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Hardwood Floors in San Francisco, CA – Costs 07 / 2023

Hardwood Floors in San Francisco, CA – Costs 07 / 2023 – homeyou

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  • Materials $6,227
  • Labor $5,163
  • Supplies $527

The fair price range for this service in you area is $11,340 – $12,589

Hardwood Floors can increase the value of your home by $7,980

Hardwood floors in San Francisco have always been fascinating for many homeowners. Nowadays, hardwood flooring has increased in popularity in lots of residential areas. Based on several constructors and interior designers, the popularity of hardwood floors is greatly associated with its excellent overall look and unquestionable endless usage time. In case you are preparing your home renovation and have to choose new floors, you might want to consider using hardwood floor installation for your flooring necessities. San Francisco hardwood floors are usually simple to install, easy to clean up, and give premium look and convenience. Their durability and strength has been validated and tried by several homeowners throughout the country. Hardwood floors are available in a number of styles, colors sizes and designs which are truly great should you be planning to put a long term investment in your house. Hardwood is guaranteed to add more value and appeal to your residence.

Fair price breakdown

There are several types of hardwood flooring to choose from. Each has its own color, durability, and price that will match your budget. Some of the most popular ones are Brazilian Walnut that costs $5 to $9 per square foot. White Ash comes next and can cost about $5 to $6 per square foot. Maple that is one of the most favorite can cost a homeowner around $3 up to $6 per square foot. If you are looking for a more affordable wood flooring, there is pine that only costs $1.5 to $4 per square foot. Hardwood floors are not hard to find; You can purchase them online or through the nearest home improvement stores within your area.

Estimated final cost for hardwood floors

Item Quantity Fair Price
Hardwood Flooring Cost 1282 Square Feet $6,227.35
Hardwood Flooring Labor 66.8 Hours $5,163.28
Hardwood Flooring Job Materials and Supplies 1200 Square Feet $526.82
Hardwood Flooring Equipment Allowance $47.80
Totals – Cost to Install Hardwood Floors – 1282 Square Feet $11,965.24
Average Cost Per Square Foot $9.97

Find the Best Costs on Hardwood Floors – San Francisco, 94101

Just like any other flooring material, San Francisco hardwood floors also need maintenance. After years of gracing a home, drink spills, foot traffic, pets, furniture movement etc. can also wear down a hardwood flooring. That is why at first indication of wear and tear, San Francisco hardwood floor refinishing should be performed on your floor to return its beauty, prevent further damage, and extend its lifespan. The cost of refinishing greatly depends on the size of the floor area and what type of hardwood floor has been used. Typically, it costs around $3 to $7 per square foot on average. It is wise to choose the right flooring service contractor that will work on your floor to ensure that the job will be accomplished accordingly and without hassle.

San Francisco County Hardwood Floors FAQ

Precisely how should I clean up my San Francisco hardwood flooring?

Through the weekly schedule, make use of a vacuum or mop to get into the remote areas of your floor like corners and beneath your furniture. It’s essential to be extra cautious with both vacuum cleaners and mops. Make sure that the beater bar is switched off on the machine to prevent yourself from marring the surface of the wood. A delicate bristle floor sweep is a good solution for vacuuming wood floors. If you use a wet mop, lightly wet the surface of the hardwood using a safe hardwood cleaning agent. It’s really important to avoid any liquid from pooling up on to the floor, as liquid is hardly ever suitable for hardwood floors.

Can I get San Francisco hardwood flooring in my basement?

You may put hardwood floors in the basement on condition that they are engineered hardwood. Solid hardwood cannot endure moisture because of its lack of dimensional solidity, and will eventually end up damaged in many instances. Due to the way the engineered hardwood is built, it is safer for basements.

Are hardwood floors in San Francisco a very good investment for my home?

While hardwood floors can possibly have a slightly higher cost for material and installation as compared to other kinds of flooring, they are indeed a really excellent investment if you think about the enhanced value of your house and the astonishingly lengthy lifespan. Real estate agents agree with the fact that hardwood flooring are able to add up to 15% reselling value and are a beneficial element in the time period it will take to market a house.

Last Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Hardwood Floors highlights

  • Cheap Hardwood Floors in San Francisco, CA

  • Many Options and Styles to Choose From

  • California’s Best Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood Floors highlights

  • Cheap Hardwood Floors in San Francisco, CA

  • Many Options and Styles to Choose From

  • California’s Best Hardwood Floors

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Total Cost to Install Hardwood Floors for 1200 sq. ft!

by HomeExpert

Hardwood looks good and feels good. But more than the aesthetic outlook, you must be surprised that hardwood is long-lasting too.

But when you are installing the floor, you need to think about the species of wood, grade and cut, the layers of wood, the materials, labor cost, and much more than you can imagine now! But where can you get the idea of the amount you need to invest for the job? For instance, think that you have a house of 1200 square feet.

Then, how much does it cost to install hardwood floors for a 1200 sq. ft. house? We are here, to sum up, all the costs of installing the hardwood and list them down for you!

Cost to Install Hardwood Floors Per Square Foot:

Before we learn about the cost to install a hardwood floor for a specific sized house, we must get our hands on the wood flooring cost per square foot. Checking the Consumer Reports, we can make a list of how much you have to invest per square foot of hardwood floor.

  • Installing the solid wood floor ranges, per square foot, you have to invest at least $5. The highest amount you need to invest in installing a solid wood floor for every square foot is $10. More or less, if you invest $5 to $10 or close for every square foot, you can easily cover up the whole house with solid wood!
  • However, the charge is different when it comes to the engineered floors. For every square foot, you need to pay an extra $2 to $4 if you want an engineered floor. Being said that, the least amount you need to pay for an engineered wood floor is about $4. And the price can be as high as $9 or more if you think an engineered floor will be the best suit for your home! 
  • For budget hardwood, things are easier. And if you want to invest in something less expensive, this can be an option. You will need $3 to $7 for every square foot of budget hardwood floor.
  • You can also plan on an exotic hardwood floor too. For every square foot of exotic hardwood floor, you will need to spend the highest. As the name goes, this hardwood floor is exotic and so, for every square foot, the expense will be $20 or more.
  • People that love laminate floors will skip investing in hardwood floors. But if you think that storing laminate is a tough job, hardwood is the best option. Learn about how long you can store laminate flooring here!

However, you might want an exotic finish but don’t want to invest too much like the previous hardwood floor, you can settle for middle-tier hardwood. You need to spend about $8 to $15 for every square foot.

Average Cost Nationwide

We have discussed the details on the expenditure for every square foot already. But do you how much the homeowners pay on average for hardwood floors? Well, the amount is $3200 for solid wood floors.

However, the amount is a little high if you rely on engineered floors. For engineered wooden floors, the average amount spent by the homeowners is about $4700. So, for an engineered wooden floor, you, as a homeowner, need to pay more or less $1500 extra.

Only if you agree to this, you can go for an engineered floor. Otherwise, a solid wood floor is a great option to settle for too. The amount we have mentioned here includes the whole cost of materials. This also has the labor charge included. In short, this is the summed amount you need to pay for getting the floors installed.

Hardwood Floor for 1200 Square Feet Floor

As the discussion is on 1200 square feet floor, we have to rely on the specific measurement. Installing hardwood floorboards on a house of 1000 square feet will cost at least $6000. This is the least amount that you need to pay for a house of 1000 square feet.

However, depending on so many factors, the price can be as high as $22,000 for hardwood floors of 1000 square feet. That being said, for 1200 square feet, you will need to invest at least $7200. As we have told before, for some significant changes, the price can be higher.

In that case, you might need to spend about $26400 and in some cases more for a 1200 square feet house. If we summarize it, the larger your house is, the higher the charge will be. The materials are a factor that can affect the price here. In most areas, the materials will cost $3500to $15000 or more.

Most of the projects of a similar size will need you to invest $9000 or close. However, the amounts you need to invest depends on the type of floor you are using. The species of wood can change the complete scenario of the payment. The wood you choose is going to be the reason for your payment to be less or high. For budget hardwood, the price will be $3600 to $8400 or more.

If you rely on the engineered floor, you need to spend $4800 to $10800 or more. The price is high when it comes to the exotic hardwood floor. It will be $24000 for 1200 square feet. For spending a little less, rely on the middle-tier hardwood option. You will need $9600 to $18000 to complete a house of 1200 square feet in this case!

Factors to Consider  

For the specifically sized hardwood floor, we have discussed the price range. But as we have told you before, the type of wood you are using can change the game completely. However, this doesn’t only depend on the species of wood. Beyond this type of flooring materials that you need for the hardwood floor, there are other things to consider that can change the expense.

  • Before everything else, we would like to discuss the material cost for hardwood, For real hardwood, it will be near $3 to $12 for every square foot. Depending on the type of hardwood you select, the price can vary.
  • The labor cost of installing the floor is a factor that you should think about before you start the installation process. So, what is the labor cost to install hardwood flooring? Well, you will need to spend $4 to $10 as we have discussed before. However, the cost highly depends on which hardwood species you are picking up.
  • At times, the contractor does the job of sanding. This might include prepping the underlayment too. And if this occurs, you need to pay extra for the job. If you want him to do more work like this, you will need to keep an additional amount for the procedure. And if you don’t want a new hardwood installation, learn here how you can fix the peel off the top layer engineered hardwood floor!
  • In a few cases, we like to go for a specific design to decorate the house with hardwood. If this happens, you will need to spend more on the floor. The more complicated the design of the floor, the higher you need to pay for making it perfect. In easier words, a complicated design will require more hardwood than a flat floor. So, you will need to pay the additional.  
  • When you are spending on installing a hardwood floor, check the subfloor first. If it is leveled, you surely will get the benefit of not spending too much. However, if the subfloor is not leveled, you have to pour concrete for making the surface even. And your contractor will ask you for more amounts for this job. Around $1500 or more will be required only for this purpose.
  • The old floor usually has damage sometimes. No matter it rots or molds, if the floor reveals damage, you have to clean it up and make it perfect to install a new hardwood floor. Make sure you check the additional labor cost and material cost because you need extra here.

Wrap Up

Once you have known the cost for every square foot of hardwood depending on the species of wood, things get easier. Then, all you need is to add up is the material estimation and the labor cost to know what will be the total cost for the job. What are you waiting for? Go and grab your favorite hardwood and make the house look like it deserves to be decorated!

Laying parquet price per m2 of work in Moscow from Metr Remont team

Parquet has long been considered a sign of luxury and good taste. In the past, this flooring was used in palaces and noble houses, but now everyone can afford it. It is suitable for laying not only in houses and apartments, but also in offices and commercial premises. This material differs in durability, durability, esthetics and wear resistance. When choosing a parquet board to create an elegant interior, one should take into account the functional purpose of the room, on which the performance characteristics of the material will depend.

Laying a parquet board is a complex and time-consuming procedure, so it should be trusted only to professionals, since self-installation of flooring can end in a complete fiasco. To avoid problems related to the laying of parquet, you will be helped by the masters of the Metr Remont company, who perform the installation of flooring in Moscow and the region, efficiently, quickly and with a guarantee.


The modern construction market offers many variations of parquet, among which the most popular is:

  1. Shielded . The coating has several layers. The first is made of fiberboard, and the second is made of small planks of solid wood.
  2. Solid . This variety is solid wood sheets.
  3. Single piece . It is represented by planks equipped with grooves, which, when laid, are connected to each other, creating a solid canvas.
  4. Artistic . It has curves, combining which you can create a beautiful ornament.
  5. Mosaic . Represented by small shields, consisting of a set of planks of different shades.






Options for the flooring of the floor covering

You can lay parquet differently. Everything will depend on the wishes of the customer and the skill of specialists. Also, the choice of laying is determined by the texture of the board, the parameters of the room, the shades of the parquet and the geometry of the material.

Our masters can offer the following options for laying parquet:

  • Squares;
  • Herringbone;
  • Braid;
  • Run-up.

In addition to mounting options, there are also mounting options. Flooring can be laid on glue, bituminous mastic and nails. It can also be carried out in a floating way without the use of additional fasteners.

Which variation is best to choose and which installation method to choose, the master will tell you, taking into account the interior features of the room and the wishes of the customer.

Laying parquet: Process steps

Flooring installation consists of:

  1. Substrate preparation;
  2. Floor covering;
  3. Varnishes.

The base for the parquet must be perfectly flat, able to withstand various kinds of loads and be resistant to moisture. Only by providing all these conditions, you can be sure that the parquet will be ideal not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in further operation.

Installation prices

Please see our price list for an approximate installation cost. The master will name the exact price only after leaving the facility and drawing up an estimated estimate.

Name of work Unit. rev. Price
Laying parquet board (diagonal +20%) sq. m from 400 rubles
Laying strip parquet (diagonal +20%) sq. m from 800 rubles
Parquet scraping sq. m from 800 rubles
Lacquering of strip parquet 3 times m from 250 rubles

By choosing our company for repair work, you do not have to worry about the quality and terms of installation of the floor covering, as the specialists will perform all the procedures so that you are satisfied with the result.

Parquet installation – Price per m2 in Moscow, MO. Inexpensive, high quality, guaranteed! Come in!

We guarantee favorable prices for parquet laying in Moscow and the Moscow region. Call a professional from Lider uslug today!

  • Get a quality service.
  • More than 200 reliable carpenters near you.
  • C Leader Services is reliable, comfortable and safe.

Order the service We’ll call you back within 5 minutes!

Price list for laying parquet

The cost is affected by the experience and qualifications of the master, the cost of materials, the complexity of the work. Some contractors provide discounts, for example, when ordering several services or a large amount of work. You can find out exactly how much it costs to lay parquet by contacting a specialist.

Parquet work

Laminate parquet installation org/Offer” itemscope=””> from 230 rub/sq.m.
Lacquered parquet installation from 510 rub/sq.m.
Installation of modular parquet from 600 rub/sq.m.
Artistic parquet installation from 1120 rub/sq.m.
Laying strip parquet (deck, herringbone, square) from 390 rub/sq.m.
Laying strip parquet (braided) from 540 rub/sq.m.
Laying parquet (Sheremetevsky) org/Offer” itemscope=””> from 660 rub/sq.m.
Laying parquet board on underlay from 320 rub/sq.m.
Laying parquet boards with adhesive from 510 rub/sq.m.

Related services

Laying plywood from 90 rub/sq.m.
Substrate installation from 90 rub/sq.m.
Sanding (sanding) parquet from 80 rub/sq.m.
Parquet tinting org/Offer” itemscope=””> from 50 rub/sq.m.
Parquet varnishing from 30 rub/sq.m.
Parquet oil application from 40 rub/sq.m.
Applying colored oil from 40 rub/sq.m.
Installing skirting board from 45 rubles/linear meter
Installing cork sills from 110 rubles/linear meter

All prices for Carpentry work

Parquet installation in Moscow, Moscow region

Flawless laying of parquet of any complexity, at loyal prices, quickly and inexpensively. Private masters from the Leader Services service will professionally perform the installation of an elite floor covering with a visit even to the most inaccessible areas of Moscow and the Moscow region.

A large number of parquet installers living throughout the city and region are registered on our site. Performers who are close to customers come to the call, this allows you to reduce travel time and standing in traffic jams. When looking at the map, it immediately becomes clear that the masters can be called at any address in Moscow and outside the ring. And they always arrive on time.

Performers will perform parquet work in country houses, flats, apartments located in all cities, towns of the region, as well as hotels, holiday homes, camp sites, located away from busy roads.

Quality parquet installation at low prices

The main reason why customers choose Lider Uslug is the affordable cost of the work. Our masters offer the lowest prices for laying parquet, while maintaining the highest quality of services.

Private Finishers recommended by our resource:

  • want to get more orders and work at such prices and with such quality that customers would recommend them to their friends and acquaintances;
  • do not pay rent for the office, workshops, do not maintain employees, which allows you to set truly popular tariffs;
  • are interested in increasing their rating – the lower the price list, the higher the indicator and the more likely it is that the customer will choose them.

As a standard, the cost of installation is calculated based on the price per square meter and grade (type) of parquet. The most difficult work is considered to be work with material from oak, beech, ash with a class of processing “luxury”.

Masters work according to their own prices, which they develop based on their experience and qualifications. When performing a large volume of parquet work, discounts are possible.

Installation of parquet from professional craftsmen from “Leader Services”

Parquet laying is one of those services that only professionals can trust. The installation process requires care, special knowledge, experience, and the ability to work with wood.

On our site, specialists are registered who can lay parquet flawlessly:

  • all types – piece (rustic, natural mixed cut, select, radial, gestre), parquet board;
  • oak, ash, beech, maple;
  • in any pattern – traditional (herringbone, deck-lay, square) and unique plank arrangement;
  • with left and right mounting;
  • selection by color, pattern, wood grain or random order.

Turning to us, you can be sure that our performers will perform the installation of parquet with high professionalism. Only those specialists who have the appropriate education and practical skills in working with wood are registered on our website.

Turnkey parquet laying – fast, convenient, guaranteed

If you are interested in laying parquet on a turnkey basis, we recommend that you leave a request on our site.