Ideas for concrete floor: 20 Stylish Concrete Floors Ideas

20 Stylish Concrete Floors Ideas

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Bring In Plenty of Natural Materials

Akin Atelier

Sun-filled, inviting, and pared down with neutral hues, this room designed by Atelier Akin is a true testament to the whole less is more colloquialism. The polished concrete floors are an unexpected treat.

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Incorporate Them Unexpectedly

Nicole Hollis Studio

Keep a cabin or lodge from feeling overly outdoorsy and nature-inspired by using an industrial material like concrete for the floors. In this bedroom designed by NICOLEHOLLIS, they add just a dash of city slickness without feeling out of place.

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Stick to a Minimalist Look

Studio Razavi

Concrete floors are a minimalists dream. In this dining room designed by Studio Razavi, the concrete floors work within the neutral color scheme and marry the stark contrast between the black details and glossy dining table with the crisp whites and warm wood tones.

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Add Color and Tradition

Briony Fitzgerald

Concrete gets a lot of flack for making a space not feel homey enough. But leave it up to designer Briony Fitzgerald to prove all the nonbelievers wrong. Paired with a traditional console table and vibrant abstract art, the concrete framework takes on a whole new meaning. It’s a unique, beautiful blend of old and new, moody and cheerful.

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Add Sophisticated Accents

Studio DB

The metallic hardware and marble countertops and backsplash give this kitchen designed by Studio DB a more formal, sophisticated touch so the concrete feels chic and tasteful as opposed to rough around the edges. And while the immediate assumption may be that concrete pairs better with silver and cool tones, it can actually look quite beautiful with gold metals and warmer tones.

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Create Flow From Inside Out

Shannon McGrath

Since concrete is a great material for both indoor and outdoor spaces, it’s the perfect choice for the ground level of a modern home with a backyard. In this sleek house designed by Robson Rak, the great room bleeds directly into the outside area. The stream of concrete floor ensures this flow, and the floor-to-ceiling glass doors and walls accentuate it even further.

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Allow the Floor to Anchor the Room

Catherine Kwong Design

The smooth, polished aesthetic and texture of concrete floors makes them irresistibly sleek. In this dining room designed by San Francisco designer Catherine Kwong, the concrete floors contribute to the open floor plan, loft-like layout the space. The walls are painted in a chalky sheen to reflect the raw material and edgy look of the floors, setting the scene even further.

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Get the Most Out of a Bathroom

Nicole Franzen

Concrete is a great material for bathroom floors since it can also be the base in the shower. It’s edgier and more modern than tiles, too. In this bathroom designed by Leanne Ford Interiors, the French glass doors balance out the modern vibes of the concrete floor, adding an old-world charm. The arched frame also softens up it up and the interior glass allows the two spaces to share light.

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Warm Them Up Plush Pieces

Tom Ferguson

Modern, sleek, and bright, this family home by Arent & Pyke veers away from the beach house design formula while still giving it a strong sense of place. The beautiful blue artwork is evocative of the sea while the warm tones and casual colors (that Moroccan rug, leather sling chair, and sandy-hued cushion collection on the built bench) keep things grounds. The black accents sharpen up the space to keep it formal. And concrete will be easy to maintain should any hooligans track sand in.

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Lay Concrete Floor Tiles

Studio Razavi

Instead of polished concrete or classic hardwood floors, consider laying concrete tiles. In this living room designed by Studio Razavi, the cement floor tiles give the room a modern, pared down backdrop.

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Shine the Spotlight Elsewehere

Shannon McGrath

This kitchen designed by Robson Rak is a serious stunner. The concrete floors complement the most striking design elements—like the skylight and modern setup of the kitchen island and countertops—without stealing all the thunder.

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Cheer Things Up With Color

Regan Baker Design

Regan Baker Design freshened up this room with bright white walls and a cozy reading nook. If polished concrete floors are feeling too stark, bring in soft fabrics, mix fun prints, and don’t be shy about introducing cheerful colors.

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Embrace the Edge

Arent & Pyke

A jute rug, indoor trees, and exposed brick work together to set a nature-inspired but chic, contemporary scene in this open space designed by Arent & Pyke. The result is an edgy but approachable home.

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Use Cool Tones

Nils Schlebusch

In this upstate family home designed by Studio DB, the concrete floors are complemented and livened up by cool tones in plush materials, like the green carpet and gray sofa, and accents and hardware, like the black pendant light, glossy white side table, and chrome frame.

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Paint It

Reid Rolls

Where a normal person sees an empty closet in the den, Leanne Ford sees a dream hangout spot just waiting to be born. Here’s proof that you can transform a concrete floor into basically anything. Fake tiles by painting concrete if you don’t want to embark on a total renovation project.

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Use It Heavy-Traffic Spaces

Amber Interiors

Though concrete may seem too gritty a material for a family home, hear us out. This modern California family home designed by Amber Interiors proves otherwise. The vintage, laidback rug makes it feel both unique and edgy, comfortable and inviting. Plus, it’s one of the easiest materials to clean and maintain, making it a surprisingly great pick for a home where spills and messes occur regularly.

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Cover It Completely

Felix Forest

Opt for a super large rug that stretches from wall to wall to cover up the concrete floors entirely. Keep it in the same color range as the concrete floor so it blends in and further disguises it. As seen in this Wabi Sabi-esque space designed by Arent & Pyke, it’s just as effective and stylish, but it won’t be as much as an overhaul as replacing the floors would be. And it can even make a room-sized rug pop even more.

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Make Sure There’s Plenty of Light

Studio Razavi

Concrete floors work particularly well in spaces that get plenty of natural light. In this open floor plan home designed by Studio Razavi, the multi-level windows lighten the space, giving it an open, light, and airy feel as opposed to a humid dark basement, which obviously isn’t a great way to get the most design potential out of concrete floors.

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Take It Outside

Felix Forest

This outdoor living room designed by Arent & Pyke is warmed up with an area rug, upholstered swing bench, and hoop chairs. The concrete floors fit in with the raw, natural surroundings, like the stone wall and boulder. So while it may feel modern and manmade, concrete can actually blend in with nature quite seamlessly.

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Paint Them White

Reid Rolls

In true Leanne Ford fashion, almost everything in this space is painted white. If you want to go tonal and bright but still love the idea of polished concrete, consider working with a professional who can paint the floors white. It can really make the room feel like it’s floating on a cloud.

20 Concrete Flooring Ideas

Concrete floors are great flooring ideas for many reasons. It is durable and stable, but it can also control the temperature to avoid getting too hot during the summer season. Moreover, a concrete floor is also durable for heavy foot traffic. A concrete surface is also very smooth, so polished concrete flooring can give you a much more stable floor design for your home than regular wood flooring.


If you’re thinking of having a concrete floor, you can do so with a massive chunk of a concrete slab or using ceramic tile for your floor design to make it look pleasing. Meanwhile, others would want to try floor coverings and painted concrete floors, whereas some homeowners would like to use concrete stains to give it a no-frills approach. For other floor coverings, you can try adding a splash of faux grout lines here and there.


The truth is, it can get pretty overwhelming because there are so many concrete floor ideas possible when you only have one concrete floor to decorate and maintain. Nonetheless, that shouldn’t stop you from considering the best concrete flooring ideas you can try for your home.

1. Glossy Finish

This flooring idea is proven to be famous for any home project. Because it is finished with a waxed surface, it will require constant upkeep to keep the gloss of the concrete from fading too quickly and becoming all matte. Still, when polished and completed, this concrete flooring appears very stylish and modern.

2. Vintage Concrete Floor Ideas

If you’re going for a rustic or vintage vibe in your home, consider using concrete flooring that has an antique finish. There are many faux aging solutions out there, so you can find the perfect product for your home. You can even opt to use concrete stains or paint it yourself. Fake cracks can also be added to the concrete with special paint to achieve an old stone look. This would absolutely look great in a basement, garage, workshop, or laundry room.

3. Textured Concrete Flooring

If you’re not a fan of the glossy finish, you can go for textured concrete flooring. Textured finishes will give your feet something to feel as they walk on it and add some extra grip to the surface. It’s also great in areas where you don’t want things to slip and slide around, such as the kitchen or bathroom. You can use a variety of textures, including slate, brick, or stone.

4. Painted Concrete Flooring

There are many different ways to paint your concrete floor and make it look amazing. You could choose a solid color or try a faux finish with lots of different colors and designs that will make your floor pop. There are even companies that will create custom designs just for you to have the perfect floor for your home.


5. Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete is a much safer choice than using regular concrete. It’s not as slippery as glossy finishes, and it won’t dirty as easily. You can choose to have it polished in different ways, such as using a honed finish, a brushed finish, or even a stamped finish for a more personalized look.

6. Stained Concrete Floors

This is probably one of the best concrete flooring ideas for areas where you do a lot of heavy traffic because it’s easy enough to redo whenever necessary. You can choose a bright, rich color for hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and even utility rooms since this is an easy type of flooring to maintain. The price of stained concrete is also very affordable compared to other flooring materials and is extremely durable.

7. Acid-Based Stains

Acid-based stains are great for creating unique designs on concrete floors. You can use this type of stain to build a brick, slate, or stone finish that will give your floor some personality and flair. Acid staining is also very customizable because you can pick any color you want to give your floor the perfect tone.

8. Monochromatic Color Scheme

If you don’t prefer multiple colors for your family home, then choose one color for your entire floor, including the grout lines. This will give your home more of an elegant look and feel and make the space appear larger. You can choose any color you like, but we suggest sticking to light colors to avoid a too-busy floor. If you’re going for a full-on monochromatic look, make sure that you use the same color throughout, or else it would stand out like a sore thumb.

9. DIY Design Elements

You can create an attractive finish on your polished concrete by simply painting some designs onto them first before sealing them with a sealant. This is where all of those fantastic stencils and creative designs come in, and you can even use them as inspiration for your own room’s floor design. This is also a great way to show off your creativity and make a statement in your home.


10. Border Patterns

If you want to add a bit of interest to your cement flooring without taking up too much space, then consider using border patterns. You can use different colors and textures to create a unique look that will really make your floor stand out. This is perfect for those who want something a little more flashy and eye-catching in their home.

11. Polished Concrete With Stones

Polished concrete is pretty much maintenance-free, and it’s really good for your health because it’s non-toxic and hypoallergenic. You can add a nice twist to your polished concrete floor by adding decorative stones. This will give your floor more texture and make it look like you’re walking on stones instead of concrete. Stones also come in a variety of different colors and textures, so you can really have some fun with this idea.

12. Concrete Floor with Faux Grout Lines

If you want to give your polished concrete floor a hand-laid look, then simply add some grout lines. You can choose to use real or faux grout since it’s really up to you. Grout also comes in many different colors and textures, so the possibilities are endless! If you want something that looks natural, then choose lighter colors. If you want to add a bit of contrast, pick darker ones.


13. Marble Effect

If you want something fancier for your concrete floor, consider using marble effect coatings. You can choose to get it painted over or added to your polished concrete to create a stunning look that is sure to impress visitors. It’s also very affordable because the painting cost is cheaper than actual marble. Plus, this type of flooring is very durable and long-lasting, so it’s a great investment for your home. Marble concrete designs are suitable for business lobbies and living rooms.

14. Color Gradients

If you want to make your home appear more spacious, then consider using color gradients in your concrete flooring. Darker shades tend to create the illusion of more depth and space, while lighter ones give off a more airy or open feel. You can even paint or add stains to your flooring to create unique and beautiful color combinations. This is a great way to show off your personality and style in your home.

15. Polished Concrete Floors with Earth Tones

Earth tones are great for minimalist spaces because they offer sophistication without the fuss. You can use these colors to give your home a rustic feel, which is perfect if you have an old house with lots of character. Earth tones are also very versatile, so they can fit into any theme or style that you’ve got going on in your home.

16. Dark Grey Concrete Floor with Natural Stone Highlights

If you want a sleek and modern look for your home, then consider using dark grey concrete flooring with natural stone highlights. This combination is perfect for those who want something that’s both stylish and timeless. The dark color gives the room a sense of sophistication, while the natural stone adds a touch of elegance and rusticity. You can even add some exotic wood furniture to complete the look.

17. Add Some Warmth With Wooden Flooring

If you’re looking for a way to add some warmth to your home, then consider using wooden flooring over your concrete flooring ideas. This is a great way to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your space, and it will also make it easier for you to clean up any spills or messes.


18. Epoxy Flooring

If you want durable and easy to clean, consider using epoxy flooring over your concrete floor. This type of flooring is perfect for those who have kids or pets because it’s virtually spill-proof. It’s also a great material for high-traffic areas since it can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Non-slip epoxy coating is also a great idea if you have slippery floors, as it will make everything much safer.

19. Add Some Sparkle With Metallic Flooring

A metallic concrete flooring is a great way to add some sparkle and bling to your space. You can use a variety of metallic shades, from chrome and copper to rose gold and silver. You can choose to use metallic paint, concrete dyes, or epoxy coatings to create a look that is sure to impress. This type of flooring is perfect for parties and other special occasions. Metallic flooring is versatile, so it fits perfectly in both sleek, modern spaces as well as rustic, traditional ones.

20. Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo flooring is a classic choice that never goes out of style. This type of flooring is made up of small pieces of marble or other stones set in a cement or resin matrix. It’s a great option for those who want something that is both elegant and timeless. Terrazzo flooring is also very versatile so that it can work in any kind of space.


Renovate Your Space with these Concrete Floor Ideas

Concrete floors are incredibly durable, environmentally friendly, and stylish. They are perfect for any space, from residential to commercial and industrial buildings. There are endless customization options that you can use to give your concrete flooring that artistic approach–from polished concrete flooring to intricate patterns like terrazzo to applying acid stains, dyes, and other decorative treatments, the sky’s the limit.

If you’re looking for a way to renovate your space, consider using concrete flooring ideas. There are a lot of fantastic design ideas you can use, and we can’t wait to see what you can do with your clients and their concrete floors.

Concrete floor – a new alternative to parquet and laminate – INMYROOM


Concrete floor can be glossy, can you imagine?

Until 30 years ago, the concrete floor was mainly used for rough finishes. But now, thanks to various technologies, concrete floors are decorating hotel lobbies, office spaces and even home interiors. It turns out that the concrete floor is not only gray and matte, now it is even made glossy! Let’s figure out how to get a high-quality and beautiful concrete coating.

Concrete Floor Specifications

In order to obtain a beautiful gray concrete floor, it is necessary to know some of the technical details of the concrete laying process, as well as the technical characteristics of the concrete floor itself.

The main component of concrete is cement. Due to the correct ratio of the components – cement, water, aggregate – there is a correct set of concrete strength.

The main indicator prescribed in the passport for concrete is the compressive strength of concrete. It is denoted by the letter M – branded strength (brand). The higher the brand of concrete, the better it is.

Also in the passport indicate the class of concrete – B. The grade strength of a good concrete floor should not be lower than M300 (B22.5) or (B25).

How to maintain the strength of a concrete floor?

Cement gains strength when it chemically reacts with water, so water must not be allowed to evaporate or freeze. To do this, concrete after laying is covered with a film, or covered with sawdust. In hot weather, during the first 7 days, it is periodically watered, ideally every 3-5 hours. In winter, they put up an awning and insulate the formwork and the upper open part of the concrete.

To prevent concrete from cracking up and down, reinforcement is needed. No, not necessarily rusty and scary. You can use plastic fittings, and it even comes in a pleasant mint color. With a large pouring area, expansion joints will be needed – they reduce the load in places of possible damage.

Why do I need concrete impregnations?

If the concrete is not protected with impregnations, it will begin to dust. There are a lot of impregnations: acrylic impregnations, epoxy varnishes, and gray one-component paints to match the color of concrete.

Since concrete is a porous material, impregnations will also protect it from moisture, oil and dirt. Remember that thin-layer paints and impregnations begin to wear off after some time and require periodic updating.

High gloss concrete – how is it?

Concrete floors can be polished and will shine. Such a floor withstands increased pedestrian loads, it is easy to clean and polish with a cleaning machine. Its abrasion is 10 times lower than that of a conventional concrete floor, even protected with impregnations. It does not dust and does not slip, even if it gets wet.

How to achieve a glossy effect?

Grade strength of concrete for glossy floors must be at least M300. Ideally, you need the brand M400 or M500. To polish concrete, special polishing machines with abrasive nozzles are used. First, the concrete is ground and the upper dusty layer is removed. At this stage, you can add large marble chips, then you get the effect of a granite slab.

Then proceed to polishing: the pores of the concrete are closed, and a dense shiny surface is obtained. Such a floor is not afraid of moisture, oil and dirt. If you want to achieve the effect of a wet floor or enhance the gloss, use special impregnations and waxes.

Concrete floor advantages

1. Strength and durability.

2. Eco-friendly and hygienic. The concrete floor consists of natural ingredients, it is not even necessary to use respirators and gloves when pouring concrete, and the dense structure of concrete does not allow germs and bacteria to penetrate inside. In addition, the concrete floor does not electrify and does not attract dust, like a laminate.

3. Concrete floor does not swell with water , it is resistant to chemicals.

4. Easy to wash and vacuum.

Text: Olga Sharonina

An Inexpensive Way to Finish Concrete Floors – Home Ideas

Concrete floors in your garage or basement can be finished to create additional living space in your home for very little money. It may take a little prep work to properly finish concrete floors, but the money saved is well worth the extra effort.

Planning and Preparation

Planning and preparation is a critical aspect of any solo project. Painting concrete floors allows for creativity and is an inexpensive way to turn plain concrete into a colorful, eye-catching floor. Carpeting is an easy way to cover a concrete floor; it’s not expensive when you lay the carpet yourself. Finally, epoxy kits provide an easy and inexpensive way to finish concrete floors in a garage or basement.

Concrete floors in basements or garages may have moisture problems. Before all the hard work gets ruined, cover part of the floor with plastic and secure it with duct tape. Leave the floor covered for a day and then remove the plastic. If there is moisture underneath the plastic, you have a moisture problem that you need to address before prepping the floor for paint or carpet. Determine where the moisture is coming from and keep the moisture away from the basement or garage. Check gutters and gutters to ensure that rainwater does not enter the house.

A thorough cleaning of the concrete floor is a necessary preparation to allow the paint to adhere properly.


When painting a concrete floor, be sure to use a paint designed for concrete floors. Using lower quality paint will result in poor adhesion. Use tape to create the desired pattern on the concrete floor. The paint can be applied with a roller or brush. Let the floor dry before applying the second coat of paint.

When laying carpet over concrete, use a carpet underlay to protect the carpet and soften the floor a little. A carpeted floor would be perfect for a basement that you’ve turned into a playroom for the kids.

Epoxy kits contain various parts that must be mixed before applying to the floor. Apply only as much as needed to cover the concrete floor. The epoxy kit will list the amount of time the epoxy must sit after mixing before it can be applied. It is also necessary to apply the coating to the floor within the time specified in the instructions. Epoxy is applied to the floor in the same way as paint. Apply the coating to the floor with a roller or brush. Wait until the floor is completely dry before applying the second coat.


Let the painted floor dry completely and add sealant to protect the paint. Apply the sealant in several coats to ensure the durability of the painted floor. An airtight floor can last for many years if sealed properly.