Home fashion trends: 10 Ideas to Try This Year

10 Ideas to Try This Year

With the new year in full swing, I’ve been scouting out the 2023 home decorating trends and design styles to share with you.  I love taking a look at each year’s interior design trends — especially the ones I think will last beyond the next few months.  And, happily, most of the home decor ideas on this list should stand the test of time, making them easier to adopt.

Before we get into the interior design trends for 2023, as always, I recommend decorating your home in a way that makes you feel great.  So don’t feel like you have to adopt these ideas if they don’t resonate with you or work with the style of your home.  In fact, I don’t think it’s a great idea to jump on every new home trend that comes along.  

However, you can’t go wrong in taking a look at the current design trends and styles, because it expands your awareness of what’s out there.  I’ve found that when I look at my spaces with a fresh perspective, I can often repurpose pieces I already own to create a brand new look.

Leclair Decor – light fixture, chairs, coffee table

What are the top home decor trends for 2023?

In the coming year, we’ll see an interesting mix of new and returning trends.  Some of the most popular interior design trends for 2023 include quiet luxury, the return of bold color, natural stone surfaces, closed floor plans, mixed metal finishes, statement lighting, and 60s and 70s influences — particularly in furniture design.

Several themes are appearing for interiors, with “elevated” being one of the keywords for 2023, and you’ll see that concept woven throughout this list.  Luxurious looks, sumptuous fabrics, and understated elegance are in — no matter what decorating style you prefer. 

While the decorating trends for 2023 are a varied bunch, they all have the potential to bring a sense of beauty, comfort, and style to your home in the coming year.

The Life Styled Co.

What furniture is in style for 2023?

Due to manufacturing and shipping delays over the past couple of years, furniture styles for 2023 will tend to overlap the trends from last year. That means we’re still seeing plenty of curvy shapes and nubby fabrics, as well as rattan and cane, boucle’ and sherpa, light wood and burl wood finishes.

While curvy, rounded, and slope-armed furniture is still on trend, many interior designers are ready to say goodbye to the curved furniture styles of 2021 and 2022, favoring a return to more streamlined, classic furniture silhouettes in 2023 and beyond.  

In addition, if you’re buying a large piece of furniture in 2023, such as a sofa or bed, you might want to choose timeless fabric options like linen, cotton, performance weaves, or velvet — rather than boucle’ or sherpa — as I think the popularity of nubby fabrics in upholstery will wane in the next year or two. 

If you really love the look of boucle’ and sherpa, you can still bring that look into your home via pillows, benches, throws, or ottomans instead.

Is farmhouse style out for 2023?

While modern farmhouse decor is still extremely popular, in 2023 we’ll continue to see this style evolve into a more refined look, borrowing aspects from modern European, Belgian farmhouse, coastal, and Scandinavian styles.   This elevated version of modern farmhouse style shows no signs of slowing down in the coming year.

However, the original version of modern farmhouse style from a few years ago no longer feels current.  Even Chip and Joanna are doing something much more sophisticated these days!

Jean Stoffer Interior Design – pendants

With the addition of  luxurious textures, interesting shapes, natural elements, and a mix of vintage and modern pieces, farmhouse style is maturing into a classic, timeless aesthetic.

What interior design styles are trending for 2023?

In 2023 interiors will increasingly become less about what’s trendy and more about personal expression.  Rather than certain trends increasing or declining, we’re seeing different design styles merging. 

For example, modern minimalist style typically incorporates clean lines, neutrals, and black elements; while maximalist style favors layered textures, color, and vintage pieces.  However, we see both design perspectives embracing the use of natural materials, such as wood, stone, wool, linen, and rattan, as well as many other trends on this list.

With the lines between different decorating styles blurring, you’re welcome to create your own take on any decorating style you prefer, leading to a more personal approach to interior design and home decor in 2023.

Read on for my predictions for trends in home decor and interior design styles for 2023, including kitchen design trends, furniture, living room decor trends, colors, and a look ahead at the summer into fall 2023 decorating trends.

As you’ll see below, most of these home decor ideas would work well in just about any room in the house — and with just about any decorating style — making them easy to adapt to your home.

Trend 1. Quiet Luxury

Luxurious living and an elevated mindset are where things are headed in 2023, and you’ll see that idea reflected throughout all of the trends on this list.  

Fine living doesn’t have to mean fancy or expensive — it’s more about refinement and an elevated approach to how we decorate and live in our homes.  

The quiet luxury trend involves creating spaces that feel sumptuous, sophisticated, and timeless — however that looks for you. 

Leclair Decor – chairs – coffee table

The luxe look isn’t about glam, shiny, mirrored, or glitzy spaces.  Rather, you’ll see rooms filled with warmth, calm and collected accents, plush cushioned seating, soft rugs, layered lighting, and pillows and throws in luxurious materials. 

You might want to interpret this 2023 design style in a modern space via light neutral tones, clean-lined pieces, and sumptuous fabrics like silk, linen, and velvet. 

Take a look at Architectural Digest or the Restoration Hardware catalog for ideas and inspiration.

Lisa Tharp


Architectural Digest – RH Design for Kerry Washington – similar console table

Or, you might embrace this trend via a more tailored space, incorporating layered textures, warm wood tones, rich colors, grid-patterned rugs, and luxurious pillows and throws. 

Think Ralph Lauren: understated, elegant, and classic with a modern twist.   

Jean Stoffer Design

While these two approaches to the quiet luxury trend are different, both incorporate natural elements, layered fabrics and textures, and an overall appreciation for the finer things of life. 

The key to a luxurious space is all about mastering the mix of timeless elegance and modern simplicity, creating a space that’s equally welcoming and sophisticated.

Lindsey Brooke Design

For more on this trend, you might be interested in my posts on Nancy Meyers Style Interiors and How to Get the RH Look for Less. 

Trend 2. The Return of Color

After the past few years of non-stop neutrals, in 2023 we’ll see a return of color in home decor, paint colors, and bedding. 

Tying in with the other home trends in this post, a luxurious palette of rich jewel tones, soothing greens, timeless blues, and warm earth tones will dominate in 2023.  

Jean Stoffer Interior Design

And, if you saw my post on the Top Home Color Trends for 2023, you know that just about anything goes when it comes to color choices in the coming year.

Ann Rae Design

You might decide to try this trend via wallpaper in the powder bath, a bold wall color in the home office, laundry room, or dining room, or simply by adding a few colorful accents to the living room.


Or, try layering your bedding with different colors, rather than just a monochromatic look.  And, don’t be afraid to experiment with mixing different patterns, as well!


Trend 3. Natural stone finishes

Natural stone finishes are having a big moment — particularly materials that incorporate unexpected tones and patterns — and that trend will continue in 2023. 

Some of the most popular stone elements include travertine, marble, exotic slabs of granite, soapstone, limestone, and other natural materials. 

Athena Calderone

Other than stone coffee tables, countertops, backsplashes, and flooring, some ways to incorporate this trend in your home include handcrafted ceramics and pottery, artisanal clay vases, stoneware and dinnerware.   Pieces that are imperfect and retain their natural charm and character are especially popular right now.

Precision Cabinetry and Design – Photo by Stephanie Russo

Zellige tile is also having a moment, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom.  Zellige tiles are handcrafted from clay, and each one is unique, retaining variations in shimmer, depth and color tone, making them a favorite of interior designers.

Pure Salt Interiors – pendants

Remember, there’s a certain charm and patina that comes with use of natural stone surfaces, so don’t be afraid of the scratches, dings, and stains that are an inevitable part of living in and enjoying your home.

Trend 4.  Home retreats

Tying in with the fine living trend, more than ever, people are making their homes feel like a retreat, with things like sumptuous sofas, plush cushions, luxurious bedding, spaces to do yoga or meditate, spa-like bathrooms, rock gardens, and quiet places to work becoming must-haves.  

Pure Salt Interiors

This trend is all about capturing the emotions of your favorite vacation spot — whether that’s a beach house, European villa, or cozy mountain lodge.

Three Birds Renovations – arm chairs – similar arm chairs

As we update our homes in 2023 and beyond, things like ambient lighting, sound, tactility, and designing indoor and outdoor spaces to encourage restoration and relaxation are becoming more important. 

Pure Salt Interiors

Some ways to make your home feel like an oasis include incorporating warm woods, breezy linen curtains, sumptuous sink-in furniture, and objects from your travels. 

For more on this laidback yet elevated look, see my post, California Casual Interior Design: How to Bring Chic West Coast Style to Your Home.

Trend 5.  Closed floor plans

The growing popularity of working and learning from home means that open floor plans are losing their appeal, and in 2023 home design we’ll continue to see closed-concept spaces, with separate places to work, take Zoom calls, and do homework becoming more desirable.

David Frazier Co.

Our last home had an open floor plan, with the entire living room, dining area, and kitchen in full view whenever someone walked in the front door.   While that kind of home plan is great for family togetherness, it wasn’t ideal for our lifestyle.  So, when we built our current house, we specifically chose a closed floor plan.

If your current home has an open floor plan and you’d like to create more division, you might try rearranging the furniture to help designate the different functions of each space — for example, placing the sofa with its back to the kitchen and dining area, as shown below:

Studio McGee

You can also use screens to block off certain areas and create more privacy.

Trend 6. Mixed Metal Finishes

Mixing metals is a great way to add an interesting and contemporary look to the kitchen and bathroom.  In 2023, expect designers and homeowners alike to embrace a combination of different metal finishes for fixtures and hardware.  

    Pure Salt Interiors

The days of using one metal finish everywhere in the home are gone.  Rather, it’s now very common to mix and match metal finishes – not only in the kitchen and bathroom — but throughout the home on surfaces like doorknobs, curtain rods, light fixtures, hinges, and more.

Jean Stoffer Interior Design – wall sconces

Whether you’re going for a chic, modern, timeless, or classic look, mixing metals adds visual interest to your home and is a look that will last through 2023 and beyond.  

Pure Salt Interiors

If you’d like to learn more about how to use this design trend in your home, here are two posts I wrote on the subject:

A Simple Guide to Mixing Metals in the Bathroom

A Simple Guide to Mixing Metals in the Kitchen

Trend 7. Statement Lighting

In 2023, interior designers and homeowners will trade traditional pendant lights for oversized light fixtures and lighting in interesting shapes. 

Kelsey Leigh Design – pendant lights

We’ll see more oversized and large-scale lighting that acts as an overhead work of art.  We’ll also see statement lighting in unique natural materials such as rattan, clay, ceramic, and earthenware fixtures.

Salt Design Co. – chandelier

A single dramatic pendant helps define a dining or living space, particularly in open concept homes. Not only does bold lighting catch your attention, it serves as a focal point for the room.  

Pure Salt Interiors

In the kitchen, consider using one statement pendant light over the kitchen island, rather than two or three.  Another great idea for the kitchen is placing a small table lamp on your kitchen counter for ambiance and additional task lighting. 

Millworks – light fixture

And, with the current popularity of luxe, retreat-like homes, ambient lighting is becoming more popular than ever.  Candles, floor lamps, Himalayan salt lamps, and table lamps help bring a warm, cozy feeling to any space. 

M. Lahr Homes – chandelier – console cabinet – here’s another cabinet source

Trend 8. Natural Materials

This look embraces organic materials such as wool, cotton, silk, rattan and clay in earth tones and warm neutrals. 

Studio McGee – cane counter stools – pendant lights

And since natural materials never go out of style, over the last couple of years we’ve seen the use of natural materials in home decor grow to the point where it’s probably no longer a trend.

Pure Salt Interiors

To bring the natural look to your home, focus on less faux and more real elements in your home.  Look for furniture crafted from light or mid-toned woods and accent your spaces with natural rugs crafted in nubby wool, jute, or textured cotton to add warmth and texture.

Pure Salt Interiors – counter stools

Barrow Design

Trend 9:  Black accents

No matter what decorating style you prefer, every space in your home will always benefit from a touch of black. 

M Lahr Homes – chandelier

Black accent pieces and hardware are a great way to add contrast, drama, and sophistication to any room, especially when paired with other neutrals like tan and white or rich jewel tones like navy and emerald green.

Heirloom Projects

Although this home trend is a carry-over from 2022, the popularity of black home decor, accents, cabinetry, lighting, fixtures, and finishes is expected to grow over the coming year — especially as we incorporate more statement lighting, luxurious accents, and mixed metal finishes in our homes.  

The Life Styled Co. – coffee tables

Some ideas for adding a touch of black to a space include hanging chic black picture frames in the dining area, adding a black lamp or side table to the living room, or swapping out the hardware on your kitchen or bathroom cabinets for black versions.

Nicole Green Interiors

Trend 10: 60s and 70s Influences

Since my focus is on sharing decorating styles that will last, I almost didn’t include this interior design trend, because I think the current popularity of post-modern 60s and 70s influences (borrowed from current fashion trends) will be somewhat short-lived.

However, I do think some elements of the 1960s and 1970s, such as the iconic Herman Miller Eames chair and other statement pieces from that era, will have staying power, thanks to their timeless beauty and functionality, interesting textures, enveloping shapes, and natural materials.

Olga Ashby Interiors

In addition, in 2023, expect to see a return of the warm wood tones which were popular in the 1970s, as medium- to darker-toned wood finishes like walnut are making a comeback in coffee tables, consoles, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, media cabinets, and flooring.

 Mowery Marsh Architects

Up and Coming Decorating Trends and Design Styles for Summer and Fall 2023:

I couldn’t fit all the 2023 design styles and home decor trends in one post, so here’s a look at some themes that will continue to grow in popularity over the coming year:

Pampered Pets

Our pets are true members of our families, so any post on interior design trends wouldn’t be complete without mentioning how important it is to take our pets into account when making decisions about our homes. 

In 2023, pet-centered design will continue to grow as homeowners design spaces with the comfort and happiness of their pets in mind, from incorporating dog bathing and grooming stations in the laundry room or mudroom to building luxury cat homes in the living room.

Meg McSherry Interiors


Expect to see less uniformity in 2023 design styles, as designers are embracing asymmetry and mis-matched bedroom, dining, and living room furniture.  

This home decor trend is all about using pieces in new, interesting and unusual ways.  If you have a matching bedroom set, think about moving some of the pieces to the guest room, dining room, or entryway. 

Then, fill in the missing gaps with a new or vintage pieces here and there to create a collected, cohesive look.  Nightstands and dressers can often be used in the entryway or dining room as well. 

The blue cabinet in our entryway used to be a black nightstand — a quick coat of paint and some new hardware gave it a second life! 

Coastal Grandmother

As we move into spring 2023 design styles and trends, I think we’ll see a resurgence of coastal grandmother style, which became popular in 2022. 

This decorating style incorporates a mix of modern coastal style and Nancy Meyers inspired interiors, and its relaxed, elevated outlook makes coastal grandmother decor perfect for spring and summer decorating. 

Some hallmarks of the coastal grandma home decor trend include white slipcovered furniture, light neutral tones, and natural and organic elements, with an overall relaxed, chic aesthetic.  

Pure Salt Interiors – similar sectionals here, here and here – similar coffee table here and here

See my posts, What is Coastal Grandmother Style? (and why I’m loving it) and Modern Coastal Decorating Ideas for Your Home, for more on this interior design style.  

Another related trend, which popped up in spring 2023, is the coastal cowgirl trend.  While I’m not sure if this trend will experience the popularity and staying power of coastal grandmother style, I do like its easy, relaxed approach to decorating.  If you’re interested in learning more about coastal boho decor, see my post What is Coastal Cowgirl Style? (and how to bring this trend to your home).

Outdoor Living

Homeowners are continuing to turn their outdoor areas, porches, and patios into comfortable, luxurious staycation destinations for spring and summer 2023.

Features like outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, outdoor kitchens, swimming pools, pool houses, greenhouses, and raised-bed gardening areas are especially popular this year.  

See my post Modern Patio Ideas for Beautiful Outdoor Living for more ideas for refreshing your outdoor spaces.

Pure Salt Interiors

Painted or wallpapered ceilings

If you’d like to incorporate an accent color in your space in an interesting way, you might want to consider painting or wallpapering your ceiling. 

I’m starting to see this look more often as designers are moving away from the trend of painting just one accent wall in a room, opting instead for a bold look on the ceiling.  And I have to say, this is a trend I love!

Julie Howard for Timber Trails Development Co.

Whether your preferred interior design style is coastal, California casual, modern farmhouse, Scandinavian, minimalist, Japandi, transitional, eclectic, or something in between — I hope you you found this post helpful! 

The great thing about the majority of the 2023 design styles and home trends is that they should stand the test of time, which means we’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come.

get the look:

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Wishing you a beautiful and blessed 2023!  xo Jane



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Must-Have Looks for a Stylish Home –


What’s in vogue not only speaks to our aesthetic sensibilities but also to how we want to live. Home decor trends often indicate a steady shift toward a new way of living. That said, the interior design trends of 2023, however practical they may be, will still satisfy even the hardiest of aesthetes. 

  • Hottest Interior Design Trends 2023
  • 2023 Home Decor Trends
  • Outdated Interior Design Trends

What are the leading 2023 interior design and home décor trends?

2023 interior design trends like curvy furniture like this interior by Decorilla designer, Anna Y.

We’re seeing a renewal of bright, bold and inspiring interiors. Plus, organic and sustainable design is also gaining more traction. This may not be a new concept, but the passion for creating a natural and healthy space is certainly a growing interior design trend. In 2023, home décor trends follow suit, and these vibrant additions will surely spruce up homes beyond this year

Lounge featuring up-and-coming interior design trends of 2023 by Decorilla designer, Dina H.  

Flux and change are constants in life. As such, we can look forward to what’s new and exciting with every coming day. And in 2023, we’re bound to see interior design trends that thrill with the unknown. But, some contemporary design style ideas only refine and strengthen what the design world loves right now. Either way, we’re set to see ethereal spaces trumping what’s come before. Let’s get into what’s trending! 

Interior design trends 2023 come in many different styles – do you know yours? An interior design style quiz can help designers pinpoint which trends match your personal style! 

1. Focus On Wellness

Wellness-inspired interior design trends for 2023 by Decorilla designer, Raneem K.

Wellness is one of the hottest interior design trends for 2023. Self-care is one of the keys to improving well-being, but an environment that facilitates healthy living can make a huge difference too. In fact, wellness design can set the tone for slowing down and practicing mindfulness. In turn, we can function at our utmost. So, you can bet on seeing innovation foster beautifully healthy spaces in months to come. 

2. Art Deco Encore 

Bold interior trends in a home ready for 2023 by Decorilla designer, Sierra G.

Revisiting beloved styles past is an industry favorite. And as interiors move away from the absoluteness of minimalism, we’re seeing a renewed interest in more decorative styles, like Art Deco. That said, hyper maximalism might not be on the cards yet – but ornate details are on the rise. Expect Art Deco’s brighter colors, geometric patterns, and symmetry to take over interior design trends of the past.

3. Workplace with Flair & Enhanced Room Multifunction  

Home office featuring 2023 home decor trends by Decorilla designer, Annie L.

The workplace, whether at home or in an office, has been redefined. Yet, only now do these spaces see highly individualized designs. The office may include elements that make work more comfortable. From furniture design to layout to indoor turf, the workspace gets a happy makeover to increase its use and employee productivity. And if you’re working from home, this means setting up the interior to your precise needs.

Increased work-from-home setups also call for increased multi-function within a home. As part of interior design trends of 2023, we see more living rooms holding a workspace. Even kitchen trends in 2023 allow small homes to cater to office needs. All it takes is a versatile surface that can fold away or double for another task when the day’s work is over.

4. Entertainment-Focused Convivial Seating

Socializing at home has gotten a significant boost in recent years. For this reason, 2023 interior design trends see unique layouts and seating on the rise. Think conversation pits, circular seating, and sofas with seats on either side of the backrest. The focus is fostering closeness and creating a convivial atmosphere. You’ll reconnect with our favorite people in the most stylish way possible!

5. Designer Laundry & Mudroom

Luxe mudroom interior design trends of 2023 by Decorilla designer, Aida A.

No room is left untouched. Designers and homemakers have a heightened focus on creating homes that serve the inhabitants. That’s why every inch matters. Mudrooms and laundry rooms will get the designer treatment. As a result, homes will have the same air throughout, from the entryway to the most utilitarian of spaces. 2023’s interior design trends will certainly grace all corners of an interior. 

6. Maximize Natural Light 

Modern open living interior design trends of 2023 by Decorilla designer, Joyce R.

The more we know what benefits human functioning, the more we’ll see those elements in interiors – where possible. Natural light is one aspect magnified in current and coming designs. There’s a renewed focus on maximizing natural light with big, bare windows, whites, and reflective surfaces. And why not? Natural light can improve our sleep patterns, focus, and mood. Plus, it helps us produce vitamin D! 

7. Limewash & Plaster

Calming interior design color trends for 2023 by Decorilla designer, Lauren O.

Limewash and plaster’s earthy and organic feel significantly affect the wall finish and room’s ambiance. Either finish can complement any interior design style. These wall treatments also work well with many other 2023 trending interior design ideas on this list.

8. Outdoor-Inspired Furniture Trends for 2023 

Nature influences many avenues of design. For example, a building’s location, whether mountainous or arid, impacts its interior more than ever. This is because more crafters and designers source local, eco-friendly materials. They also use their environment to inspire designs. So, expect to see palettes, architecture, and even furniture design trends of 2023 reflecting their setting. 

Local products will dictate the look and feel of furniture, decor, and interiors. For instance, wool, sheepskin, and wood are readily available in a snowy environment. On the other hand, these materials are more challenging to find in the tropics. In addition, many materials, from stone to fabrics, are naturally more available in one area than another. As a result, when people source locally and honor their natural environment, the interior is bound to follow. 

9. Positively Charged Room Layout 

Organic interior design color trends for 2023 by Decorilla designer, Anna Y.

A layout can make all the difference in an interior. Whether you have a small or big room, free-flow movement is essential for a positive atmosphere. That’s why rethinking a room plan is crucial. Less is more, but not in a minimalistic sense. Instead, greater distance between zones and an improved traffic flow will get preference.

A positive layout is one of several interior design trends of 2023 influenced by the East. Feng Shui, wabi-sabiikigai, and japandi aesthetics significantly impact interior design. Moreover, green practices also have roots in Asia. 

10. Reuse & Purity in Interior Design 

Sourcing and reusing what already exists is refining the shape of design. As a result, natural, clean lines will overshadow more intricate alternatives. Being more selective in your furniture and its forms could also emphasize the structural detail within an interior. There is certainly balance in 2023 interior design trends as some lean toward decoration while others to neat aesthetics. 

11. New Color Combos  

2023 interior design trends encourage organic tones and bold and exciting ones. Expect the unexpected, with unique color combinations creating the most inspiring spaces. Vibrant jewel-tone upholstery, for instance, can pair with earthy walls for a surprisingly balanced mix.

2023 Home Decor Trends

Cozy interior featuring home decor trends of 2023 by Decorilla designer, Sierra G.

The coming year promises soft edges, dramatic accents, and comfortable pieces. Whatever your style, home décor trends are sure to make interiors even cozier in 2023. 

12. Return to Noir with Rich Black Details

As spaces become more personalized and character-rich, we are encouraged to indulge in what design offers. Gothic design is one such tempting avenue. They are undeniably dramatic. But they also happen to be richly layered and fascinating. Plus, a gothic style brings more than moody and black hues. Sweeping curtains, arch mirrors, sculptures, and lavish chandeliers are commonplace.

And with a contemporary twist, such interiors can be memorable and highly livable. The great thing is that you can add as much or as little drama as you want. Either way, there will be an impact with this interior design trend for 2023.

13. Nostalgia-Infused Vintage Furniture & Décor Trends 

2023 vintage-inspired furniture trends by Decorilla designer, Brooke S.

Interior design can create different atmospheres or era settings and even evoke nostalgia. Vintage furniture plays a significant role, with iconic pieces from the 60s and 70s here to stay. This 2023 interior design and furniture trend also encourages reusing items. Plus, antiques and vintage items can create a pleasant, quaint air.

14. Exciting Accessories 

Luxury bedroom featuring 2023 home decor trends by Decorilla designer, Farzaneh K.

Say hello to exciting accessories and surrealism! Now it’s time to highlight artwork and decor that resonate with you on a greater level. Items can be sculptural, paintings, or multifunctional as we’re leaning into 2023’s home décor trends bringing meaning to interiors. Every piece should have a purpose and make you happy. Surrealism also puts a new spin on décor to bring us the unexpected – definite conversation-starters!

15. Paper & Fabric Lighting

Home décor trends 2023 in a dining room by Decorilla designer, Drew F.

Lighting design is becoming bolder and more experimental with each passing year. It’s an avenue of home décor that will see more innovation beyond trends for 2023. This time, lampshades get a makeover with fabric and paper covers taking precedence. Not only are they aesthetically appealing, these shades are also eco-friendly!

16. Curvy Furniture & Decor

Curved furniture and home decor trends 0f 2023 by Decorilla designer, Vida N.

Arcs and curvy shapes have been making their way into interiors for a while now. First, crescent sofas, tulip and egg chairs, and round rugs took centerstage bit by bit. Now, 2023 home décor trends are moving further than curved furniture. Say hello to oblong mirrors, architectural details, and mushroom lighting. Cabinets, credenzas, and nightstands also have a curvier outlook for the future.

17. Perfect Imperfections  

When it comes to 2023 home decor trends, organic, handmade, and local are best. What this means for aesthetics is more unique and inimitable pieces. Raw yet refined quality is what the future of décor holds. Exquisite craft and vision will set décor and furniture apart as covetable and trendy.  

18. Bold, Patterned Upholstery 

Interiors are getting bolder and more inspiring each year as personal tastes soar. The furniture trends of 2023 see this confidence with colorful patterns in upholstery and other fabrics. As a result, you can create unexpected focal points with your style displayed in a motif.

19. Tactile Zellige Tiles

Textured, handcrafted Zellige tiles are trending this year, but they’ve been in style for a while. Originally from Morocco, these tactile tiles have only picked up in popularity. It’s no wonder as they fit right into the more organic interior design and home decor trends of 2023.

20. Rugs as Functional Artwork

 Bold rug and furniture trends of 2023 in a lounge by Decorilla designer, Ceyatana S.

As we shift away from adding unnecessary elements, rugs will also double as functional artwork. Of course, neutral rugs will also have a place as a good base. However, the healthy dose of pleasing design ensures decoration without sacrificing space.

21. Modern Maximalist 

2023 home décor trends in a modern maximalist space by Decorilla designer, Raneem K.

Say hello to more self-expression with modern maximalism! This lively yet structured home décor trend creates vignettes of collectibles and meaningful objects. Furniture, too, will take on statement forms. That said, layering is key. Creating a harmonious setting by grouping complementing shapes and colors will be important.

22. Sustainable Material Emphasis

Sustainable, recycled, and ethical are hot topics in every avenue of life, and 2023 home décor trends follow suit. Every year, we learn more about sustainable practices and what to opt for regarding the planet’s health. As a result, trendy interiors look and feel different from those of the past. We’ll see an increase in green materials and organic surfaces in upcoming designs, from residential to commercial. These include all furniture and décor trends of 2023.

Interior design color trends 2023 by Decorilla designer, Marine H.

There’s a definite move away from certain looks. So, here’s all you need to know about the most outdated home décor and interior design trends bringing down your space.

Over-Layered Beds

Neat bedroom featuring furniture trends of 2023 by Decorilla designer, Raneem K.

Once popular, fully dressed beds with bedspreads or comforters and throw pillows are falling out of favor. It’s not only impractical, but also overly done in a present setting. Since we’re moving to cultivating spaces that have meaning, purely decorative elements fall away. So, opt for a more minimalist approach to bedding instead. 

Unsustainable Fast Furniture

Sustainable home decor trends 2023 in a living room by Decorilla designer, Shasta P.

Mass-produced and inexpensive pieces you’ll only keep for a season or two are losing traction. Similar to “fast fashion”, fast furniture has a short lifespan because it’s not made with durability in mind. Moreover, plastic alternatives quickly become outdated without a great recycling or reusing quality. Repurposing and going vintage is a sure way to avoid these outdated décor trends. 

Open-Concept Layouts

This may come as a surprise, but open-plan interiors are falling behind divided rooms. Since the quarantine period, people feel a renewed need for separate spaces, especially to gather or have some me-time. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean open concepts are out entirely. Instead, the boundary of zones must be distinct. Bookshelves, room dividers, and rugs can help this end. 

TV-centered Living Rooms

2023 interior design trends in a dining room by Decorilla designer, Jamie C.

We see more interiors either hiding televisions or media devices from view. Smart monitors flick to an art display when the TV’s not in use. Trendy living rooms are recentering on their primary function – socializing and relaxation. 

Non-functional Objects 

Refined furniture trends of 2023 by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

Purely decorative elements are certainly on the outdated interior design trends list. With a move to creating mindful spaces, these objects simply have no space in a home. Besides, they often end up cluttering a design. These may include word art, glass objects, trinkets, and faux books – the list goes on! 

Refresh Your Home with Interior Design Trends for 2023

It’s one thing to admire tomorrow’s trends and another to incorporate them in a way that makes sense. Luckily, our talented designers can help you create a timeless interior. Schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to find out more! 

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models that will raise self-esteem and mood

Fashion trends / hits

Author Ekaterina Ch. Reading 3 min Views 871

A woman should feel at her best everywhere: in the office, at a party and at home. Of course, at home you want to take a break from the hardships of the working day, relax to the maximum. This can be done only in comfortable and comfortable clothes. Fashionable and beautiful clothes for the home in 2023, presented to ladies by fashion designers, will make it possible not only to feel free in it, but also to raise self-esteem and mood of women. Stay at home stylish and attractive.


  1. All-purpose pajamas with buttons
  2. Home tracksuit
  3. Fluffy robe or kimono
  4. Set with shorts
  5. Stylish shirt dress
  6. 90 013 Cozy jersey sets

All-purpose pajama set with buttons

Pajama set can consist of a loose-fitting shirt or kimono, complemented by trousers or shorts. Such a suit made of striped silk or satin, made of plain fabric, made of material with an abstract pattern looks especially impressive. Actual pajamas in the color of emerald, sapphire, chocolate.

Lounge tracksuit

Fans of sporty style should pay attention to soft and “cozy” tracksuits made of velor, 100% cotton and viscose. Suits have been developed, consisting of a sweatshirt, longsleeve, hoodie. And as a bottom, there can be loose pants, tight-fitting models, leggings, and more.

Fluffy robe or kimono

Fluffy soft robes and silk kimonos are an excellent choice for home wear. They are comfortable both to watch TV programs while lying on the couch, and to work at a computer remotely. In a kimono of a fashionable print and actual colors, it is quite possible to receive friends who have come to visit.

Set with shorts

A laconic cotton suit consisting of printed boxer shorts and a white top is the trend of the season. Loose blouses with frills and wide, spacious shorts look very feminine and romantic. Many fashionistas prefer sets of “crumpled” fabrics.

Stylish shirt dress

A shirt dress has become a good replacement for a dressing gown. They are convenient and comfortable. They make such homemade shirt dresses from viscose and cotton. Contrasting piping as a trim for the sleeves, the bottom of the dress, the neckline in plain models will enliven the laconic style.

Cozy knitwear sets

Knitwear is the trend of the season. So why not choose them as home clothes. They are light, comfortable, pleasant on the body, do not constrain movements. However, it is worth taking only suits from high-quality knitwear. In this case, they will retain their original appearance for a long time.

Fashionable clothes for the home 2023 is an opportunity to look impeccable in front of the household, without depriving yourself of the pleasure of feeling comfort and coziness.

What items of clothing are included in your home wardrobe? Write in the comments how you please your soulmate at home.

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what color is better to choose in 2023

The color of home clothes determines the mood of the household and the woman’s self-esteem. It doesn’t matter what style and style you prefer, cozy bathrobes or shorts with a T-shirt, but the “weather in the house” depends most of all on the color. Remove conflicts, make your husband fall in love with you again, make the right decision – many do not even realize how much color affects our lives.

White & Beige

Looks great in women’s magazines, on TV and in handouts, but unfortunately, blatantly impractical for cooking chops, wet cleaning and even checking homework. The only option is to use white as clothing for cozy evening gatherings in front of the TV.

Yellow clothes

A very positive decision. Yellow home clothes help get rid of winter longing for sunny days. And the yellow color cheers up those around you, because the lovers of the “yellow T-shirts” are incorrigible optimists, uninhibited and cheerful cheerful people. Agree, living and waking up with such a sunny person is a pleasure!
In addition, yellow is the color of intellectuals. It increases the ability to learn, promotes the development of intuition. No wonder yellow is recommended for a child’s room.

Do you know that …
Contrary to popular belief, at home, men prefer to see not a seductive, but a “comfortable” wife. They like women in dressing gowns or house dresses more than women in vamp style. Of course, no one will refuse the game, but this is only occasionally appropriate. So feel free to wear a beautiful dressing gown.


It turns out that “to be like the new Ikarus is not only pleasant, but also useful – orange home clothes help to overcome everyday problems. The husband is late, the son had a fight, the bosses “saved” the quarterly bonus – we put on orange shorts or a T-shirt and experience problems without validol.


Heavenly pajamas, nightgowns or robe look feminine and romantic, pacify the balanced and soothe the flighty. Be careful if you share shelter with a melancholic – blue motives can depress him.

Blue color in home clothes 2023

Blue energy will have a relaxing effect. This color is ideal for those who often change their mood. It relieves nervous tension and absent-mindedness, and also helps to focus and make the right decisions. If something is bothering you or there is a tense situation in the house, then blue clothes are a win-win option!

And more…
Blue is the trendiest color of the year


Everyone knows that red symbolizes love, joy, vivid emotions, the fullness of life. However, the constant wearing of red things speaks of fading feelings between partners, as well as that a woman is unhappy or in complete despair, but is afraid to admit it even to herself. Such clothes should not be everyday at home. If suddenly red things began to predominate in your wardrobe, this is a sure sign that something is wrong in the relationship. Correct the situation immediately!
The red color is quite aggressive, usually worn only on special occasions. Relationships have become measured and a little boring? A red tunic or a scarlet robe will ignite gray everyday life. But for daily home wear, it is better to choose a different color.


The color of infantilism and naivety, but sometimes it’s just “doctor prescribed” for tortured businesswomen in the grip of a dress code. Do not be afraid of this delicate color – a girl in pink really wants to be pampered and protected. But we sometimes forget what our strength lies in…

Many women ignore pink things.