Christmas decoration ideas for the home: 105 Christmas Home Decorating Ideas

105 Christmas Home Decorating Ideas

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Dress Up a Buffet Dessert Station

Rachel Barrett

If you’re hosting a big Christmas feast this holiday season, give guests an extra reason to love the dessert station by decorating it! Rachel Barrett wove some branches around her platters and scattered a few ornaments to match the wreath ribbon. We’re also loving how she stacked the cake stands to alternate the heights of each and add visual intrigue!

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Go Small

Pernille Loof

In this pantry designed by Jim Dove, a seasonal garland animates the doorway and mini wreaths dress up the display cabinets. A small collection of holly brings good cheer to the surface counter.

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Try on Some Tassels

Elizabeth Pash

Elizabeth Pash hung miniature stockings and tassels from the tree. To spread the cheer throughout the house, consider hanging on-theme tassels from doorknobs. Festive tassels adorning your doors, desk, or chest of drawers can be a finishing touch that is also budget-friendly.

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Have Extra Fun in Kid-Friendly Spaces

Rachel Barrett

If you have a backyard playhouse, don’t forget to deck that out for the holiday, too! Since it’s where kids go to play, Rachel Barrett leaned into more imaginative decor with rainbow lights and big wreath with a classic red velvet bow.

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Use a Planter as a Stand

Peter Frank Edwards

“More is more,” says Matthew Bees, decorator behind this eclectic room. “The holidays are meant to be extravagant! Instead of a tree skirt, try a vintage fishbowl or planter. It heightens the tree and gives you more room for Santa’s surprises,” he adds.

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Add Some Sparkle

Laurey Glenn

It’s Christmas, so literally anything and everything can get away with having some extra sparkle. In this timeless bathroom designed by Rachel Barrett, a sparkly gold wreath brings some Christmas magic to the bubble bath zone.

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Incorporate Your Artwork


Decorate your mantle with greenery, then add ribbons and ornaments for a pop of color. Match your garland accessories to wall art and decor throughout the space rather than using the classic Christmas colors for an understated yet festive look.

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Swap Existing Items

Mike Garten

Swap out kitchen towels and plating to make your kitchen look festive, too. Candy cane motif decor gets this small kitchen nook in the Christmas spirit without taking up too much space.

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Have a Sense of Humor

House Beautiful

A minimalist approach can offer elegance with a hint of whimsy if you nail the look. We’re also loving the subtly cheeky approach here. A small garland becomes a makeshift boa or scarf for the busy!

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Put a Sheepskin Under the Tree

Annie Schlechter

Fake a fresh snowfall by placing a sheepskin rug beneath your tree. In this cozy living room designed by Cathy Chapman, a sheepskin under the timeless tree flatters the existing space’s neutral colors and rustic elements.

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Frame an Archway

Björn Wallander

Frame a doorway with a simple pine garland to ensure that every single room, including in-between spaces, like hallways and foyers, is decked out for the holiday.

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…or Drape One Over a Chair

Eric Piasecki

In this modern family mountain cabin, designer Kylee Shintaffer optimized every single room for winter festivities, including the home office. A simple sheepskin draped over the chair does the winter wonderland trick.

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String Up Bells

José Picayo

Banisters can be tricky to decorate. For a light, airy, and cheerful look, try stringing red and white paper bells together with fishing line.

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Bring Out the Plaids


Spoiler: Plaid is so in for winter. Opt for a grayscale take on the classic print if you want to take a more minimalist and modern approach to Christmas decorations, like on the sofa of this Wyoming home.

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Splice In Copper Accents

Elizabeth Pash

Whether it’s in the form of a mug or a glass, copper decor will add a bit of glam to your holiday display. They provide the perfect excuse for making a batch of hot cocoa or Moscow mules, too.

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Deck Out Your Kitchen

Erin Kunkel

We’re dying over these adorable mini wreaths. Add a pink bow for an unexpected, playful touch.

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Display Firewood

Elizabeth Pash

Corral firewood into a red basket or prop them up into an unused fireplace, as Elizabeth Pash did here.

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Make a Creative Advent Calendar

Annie Schlechter

Turn a kitchen garland into a advent calendar. Attach a ribbon across it and then hang little tin containers labeled with the day of the month and fill them with treats. Now that’s our kind of giving tree.

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Gather Pine Cones

Elizabeth Pash

Gather up some pinecones from your yard and place them in a bowl on the coffee table or dining room table for a seasonal centerpiece.

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Hang Mistletoe

Björn Wallander

Set the holiday rom-com mood by hanging mistletoe over a doorway. We love that the ribbon in this mistletoe arrangement by Alfredo Paredes matches the florals on the entry table.

21 fabulously festive looks |

Choosing and putting up Christmas decor ideas is a fun and exciting part of the festive season.

Not only do they make your home feel joyful, fragrant, and cozy during the bleak winter days, they are a great opportunity to get creative and treat guests to a bit of your personality. Many of us have our favorite decorations passed down through generations and Christmas traditions, but anyone who loves Christmas time knows there’s always room for more!

Whether you are looking for farmhouse Christmas decor ideas or to create a contemporary scheme, we’ve rounded up an array of inspiring Christmas decor ideas for all tastes, from full-on festive to simple looks with subtle sparkle.

Christmas decor ideas

From marvelous mantel garlands to tremendous tablescapes, these Christmas decor ideas will make Santa want to stick around for longer than just one night. 

1. Take inspiration from Christmases past

(Image credit: Sarah Kaye)

Bring a touch of nostalgia to Christmas decor ideas by opting for a traditional red palette and decorating a tree with retro ribbons and candy cane baubles. Humble paper chains are a great way to bring a vintage feel to Christmas mantel decor ideas plus they are sustainable and fun to make with kids. There’s no need to go all out with flamboyant garlands either, simple candles in beautiful colored glass stands can look just as lovely on the mantelpiece.

2. Put a twist on the traditional garland

(Image credit: Future)

Wonderfully versatile, Christmas garland ideas can be used to decorate mantelpieces, stairways, and doorways, but why not dial up the look and use them to create statement Christmas wall decor? Made from fresh foliage, these garlands used as swags are a quirky take on traditional Christmas decor.

‘This unusual array of garlands gives the formal room an air of whimsy. The idea works well within a room with a high ceiling and plenty of space for generously tiered swags,’ says Jo Bailey, deputy editor at Homes & Gardens.

3. Bring the outside in

(Image credit: Adam Carter)

A fresh garland made from pine and eucalyptus makes a great base for all sorts of decorating ideas, from table decor to fireplace decor, plus there’s nothing like fresh Christmas foliage to fill the room with festive sent.

‘When decorating, focus on using natural tones of foliage, dried fruits, and berries to bring spaces alive. Holly and spruce look lovely tucked behind artworks and pictures as well as on tables, banisters, and fireplace surrounds,’ says Ottalie Stride, creative director of Albion Nord.

If you’re wondering how to make a Christmas garland for a mantelpiece there are a couple of ways. You can either build one by layering bunches of foliage and securing them to a length of doubled-up garden twine which can be easily moved around, or you can make a long arrangement that looks like a garland by pushing stems into a base of floristry foam as done here. The benefit of this technique is it will allow you to build a more sculptural cascading look than a rope garland.

Whichever you choose both can be elevated with the addition of baubles, berries, pine cone decorations and orange slices, or you can nestle in candles. Here Victoria Henderson has used teasels and berries for a traditional country look.

4. Choose a color palette

(Image credit: Ronny Colbie)

Many people select Christmas decor to match their home decor, but if you have a more neutral backdrop you can experiment with different looks. Pink and berry Christmas living room decor in pink and berry tones works wonderfully with on-trend warm neutral room shades like ecru, beige and taupe as well as copper and metallic tones for a warm, opulent feel.

Rather than just baubles, luxury florist Ronny Colbie has taken this pink Christmas tree idea up a notch by adding branches of metallic foliage, snowberries and hydrangeas alongside large Christmas tree ribbons.

5. Deck the halls

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

If you’re planning to welcome guests over the festive season don’t forget to think about Christmas hallway ideas to get them into the festive spirit. Christmas stair decor ideas bedecked with branches of ivy and feathery pine and hung with hand-painted baubles will instantly make an impact, or for a quick way to bring a warm welcome simply style up your console table with an assortment of candles.

‘You can use almost anything for this – your best cut-glass wine glasses, pleasingly-shaped old jam/condiment jars, old scented candle jars… even old glass pudding pots.  The secret is a mix of different shapes and sizes and plentifulness,’ says Sarah Davies-Bennion, senior designer at Kate Guinness interior design.

6. Style up a window seat 

(Image credit: Future)

Christmas window decor ideas are a lovely way to spark joy in quiet corners of the home. Try stringing up paper garlands, lining the windowsill with winter foliage and candles, or simply hanging a bauble from the handle. Garlands with colored glass baubles would work particularly well as they will shine like jewels in the winter light.

7. Go all out 

(Image credit: Future)

The holidays are not the time to be shy when it comes to interior decor. If you haven’t hopped onto the maximalist trend yet, use them as an excuse to experiment with your inner exhibitionist. Mix showstopping mantel decor with a tree that’s dressed up to the nines, patterned wrapping paper for the presents and warmly hued prints across your soft furnishings.

‘Christmas decorations are the hallmark of the festive season,’ says Michael Meiser, president of Lumilum. ‘Hanging up festive wreaths, Christmas stockings, garlands and tinsel decorations is what winter is all about.’

8. Stay sustainable

(Image credit: David Brittain/Emily Brittain Delgardo)

Sustainability is perhaps an even more important consideration at Christmas than at any other time of year. ‘Smart shopping is high on Santa’s list,’ says Daisy Coombes, Marketing Manager at Sass & Belle. ‘From sending plantable Christmas cards, using an LED ‘twig’ tree and even renting a Christmas tree to using recycled glassware to reusable crackers.’

While it is possible to find high-shine and colorful decorations that are still sustainable, wooden and paper decorations like the one on this tree work really well if you’re after a country look.

9. Create a homely feel with handcrafted decorations

(Image credit: Future / Simon Bevan)

Handcrafted decorations are a great way to give your Christmas decor a unique, personal touch and they are perfect for handing down through the generations.

Naive-style folk-patterned stockings, along with natural rose hip and fir garlands, take center stage in this vibrant scheme. 

10. Decorate with a traditional color palette

(Image credit: Future / Simon Bevan)

Is there a happier color combination for Christmas than red, white and blue? Here the tree baubles and gifts wrapped in lively printed papers coordinate beautifully with the living room decor.

11. Take a rustic approach to Christmas decorating

(Image credit: Future / Mark Scott)

Tapping into nature with fresh foliage, rustic materials and simple adornments for your Christmas decor ideas is a fuss-free way to decorate your home for the holidays while creating a warm and welcoming look. The key is to opt for a cohesive style for maximum impact.

Rustic decorations are appealing because of their effortless, authentic appearance, while a palette of natural greens and whites paired with materials such as linen and hessian complements almost every interior.  

12. Introduce evergreen foliage around a door frame

(Image credit: Future / Jan Baldwin)

The tradition of using evergreen foliage in the winter has roots back to pagan and Roman celebrations, as a way of introducing something living in amongst the midst of the cold. It was also believed spirits lived within the greenery and by bringing it into the warmth they could survive the winter. 

Here, aromatic evergreens, such as eucalyptus, make wonderful garlands used over doorways as part of the Christmas hallway decor ideas, releasing their scent when brushed past. 

13. Find the perfect real Christmas tree

(Image credit: Future / Emma Lee)

The arrival of your tree really marks the start of Christmas, so it pays to make the right choice. Real Christmas trees will look fresh and vibrant for the holidays, and fill your home with that lovely pine scent that is so tied up with Christmas. 

Before heading out to buy your tree, measure the space where it will be positioned, particularly the height and maximum width – remember that some branches can be trimmed for a better fit.

14. Or, go for an alternative tree

(Image credit: Future / Spike Powell)

Distinctive, personal, creative, budget-friendly and easy to take down on the Twelfth Night, alternative Christmas tree ideas can be an inspired choice. 

Simple, sculptural and oozing with handcrafted style, these bare-branch beauties are the trees to choose for a less-is-more Christmas. With a certain level of DIY skill and access to materials (tree offcuts, driftwood and copper piping), you could make versions of these for yourself. 

Do note that you will need to visit your local Forestry Commission site for tree trunk offcuts to use. 

15. Let it glow

(Image credit: Future / Jan Baldwin)

Christmas light ideas are an integral part of your festive decoration, so create a warming welcoming focus in every room with a rich mix of different lighting ideas for a relaxed and stylish atmosphere.

Ensure guests receive a warm welcome to your home this Christmas by choosing a mix of lighting. From the traditional fairy lights to LED options in both static and eye-catching flickering settings, and icicles that can hang from mantlepieces and windows, the ways in which you light your home this Christmas can really bring the festive season to life. 

We, at H&G, like to display a string of fairy lights on a mantel for a subtle sparkle.

16. Set the table

(Image credit: Future)

With so much of the festive season centred around food and drink, it’s no wonder Christmas dinner is a highlight for most of us and a big part of the celebrations. So make sure to use this opportunity to show off your styling skills and create magical Christmas table ideas to really impress your guests.

Avoid having any unnecessary crockery on the table where possible and try to use a side table or hostess trolley to keep dishes out of the way when not in use. 

Remember to keep displays and centrepieces low in height to avoid them getting in the way of conversation; try hanging decorations from the ceiling or lights above the  table to add height if space is limited on the table itself.

17. Hang a wreath on the front door

(Image credit: Future / Adrian Briscoe)

No house is complete without a Christmas wreath idea on the door at this time of year. 

A Christmas wreath is a traditional decoration, which evokes nostalgic festive memories. It’s a lovely way to spread the good tidings of the season to neighbors and friends. 

Wreaths now come in a range of designs and materials, so you are sure to find one to match the personal style of your home.

18. Have fun with color

(Image credit: Future / Adrian Briscoe)

At this time of year, there’s plenty of opportunity to have a little fun with your interior scheme by introducing festive decorations that add color or texture. 

There are myriad choices when it comes to styling your home for Christmas. The trick is to choose a theme and invest in key pieces that bring the story to life. 

Experimenting with texture and style, whether relaxed rustic, or contemporary colorful, is a great way to break away from your everyday aesthetic. But try to opt for a scheme that complements or enhances your existing interiors rather than competing with them. 

Opt for embellishments that express confidence and an easy style. This pink-themed Christmas fireplace decor is daring yet oh-so chic.

19. Make a festive first impression

(Image credit: Future / Catharine Gratwicke)

Whether it’s the first introduction to your home or a link between rooms, don’t allow your hallway to let you down when entertaining this festive season.

Minimalist architecture suits a pared-back approach like this simple decorated hall featuring wooden embroidery hoops wrapped with asparagus ferns. Hang from the banisters for an enchanted forest feel. 

20. Freshen up a guest bedroom

(Image credit: Future / David Brittain)

Create a home away from home for your visitors this year with these creative Christmassy touches.

With friends and family soon to descend onto your doorstep, it’s time to think about preparing Christmas bedroom ideas to make sure your visitors feel at ease and well looked after during their stay.  

Have fun adding in some Christmas decorations to make their room feel part of the house as a whole; a wreath on the door or some twinkly fairy lights above the bed will help set the scene. 

With a little forward planning and some homely touches, you’ll be sure to give your guests a relaxing and memorable stay. 

21. Decorate the dining room

(Image credit: Future)

Festive feasting is often the highlight of the Christmas season and Christmas dining room decor ideas are a lovely way to set the scene for the occasion. If you’re hosting this year there’s no need to splurge on new decorations for the dining room, simple garlands of fresh or dried foliage foraged from a country walk can look beautifully rustic – the more wild and whimsical the better, plus it is more sustainable. For pops of color display antique glass baubles in bowls or opt for tinted glassware which will come to life in the warm glow of candlelight. 

How can I decorate my house for Christmas?

There are myriad choices when it comes to styling your home for Christmas.  The trick is to choose a theme and invest in key pieces that bring the story to life. 

Experimenting with texture and style – whether modern rustic or classic elegance – is a great way to break away from your everyday aesthetic. Do opt for a scheme that complements or enhances your existing interiors rather than competing with them. 

Woodland-inspired decorations suit a pared-back or country scheme that features rustic elements such as exposed brickwork or architectural detailing, while an all-white faux tree with elements of hot pink can work well in an ultra-contemporary setting. 

Try carrying the look through by replicating it in smaller details such as ribbon,  wrapping, napkins, glassware and foliage for a unified approach, but do keep the theming casual for a more relaxed look.

How do you style Christmas decor?

There are myriad choices when it comes to styling your home for Christmas.  The trick is to choose a theme and invest in key pieces that bring the story to life.  

Experimenting with texture and style – whether modern rustic or classic elegance – is a great way to break away from your everyday aesthetic. Do opt for a scheme that complements or enhances your existing interiors rather than competing with them. 

Woodland-inspired decorations suit a pared-back or country scheme that features rustic elements such as exposed brickwork or architectural detailing, while an all-white faux tree with elements of hot pink can work well in an ultra-contemporary setting. 

Try carrying the look through by replicating it in smaller details such as ribbon,  wrapping, napkins, glassware and foliage for a unified approach, but do keep the theming casual for a more relaxed look.

What is the most popular Christmas decoration?

Unsurprisingly, a Christmas tree is the most popular Christmas decoration. There’s nothing like having a real tree in your home at Christmas to create a wonderful festive atmosphere – let the pine-scented aroma infuse your house with merry memories.

10 living room decor ideas –

Decorating an Apartment for the New Year: 10 Living Room Decor Ideas
It’s an exciting time to prepare for the New Year holidays. On this occasion, we bring you a selection of the most beautiful and ornate holiday living rooms, as well as ideas to create the same beauty in your home.

Decorating an Apartment for the New Year: 10 Living Room Decor Ideas

The exciting time of preparing for the New Year holidays is coming. On this occasion, we bring you a selection of the most beautiful and ornate holiday living rooms, as well as ideas to create the same beauty in your home.

December is full of pleasant chores and expectation of New Year’s miracles. To make the holidays fun and carefree, we recommend that you start the appropriate preparations right now. And the best place to start is by creating themed decor in the living room. Ideas for decorating an apartment or house for the new year are below. We offer a virtual walk through the most beautiful holiday rooms, the charming design of which will surely inspire you to a decorating feat. In addition, in this article you will find ten ideas-tips for creating a New Year’s living room decor.

Change the color accents of the living room to traditional New Year’s. Depending on the prevailing base shades, you can choose one of the most popular traditional combinations: white with red, green with red, silver with white and blue, or original variations on the theme of crimson, purple, pink and gold.

Having decided on a decorative color palette, try to stick to it even in small things. Textiles, toys, garlands, candles and other festive attributes should carry a single color message to decorate the house.

Traditional New Year’s tinsel does not always fit harmoniously into the interior. An excellent alternative to garlands and balls will be natural cones, dry branches, needles and even fruits (for example, oranges, which resemble balls in shape). They fit perfectly into the New Year’s concept and, moreover, do not fight! And if you think that natural accessories do not look elegant enough, you can always transform them with gold or silver paint.

9 things you don’t want to receive as a gift

How to decorate a country house for the New Year: an example from the Moscow region

Of course, the Christmas tree is an essential attribute of the New Year’s decor of the living room. However, if the room is too small to set up a full-fledged holiday tree, or if you just don’t want to dig needles out of all the cracks for the next few weeks, you can go for a little trick and create an alternative to the tree.

This is a wall panel. To create it, you can use anything: a garland, toys, decorative stickers, or any other elements that you can fix on the wall.

Ribbons always look smart. Use them to tie up curtains, hang Christmas decorations (and not only on the Christmas tree, but also on the wall or lamps). Under the Christmas tree or in the fireplace portal, you can put a few decorative gifts, which will also be decorated with ribbons. When choosing ribbons, remember the festive color scheme.

Christmas decor: 40 silver-blue ideas for decorating the Christmas tree and home

New Year’s rooster: 40 handmade ideas from the “Fair of Masters”

Decorative pillows with thematic Christmas patterns or made of elegant shiny fabric (in the color of the main color motifs) will skillfully emphasize the festive theme. You can purchase them or make your own. The money and effort spent will not be in vain, as such bright accents enliven the interior, regardless of the time of year.

Well, what a New Year’s decor without festive lights of garlands! Here it is worth recalling that they can be used not only to decorate the Christmas tree. The decorative potential of garlands is much wider. With their help, you can make a decorative wall panel, a luminous inscription, window curtains, lighting for furniture.

In addition, garlands can be added to decorative compositions, entangled with firewood in a false fireplace to create an association with live fire, or simply put in a jar to make an original lamp.

New Year’s rooster: 40 handmade ideas from the “Fair of Masters”

New Year’s decor: Christmas tree decorations from old light bulbs

If you have a real fireplace in your house, you are very lucky. After all, it is he who can become the focus of the New Year’s decor of the living room. But if there is no fireplace, you can still have time to equip a decorative fireplace portal in the room. And then the matter is small: a New Year’s composition of candles, needles and toys on the mantelpiece, a few bright socks for gifts and beautifully wrapped gifts instead of firewood.

More options for decorating the fireplace portal here.

If you have a live spruce in your living room, a pleasant aroma of needles in the room is guaranteed. But if the Christmas tree is artificial or completely absent, you can use aromatic oils with a characteristic smell. In addition to the aroma of pine needles, the smells of chocolate and cinnamon are appropriate in the New Year’s interior.

How to choose fragrances for other rooms, read here.

Which fragrance to choose for your home: trends of the coming season

Scented candles with unusual scents

Our opinion:

— Of course, no flavors can replace natural scents. Therefore, even if you do not have the opportunity to put a live spruce, try to find a place for at least a few spruce or pine branches. As for cinnamon, its sticks, placed in warm water or in close proximity to the fire, will not only be fragrant, but also complement the overall decorative composition.

Want to show off your originality? Use sleds for decoration. They can fit perfectly into the New Year’s interior, especially if they are made of wood or rattan and decorated with the appropriate New Year’s attributes.

The sledge can serve as a stand for the Christmas tree, an original coffee table, a place for folding gifts, an extra seat for the smallest guests, or even the basis of a decorative composition for the New Year’s table. The main thing is that the size of the sled should be comparable to the size of the objects of the environment.

For those who are not familiar with the traditional approach to decorating a holiday, retro posters with a New Year theme will help create an original atmosphere in the living room. They will give the living room a special style and perhaps a spicy charm (depending on the choice of poster).

Posters in the interior: 5 tips for a quick transformation of a rented apartment

Animal posters: 15 interiors

Our opinion:

— Of course, the posters themselves are unlikely to make the decor of the living room truly New Year’s. Therefore, it is recommended to emphasize their presence in the interior with one or two more decorative touches, for example, lighting from garlands, coniferous framing.


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9 ideas for New Year’s decoration at home or dacha

Celebrating the New Year in a country house opens up great opportunities for both the hosts and their guests. But before you make a list of invitees and come up with a menu, you need to take care of the New Year’s decor at home or cottage.

There are many ways to decorate your home for the upcoming New Year. To make the holiday unforgettable and give only positive emotions, you can make several creative installations that will create a festive mood in the house.

1. Set up a Christmas tree

Not a single meeting of the New Year is complete without a forest beauty. This tradition is more than one hundred years old, and modern artificial or LED models have replaced living spruces. Given the current diversity, the New Year’s symbol can be installed both indoors and outside (especially for residents of summer cottages and private houses). However, we won’t advise which tree is better to choose either: look how interesting and unusual a Christmas tree can be if you dream up a little!

2. Decorate objects with sparkles

New Year is always fireworks. A scattering of emotions, street fireworks, bright colors of table dishes and a fountain of wishes. Therefore, it is customary to encrust with sparkles (glitter), varnish and phosphorescent paint any objects in the house. In this form, they automatically turn into elegant Christmas decorations. All that is needed is to apply varnish or a thin layer of glue to the surface and gently sprinkle the sparkles.

3. Make snowmen at home

Snowmen are one of the main symbols of winter and the New Year. But what to do if there is no snow on the street, and with it the New Year mood does not come. There is only one way out: to build “home” snowmen from improvised materials. They can be drawn, cut and glued from paper. Even an ordinary refrigerator, if desired, can be turned into a snowman.

4. New Year’s shimmering lampshade

Hanging a shiny lampshade instead of a boring chandelier or ceiling lamp is as easy as shelling pears. First you need a round lamp in the form of a Chinese paper lantern with a diameter of 25-30 cm. Spray glitter and glue are also needed. It will need to be evenly applied to the surface of the ball. Then you should spray the glitter on the ball until they are fixed and cover its surface evenly. Glitter can be applied in several layers. After that, it remains to fix the flashlight and turn on the light. The room will be filled with a soft unusual glow.

5. Paper or fabric decorations

Paper is a simple and malleable material that can be used to make many decorations. Ordinary colored paper can be a great alternative to LED garlands and banal New Year’s snowflakes. To create multi-colored “rains” and colorful compositions, both glossy and matte paper are suitable. And fabric crafts are more durable, products made from it look more comfortable and elegant. Today in stores you can pick up ready-made solutions, but it’s better to call on your imagination to help and do something with your own hands.

6. Artificial snow in the house

Many people love winter for the illusion of splendor that abundant snowdrifts give. But not every New Year’s Eve is accompanied by heavy snowfalls. And without the “white veil” and the holiday can be considered a failure. But in winter, you can enjoy the delights of winter without even leaving your home, if you decorate it accordingly. Cotton wool is an excellent imitation of snow, foam is used a little less often.

7. Fill your home with fragrances

You can beautify your home not only with various homemade or purchased stylish items, but also, for example, by creating a special atmosphere. Nothing contributes to the excellent holding of pre-holiday events and parties like the right scent. The smell of fresh spruce and tangerines is just the most obvious combination. Combinations of oranges + cinnamon + cloves + allspice + anise are also considered the most successful; lime + thyme + mint + vanilla extract; lemon + rosemary + vanilla; sprigs of pine or cedar (or other fragrant sprigs) + bay leaf + nutmeg, etc.

8. Make a symbol of the coming year

The symbol of the coming year according to the Chinese horoscope is a white metal rat.