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The thermal efficiency of timber frame is well known, providing homes that are very comfortable and require a lot less energy to heat. Both today and in the future, all buildings must conform to new thermal performance standards and timber is a natural insulator, enhancing the efficiency of the insulation materials.

Also, the inherent dimensional accuracy of our timber frame kits, means that walls are vertical and flat and rooms are square, making decorating and the installation of carpets and fitted furniture less demanding and improving the quality of your finished home.

Timber frame construction allows a very high level of internal design flexibility as internal walls need not be structural load-bearing walls, and the roof space is often useable too.

Lifestyle benefits:

  • High levels of thermal performance mean warm, draft free, comfortable accommodation.
  • A flexible technology allowing for very speedy construction and ease of future modification.
  • Good acoustic properties mean less noise from neighbours.
  • An environmentally friendly home with a modern feel.
  • Significantly lower space heating energy costs.
  • Low cyclic maintenance needs.

Meets and often exceeds all current building regulations.

With its origins as far back as the 12th century, timber frame construction now accounts for over 70% of all new housing in advanced countries throughout the world.

Self Builders, Builders, Architects, and specifiers now have an increasing awareness of the potential environmental impact of their projects along with government initiatives and ever changing building regulations aimed at achieving Zero Carbon buildings. The timber frame industry itself believes it can make a significant contribution to sustainable construction for sustainable communities.

At Scotframe we have a strict company policy regarding the purchase of timber to be utilised in the construction of our kits.

The Scotframe Code of Practice:

  • We actively promote the use of timber products sourced from well managed sustainable sources and communicate this commitment to our customers and consumers.
  • We maximise the benefits of timber frame design to reduce raw material waste during manufacture and construction and further enhance the whole-life energy efficiency of residential and commercial developments.
  • We participate in the continuing education and research into sustainable construction
  • We encourage clients to consider the “cradle to grave” environmental costs of all building materials.
  • We bring commercial pressure on our suppliers, where possible, to adopt good environmental supply chain management.

The most environmentally friendly
way to build.

Kit Houses United Kingdom – Kirkwood Timber Frame

Kit Houses United Kingdom – Kirkwood Timber Frame

Are you considering building your own home? This helpful guide will provide insights and guidance around building a kit house in the United Kingdom

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Having the opportunity to design and build your own home is typically a once in a lifetime venture.

At Kirkwood Timber Frame, we are passionate about working with our customers to create a home that is tailored to them. No matter what stage of the self build journey you may be on, our team is here to help! Find out more below…

Table of contents

The benefits of kit houses United Kingdom

Commonly asked questions about kit houses

Is a timber frame home energy efficient?

The environmental aspect of kit houses

Kit houses for self builders | The process

Kit house inspiration

Why are people choosing Kirkwood timber frame as their dedicated kit house supplier?

How to set a budget for your self build project

The benefits of kit houses in the United Kingdom

Whether you are looking to embark on a self build journey or bring a new and exciting residential project to life, timber frame kit homes offer a variety of wonderful benefits. From their versatile and durable structure to offering an eco-friendly alternative to building – it is no surprise that timber frame homes already account for 75% of all newly built housing in Scotland and 23% in England!

So why is timber frame the fastest-growing construction method in the UK?

  • It’s a quick and cost-effective self build solution

  • Offers versatility and flexibility

  • An eco-friendly alternative to construction

  • Increased energy efficiency and insulation

  • Excellent durability

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Commonly asked questions about kit houses

Is a timber frame home energy efficient?

Throughout the construction industry, timber frame homes can be recognised as the most thermally efficient form of building for several reasons, including thermal performance, airtightness and increased insulation levels.

Thermal performance

Thermal mass describes the ability of a material to absorb, store and release heat. In an ideal world, when building a home you want to use a material that has a low thermal mass such as timber which is a natural insulator. The small air pockets within the structure of timber make it much better at storing heat than other materials such as steel or aluminium. This has a positive effect in terms of energy savings, as less energy is required to heat the building meaning once your heating is turned on the heat generated lasts much longer.


Airtightness is a key component in creating a home that is energy efficient, as it focuses on the level of air leakage throughout a home. Air leakage can be defined as the flow of air through gaps and cracks in a building such as through the walls, roof or floors. The majority of modern timber frame homes are designed and constructed using high-specification software that ensures each frame is built with precision, creating a highly airtight structure.


One of the many benefits of timber frame homes is that it’s much easier to insulate than brick homes as there is more flexibility to put greater amounts of insulation between the walls without blocking the cavity.

The environmental aspect of kit houses

Now more than ever people are looking for building materials that are more sustainable than alternative methods. One of the main advantages of using timber frame is its eco-friendly properties.

Timber is a non-toxic natural material which means that it does not release any toxins into the atmosphere and instead stores carbon dioxide. It has the lowest carbon dioxide cost of any available building material and has the ability to cut carbon emissions by 0.9 tonnes per cubic metre of house.

In addition, timber frame kits have incredible durability as the usage rate is less than the amount of time it takes to grow and source.

At Kirkwood Timber Frame, our goal is to make your self build experience as simplistic and stress-free as possible through our suite of services including architectural design, planning and building regulations, timber frame package creation, pricing your chosen package and engineering and manufacturing.

Architectural design

Our team is on hand to help from the very start of your self build journey as we have access to full architectural design services. The purpose of this stage is to gain a better understanding of what you want from your dream home and really bring your ideas to life through design. During this stage you’ll work alongside our planning consultants, designers and architects to perfect the layout and elevation, specification and energy solutions of your home.

Planning and building regulations

Obtaining planning permission is an essential part of the self build process alongside compliance with building regulations. This can often feel like a daunting process however, our experienced team is here to help guide you through the journey, minimising stress and helping you take that next step towards moving into your brand new home.

Package creation

The beauty of kit houses is that you have the flexibility to create a home that is specifically designed to your needs and tastes. From bespoke packages tailored exactly to you, to a variety of existing packages that give you the option of structure-only designs or full specification kits – there is sure to be something to suit everyone.

Package pricing

Budgeting is inevitably a large factor in your self build project and will determine what is achievable when it comes to designing your new home. At Kirkwood Timber Frame, we pride ourselves on transparency when it comes to pricing as our team provides clear quotations which give you full visibility of pricing throughout the process.

Engineering and manufacture

All of our timber frame kits are developed in our factory based in Sauchen, Aberdeenshire and are delivered to our customers fully ready for installation. Having perfected our methods, materials and processes, our 30 years of experience in the construction industry have allowed us to deliver outstanding homes to our customers.

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Looking for kit home inspiration?

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the housetypes currently available for self build homes

With 30+ years experience designing and manufacturing timber frame kits for our sister company Kirkwood Homes, as well as other developers across the United Kingdom, we have established our position as a leading timber frame solutions provider.

Over 10,000 timber frame homes under our belt

Expert technical knowledge and skills

Flexible tailored packages

Top quality material and methods

Speedy delivery times

Outstanding customer service

How to set a budget for your self build project

One of the most frequently asked questions by people starting their self build journey is ‘how do I set a budget?’. Knowing where to start when it comes to cost can be a daunting prospect however, we want to help you get started.

From discussing why it’s so important to set a budget before starting your self build journey to ways in which you can split costs into different stages of the project, our Senior Estimator, Martin Thomson answers the key questions about the costs involved in self build projects.

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Take a look at our recently completed timber frame projects below…

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Builders and Developers

Over 30 years’ experience designing, manufacturing, delivering and installing timber frame kits for developments across the UK

Self Build Homes

Passionate about helping self builders create top quality, energy efficient homes that ultimately improve the quality of their lives


Property in Scotland, UK. Scottish housing prices –


703 340 €

Apartment in Edinburgh, UK


Woodhall Avenue is a new development of four modern townhouses with a spacious layout and high quality finishes. The future owners have at their disposal a parking lot, a private garden, as well as balconies with views of the Pentland Hills.
Each house has two entrances/exits and access to a private garden. Thanks to the large panoramic windows, all…

NF Group


2 244 687 €

Dollar Mansion, UK

1394 m 2 5 15 7 1 ha surrounded by green fields and a beautiful park.
The interior of the estate is beautifully decorated. At the disposal of future owners: a spacious living room on the ground floor, as well as a dining room, a library and a ballroom with large windows offering stunning views…

NF Group


236 787 €

Apartments in Manchester, UK

40 m 2 1

Remote transaction

The new project consists of 2 towers located around a landscaped noah central square with public areas and green spaces. The complex includes 500 1-3 bedroom apartments with high quality finishes and modern interiors. Some apartments have balconies, roof terraces and private gardens, while panoramic windows offer…

Intermark Real Estate


4,600,000 €

Land in Canterbury, UK

85 acres

Horns Hill, Cranbrook, Kent TN18 4XD
Rare opportunity to purchase an 85 acre (*TBV) equestrian country estate in a very attractive location, Grade II listed, detached six-bedroom vintage farmhouse with a two-bedroom self-contained annex (total area…

Kustova Estate International


289 255 €

Apartment in Birmingham, UK

52 m 2 2

Remote transaction

her Birmingham home.
The original building will be revived as 85 1-2 bedroom loft apartments, some with balconies overlooking the landscaped garden.
The courtyard contains private landscaped gardens and recreation areas for residents. Spacious…

Intermark Real Estate


514 083 €

Apartment in Manchester, UK

72 m 2 2

Remote transaction

New project from the famous architectural bureau SimpsonHaugh Architects is located in the heart of Manchester.
The 40-storey tower consists of spacious 1-2 bedroom apartments with panoramic views of the city center.
Infrastructure of the complex: swimming pool, gym, coworking, cinema, bar, karaoke, cafes and restaurants.
Around the complex…

Intermark Real Estate


897 368 €

Apartments in Manchester, UK

128 m 2 3

Remote deal

Spacious duplex penthouses in a new height ke from the famous architectural studio Simpson Haugh Architects. The complex will be located in the actively developing area of ​​Piccadilly Central, close to the central areas of the city.
The 25-storey building consists of 177 residences – apartments with 1-3 bedrooms and duplex penthouses. In all residences:…

Intermark Real Estate


375 281 €

Apartment in Manchester, UK

66 m 2 2

Remote deal

New high-rise from the famous architectural studio SimpsonH augh Architects will be located in the booming Piccadilly Central area, close to downtown cities.
The 25-storey building consists of 177 residences – apartments with 1-3 bedrooms and duplex penthouses. In all residences: high quality construction and materials in…

Intermark Real Estate


386 611 €

Apartments in Manchester, UK

91 m 2 3

Remote transaction

High-tech 17-storey building consists of 16 0 apartments with 1-3 bedrooms.
The complex is located on the waterfront, and spacious terraces in the gardens allow you to enjoy panoramic views of the city and the River Irwell.
The territory of the residential complex provides a developed public space with squares and recreation areas.

Intermark Real Estate


361 877 €

Apartments in Manchester, UK

81 m 2 3 2

Remote transaction

Premium residential complex under construction in the heart media city. The unique complex is located in Salford Quays and is an oasis of calm and tranquility in the heart of the metropolis. Commercial terms: Type of investment: BUY-TO-LET.
Completion date: Q3-2023
Projected yield: 6% per annum PowerPoint presentation Prices from…

Intermark Real Estate


342 544 €

Manchester apartment, UK

72 m 0 apartments with 1-3 bedrooms.
The complex is located on the waterfront, and spacious terraces in the gardens allow you to enjoy panoramic views of the city and the River Irwell.
The territory of the residential complex provides a developed public space with squares and recreation areas.

Intermark Real Estate


211 421 €

Investment project in Nottingham, UK

48 m 2 8% per annum

Remote transaction
Ready-made business

Commercial investment conditions:
Price: £190.000 for 48 sqm 2 bedroom cottage + Jacuzzi terrace
The price includes land leasehold for 250 years, the right to which is registered in HM Land Registry
May Stock: Fixed Yield 9% per annum for 10 years instead of 8% and a buyback option for 110% of the purchase price after 5 years instead of…

Intermark Real Estate


178 102 €

Investment project in Norwich, UK

33 m 2 8% per annum

Remote transaction
Ready-made business

Commercial investment conditions:
£160. 000 for 1 bedroom cottage 32.5 sqm + terrace with jacuzzi;
£162.000 for 40 sqm 2 bedroom cottage + terrace with jacuzzi;
£195.000 for a cottage with 2 bedrooms 55 sqm + terrace with jacuzzi.
The price includes a leasehold of land for 250 years, the right to which is registered with HM Land…

Intermark Real Estate


555 100 €

Apartment in London, UK

52 m 2 2 1

The hotel is located in the heart of East London, on the banks of the River Lea.
The poplar district with well-maintained residential buildings and public spaces adjoins the street. Canary Wharf business district. Nearby is the sports complex “Poplar Baths”.
Canary Wharf is a 15-minute water bus ride from Thames Clipper Station…

Hayat Estate


1,983,000 €

Apartment in London, UK

117 m 2 4 3

Canary Wharf is a fantastic place to call home.
A residential skyscraper that combines 2 sixty-eight-story towers.
The skyscraper was designed by the world’s leading architects Foster + Partners.
Description of the apartment:
3 bedrooms
area 117.1 m2
46th floor
Huge windows offer incredible views of Central London, Canary Wharf,…

Hayat Estate


1 435 000 €

Apartment in London, UK

72 m 2 3 2

2 bedroom apartment
Floor: 5
Area: 971 m2
Metro stations:
Vauxhall, 3 minutes
Oval, 14 min.
With a view of the Thames!
The complex is a living skyscraper with apartments and offices located in Vauxhall, a 5-minute walk from the tube station of the same name and a 10-minute walk from the Oval cricket ground.
Kings Cross Station and…

Alice Estate

2,158,284 €

Shop in London, UK

457 m 2 5. 2% per annum

Ready-made business

• Freehold purchase
•5.90% yield on next lease renewal
•Location near Elstree and Borehamwood station

Intermark Real Estate

1,193,771 €

Store in London, UK

323 m 2 6% p.a.
• Completely renovated and extended building
• Visible location, Hayling Island, Hampshire
• 14 parking spaces

Intermark Real Estate


161 361 €

Investment project in York, UK

25 m 2 8% per annum

Remote transaction
Ready-made business

Commercial investment conditions:
£145.000-150.000 for a cottage with 1 bedroom + terrace with jacuzzi;
£180.000 for 43.5 sqm 1 bedroom cottage + terrace with jacuzzi and sauna
The price includes land leasehold for 250 years, the right to which is registered in HM Land Registry
Profitability – fixed 8% per annum for 10. ..

Intermark Real Estate


300,000 €

Investment project in Cambridge, UK

2500 m 2 30% per annum

Online viewing
Remote Deal

A development project in Cambridge to renovate and expand existing commercial space into an office building.
Investment indicators:
Minimum entry – from £250.000
Estimated term of exit from the project – 24-30 months
Projected yield on hand from 20% per annum, paid after construction is completed and…

Intermark Real Estate


166,000 €

Investment project in Lincoln, UK

34 m 2 8% per annum

Online display
Remote deal
Ready-made business

Commercial investment conditions:
Prices – from £140. 000 for a cottage with 2 bedrooms from 34 sq.m + terrace with jacuzzi
The price includes a leasehold on land with an area of ​​1.5-2.5 acres for 250 years, the right to which is registered in the HM Land Registry
Profitability – fixed 8% per annum for 10 years with annual indexation for inflation…

Intermark Real Estate


216 211 €

Apartments in Birmingham, UK

39 m 2

A private complex of 83 new apartments located in one of Birmingham’s most popular residential areas of Solihull, within walking distance from the center cities ( it’s an area like Richmond is for London). Finished apartments, rented out with 7% net yield for 1 year, including furniture. Prices from 185 thousand. per studio 39sq.m. up to 295 thousand for 1kkv from 59sq.m.

Intermark Real Estate


233 735 €

Apartments in Birmingham, UK

74 m 2 2

The complex offers a choice of 226 modern one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom eco-friendly luxury apartments in the center cities.
Construction period 24 months.
Completion is expected in the 1st quarter of 2023
Opportunity to invest in Birmingham real estate.
Perfect location in the center of Birmingham.
25 minutes…

Intermark Real Estate

135 226 €

Apartment in Nottingham, UK

42 m 2

An excellent collection of individually designed one and two bedroom apartments located in Mansfield, with their own territory and driveway . Mansfield is located just over 15 miles from the bustling city of Nottingham and offers a network of roads that radiate out from the city offering direct routes to Nottingham, Worksop,…

Intermark Real Estate


223 421 €

Apartment in Birmingham, UK

55 m 2

116 modern and affordable luxury apartments in the city center with one and two bedrooms. The complex is located in a vibrant business district with upscale shopping malls. The development is located southeast of Birmingham city centre, in a part of the city that continues to experience massive transformation – major projects, significant traffic…

Intermark Real Estate


235 181 €

Apartment in Birmingham, Great Britain

65 m 2

Modern choice of 226 one -room, two -room and three -room and ecological luxurious apartments in the city center. These luxury apartments feature high quality interior finishes and configurations specifically designed to meet the growing demand for residential rentals by young professionals in the city centre. City…

Intermark Real Estate


214,000 €

Apartment in Manchester, UK

51 m 2 2 1 1

Remote transaction

The residential complex is located in the north of Manchester, near Collyhurst Park, within walking distance from the main shopping centers , Victoria station and the Northern Quarter area. The residential complex was built opposite the unique landmark of the city, building 1896 years – The Royal Osborne Theatre.
Commercial terms:
Investment type: BUY-TO-LET….

Intermark Real Estate

354 705 €

Apartments in Kendal, UK

114 m 2 2

This beautiful building was originally built as a school. After a tasteful restoration that retained the charm of the building, at the same time modernized the building, making it the perfect fit.
for family life.
In the main part of the building there are 8 apartments, with one, two and three bedrooms.
The complex offers…

Intermark Real Estate


334,000 €

Apartment in Birmingham, UK

61 m 2 3 2 2

Online showing
Remote Deal

Residential complex of 80 stunning high quality apartments located in the center of Birmingham.
The project was designed with tenant demand in mind, through architectural innovation, pioneering integration and exceptional technical performance. A building offering a selection of well-designed one-bedroom apartments…

Intermark Real Estate


320 228 €

Apartment in Manchester, UK

69 m 2 3 2 2

Remote deal

one of the most promising areas of Manchester. The complex consists of 174 apartments with 2 and 3 bedrooms. The building was built according to the latest trends, located in the center and at the same time the apartments are available at reasonable prices. Designed by award-winning architects and…

Intermark Real Estate


320 584 €

Apartment in Manchester, UK

59 m 2 2 1

Remote transaction

Premium residential complex under construction in the heart of Media city. The unique complex is located in Salford Quays and is an oasis of calm and tranquility in the heart of the metropolis.
Commercial terms:
Investment type: BUY-TO-LET.
Completion date: Q3-2023
Projected return: 6% per annum
Prices from £294.995 for…

Intermark Real Estate


1 080 230 €

Apartments in London, UK

914 m 2 3 2

2 bedroom apartment Area: 914 m2 Floor: 24 The residential complex is located near the Leamouth Peninsula in the Tower Hamlets area. The Thames Clipper River Tram is a 15-minute ride to Canary Wharf Station, while East India and Canning Town Stations are a 15-minute walk. Nearby is a park with picturesque overgrown shores on the peninsula…

Alice Estate

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€122 0

  • Land m2: 50
  • Rooms: 2
  • Description: Apartments for rent, Scotland, The Hansen Residence
    The Galleria Serviced Apartments are located in the heart of Aberdeen, less than 91 meters from Union Street and within 5 minutes’ walk of a variety of shops, restaurants and bars.

    Inside the rooms The Galleria offers contemporary-style 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments with free Wi-Fi and free toiletries. The apartments are located in the middle of an open courtyard with seating area. The apartments have a separate kitchen and a seating area or an open-plan kitchen with seating area. Amenities include a flat-screen TV. The kitchens are equipped with an oven, microwave and washer/dryer. The bathroom comes with a bathtub. Some apartments have a shower room. Rooms in the apartment can be set up with 2 single beds or 1 king size bed. Apartments are cleaned and bed linen and towels are changed every 3 days.
    Location Aberdeen railway and bus station is a 10 minute walk from the apartments. Local citywide buses leave from Union Street, less than 91 meters away.
    This is our guests’ favorite part of Aberdeen, according to independent reviews.

    We speak your language!

  • 2.175.000 €

    House for sale
    • Object m2: 825
    • Land m2: 825
    • Rooms: 10
    • Description: House for sale in Edinburgh, Scotland. All details by phone.

    122.027 €

    Apartment in Edinburgh
    • Object m2: 55
    • Land m2: 55
    • Rooms: 2
    • Description: Two-room apartment for sale in Scotland, Edinburgh.

    166 €

    Apartments for rent, Scotland, Inverness Apartments & Cottages
    • Object m2: 50
    • Land m2: 50
    • Rooms: 2
    • Description: Apartments for rent, Scotland, Inverness Apartments & Cottages
      Inverness Apartments & Cottages is located a 20-minute walk from Inverness city centre. It offers quiet apartments and cottages with fully equipped kitchens and patios. Guests enjoy free Wi-Fi. Free private parking is available on site for those traveling by car.

      Inside the rooms Inverness Apartments and Cottages have a private entrance and dining area. The kitchen is equipped with cutlery, fridge, stove and washing machine. Other amenities include a TV.
      Location In Inverness, guests can enjoy shopping or hiking or mountain biking in the surrounding area. Within 6.5 km from the complex there are 4 large golf courses and convenient places for fishing. Loch Ness is a 30-minute drive from the complex.
      Inverness Apartments & Cottages has been welcoming guests since Sep 3, 2019 2012.
      Apartments: 10

    275.347 €

    New one bedroom apartment in Aberdeen
    • Object m2: 45
    • Land m2: 45
    • Rooms: 2
    • Description: New one bedroom apartment in Aberdeen
      Apartment living space 45 m2 with spacious living room 24 m2, bedroom 11.5 m2, utility room and bathroom.

      There is a parking space.

      Summed up all types of communications: water, gas, electricity. energy, communication, internet.

      Independent heating and hot water system that you turn on or off at will.

      Built in 2016.

      Sold unfurnished with stove and boiler.

    88 €

    Apartments for rent, Scotland, Micasa Aparthotel
    • Object m2: 50
    • Land m2: 50
    • 9054 5 Rooms: 2

    • Description: Apartments for rent, Scotland, Micasa Aparthotel
      These Located in the city centre, next to Aberdeen Dyce Airport, these luxurious apartments offer free Wi-Fi. The train station and bus stop can be reached within a 5-minute walk.

      Inside the rooms Micasa Apart Hotel provides soundproofed apartments and spacious rooms. Each contemporary living room has a Freeview TV.
      Accommodation features There is a computer next to the reception desk, which guests can use free of charge around the clock. Restaurants, bars and shops are close to the hotel.
      This is our guests’ favorite part of Aberdeen, according to independent reviews.

      This is the best value for money in Aberdeen! Compared to other options in this city, guests get more for the same money.

      Micasa Aparthotel has been welcoming guests since Jan 20, 2018 2010.
      Apartments: 34

    61.000 €

    Apartment in Sterling
    • Object m2: 56
    • Land m2: 56
    • Rooms: 2
    • Description: Apartment in Sterling
      Scotland, Stirling, 60 km from Edinburgh. Apartment for rent, in a restored house in the historic center of the city, at the foot of the hill on which the famous Stirling Castle is located, which William Wallace Braveheart so zealously protected and loved.

      The apartment is located on the top floor of the house, offering a beautiful view of the ancient capital of Scotland. The area of ​​the apartment is 56 sq. m.

      Information for the investor: the total cost of preparing the apartment for rent (repair work and furniture) = £ 25,150. After the renovation, the apartment will have: an entrance hall, a bright elegant living room, a separate kitchen with an individual design, a spacious bedroom with a large bed, a bathroom with a toilet, a bathtub and a shower and expensive fixtures, a new gas pipeline system with the replacement of all pipes, new high-quality floors. The term of performance of all works: 6-8 weeks.

      One bedroom apartments in Stirling are highly sought after for rent by students and professionals who come to work in the area.

    136.500 €

    New apartment in the suburbs of Edinburgh The Kilns (Harlaw)
    • Object m2: 48
    • Land m2: 4 8
    • Rooms: 2
    • Description: New apartment in the suburbs of Edinburgh The Kilns (Harlaw)
      Compact bright apartment of 48 m2. Consists of two bedrooms (12 and 11 m2), kitchen and toilet.

      There is a place for a car, as well as additional parking spaces for guests.

      Summed up all types of communications: water, gas, electricity. energy, communication, internet.

      Independent heating and hot water system that you turn on or off at will.

      All plots of land are landscaped (grass, shrubs, trees).

      Built in 2016.

      Sold unfurnished with stove and boiler.

    353 €

    Apartments for rent, Scotland, AM-PM Kepplestone Apartments
    • Object m2: 50
    • Land m2: 50
    • Rooms: 2
    • Description: Apartments for rent, Scotland, AM-PM Kepplestone Apartments
      AM-PM Kepplestone Luxury Apartments are located just a 7-minute drive from Aberdeen city center and close to the airport, North Link ferry terminal and train station. It offers modern apartments, free secure covered parking and a lift in the building.

      Inside the rooms The apartments feature a fully equipped open plan kitchen with luxury appliances, modern furnishings and a spacious bathroom. Free WiFi is provided. There is also a bright living and dining area with scenic views and satellite TV.
      Food & Beverage Several of Aberdeen’s best bars, restaurants and shops are within walking distance of the apartments.
      Location Numerous golf clubs (including seaside ones) are located nearby. Royal Aberdeen, New Trump International, Kings Links and Murcar Links golf clubs are within a 15-minute drive.
      This is the best value for money in Aberdeen! Compared to other options in this city, guests get more for the same money.

      AM-PM Kepplestone Apartments has been welcoming guests since Jul 3, 2013.
      Apartments: 15

    530.921 €

    New two-storey house in Edinburgh Eksbank (Drummond)
    • Object m2: 131
    • Land m2: 131
    • Rooms: 6
    • Description: New two-storey house in Edinburgh Eksbank (Drummond)
      House with a living area of ​​131 m2.

      On the ground floor: living room 20 m2, kitchen-dining room – 30 m2, utility room, toilet and garage 15 m2.

      Second floor: four bedrooms (14, 12, 11 and 9m2), three toilet rooms, an office.

      There is a garage, as well as additional parking spaces for guests.

      Summed up all types of communications: water, gas, electricity. energy, communication, internet.

      Independent heating and hot water system that you turn on or off at will.

      All plots of land are landscaped (grass, shrubs, trees).

      Built in 2016.

      Sold unfurnished with stove and boiler.

    Welcome to the largest real estate portal /

    We will tell you about Scotland, how to choose a property and what to look for, how to safely and profitably buy property in Scotland for life and business.

    Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It occupies the northern part of the island of Great Britain and borders on land with England.

    Scotland was united with England into a single kingdom only 300 years ago, and was previously a completely independent state. To this day, Scotland has retained its own parliament, legal system, church and its own languages ​​(Scots and Gaelic).
    Scotland is different from the rest of the Commonwealth of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It can be safely called a country of hills, mountains, many lakes and endless meadows, as well as an amazingly rich history and millennial traditions.

    According to the latest data, the population of Scotland consists of about 5.222 million people, of which 88% are Scots, 7% are English, Poles and Irish make up about 50 thousand people, Pakistanis – 40 thousand people, Indians and Chinese – about 20 thousand people and immigrants from Africa – about 10 thousand.

    Scottish lands cover about 78,772 square kilometers, and the length of the coastline is 9,911 kilometers.

    Thanks to the Gulf Stream, Scotland has a humid and mild climate.

    The capital and second largest city of Scotland is Edinburgh.

    Real estate in Scotland

    Recently real estate in Scotland began to attract Russian investors. Buyers from Russia are buying apartments and houses here, not only because of lower property prices compared to England, but also with the aim of moving to Scotland to live.

    Scotland has a very favorable investment climate and rather moderate taxes, which is very important for starting a new business or developing an existing one.

    Scotland’s growing and stable economy, local discipline and hospitality will be of great help to anyone who decides to buy a home in Scotland or stay here to run their own business.

    Today the Scottish real estate market is rich and varied in offers, from modest and inexpensive apartments to rich and respectable mansions. You will be able to choose a property that matches your financial capabilities, as real estate of various price categories is presented in the country.

    In terms of prices, property in Scotland costs significantly less than property in England. The average cost of a property in Scotland is about 225 thousand pounds. For comparison, in 2011, an entire island was sold in Lough Linney for £395,000.

    And in the prestigious area of ​​London, Chelsea, for such a price it is impossible to buy even a one-room apartment. If we consider the houses of Scotland, then for a small cottage in the village you will have to pay from 10 thousand pounds, but for a mansion with five spacious bedrooms, be prepared to pay from 2.5 million.

    It’s no secret that Scotland is recognized as the birthplace of golf, with six of the top ten courses in the UK. For example, in the Fife region, where one of the oldest golf clubs in the world, the Old Course, is located, residential real estate costs an average of 215 thousand pounds. The cost of houses located nearby with other clubs in Scotland is slightly lower: Loch Lomond from 143.5 thousand, Turnberry – from 130.9 thousand pounds and Western Gailes from 119 thousand.

    In rural Scotland, they are actively building modern residential complexes, and new houses located in a beautiful, picturesque area are also in high demand. By 2020, Glasgow plans to complete the construction of the world’s first floating city.

    If we talk about renting real estate, then you can rent a house in Scotland from about 30 to 170 pounds per night.

    How can a foreigner buy property in Scotland

    In Scotland, there are no prohibitions or restrictions regarding the purchase of real estate by foreign citizens. Historically, in most Scottish regions real estate transactions are carried out not by realtors, but by lawyers.

    If the property to be purchased is worth more than £60,000, then during the transaction process the buyer must pay stamp duty, which is 1% of the value of the property under the contract. For the state registration of the transaction, you need to pay a duty, which is 11 pounds sterling for every 5 thousand paid for the object.

    One of the main features of the property market in Scotland is that since 2009, the owner of the property, who wants to sell it, according to the law, undertakes to order an analysis of the property being sold.

    Then a report containing data on the value and condition of the property must be provided to the potential buyer of this property. Therefore, if you are going to acquire Scottish real estate, you need to request a report on the object that interests you.

    House in Scotland

    Buying a home in Scotland is currently over 7% cheaper than renting it, according to recent research from the Bank of Scotland.

    The average monthly mortgage expense associated with purchasing a three-room house, for example, was £505, and the monthly rent for a similar house could be in the order of £545, an increase of 7.4% as you can see.

    On the example of numbers, we can see that Scotland belongs to such a region of the UK, where it is much more profitable to buy residential property than to rent it.

    Apartment in Scotland

    Unlike France, Germany and Italy, where apartments are quite widely represented in all regions of the countries, Scottish apartments are mainly concentrated in Glasgow or Edinburgh.

    The price of an apartment in Scotland is slightly higher than in most countries of continental Europe, but this situation is caused by speculative measures, as well as the general overheating of the market.

    The main reason is that Scotland is credited with almost the highest standard of living in all of Europe, a steadily growing economy, and therefore even the highest prices for apartments here are supported by a number of advantages.

    Let’s use a concrete example to make sure that buying an apartment in Scotland is always a profitable and reliable investment. For example, you buy a two-room apartment in a modern residential complex in Glasgow. The total area of ​​the apartment is 55 square meters, and its cost is 6,400 euros per square meter, or 400,000 euros for the object as a whole.

    Given the fact that the cost of renting such an apartment in Scotland starts from 950 euros for one week, then the apartment will easily pay for itself in 9-10 years, provided that you find guests. Hence, we can say with confidence that the purchase of an apartment in Scotland is one of the most promising options for investing your own capital.

    Commercial property in Scotland

    The first quarter of 2015 had a positive impact on the commercial property market in Scotland. From January to March 2015, the average price of commercial properties in the country increased by about 1.7%. Rising prices for such commercial facilities as shopping centers, salons, boutiques, bars can be observed in Scotland since 2013.

    The average rate of return growth in the Scottish industrial and office real estate markets is at the level of the last quarter of the last year. In the first quarter of 2015, rental income from office properties increased by approximately 3%, while income from industrial premises increased by approximately 1.6%.

    The most locally developed Scottish office real estate markets include the markets of the city of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. Aberdeen’s office rental yields exceed the Scottish region’s average income by a total of 18%, and in this respect are compared by many experts to eastern England cities such as Peterborough and Cambridge. Glasgow and Edinburgh are next, with office rental income above the region’s average.

    Analysts of the local real estate market rush to note the professional approach of Scottish management companies and entrepreneurs who are involved in the commercial real estate segment.

    Experts also foresee slight fluctuations in the commercial real estate market in Scotland in the last quarter of this year, which, as they say, will come to naught at the beginning of next year. It is for this reason that it is recommended to pay attention to long-term and medium-term perspective investments in commercial real estate in Scotland.

    Expenses and maintenance of real estate in Scotland

    Property tax in Scotland is paid to municipal budgets, which means that the tax rate in different cities can vary significantly. On average, such a tax is 1-2 thousand pounds sterling.

    Also in the country there is such a thing as “stamp duty”, which directly depends on the value of the acquired property. For a property whose value is 250-409 thousand dollars, such a fee will be 1%, at a cost of 409-818 thousand dollars – 3%, and if the price of the object exceeds 818 thousand dollars, be prepared to pay 4% stamp duty.

    According to real estate experts, utility bills in Scotland average 3.3 thousand dollars a year.

    On average, it is necessary to spend about 8,710 pounds sterling annually on the maintenance of real estate in Scotland, which is almost 1.5 times less than in London itself.

    Investment and business in Scotland

    Today, when the economy of even the most developed European countries cannot be called stable in the face of a deep global crisis, Scotland remains stable and unshakable in terms of business, investment and life in general. Therefore, even now, business in Scotland can be called an asset of increased reliability for a large number of years.

    Profitability when investing in Scottish business is also very high, and its profitability is often at least 10%. In addition to all this, buying a business in Scotland is almost a 100% chance that your assets will “grow up” significantly in the future.

    As the best example of acquiring a business in Scotland, let’s consider the purchase of an apartment building in the largest city in Scotland, Glasgow. In this type of business in Scotland, as an apartment building, there are both office space and residential properties for rent. The entire area of ​​such a business in Scotland in the aggregate is about 700 square meters, and its cost is about 1,200,000 euros.

    The profit from renting out such an area has already been deducted, since according to the rules the tenement house must be sold with an already concluded lease agreement, which amounts to 118,300 euros. From this we can conclude that the profitability of this business is 10%, which is why owning a business in Scotland can be called a net benefit.

    The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh

    Edinburgh is a beautiful ancient city that annually attracts at least one million tourists from all over the world, second only to London in terms of indicators.

    The population of Edinburgh is 492,680 at last count.

    Edinburgh has a large number of museums and attractions: Edinburgh Castle, which rises above the city on Castle Rock, and Holyrood Palace, which is the summer residence of Elizabeth II, as well as the magnificent old Cathedral of St. the magnificence of the stained glass windows.

    Property in Edinburgh

    Over the past year, the number of foreign investors buying property in Edinburgh has increased by 65%.

    Capital real estate prices rose by 4.6% year on year. The demand for real estate of an elite class, the cost of which exceeded 1.6 million dollars, was provoked by foreign buyers. Last year, 59% of all luxury real estate sales fell on Edinburgh.

    The most attractive areas for purchasing real estate in Edinburgh are the West End and New Town.