home: 50+ EASY Ideas!

50 DIY Projects To Make in Under an Hour

Looking for quick DIY ideas that can be done in under an hour? So were we, but not all of them were either, cool, or something we would even consider making. Check out these top DIY crafts projects we found and see what you think. Each has step by step instructions and no hidden steps that will take tons of time. Whether you are looking for a DIY gift or a project to entertain the kids, you are sure to find some awesome creative ideas in this list’


1. Mason Jar Fairy Lights

These glow in the dark fairy lights just require an empty jar and some paint to make. Fun and fast for kids, teens or adults to make, it is cool to watch them light up. Make these little crafts in minutes and then enjoy putting them outside to watch.

2. DIY Coasters

Boxy Colonial

Ever need a last minute gift but find yourself short on time and cash? Turn plain tiles into creative DIY coasters with this cool craft idea that makes a super idea for quick Christmas gift to make for friends and family. Just buy a stack of tiles and add paper and mod podge then let dry. Ready to wrap and give, but why not keep a few for yourself? You should be able to make lots of these quick crafts in under an hour.

3. Reversible Table Runner

Tea and Lime


4. Coffee Bean Wedding Favors

Something Turquoise

5. Tulle Skirt


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6. Customized Timber Knobs

The Painted Hive


7. Kimono Scarf

The Learner Observer


8. Sun Jar

Life Hacker


9. Mason Jar Wall Organizer


10. Wood Block Wedding Ring Holder

Something Turquoise


11. Burlap Message Board

Girl in The Garage


12. Fabric Tissue Box Cover with Grommet Opening

Make it – Love it


Pallet Bookshelf Table



14. Teacup Candles


15. Simple Skirt

The Sewing Loft Blog

16. No-Sew Foot Stool


17. Easy Letter and Vintage Wallpaper Art

My So Called Crafty Life

18. Modern Dream Catcher

Almost Makes Perfect


19. Rainbow Baby Toy

Swoodson Says


20. Copper Pipe and Yarn Wall Hanging

Pennies for a Fortune

21. Forever Ever Pillow



22. Chunky Pom Pom Beanie

Tangled Happy


23. Black Faux Leather Clutch

The Felted Fox


24. Camera Strap

On a Sweet Sugar Rush


25. No-Sew Leather Jewelry Pouch

Something Turquoise

26. Upcycled Vintage Tin Lamp

My So Called Crafty Life


27. Cup Cake Baby Costume

Wine and Glue



Duck Canvas Tote

The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood


29. Pottery Barn Rustic Lantern



30. Faux Hanging Pink Ombre Shelves

Ducklings in a Row

31. Tea Towel Apron

Georgina Giles


32. Crystal Wrap Bracelet

Flax and Twine


33. Fleece Football Hat

Make it – Love it


34. Pencil Roll

My Poppet


35. Quilted Circle Coasters

Craft Foxes

36. Painted Photo booth Props

The Crafted Life


37. Geometric Photo Holders

The Crafted Life


38. Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

Design Fixation


39. Patterned Hair Clips

Pretty Life Girls


40. Colorful Bangle


41. Cat Toe Flats

Julie Ann Art


42. Fork Bracelet

Stars for Street Lights



Peppermint Soap

Happiness is Homemade


44. Hanging Wood Slice Plant Stand



45. Bottle Cap Picture Magnets

View from the Fridge

46. Lip Balm Locket

Radical Possibility


47. Scrabble Coasters

The Gourmet Gab


48. Animal Key Chain

Between the Lines


49. Charm Bead Pen

Happy Hour Projects


50. Love-Themed Paper Wedding Lanterns

Happy Hour Projects

50 Easy Home DIY Project Ideas and Designs — RenoGuide

Marj Licos

Marj Licos

Home DIY projects make your home more yours. They exude your personality and style. They reflect your needs and lifestyle. A home full of DIYed items has more character and charm. DIYing is also a practical way of saving up money, repurposing old and used items and expressing one’s creativity. Here are some easy home DIY project ideas and designs that can inspire your next project;

1.       Floating Box Shelves

Floating shelves are functional, space savers and can be installed in any room. Shelves will not only provide storage and display spaces, but they will also dress up a blank wall. The installation of this minimalist box shelves takes a surprising and more creative approach by putting it in a corner instead of the usual centre of the wall.

2.       Concrete Soap Dish

This fancy and beautiful concrete soap dish is an easy and quick home project. With a bag of cement, some tinting colours and a free afternoon, you can come up with several of these rustic add-ons to your bathroom. Get creative with colours and shapes!


       Penny Tabletop

Jazz up an old and tired-looking table by topping it off with coins. Carefully arrange coins then coat it with epoxy glaze for a high-gloss and sleek look. You can use different coins to create patterns and personalised designs.

4.       Colourful Wine Cork Curtain

This is one eye-catching and eco-friendly door screen. Don’t throw away discarded wine corks. You can turn trash into something colourful and beautiful as this wine cork curtain. Dip in different colours then connect the corks with connecting hooks.

5.       Indoor Hanging Planter

Indoor plants help freshen the air and add colour to the room. Installing an indoor herb garden makes the plants easily accessible. This hanging planter provides an accessible and safe place for the plants – off the countertops. The wood, jute and tin combi gives the room a fresh and rustic look.

6.       Trellis Plant Wall

Dress up your wall with this creative trellis plant wall holders. Install a wood trellis, add leather flowerpot holders and then the plants. A great way to upcycle old leather items like bags, belt and clothing.

7.       Stone Bathroom Rug

Give your bathroom the spa treatment by adding this DIY stone bathroom rug. You can buy smooth stones from any hardware store or collect from your surroundings if they are aplenty. Using a strong glue, arrange and stick the cleaned and dry stones to a regular bathroom mat.

8.       Mudroom Wall Organiser

Rustic, functional and an easy home DIY project. Repurpose wood planks from old furniture or walls into this very useful mudroom organiser. Easy home DIY project you can complete on a lazy weekend afternoon. Add hooks, shelves or drawers as needed.

9.       CD Mosaic Table

Embellish a boring table with your old CDs! From forgettable to glittery, shiny and striking! Carefully cut CDs into chips, then arrange in a mosaic on the tabletop. Use super glue to stick the CD chips on the table, then finish the project by coating the tabletop with epoxy resin. This will smoothen the sharp edges and preserve the CDs’ shine.

10.   Shabby Chic Mason Jars

Shabby chic mason jars are elegant, attractive and charming. They are also popular in many easy home DIY project ideas and designs. You can easily create your own set of shabby chic jars. First, paint jars with your favourite colours for at least two coats. Use acrylic paint. Let dry, then gently rub the jars with sandpaper to get the shabby effect.

11.   Rustic Blanket Ladder

Decorative, functional and chic. The blanket ladder is a popular add on to bathrooms, bedrooms and entryways. It holds towels, blankets, jackets an many more.  To create the charming rustic look of this beautiful blanket ladder, sand away the wood to reveal its natural colour and grains, the varnish for a little bit of shine.

12.   Laundry Basket Stand

Manage the clutter in your laundry room without spending much or taking up so much floor space with this easy-to-create laundry basket stand. With some wood planks and basic carpentry skills, build yourself a customised basket stand. Find an ideal spot for it in your laundry room, measure the available space and use it to create the stand. Add as many layers as you need.

13.   Concrete Planters

Concrete planters are sleek, chic and modern. You don’t have to spend much to add a trendy look to your home, just DIY it. Follow the instructions on the bag to mix the cement, fill the mould (you can use regular bowls) with cement and then place a smaller bowl inside that will create the inner hollow. Let dry for one full day, take out of the mould and then paint as you like.

14.   Reclaimed Wood Wall Art

Interesting, stunning and inspired. This easy home DIY project might take some time to complete, but it is also creative and cheap. Use wood scraps when available. Cut wood squares with a slight slant and paint in several shades. Using a blowtorch, burn the slanted plane until the natural grains of the wood is prominent.

15.   Seashell Mirror

Create this amazing, beachy and beautiful wall mirror frame for almost no cost. If you’re nearby a beach, collect seashells and dried corals to use in this project. You can also buy the materials in many craft stores. Carefully wash and dry the seashells and the wood frame to use. Using a strong glue, arrange and stick the shells are you see fit.


   Entryway Bench

A functional and practical addition to your foyer or mudroom, this multipurpose bench is more than just a seat! It has a roomy storage compartment, shelves for shoes and a comfy seat too. This project will need more advanced carpentry skills.

17.   Gravelled Tin Planters

Don’t throw away empty tin cans. Instead, convert them into these modern and striking planters. Give the tins a trendy look by coating them with white gravel. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, these planters will fit right into your modern home design.

18.   Concrete Candle Holders

These amazing candle holders are surprisingly easy to make. You will need concrete, balloons and some paints. First, mix the cement according to instructions, air the balloons and coat with a thin layer of cement leaving a small portion open. Dry, then pop the balloon. Paint the inside with your choice of paint colours.

19.   Turn to Copper

Copper accents are striking, luxurious and elegant. They are also quite expensive. However, you can create your own copper collection easily and without spending so much. With copper paint, you can turn vases, used bottles, jars and tins from ordinary to amazing, from trash to smashing!

20.   Bedroom Dresser

This project might require an adept carpenter but is also a great home DIY project for smaller homes or bedrooms that cannot accommodate regular sized furniture. Space-efficient and customised according to needs and space, you get the most out of the space by building your own.

21.   Log Slice Mirrors

Easy, creative, fascinating. Jazz up your walls with some interesting mirrors! Using a raw log slice for the base, cut the mirror according to the wood’s pattern. Clean, sandpaper and varnish the wood, then glue the mirror and wood together. Cluster at least three mirrors for optimum impact.

22.   Spiral Gabion Planter

This spiral gabion planter will elevate the plants and give your garden shape and depth. You will need some steel mesh, rocks and a free afternoon to work on it. Start by shaping the gabion fence, fill it rocks, then fill the planter with dirt. Lastly, transfer some plants.

23.   Chalk Painted Bottles

Modern, rustic and chic. These trendy bottles can complement almost any interior design – modern, minimalist, maximalist, coastal, rustic and even Scandinavian. You can use any bottles or upcycle used ones. Thoroughly wash the bottles, wipe with rubbing alcohol, and then spray paint with chalk paint in your favourite colours.

24.   Old Books Stool

You can repurpose old books into these quirky, fun and colourful stools. Pile up the books with the spines out, carefully arranged so that the top and sides are flat. You can leave the centre hollow. Glue the books together and position on top of a thick plywood or wood slab. Add furniture wheels for more mobility and top with a cushioned seat.

25.   Rope Basket

Make extraordinary baskets by just adding jute rope to it. Wrapping rope around old or unsightly baskets can hide the flaws and upgrade the look. The natural texture and look of rope add a dose of bucolic charm to any room. All you need is a length of jute rope, a glue gun and some glue sticks.

26.   Backyard Swing Bed

Add a cosy and relaxing element to your backyard – a swing bed! This very practical project will provide you and your family a place to relax and enjoy your backyard. Put together two pallet blocks, cleaned and varnished. Attach each corner with a sturdy rope or a chain, which will be attached to the ceiling, a pergola or a swing stand. Complete the swing bed with a thin bed foam or mattress.

27.   Floating Shelf with Secret Compartment

Every house should have a secret hiding place for valuables and important items. This floating shelf with a secret compartment is an ingenious way of hiding items away from plain view while keeping it within easy reach.

28.   Macrame Plant Hangers

Beautiful and charming, with a little dash of quirky. Macrame plant hangers let you decorate the room with plants but without hogging much floor space. Learning the knots is easy and you can also create your own designs!

29.   Shelves and Shadows

This is another creative shelving you can easily DIY. It provides needed shelving space and dresses up the wall at the same time. With some creative planning and materials, you can finish this project in a day.

30.   Built-in Dog Beds

Dogs and other pets are an integral part of our families. Thus, building them their own space will be a fun project for you. This very affordable and adorable dog bunk beds will only cost you the pallets, a few nails and a day to build it. But will surely be appreciated by your furry friends.

31.   Cinder Block Garden

Gardening in a small backyard can be challenging. Optimise the use of space by going vertical! This cinder block garden is easy to put together and maintain, will not cost a lot and will give your garden definition and shape. You’ll just need some cinder blocks, some paint and your favourite plants!

32.   Coffee Mug Rack

A few pieces of wood, some woodworking skills, paint and a free afternoon are all you need to create this chic and functional kitchen add on – a coffee mug rack. It will decorate a wall, take the mugs off the countertops while keeping them within easy reach and display them as they should be.

33.   Log Slice Hanging Table

This rustic, beautiful and creative hanging table is also functional and versatile. You can install one for your nightstand table, a living room side table or even as a mini console in the foyer. For a more rustic look, keep the sides of the log rough and untrimmed. You can varnish the log to protect it from the elements.

34.   Hammock and Pergola

Install a cosy private nook in your garden where you can relax, read a book or nap undisturbed, or just to enjoy the sights and sounds of your garden. This pergola and hammock combi will not cost much to build and is easy to put together. However, you might need some help in putting up the pergola.


   Plastic Spoon Planters

Get productive in a boring afternoon or weekend and turn trash into something beautiful and useful with this plastic spoon planter DIY project. Do not throw away used plastic spoons, collect them instead and use in this very easy and creative project. You will need an ordinary plastic planter, washed plastic spoons, scissors or cutters, a glue gun and some glue sticks.

36.   Old Books Nightstand

Creative, really quirky and ingenious idea to turn old books into something useful. Save up those old and useless books and use them to create this eye-catching nightstand instead. You will only need some glue to stick the books together and a can of spray paint.

37.   Old Tyre Swing

Old tyre swings have been around ever since tyres were invented. They are fun, safe, cheap and practical kids’ play contraption. Give your kids their own tyre swing in your backyard. You’ll need a used car tyre, thoroughly cleaned and painted as you desire. Pierce three opposing points of the tyre and attach sturdy hooks to it. Use sturdy rope or chains to hang the tyre.  

38.   Driftwood Room Divider

Make something fabulous and functional from the driftwoods you see scattered around. Collect similar size and shape, clean them up and let dry. Nail them to a solid wood slab base. You can paint, varnish or just let its natural wood charms show.

39.   Kitchen Produce Rack

Storage, container, organiser. This kitchen produce rack also comes with wheels, making it mobile, versatile and more accessible. Easy to make, even novice carpenters can put this together.

40.   Fabric Wall Hanging

Need a bright and unique wall feature to dress up a blank wall? You can make this stunning wall feature in no time at all! You will just need a few colourful fabrics, a wood stick, glue and a length of string. Cut randomly, arrange so that it gives you a unique pattern and then glue the fabrics to the stick. Hang and done!

41.   PVC Garden

PVC gardening saves you garden space and is also a great way to add definition to your backyard or dress up an outdoor wall. Cut holes all over a large PVC pipe, making sure you allow spaces in between to hold the dirt and plants inside. Stick it to the ground or install against a wall, then fill the PVC with dirt. Plant through the holes.

42.   Outdoor Day Bed

Adding a day bed to your verandah or porch will increase its comfort and welcoming points. You can repurpose wood and other materials to be used in this project. Complete the cosy corner look by throwing in a few brightly coloured pillows!

43.   Old Tyre and Rope Ottomans

Rubber tyres can last forever, so don’t throw away your old tyres as they only stay in pits forever. Instead, turn them into something beautiful and useful, like these rustic ottomans. Just clean up and dry old tyres. Wrap them in jute or sisal rope and that’s it! Great for both indoor and outdoor use.

44.   Pegboard Wall Organisers

Trendy and stylish, functional and smart. These pegboard wall organisers are versatile and mobile, you can adjust the pegs and shelves to fit your needs and also transfer the boards from one wall to another. A great wall to dress up a blank wall while organising at the same time.

45.   Couch Tables

These small tables are essential to today’s homes and lifestyle where most people will work and eat in the comforts of their living room, oftentimes while watching the television. You can repurpose the wood for the base and tabletop. Stabilise the top with an L support bracket. The metal pipe stand underscores the industrial look of the tables.

46.   Garden in a Ladder

Can’t get enough of gardening? Bring your favourite plants inside or unto your porch with this eye-catching garden ladder. Even beginners can put together a few pieces of wood and form a ladder. A great way to display beautiful blooms and greens and to decorate your home with plants.

47.   A Picture Wall

This is the most nostalgic and beautiful home DIY project. Take and collect the most significant and memorable photos of your family and loved ones and arrange them into one giant picture frame. You will never get tired of stopping by the wall and going through those memories every time.

48.   House Number

Make your house number truly yours by customising and creating it yourself. This personalised house number includes the family’s name and a flower box. You can create your own using scrap or repurposed wood, paint and your favourite blooms.

49.   Recycled Crate Shelving

Manage backyard or garage clutter with this recycled crate box shelves. With a few used crates and paint, you can complete this home DIY project in no time at all. Nail together the crate boxes to create the shelves, then coat with paint, done!

50.   Popsicle Stick Wall Décor

Can’t handle a hammer? That’s no problem with this easy home DIY project. Get on your most crafty mode for this popsicle stick wall décor project. You’ll just need popsicle sticks, a glue gun, a few glue sticks, paint or varnish and a lot of creativity. No hammering required, just have fun!

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50 popular projects of inexpensive simple houses and economy cottages

Convenient or compact? Beautiful or economical?

Almost every potential developer who is looking for a project of an inexpensive economy class house is now puzzled by this choice. Often, the beautiful and comfortable cottages that you like in the catalogs are too large, and their construction and maintenance is beyond our ability in our hectic and low-money time, and the budget simple options do not have enough rooms, unpresentable appearance or short-lived structures.

Is there any compromise here? After all, you want to collect all the best qualities at the same time, and at the same time not go bankrupt at a construction site.

Compromise is possible if the project is created by the architect solely for reasons of rationality . Rationality is the main thing in the selection of popular projects of inexpensive economy class houses presented here.

You can read an article on how to notice factors that increase the cost of construction in a project, and what you can painlessly save on in order to build an inexpensive economy class house without sacrificing convenience, strength and beauty, you can here…

When designing simple economy class PEOPLE’S HOUSES, we follow the rules that allow us to provide a decent level of comfort and style with a minimum size and cost of construction:

1. SIMPLE TO BUILD houses are quite simple constructive.

INVAPOLIS economy-class cottage projects use inexpensive reliable structures, simple technical solutions and commonly available building materials. Everything you need can be found in any region of Russia.

Having bought a ready-made standard project (which is relatively inexpensive, quick and easy compared to individual design), you can build a house in a season on your own or with a team of 4-5 people with basic skills in concrete, masonry, carpentry and plastering.

Facades can be made without costly and complex decor, they look good due to the correct proportions and a few stylish, simple inexpensive details.

You can study the principles of construction of inexpensive INVAPOLIS houses here. ..

4 Over the years, we have worked out the author’s optimal composition construction and approval albums of drawings.

It is slightly different from the usual “passport + AR + KR” – it contains as much information as needed for construction, and it is presented in the most intelligible and visual form. So not only the foreman and engineer, but also future residents will easily understand the drawings. This will help control construction work and costs.

The standard composition of the finished INVAPOLIS project ensures the successful construction of the house exactly as it is shown on the site.

Get acquainted with a typical example of a project…


In all projects of low-cost economy class houses from INVAPOLIS, super-rational and very comfortable layouts.

We achieve this by adhering to 7 of our corporate principles:

1. Separate different and combine like

Premises similar in nature of use are located nearby: a kitchen with a living room, a bedroom with a bathroom, utility rooms with a kitchen. Rooms with non-overlapping functions, such as private and common areas, are removed from each other. This allows even a very crowded family to exist without conflict in a small area.

2. Only useful meters

There are no corridors, attics, nooks and crannies in the projects of economy class houses – everything that you build, but will not use. This principle allowed us to “win” the usable area for one or two additional rooms.

3. Spectacular interiors

The entrance reveals a view of the beautiful elements of the living room – a fireplace, a staircase or a dining group. This minimum is quite enough to create a memorable and expressive image, and this can be done even in a very inexpensive house. After all, beauty is also a component of rationalism, – it is more reasonable to create a stylish interior than to build an inexpressive house with ugly cramped rooms for the same amount.

4. Spacious common rooms

Combining the living room with the kitchen – dining room makes the interior of the cottage spacious and representative. If desired, you can always separate them with a partition or screens.

5. Compact personal spaces

The rooms are designed to conveniently accommodate the necessary furniture and equipment, without excess space – they are small but very comfortable.

6. An isolated room on the ground floor

is an obligatory attribute of the project of an inexpensive economy class house, as it allows you to make the life of the elderly, kids and people with temporary or permanent limited mobility comfortable.

7. Ease of replanning

when life circumstances change. Most cottages are devoid of internal load-bearing walls, which means that during redevelopment, the volume of construction work will be minimal.


In shaping the appearance of economy-class houses INVAPOLIS, the principle of combining the decorative and constructive functions of building parts is used. We try not to use elaborate decor. The adornment of inexpensive PEOPLE’S HOUSES is a beautiful silhouette, interesting plastic facades, complemented by canopies or terraces, a large roof overhang and open structures of load-bearing roof beams. Everything is economical, rational, and pleasing to the eye.

You can also look at the projects of small inexpensive houses that were not included in this selection in the sections of the catalog of projects up to 100 m2 and up to 150 m2 900 05

Projects of houses and cottages – ARCHIPROEKT.RF

Projects of houses and cottages

Projects of houses are an important element in building a house. An ideal project should take into account all the features of the site, meet the individual requirements of the customer, and also meet modern standards of comfort and safety. Our company offers a wide range of house projects developed by experienced professionals, taking into account all of the above factors.

Here you can choose a house project of any complexity and configuration – from a simple one-story cottage to a multi-story mansion with a swimming pool and sauna. We provide both ready-made projects and individual developments according to your requirements. In our catalog you will find projects of houses in different styles – from classic to modern minimalism.

Ordering a house project from us, you can be sure of the quality and reliability of our work. We use only proven materials and modern equipment to create house projects. Our team of specialists guarantees an individual approach and fulfillment of all your wishes during the development of the project.

Don’t waste time looking for and choosing a house project – contact us and get a project that exactly meets your requirements. Our house projects are an ideal choice for those who value quality, reliability and comfort. Contact us today and get expert advice!

If you are looking for the best house designs, then you have come to the right place! Our company specializes in creating individual projects of houses that meet all your needs and wishes. We offer a wide range of house designs in various sizes and styles, from classic to modern, as well as the opportunity to create your own unique project.

Every home project we create is tailored to your lifestyle, wishes and needs. We take into account every detail to create a home that meets all your needs and becomes your cozy retreat.

Our house projects have all the necessary permits and comply with all legal requirements. We guarantee that you will receive a high-quality and reliable house project that will serve you for many years.

If you are looking for the best house designs, please contact us. We will help you create your own unique home that will meet all your needs and wishes. Make your dream of owning your own home a reality with our home designs.

House designs are a key element of any building project. Choosing a home design is the first step to creating your own unique home. A high-quality project allows not only to realize all your ideas and desires, but also to ensure comfortable living for many years.

A company that offers a wide range of house designs can help you find the most suitable solution for your family. It can provide many options for projects that differ in layout, area, number of floors and style.

When choosing a house project, pay attention to its functionality and ease of use. Also, make sure the project is within your budget and quality requirements.

A home design company with designs to suit all needs and budgets. Whether you are looking for a small country house or a luxurious villa, we can help you choose a project that will meet all your requirements.

If you are looking for house designs, turn to professionals who can offer the best solution for you. A company with extensive experience will be able to offer you a quality project that will meet your needs and wishes.

House design – what should it include?

If you want to build your own house, it is important to choose the right project that will meet all your needs and wishes. A good home design should include several key elements to ensure comfortable and safe living.

The first thing to consider when choosing a house project is its layout. The project should include a layout that best suits your needs and wishes. It is important that the layout is comfortable and functional, and also takes into account the features of the site on which the house will be built.

The second important element is the design of engineering systems. A high-quality house project should include not only aesthetic solutions, but also competent design of engineering systems. For example, it can be a heating, ventilation, electricity, sewerage and water supply system.

The third element is the safety and strength of structures. The project of the house should include the use of high-quality materials that will ensure the durability and reliability of the structures. This is important for the safety of living and protection from various adverse factors.

Finally, the fourth element is energy efficiency. A good home design should provide high energy efficiency, which in turn will reduce energy costs and provide comfortable living at any time of the year.

It is important to choose a house design that suits your needs and wishes, as well as providing comfortable and safe living. When choosing a house project, pay attention to its layout, engineering systems, safety and strength of structures, as well as energy efficiency. Only then will you get the home of your dreams.

Where can I buy a finished house project?

Looking for the perfect home design but don’t know where to start looking? Our company offers a wide range of ready-made house designs that can meet the needs of any client.

We work with professional architects and designers to offer our clients only the best home designs. Our catalog contains home designs in a variety of styles and sizes, including modern, classic, minimalist and more. We are confident that you will find here the perfect home project for you and your family.

In addition, our ready-made house designs contain all the necessary details to create a quality home. Each project includes the layout, facades, roof and foundation plans, as well as all necessary drawings and specifications. This allows our customers to save time and money on the search and development of an individual project at home.

Buying a finished house project from us is easy and convenient. We provide online ordering services, which allows our clients to select and buy a house project from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access. We also offer custom design services so that our clients can customize their home design to suit their needs and preferences.

So if you’re looking for the best pre-built home design, look no further! Browse through our catalog or contact us and we’ll help you find the perfect home design that fits your needs and budget.

Small or big house – which project to choose?

Do you want to build your own house, but don’t know which project to choose – small or large? Don’t worry, we will help you make the right choice.

A small house can be more comfortable and economical, but a big house gives more space for living and developing. The choice depends on your needs and budget.

If you are going to live alone or as a couple, a small house might be the perfect choice. This will save you money on construction and maintenance. A small house can also be an ideal choice for those who prefer privacy and living surrounded by nature.

On the other hand, if you are going to live with your family or are planning to grow your family, a large house would be a better choice. This will give more space for living, working, entertainment and hobbies. A large home can also be an ideal choice for those planning to run a business from home.

The choice between a small and large house depends on your personal preferences and needs. Our company offers a wide range of house designs of different sizes and styles. Our projects meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.

Choose the project that suits your needs and budget.